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  1. 😁😁😁😁 To be fair to the lad, 124 games and 82 goals. Can't complain with that - still only 21. I had planned to maybe start a new job search but this kid and a rather promising Gibraltar midfield Regen who's 17 have made me stick around!
  2. Also this guy - signed him from Roma for 25 million, which is normally more than I would pay for someone at 18 but he fits my system and looks pretty damn good. Scouts said sign whatever the cost so he came in
  3. Just a quick one - I always try and invest in youth in my long term saves, and I think I may have just found my favourite ever newgen/Regen ever. I'm West Ham, and this lad came through my youth intake in the first season..scouts rated him highly so I kept my eye on him. First season he played five cup games and five league games towards the end of the season, scored seven. Then he spent the next two years out on loan - he's now a regular in my side and has just won this seasons player of the year. Reminds me of Jermain Defoe Without doubt the best Regen I've ever had on any game, certain
  4. This lad came through my youth intake first season, with training and match experience he's a regular for me now. Fits the English quota too and scores in all the big games. Definitely my favorite Regen I've ever had
  5. Just caught up with this, having somehow missed it previously. Brilliant stuff, gripping from the start Fantastic read 👍
  6. sherm

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    Congrats Neil..I'm sure you'll be a credit to the position and you are a valued member of the FMS community Best of luck in the new role!
  7. Love this start. The last dance was a great watch and sb nation is a massive part of my YouTube watching as I live basketball and they have some great videos Looking forward to the rest of this story
  8. One of my favourite ever manager games was premier manager 98 on the PlayStation. It was fun and easy to play and you used to be able to offer house and car on a contract to get a player. LMA manager 2001 was and always will be the greatest though. It was fantastic and endless summers were spent between mine and my friends houses playing it I never played euro league football ( in fact never heard of it) but I hope you have fun playing your retro games
  9. Mendy had trained like a Trojan the next few days, so much so that he started on the left hand side for the visit of Derby. They used thee flanks well, both Mendy and Oriol flying down and whipping crosses in, and it was one of these crosses that led to the opening goal, Edu Oriol slicing a deep cross. However it lifted over the ‘keeper, landing into the far corner of the net. The Spaniard stood with his arms outstretched, laughing to himself, but whether he meant it or not, the score was still 1-0. They managed to hang on to thee lead until the 78th minute, but Jacob Mellis missed a glorious
  10. It had been a surprisingly fun evening, and anything that brought extra money into the club was always a bonus. Maybe, just maybe, things could be achieved here. There was a few days rest due to League Cup action, and he settled down that next evening to watch Chelsea take on Everton. Three days later, he visited Nathan Delfouneso in the physio room “How you doing Nath?” He was working on the treadmill, just at a steady walking pace “I’m OK boss. Frustrated to be injured for so long and it’s a slow process getting back fit” “Well we don’t want you getting injured agai
  11. He had dusted off his blue suit he had worn for his first meeting with the club and headed to the ground, walking as there was a nice breeze, with his jacket slung over his shoulder. He expected a lot of older club executives and a boring night, but when he opened the door to the conference suite he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The room was aglow with purple and blue disco lights, a DJ standing in the corner and at least 50 people laughing and dancing to the music “Eddie! Glad you could make it” “What is all this?” “Oh just a little idea we had to raise funds for the clu
  12. The conversation and pints had flowed, so a couple of thick heads turned up for training the next morning. Eddie had no problem with his players having a drink, as long as they had 48 clear hours before the game off it, and they knew and accepted that. A trip to Yorkshire was next on the schedule, as Huddersfield provided a stern test. It wasn’t a great game, both sides cancelling each other out. James Vaughan was the standout player for the home side, and it was the former Everton striker who put them ahead, a brilliant strike that he chested down and volleyed instinctively into the top corne
  13. October 2014 The next game was another on Sky, a 5.30 kick off on the Saturday, but bad news before the game emerged. Noel Blake had brought the team sheet to Eddie, a slight smirk on his face “Team sheet boss. I’ve had to change the ‘keeper though, Elliot Parish will have to play” “Why? Joe’s fit isn’t he?” “Perfectly. Problem is he’s on loan. From Cardiff” “Bollocks. Well, nothing we can do. It is what it is” A full house packed into Bloomfield Road for the visit of Cardiff, and while Joe Lewis wasn’t available, young Elliot Parish got the chance to show what he
  14. The games came thick and fast, and they certainly didn’t get any easier. Norwich were the next visitors to Bloomfield win, and while they weren’t winning, they at least weren’t losing, and as Eddie had aimed for, and certainly hoped, they were becoming hard to beat. This proved to be the case again, and while Ishmael Miller probably wasn’t enjoying his lone striker role, feeding on very few clear cut chances, but credit to the lad, he gave everything he had, held the ball up, worked hard and gave the defenders a hard time. He actually set up the goal too, using his strength to muscle off his d
  15. The news of the financial peril was kept strictly between Eddie and the chairman, although he did inform Noel on his return, but the arrival of Semedo had buoyed the team, and the spirit was at a season high for the visit of Watford. They were chasing promotion, but watching the game, you wouldn’t have guessed, as a fantastic performance almost brought the home side a surprise three points. Edu Oriol was the creative force, while Semedo slotted into the midfield seamlessly, making his mark within three minutes and crunching Troy Deeney, who isn’t exactly a midget, and he rifled a shot just ove
  16. With a near two week break for international fixtures up next, there was time to rest and get ready, but some good news did brighten things up, as Jose Miguel Cubero finished his suspension two days before the next game. He had been training with the boys so was at a decent fitness level, he just needed match exposure. It would be a welcome addition back into the squad, but Eddie still felt that he needed an engine in the midfield, for the reason that Papa Bouba Diop couldn’t complete a full ninety minutes, and Cubero wasn’t anywhere near match fit, and it was Noel Blake who had alerted him to
  17. The Capital Cup had drawn up Swansea, in a game he neither wanted nor expected to win, and once again made several changes. The Welsh side played a strong team, but they didn’t have it all their own way, with Oriol, Waddington and Miller all missing good opportunities, and just before half time, Wilfried Bony slid his side in front, latching onto Shelvey’s ball and sliding home beautifully. They used all of their nouse and experience to see the game out, and Bony sealed it nine minutes from time, rifling home after jinking in and out on the edge of the box, but Eddie wasn’t too disappointed to
  18. The flashing lights and hustle and bustle of the Post Match Press Conference did nothing to hide his mood “Eddie, disappointed with the performance and result?” “Performance no, I thought we played well for majority of the game and created good chances. Result is disappointing yes, but I was more annoyed about the free-kick” “Oh so you thought it was a bad decision?” “It was soft, to say the least, and he went down a bit easily” “Fabulous strike though wasn’t it?” “Well I’m not in the business of praising opposition to be honest. My lads will pick themselves up an
  19. With the league providing their most important task for the season, the League Cup game against Notts County was a distraction, so much so that eight changes were made, only Joe Lewis, Jacob Mellis and Edu Oriol keeping their places. It was a slow start, the changes seeming to slow the team down, and the visitors made that count, taking the lead with a nice team move that was ended by Blair Adams. They picked it up second half, and Ishmael Miller levelled it up, and despite falling behind again, to a Hayden Mullins header, Mark Waddington marked his full debut with a rocket from 25 yards to ta
  20. “Eddie, thanks for joining us for this interview. Settled in well?” The Football League Magazine had asked for an interview, and while he himself hadn’t been keen, the board had seemed to relish the opportunity and once again stressed the importance of media work, so reluctantly he agreed “Yes very well. The lads have worked their socks off in pre-season, and they all know the task ahead to stay up this season” “Well as you are many bookies favourites to go down, how do you rate your chances?” “Well I’m not going to be making predictions or saying anything silly Paul. All I
  21. The penultimate friendly was another home game, a visit from Irish side Coleraine, and this proved to be even easier than the Wick game, as a 3-0 win saw goals from Delfouneso, Orlandi and Tyrone Mears. The lads were playing with enthusiasm, although looking at the opening few games, this could soon disappear as they had three of the promotion favourites in the first seven games. A good start would be nice, but Eddie had earmarked the games against rival teams near the bottom of the table as must win games .. “Damn!” He slammed the phone down into its handset, cursing as he did
  22. That night, bored of spending endless nights on his own in the flat, and with no training the next day, he had decided to have a walk down to the sea front and take in some fresh air. On the short walk, he walked past an inviting looking local pub, so decided to pop in for a pint. Pleased to see they had sport on the telly, one turned into two pretty quickly. It was then that the name of Blackpool emanating from the mounted television caught his ear and he turned to listen “…they’ve got absolutely no chance. Rookie manager, no money and a small squad. I can’t see how they can stay up”
  23. The next few days went along at a serene pace. No transfer activity, the usual training and a 2-0 friendly defeat to Danish club AaB. It had been a decent game and performance, chances coming in a better rate than against Shakhtar, but the lads just couldn’t finish the ones that came their way. Eddie had made a mental note that this was maybe something to work on with Delfouneso, for all his lightning pace he wasn’t the greatest finisher in the world. The Oriol twins had impressed him, Edu in particular showing some creative flair, and Andrea Orlandi, who had arrived from Swansea the previous
  24. Two players had caught the eye in the trialists game, and both Mateusz Taudel, a 19 year old Polish goalkeeper, and Valentin Gjokaj, a 20 year old Albania defender, agreed deals quickly. Despite having signed four players, Eddie was still looking to advance the squad, but loan deals were proving difficult to come by, players not wanting to move to the club. So far, he had been rejected by six players, including Tyler Blackett, Ryan Mason, Jacob Murphy and Jack Grealish, and he had to make do with the squad he had for the visit of Shakhtar. This was a game he himself may not have arranged, as t
  25. He had the Monday to himself, as the players and most of the coaching staff were not due in until the following day, so he set about working on his formation and making some telephone calls. The first of these was to an old friend from his playing days in Preston, Tyrone Mears “Hello?” “Tyrone? It’s Eddie Chambers” A laugh of astonishment from the other end of the phone “Hiya mate. How are you?” “I’m good thanks pal. Yourself?” “Doing the rounds, looking for a new club, usual summer stuff” A smile crossed his face “Oh so you don’t have a club at the mome
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