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  1. The lads (and, to be fair, me) were buzzing from the last performance, and we continued our good form as we welcomed Hereford to York Street. While not as scintillating as the Dover game, we did create lots of chances, and yet again, David Town was the difference make, his first half brace the only goals of the game. I had been keeping an eye on the table through the game, and our rivals were all floundering, either beating each other or dropping points elsewhere, and we suddenly found ourselves 19 points clear at the top, which at this stage of the season was a massive cushion That cushi
  2. January 2002 Starting the New Year atop the table with a 14 point lead was pleasing, and the fact we had dropped just four points thus far was a testament to the style and flair we had played with. I had already, along with the rest of the backroom team, started to think about next season in Division Three and identify potential transfer targets, but of course I didn’t tell the players that, emphasizing we still had work to do That began with the trip to mid table Nuneaton, and we were rarely troubled in the outing. David Collins slotted home the opener 27 minutes into the contest, a
  3. Since we only had a couple of days rest, and we had to travel to our next game, the lads looked jaded and weary legged, and this showed in the next game against Woking, as we just weren’t ourselves. We struggled to string passes together, couldn’t find openings, and for the first time this season, we failed to score and had to settle for a 0-0 draw Normal service was resumed against Hayes, and we were much more towards our best. Two up inside twenty minutes, with goals from Daryl Clare and Agustin, and the third came from the penalty spot, Wouter Kos slotting home. It was a much better pe
  4. December 2001 I was amazed at how quickly the season was going by – it never seemed to be this quick as a player. The year was drawing to an end, as we headed into December, and we held a 9 point lead atop the table – and two games in hand due to postponements. The team rapport was going really well, and this led to success on the pitch so far Telford came to York Street next, and this game belonged to one man – David Collins. He was sensational here, grabbing all four goals as we romped to a 4-2 win. The defence just couldn’t handle him, and everything he hit flew into the goal. Sta
  5. Another side from the North West visited us for the first round of the FA Cup, as Altrincham made the trip to York Street. However, they were brushed aside easily, although we had to wait until stoppage time in the first half to break the deadlock, Paul McLaren latching on to a pass from Agustin and firing home. It only took four minutes of the second half to double the lead, Butra grabbing his first goal for us when he powered past his marker and smashed the ball into the top corner. Scotsman Kevin Thomas also scored his first goal when he fired home from five yards following a scruffy scramb
  6. November 2001 The table was looking good, and I came out of the board meeting very very pleased. The on pitch activity was working out very well, while off the field, things were also good. Funds were in the black, we had money for wages if we needed to add to the squad, and work on the stadium renovation was in the pipeline. Plus, I had also found a local pub and decent little café near my flat so I was happy The only thing I did need to look at was adding to the backroom staff, as I only had two coaches, so when Stan Collymore agreed to join the team as my number two, I was pleased
  7. October 2001 Following on from the eight game month in September, we just had three in October and they were well spread out. This was largely due to postponements for bad weather so I took the opportunity to spread my own wings and watch a few of our rivals – always having my notebook in hand to make a note of a few of the decent players I would come across. I saw Dagenham drop points at Dover thanks to a late equaliser from the impressive John Eliot, while Justin Jackson bagged a hat trick to ensure Doncaster’s win over Northwich. There were a few players that caught my eye over the fir
  8. Two more wins followed, as we travelled to Chester and welcomed Farnborough to York Street in our next two games. Chester gave us our toughest game yet, as they flew into a 2-0 lead in the opening quarter of an hour, shell shocking the lads into action. 32 minutes into the game, Adrian Littlejohn capitalised on a mistake in the home side’s defence to take the ball round the ‘keeper and bring us back into it, before Paul McLaren equalised with a thunderbolt of a strike, collecting the ball 35 yards out and unleashing a shot that no ‘keeper would have saved. This set the home side back a bit, an
  9. Cheers boys - CFuller - having looked at his history, he has Burnley on there and Altrincham too, and since I signed him from Radcliffe, it would suggest he is a local lad so it's probably the same one. Dave/Mark, glad to have you on board! -- September 2001 The board had expressed how delighted with the start they had seen from the team on the pitch, and with the crowds expected to grow, especially if we continued to play the same style of football as we had so far, it would make us a nice tidy profit. We did however, have a tough test to open up the month, with favourites for
  10. August 2001 That opening game was against Morecambe, a mediocre side who would be nothing ahead of mid table come the end of the season, and I never expected the game to go the way it did – after 33 minutes of play, we were 4-0 ahead, thanks to a brace from David Collins, and one each from Paul McLaren and Daryl Clare. The home side were shell shocked after that, and while we had to wait until six minutes into the second half for a fifth, it was a dominating performance. The home side pulled one back, before Collins completed his hat trick, but a lapse in concentration saw us concede a se
  11. Another CM01/02 tale from me - this is a game I thoroughly enjoyed and I thought I'd share it as a story with you - England from Conference, Scotland and Spain loaded --- The new lads were thrown straight into the squad as we toured Wales for Pre Season, and though we didn’t have hard challenges, it was about fitness levels and gelling the team into my formation I sat in the stands for the opener against Carmarthen Town, and while I spent most of the game on the phone, I did manage to see all three of our goals in a comfortable 3-0 victory, with Town, Collins and Clare all baggi
  12. They say you need to start at the bottom and work your way up – obviously some people are luckier than that, but after a playing career that saw me spend 17 years at Aberdeen, racking up 443 games, I got the opportunity to manage Boston United - they were languishing in the English Conference in the summer of 2001, and when the opportunity arose, it was one I couldn’t refuse – a foot in the door and a chance, aged 36, to show what I could do My Aberdeen debut came at 18, coming off the bench against St Mirren at Pittodrie. We were 2-1 behind, and it was my assist that allowed the equalis
  13. Enjoying this Mark. Not a league I've tried I have to admit but sounds like it's interesting. Europe is the goal though, if you can get a champion's league run your doing well!
  14. Really enjoying this d_s. Love the depth of the match reports and the relationship between manager and chairman
  15. Terk, I rated Mignolet highly at Sunderland but seems to have gone off the boil at Liverpool. Strange one really. I know people rate De Gea as the best 'keeper in the league, personally I would plump for Hugo Lloris. Just an opinion of mine...
  16. On the Ched Evans point, there are many things I've heard, however, my theory on it is this. He was found guilty of rape, whether he believes he was or not, in a court of law. A friend of mine who is a lawyer tells me rape is one of the hardest crimes to prove aswell. Still, on Evans himself, I have a couple of points... 1) The problem I can see in the main is that he is completely unrepentant of his crime. had he been released, apologised and showed remorse, it may have enticed a slightly different reaction. Maybe not, but we won't know. 2) I do think that the lad should be allowed to earn
  17. I think a lot of the Pardew situation is to do with the fans, and the fact they seem to want him out every week. That said, I believe he still lives down near Palace anf probably has a soft spot for the club
  18. Just caught up with this CFuller, excellent stuff!
  19. Agreed, it was a yellow card tackle..first one wasnt, at all. Also, costa is a nasty piece of work, he should have gone for raising his hands..we had a stonewall penalty on toure turned down..just one of many poor decisions. Chelsea seem to be everyones favoured team at the minute, and they are a huge threat. On the plus side, what a superb professional frank lampard is..phenomenal! and mangala and kompany look a beast of a central defensive pairing...
  20. Mike Dean ruining a perfectly good game with his incessant need to give a yellow card for every tackle. Disgraceful performance. Cost City the game with a ridiculous red card, and handed Chelsea an undeserved win. It's reason like this why I cannot and will not defend a referee. I understand it's a difficult job but it's not that hard that they need to be totally useless. Very very upset and ready to rant, and certainly have no respect for Mike Dean...
  21. Well, after watching Palace and Liverpool, it just sums up the season. In my view, Liverpool bottled it last night. At 3-1, they needed to shut up shop City have a huge game on Wednesday and a huge game on Sunday. Must win both. And yes, I'm bloody nervous!!! On a side note, Pulis must be a contender for manager of the year for the terrific job he has done at Palace
  22. I just want to garner opinions, having spoken to several mates of mine, most of which are United fans 1) They said that they would prefer neither Liverpool or City to win the title (for obvious reasons) and would rather Chelsea win it - I get the impression that most others would prefer Liverpool over City and I just wondered why? 2) Feel sorry for Moyes in a way but that was never the job for him - however, Ferguson must take some blame surely? 3) Mourinho must surely be banned for those sarcastic comments the other day after his side lost to Sunderland? Just wondered what all you FMS'ers
  23. Just caught up with this chesterfan. Awesome start, keep it up!
  24. Been mightily impressed with City thus far today, looked calm, composed and have a 3-0 lead at a canter really
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