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  1. Getting international tactical familiarity up is a nightmare, because every time you have to withdraw a player due to injury or suspension, familiarity takes a hit.
  2. An Enganche role has elements that work in this respect, though you need the right player to make it work as a targetman.
  3. Some decent new signings, mate.
  4. Awww... Well deserved transfer, though it's a shame to see you leaving Holland.
  5. A 4-6-0 wide can work https://strikerless.com/2017/04/22/the-decapitated-buffalo-a-strikerless-production/ Not my own work, but still effective.
  6. Some excellent new signings. They should help you cement a spot in midtable this season.
  7. Excellent start to the season!
  8. I'd say a title is still very much on the cards. Come on!
  9. This could be your year, mate. Some stellar signings!
  10. I'd say the playoffs are a certainty and it's a bit of a lottery once you reach those. I'd say why the hell not, you can go all the way!
  11. Still a massive improvement over last season. We will get there!
  12. Despite being transformed into a mercenary legion, this will be our season! Onward, to infinity and beyond!
  13. Considering the **** storm you're working with, these are world class results!
  14. I'll be blunt and say that this has raised more questions than it has actually answered I would love that Q&A and have contacted our community liaisons about it, could you do the same on your end, please? #cheeky
  15. Yay... probability theory... I love how this game keeps me on my toes regarding school subjects like Geography and Maths. @Seb Wassell Is there any chance at a Q&A and a look under the bonnet?
  16. I am an Alpha sciences guy, not a Béta. 😉 The aim was to show that Professionalism is the driving factor behind development instead of Determination. The Professionalism group definitely showed greater progress with Determination levels of 10.
  17. Same personalities and positions, none saw first team action or were injured (FMRTE), all at the same club. Tried to keep the number of influential variables contained.
  18. I actually redid that experiment for FM17. https://strikerless.com/2017/05/20/what-drives-player-development-dispelling-the-determination-work-rate-myth/ The values were equal every time, except for 1 attribute. This was the Professionalism group. In a spider graph. This is the determination group. In a spider graph. Comparing the 20 attributes. Admittedly, small groups, but hey ho, I have a life and statistics and mathematics still suck.
  19. Given that I replicated @Shrewnaldo's original research for FM15, FM16 and FM17, I'm rather interested to see where this all leads. I'd love a little looksy under the hood.
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