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  1. And shame. I was raped and sexually assaulted from 13-14 and even now I still feel ashamed by my actions back then and will until I die no matter what anyone says. It took me 9 years to tell anyone, my best friend when we were smashed (which unknowingly helped my case in the later criminal case decades later) and 35 years to report it to the police (who were brilliant tbf, far better than was expecting/hoping). I was dreading court, it would have gone to crown court, because my shame would have been x100 in front of a court. The guy is an old man now and long moved to another part of the c
  2. He needs his 'orders' dumbed down so he can understand them? There's no way that clown is running this, he couldn't run a bath. Then again....
  3. Saying you hope you don't grow extra arms is worthy of being said twice. Just in case.
  4. I was in my local co-op tonight and 3 out of 5 in the queue weren't bothering with the masks, let alone wearing them wrongly. Picking up and putting down items. The baskets aren't sanitised after use, there's not even a bottle to sanitise own hands at the entrance/exit. I guess there's no point because I doubt anyone would use it anyway. Maybe it's a co-op problem. Staff didn't say anything or seem to care. They're on probably minimum wage and all aged 18-early 20s, not worth a fight over is it. It's been like that for months.
  5. I guess food shopping to eat is essential. Restaurants aren't. Agree though supermarkets aren't really managed at all in terms of not being super-spreader events.
  6. For me it shows how incredible and genius humans can be when working towards a positive outcome or purpose. It offsets what w-----rs we can be to each other individually and globally. Now I want to see similar for off-setting climate change, but I guess we'll only bother when it starts to really hit hard and personal, hopefully not too late.
  7. Medical care is highly profitable if that's the goal so would disagree nobody would want to buy parts of the NHS. The truth hardly matters really, perception is all isn't it? The perception within in the NHS is as I said (or everyone I've worked with anyway ). To be fair, I think the Govt have removed degree only routes in for some, but too little too late. Brexit and making immigration more unattractive/difficult is another way to help make the NHS more unmanageable or set to fail. But a topic for another thread! Covid is where it's at.
  8. There's a feeling here Govt. would like the NHS to fail so to further privatisation. Whether true or not, who knows. That we're ~40k short of nurses and they made it far harder/less attractive to train as a nurse is just one example used by those who believe that's exactly what the Govt. has done. Over-simplified maybe and just one small, but important, factor I'm sure but you can't really not wonder why anyone might do that.
  9. I wonder what Captain Tom would post on the debate of to clap or not, spin or not. It's a bizarre debate?
  10. More after the 2nd one it seems. Not to worry you or anything. You might have it opposite way around.
  11. So spot on. The "If Trump cured cancer you'd still hate him for it" against the "If Trump murdered babies you'd still love him for it". Some have their opinions on a piece even before it's happened if you add in the catch-labels (Left/Right. Tory/Labour etc etc).
  12. I'll take that. Every positive can be looked on as a negative if you're looking for negatives.
  13. Yet to see how the changing the 3 week gap between 1st and 2nd jab to 12 weeks works out, but credit where credit due. The vaccine roll out has been impressive and to me a surprise.
  14. It is, but am looking forward to the day it drops to page 2 of OTF for the first time.
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