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  1. Thomas van Bommel Ruben van Bommel Mitchell Weiser
  2. Jiri Plisek from the Czech Republic. Has working with youngsters 19, judging player ability 8, judging player potential 18 and is a model citizen. Signed in my Ajax save for 299k Euro/year.
  3. Are the 15 year-olds real players or newgens?
  4. In the Serie A, in the first half of the season i.e. the first 19 games, I have two league games against Inter, but none against Lazio. In the second half of the season it's the other way around, two games against Lazio.
  5. In FM18, I used a few downloaded tactics (e.g. Scholes can't tackle, Sarriball revolution) at several teams. Sometimes I used them as they were, sometimes I made some minor changes, like making a CD a BPD. Now I decided to create my own tactic in FM19. My problems are: I have only some ideas for a few positions and how they should work together, but no real approach for the team as a whole. So right now, I'm feeling like Baron Frankenstein putting some pieces together and being quite uncertain about the outcome. The ideas I've had so far: A sweeper keeper, two ball playing defenders and
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