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  1. Got the 3 slots for goal of the month on FM touch 20 Android. FM being what it is, no idea what I did right...
  2. Played FM 12 for 7 years straight. Unforgettable memories... Checked my old Dropbox and found some tactics I downloaded. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/amh5ai6xj2je1q5/AAAnkErgnBUARFoBwxAr8AFGa?dl=0 - Here you go. Have a blast!
  3. Interesting! This was actually the reason tactical styles were introduced, yet most players have not invested time to create them. What we have instead are generic high press, high tempo and high defence line 443 or 41414 tactics that do not have a base style. I tried it and i noticed the quite giddy quick play that the style aims to play. I would be creating a tactic based on it too. Kudos to the creator of the style.
  4. @Liam1236 Yes it is working on the latest match engine for me. However, this version of FM has the worst consistency in tactics, it is often hit or miss per match for me
  5. Thank you. It's not meant to work but it works!
  6. @radetzkyFrom the images you attached my setup is more akin to number 2, I would also say you should drop pressing from "extremely urgent" to "more urgent" since the half way slider setting is at "slightly urgent" already. Full mode pressing is just too risky for this current match engine especially if you are managing a small team. Cheers.
  7. @pheelfI guess doing the impossible is actually the holy Grail of football manager when the match engine permits. What of my Bolton team that won the premiership on FM 07 in the second season and convinced Drogba to join from Chelsea in the third season!
  8. @radetzkyI would suggest you set it no higher than standard especially if are managing an underdog team. For instance I observed that playing a standard line with offside trap would still drag the defense line as far as the field half-line even if you have players in the defensive midfield slot. So what has worked for me is to play standard line with no offside trap. My crap centerbacks suddenly became Virgil-like and we started winning games. Setting it lower than standard seems to invite too much pressure and longshots. I also did notice that using the positive mentality and
  9. Nice it worked for you. It really made the bad match engine bearable after I implemented it and made it feel a bit normal to play again
  10. In my tinkering , though I must admit this bug cum flaw almost drove me mad; kept snapping at my missus over the holidays, I had to stop playing for a few days to figure out how to counter this The combinations that worked for my Barnsley team (predicted to finish 20th, though we are gunning for a UCL place at the moment) are listed below. What worked Standard defense line ( this is the most important) defend narrow tight marking Regroup In addition More urgent pressing (this hasn't broken my lines in any noticeable way) Using pressing forwar
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