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  1. Glad they fixed that. Been banging on about it for years. Maybe 1 game is too few but it's a lot better than it was set up in previous versions of FM.
  2. In the past I've signed some absolute howlers that looked great with Stella Artois as my assistant. Don't drink and manage guys. Remember Cloughie.
  3. Does the club own the stadium? If renting, it might not be possible to get it expanded?
  4. I haven't got game loaded up at the moment but try "Development Centre" and then top left corner should be a drop down? No it's Responsibilities > Staff > Transfer and Contracts Responsibilities > Provides Youth Development Info > Delegate to.
  5. I have to go to a different, random screen (any screen) after I've saved the game to exit it and close it down. I have no idea why either.
  6. I never saw many missed 1v1's, until I changed my tactic. Then I saw loads. Now I have changed tactic again I am back to seeing 'proper' goals and chances again. The long ball over the top to put a striker through is the problem for me in seeing the 1v1 annoyance. My current and original tactic has cut this out.
  7. Just buy it every 2-3 years? You should notice more difference and save yourself a few quid. Your CV suggests you know what an annual release means with SI/FM. Evolution not revolution. I never understand why people buy it every year and then complain it's not worth full game price every year. You know what you're getting, surely?
  8. I really hope that's the case (changed for FM20). I'd kind of given up hope this would ever be sorted.
  9. It's always been 10. I haven't won a title in FM20 yet so not sure if it's still the same. FM does this badly, and always have. If you win the league with games to spare your players will need to have played 10 times by that date they won it, not after all the league games are completed. If they subsequently get to 10 apps after the league is won they get zilch. Also if a player has got the required amount by January and is then sold in the winter transfer window, and you go on to win the title, he also gets zilch. It seems to be 10 whatever league you play in (or the one's I have played in anyway), so 10 of 34 games in Bundesliga, 10 of 38 in Premier League 10 of 46 in Championship, League 1 and 2 in England. Irl, I think it's a lot less than 10 to gain a medal anyway. SI have never managed to get this right, which is a shame for me (for immersion reasons).
  10. Does anyone see any improvements as team and player tactical familiarity improves? Judging a tactical system with and without a good level of familiarity should be different, no?
  11. I've struggled with addictions in the past, one being this game before I got clean from it. FM20 has me fallen off the wagon big time. Addicted to this game again. Thanks SI. I am still on my original BETA save from Beta release day and loving it. I'm not really seeing the ME problems but maybe don't over-analyse too much. What I see I enjoy, variety in ME improves year on year for me and the players do what I'd kind of expect or ask in tune with their ability and my tactic.
  12. Whatever his PA, he can still be elite. People get too hung up on CA/PA. Some of my best players in past versions have had bang-average CA/PA. Watch him on the pitch, not using editors to cheer him on or write him off.
  13. You should get some warning or heads up trouble is brewing, or a reason as to why a player is not happy. If nothing has happened and it's just dumped out of the blue it sounds like a bug.
  14. December 31st 2020 in my beta save. So 18 months-ish in game time if you start in Summer of 2019.
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