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  1. No and this has always been the case since FM introduced VAR. It's a small annoyance, hating VAR (irl) added to it being a pointless pause with always the same outcome on FM makes it more annoying.
  2. That Venom Fire 41212 all cups No loss is a bit mad. I can't use it. It's too good! I quit Strasbourg (predicted 15th) at Xmas in 2nd place of French Ligue 1. Now in March they've slipped to 13th going back to whatever AI tactic they're now using.
  3. People watching football have known that for years. Team with most possession loses is hardly news?
  4. I've never thought of trying that before, editing in as best can current save squad to next version. Be interesting to see how it works out. Good shout.
  5. On number 2; you're doing all you can. And it depends what you're looking for? Develop and sell for profit or future 1st teamers? I'd ignore the 1-5 stars for starters. Players can change/develop surprisingly well. Basic good core attributes for a role your first team uses is good enough and especially good mental stats. How often do you think a club with the best youth set up in the world produce a player with real decent potential for their 1st team who will go on that path successfully? I doubt even one a year? That gem might be one in every 3-4 years worth of academy graduates? That's t
  6. I'm loving FM20. I'd not take social media or this forum as that reliable a barometer. The few mates I have that play the game aren't even aware this place exists and definitely don't watch YouTube video's about the game.
  7. Where VAR falls down on FM is that it's only used for penalty shouts or goals scored. If for the former it will always be a penalty, if the latter always disallowed so makes it pretty pointless. The sense of 'wait and see, was it or wasn't it?' is just not there.
  8. Where in what Neil said do you read anything like that? Because I don't. It's weird how perceptions are different, not unlike perceptions of the ME which is fine for me. Not perfect but fine enough. I've had a lot of playtime and fun on this version, but get that there's a swell of those who haven't here. What you've written seems far too harsh to me Welshace. It's only a game at the end of the day. We all want the best or a better game, but some speak like SI have driven the SI bus over their cat and forgot to apologise.
  9. I've suffered from the "promoted too early/soon" curse if you can call it that. I can't remember a 0-7 defeat but had a season in the Premier League with, at best, a squad of decent or average league one players. It got to the point where a 0-1 defeat I was more than happy with! 0-4's, 0-5's, and anything-6 were the norm. It was brutal right up to the point I was sacked in January.
  10. Lingard at United has sored 5 goals in the last 8 matches on season 1 in my current save. Now that is unrealistic. I never got a screenshot and have now binned the save (I know, I know, believe me or not ) but on one of my early saves AI controlled Liverpool had only dropped 2 points after 22 games in the first season. The dropped points? A 1-1 draw at Old Trafford which gave me a little smile at the time as mirroring real life you couldn't get much closer.
  11. It does seem to drop all too often or more than it previously did. I don't buy a player with less than 15 determination (I don't even see them; search filters set....on top of 10 for teamwork and work rate ) so the majority of my squad reflect that after 4-5 seasons, but it still seems to drop to the lower ends too often.
  12. Unsung heroes. Wijnaldum at Liverpool irl springs to mind? Vital cog that lets the sexy rest of them get the plaudits.
  13. Seems solid to me post-update as well. Conceding goals heavily, but most of (no, all!!) my defenders need their P45's given via returning to the Championship/League One sooner rather than later so would expect goals to be going in against me in the Premier League.
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