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  1. I've had similar happen, I think it's just a bug. Just wait x months and you should be good to go. That's how it worked out for me.
  2. Hajduk Split in Croatia is a good one. Croatia is rich for regens and youth coming through and Hajduk enjoy relatively large crowds. Trying to knock Dinamo Zagreb off their perch is a good start (Dinamo have won the league every year bar once since 2005/6). Rijeka in the same league have potential.
  3. Could never be a United fan but I always go the "what would (might) Fergie do?". Seems to have worked so far in the last however many versions I've played. So ~99% of the time the player knuckles down or is playing in a new shirt asap.
  4. No, they will go on holiday automatically just fine as always did, not necessarily the day after your last 1st team fixture but once all club commitments for the season done (youth etc). If they don't in your save I'd think it was a bug and worth reporting.
  5. In the higher leagues full time professional I can get that. By then that techniques are squared away is a given maybe. Whether Beckham stayed behind to practice, practice, practice crossing? Youth intake's in tier 2/3 of some of the more obscure leagues and it's not made crystal clear in the training page how to work on the more basics of football just seems bizarre to take out of a game that worked for years just fine.
  6. I think they need to make that a little more clear in-game though. If I'm picking up the game today never having played before and thinking how do I get my youth winger's to work+++ on, say, crossing with extra sessions there's no clear path. The individual training has gone backwards in FM19 imvho. Vital attributes can't be worked on for role/position can, irrelevant one's can. Where in the football world or pyramid can a manger not ask/demand a player to improve his tackling, heading and crossing with extra or individual training focus.
  7. You see of a lot this in paradox games and forums (min/max division templates in their case) where gamers are trying to "beat" the game. Can you not just play the game? I think CA/PA awareness can do more harm than good. I've seen super players attributes and ass man/scout recommendations saying how great they are bomb for loads of squads over the years.....and have taken League 1 bought players to European finals with on paper below average attributes yet perform week in and week out. That's the way it should be. That's football. SI have got this part right imvho.
  8. The same could be said in real life though. British media especially love to build up England's next saviour!! The list is long in the past 20-30 years!! Only to say later could have/should have/would have. You decide whether they are worthy or not. That is the game.
  9. Look at the player. His attributes. Whether he fits in to your tactic. His personality. His injury history. Your budget. Then YOU decide whether he's the next big thing to deserve such a media one word description so worth a punt on. That's the point of the game. You're the manager. Don't be blinded in to thinking 100 wonderkids are actually wonderkids for you just because a 3rd party tells you he is.
  10. If he's a wonderkid loaning him out will mean he's good enough to be getting caps for Colombia early enough and getting him enough international games he then qualifies for that work permit in theory but having never done it I'm not it works in game. I'd be wary of signing south americans without a work permit though. Nice to have but better off spending elsewhere however tempting they look. Like you seem to have been, I've been burnt in the past. Might have to chalk it off as a "live and learn".
  11. Bit harsh as nobody knows what will happen. Will be shocked if we notice much change in PL big money signings, but I might be absolutely deluded as well. If you're the guru post-Brexit on impacts to any industry then maybe you could spend less time here or on a computer game and get out sorting the mess out. Your country needs you.
  12. That's fair enough, but are you getting work permits for players that should get work permits if they were Non-EU before this was introduced? Dybala, Suarez, Kante type players? If so (I've not got to Premier League yet....but I will I assure you ), then that's cool. I've just read that it might not be working as should?
  13. For many versions now SI has got this wrong. I'd love to see SI catch up on this feature. If a player appears 10+ times before I transfer him in January and I go on to win a league that player gets nothing on his CV. If I win the league early any player who hasn't made 10 league appearances on that date gets nothing on his CV even if he makes 10+ appearances that season thereafter. If I criss cross a player in say Germany between B teams, if he plays enough in the B team he gets the league medal on his CV.
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