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  1. Playing a career game, just taken Hull job - its August 2021. Spent the summer building my squad - I play with the "no work permits" feature applied. At the end of July 2021 I've had a 5 player whose work permits have all expired at the same time, including a number of players I've just signed - can't see any way of applying for new ones and I can't play them. Can anyone help?
  2. Just purchased and installed FMT 19 via Steam and installed on my Mac, but when I click on icon it brings up the box saying the game is launching and then nothing happens. When I look in the SI folder on my Mac documents, there is no folder for FMT 19. That said, I can't launch the FMT 18 that is also installed, which was working fine a couple of days ago. Any ideas?
  3. Working well for me. Took on Barnsley in the Championship. Made a few signings, but these have mainly been young prospects from lower divisions. Currently, after 36 games, sitting in 2nd place having been one of the preseason favourites for relegation, and had a good run to the 6th round of the FA Cup, having knocked out West Brom on the way.
  4. Hi @jethers77 I'm using this one with Charlton in League One. It's working a treat - currently in Mid November of 1st Season and sitting 9 points clear at top of league. I have lost only one game all season so far - that was against Liverpool in the EFL Cup, and I was 2-0 up with 15 mins to go, so a bit frustrating. I've only failed to score in one game, and currently am the top scoring team in the division, and lowest conceding (8 goals in the league only). Goals and assists are being shared out amongst the front 4. Charlton are expected to do well - media prediction is 1st place, but, I have been unable to bring anyone in as they have zero transfer budget, and are £35k per week over the wage budget. There are no natural AMC's in the squad, so am having to play players that are "accomplished" or less in that position. I've also got a number of injuries so am having to use some of the youngsters who aren't quite at this level yet (but there are a number of prospects in the reserve squad). All in all, this is the best tactic I have used on FM17 so far.
  5. I've just booted up and it updated. Checked the game status and its showing as 17.2
  6. I've just booted up and it updated. Checked the game status and its showing as 17.2
  7. Great, thanks Mr R. Will get the away tactic added, as struggling there at the moment.
  8. Looks good Mr R. Just started a long-term save with the previous Adamas 41212 tactic - is the home tactic above the same as Adamas?
  9. Not sure there's too much tactically wrong - think the current patch is totally FUBAR'd. Cannot get consistency in anything. Very frustrating at present.
  10. Look forward to seeing it Mr R - Been a fan of your tactics over the past few years, but have found my FM16 experience pretty frustrating to date. Running a career save, and been trying to use Testudo, but hit by inconsistency. Took the job at MK Dons towards the end of season 2 and managed to steer them clear of relegation from the championship by the skin of my teeth by stringing together 3 wins in the last 3 games, after around 8 games without a win (using the 16.2 version with treq). After a full pre-season, I made a storming start to the next season, winning the first 5 games straight off, including some tough away games (media prediction for the season - 24th), scoring 3 goals or more in 3 of those games, and then it just fell apart - 10 game winless run, the last 6 of which I didn't even score in, and the first 4 only scoring 1 per game. Seemed to be absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. That one's on hold at the moment, but will be interested to see what the new approach is. Keep up the good work Mr R - prefer using your tactics to anyone else, as I appreciate the thought process you use, and the squad building around the key attributes you highlight.
  11. Great thread. I've been following MLS from the UK this year - there's been some great matches. Orlando City are the team I've followed, having taken in a game there whilst on holiday last year (USL before they joined MLS this year). Keen to try an FM game managing in MLS, but have always been "put off" by all the roster rules. Definitely going to give it a go though. Will follow this thread with interest.
  12. Excellent. Think this is a great addition to the FM stable, looking forward to getting it.
  13. How will tactics work? Will they all have to be manually input?
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