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  1. The penultimate friendly was another home game, a visit from Irish side Coleraine, and this proved to be even easier than the Wick game, as a 3-0 win saw goals from Delfouneso, Orlandi and Tyrone Mears. The lads were playing with enthusiasm, although looking at the opening few games, this could soon disappear as they had three of the promotion favourites in the first seven games. A good start would be nice, but Eddie had earmarked the games against rival teams near the bottom of the table as must win games .. “Damn!” He slammed the phone down into its handset, cursing as he did
  2. That night, bored of spending endless nights on his own in the flat, and with no training the next day, he had decided to have a walk down to the sea front and take in some fresh air. On the short walk, he walked past an inviting looking local pub, so decided to pop in for a pint. Pleased to see they had sport on the telly, one turned into two pretty quickly. It was then that the name of Blackpool emanating from the mounted television caught his ear and he turned to listen “…they’ve got absolutely no chance. Rookie manager, no money and a small squad. I can’t see how they can stay up”
  3. The next few days went along at a serene pace. No transfer activity, the usual training and a 2-0 friendly defeat to Danish club AaB. It had been a decent game and performance, chances coming in a better rate than against Shakhtar, but the lads just couldn’t finish the ones that came their way. Eddie had made a mental note that this was maybe something to work on with Delfouneso, for all his lightning pace he wasn’t the greatest finisher in the world. The Oriol twins had impressed him, Edu in particular showing some creative flair, and Andrea Orlandi, who had arrived from Swansea the previous
  4. Two players had caught the eye in the trialists game, and both Mateusz Taudel, a 19 year old Polish goalkeeper, and Valentin Gjokaj, a 20 year old Albania defender, agreed deals quickly. Despite having signed four players, Eddie was still looking to advance the squad, but loan deals were proving difficult to come by, players not wanting to move to the club. So far, he had been rejected by six players, including Tyler Blackett, Ryan Mason, Jacob Murphy and Jack Grealish, and he had to make do with the squad he had for the visit of Shakhtar. This was a game he himself may not have arranged, as t
  5. He had the Monday to himself, as the players and most of the coaching staff were not due in until the following day, so he set about working on his formation and making some telephone calls. The first of these was to an old friend from his playing days in Preston, Tyrone Mears “Hello?” “Tyrone? It’s Eddie Chambers” A laugh of astonishment from the other end of the phone “Hiya mate. How are you?” “I’m good thanks pal. Yourself?” “Doing the rounds, looking for a new club, usual summer stuff” A smile crossed his face “Oh so you don’t have a club at the mome
  6. "I won’t lie to you Eddie, it’s a tough job. We need to stay in this division for the sake of the club but I can’t give you any money to work with” The room was filled with cigar smoke and the lingering stench of whisky. The father and son sat on one side of the table, while Eddie Chambers calmly sat the other “That’s something I’m used to. I wasn’t exactly inundated with lavish funds in my last job” “That’s settled then. It will be a 12 month contract, with the option to extend it left to us” “Fine. Accommodation?” “We’ve got you a club flat for now, but you are of co
  7. A legend of the forums, and sorry to hear this Gav Hope things are OK and that you still grace us with your story writing from time to time All the best Pal
  8. Votes sent and claimed Tough choices this year, lots of good quality stories
  9. Interesting one to try offspring. Being a city fan I can honestly say I've never managed United in any version of any game. Ever! I am in the same boat as you, waiting for FM 2021 so at the moment I'm playing FM15. It was a game I always enjoyed, but I know a lot of people didn't If you try your local supermarkets they may need staff, or a delivery driver or two if you have a license
  10. Hey folks Hope you all are well? While I am temporarily off from my main job, due to the situation at the moment, I'm not the sort of person to be able to sit still at home , so I went to Tesco and got myself a temporary job there helping out while they needed it. Just wanted to check in and wish everyone well and hope you're all OK. I have some spare time now so might begin a story and get some writing done - but as has been said, anyone needing a chat or anything then don't hesitate to PM me Stay safe guys Peace
  11. With many of the first team players rested, the visit of Norwich was one everyone was looking forward to, and what a game it was! It started at a frantic pace, and within the opening twelve minutes, both sides had found the back of the net, Dave Brammer smashing home for the home side while Gary Holt headed an equaliser for the visitors. Chances came and went on a constant basis, and come half time, it was 3-1 to the home side, as Jamie Victory and Sindre Erstad both scored headers from corners to send them in the break ahead. Zema Abbey pulled one back not long into the second half, but a cra
  12. January 2002 Had somebody told them that they would end the year in fifth place, they would have been offered a stiff drink and had their hand snapped off, but that was how it was. Barnsley and West Brom occupied the top two spots, and both were starting to pull away, but it was third placed Grimsby who provided the first game of the year, and to be fair to them, they were very good, dominating from start to finish, and ran out deserving winners. Efe Sodje had been tasked with marking the division’s top scorer Bradley Allen, and while he did a decent job, the striker still grabbed a goal,
  13. Like this start. Welcome to the forum. We're a good bunch and there's some cracking stories on the forum to have a read through Looking forward to more of this though, cracking start
  14. Results had slowed down a little, after the run of wins earlier in the season, and this continued in the same vein with the Boxing Day trip to Yorkshire and Bradford. They were a very inconsistent side but in this game they did what they needed to, and found themselves two ahead at the break. Eoin Jess was the main antagonist, causing all sorts of problems, and it was his assist that set up the opening goal for Claus Jorgensen, feeding him the ball and allowing him to clip it home. The Scotsman scored the second just before the interval, finishing nicely and making the half time talk easier fo
  15. There were mixed signs from the last few games. Positives and negatives. However, they still sat fifth in the league, with 44 points. The target they had set to survive before the start of the season had been 50, going off other seasons and the league tables in previous years, so knowing two more wins was enough was a big bonus – once that points mark was reached, it was time to play with freedom and no pressure. A third successive home game was next on the agenda, as Portsmouth were the visitors, but what a performance, the visitors having no answer to the dominance that Crewe showed. The mo
  16. I think I might struggle to get another game if I keep conceding five every time I play Is there some sort of bug that means players turn into animals - never seen so many red cards in so few games!!
  17. December 2001 The team still sat third going into December, better and far more than anyone had ever imagined, and there was serious talk from the fans about promotion. This talk still wasn’t happening within the club though – to be honest the manager and the board knew there was no way they would survive in the Premiership, and they weren’t prepared to pay through the nose to do it. So they were just focused on each game as it came, one at a time (cliché I know) Stockport made the short trip to Gresty Road for the first game of the festive month, and what a game it turned out to be,
  18. Three days later, they met the very surprise league leaders, as in form Barnsley travelled to Gresty Road. They had won their last 8 games and seemingly come from nowhere to take top spot while everyone around the beat each other, and in all fairness, they were the best side to play against them that season so far, as they dominated the game and ran away easy winners. Isaiah Rankin opened the scoring within ten minutes, using his pace and power to burst through, and from there it looked like trouble. They were 2-0 up at half time too, Rankin providing the second for Dean Gorre. The home side g
  19. November 2001 Another new face had joined the squad at the start of November, as Michael Dunwell joined from non league Bishop Auckland. He had a hell of a scoring record in the lower divisions and it was hoped he would provide the same sort of averages at this level, though it was a big step up. He got to watch his new teammates in action in the stands for the next game, as they welcomed Preston. What a game it proved to be, and Dunwell may have been left wondering how he was ever going to get a game, as they ripped the visitors to pieces in a dominant display. It took less than 120 sec
  20. Walsall were the next visitors to Gresty Road, and while they had been inconsistent and struggled, they had some good players and were capable of causing problems for teams, so they were not to be taken lightly. However, the home side started well, creating a couple of chances early on, but it was Dean Ashton who opened the scoring, sliding the ball into the goal after a beautiful slide rule pass from Kenny Lunt. Lunt was the provider again for the second goal, as he played a long pass forty yards into Kevin Street, who let the ball drop over his right shoulder and hit a stunning volley into t
  21. It was ten days until the next game, so the team trained and rested in those ten days, while the manager was busy in the transfer market. This resulted in another addition to the squad, as Cheltenham’s versatile defender Jamie Victory joined up with the squad. He was capable of playing in defence or in midfield, and would provide a valuable option to the team. He made his mark in the first training session, crunching tackles on Ashton and Rodney Jack showing his new teammates what they could expect. He impressed that much he went straight into the team for the next game, as Coventry made the t
  22. Cheers Dave, glad to have you on board - and thanks for clearing that up. I couldn't remember if I'd heard it somewhere! -- October 2001 With Riise on board, the midfield was still the same in terms of numbers, and Erstad had been offered a contract to join the team too, but the biggest test of the season came as the opening game of October saw a trip to the Hawthorns, to face arguably the best side in the division in West Brom. They had strength in depth in all areas and they would be up there come the end of the season. However, they were well and truly outclassed in the game,
  23. It had been made clear from Liverpool that Alan Navarro would not be extending his stay, so enquiries were made and a bid was sent off for Aalesund midfielder Bjorn Helge Riise. Brother of Liverpool’s John Arne*, he was a box to box midfielder, adept at both pushing forward and getting back, with a great pass on him and able to use both feet, and at 18 his best was yet to come. The news had been kept under wraps as the team prepared for their next game, an away trip to Yorkshire and Sheffield United. Bramall Lane was a hostile atmosphere at the best of times, but with the side doing well in th
  24. The fans had started to geet slightly carried away, but when interviewed the manager was adamant that staying in the division and building a squad was all he was interested in, despite the amazing start, and the board full agreed with his reasoning. The players were continuing their normal business on the journey to their next game, an away trip to big spending Watford, managed by Gianluca Vialli and favourites for promotion, with their card schools and music played as normal. It was a relatively poor game, neither side playing at their best, and the first chance didn’t come until the twentiet
  25. September 2001 After a superb opening month, better than anybody ever expected, the confidence was high among the players, and this showed in the training sessions at the beginning of the week. This followed into the opening game too, a trip to unbeaten Wimbledon. If they had played well against Grimsby in their previous game, there was no comparison to this one, as they absolutely wiped the floor with the home side, Dean Ashton the undoubted star of the show with four of the five goals. It was returning midfielder Neil Sorvel who scored the opener though, firing home low and hard from th
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