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  1. For those wondering how this tactic works with new patch.Lost to inter after leading 1-0 and getting a red card and lost to Roma due to silly mistakes.I micromanage the tactic during the game though, changing the FB's to support and stuff like that, to secure the result.
  2. This tactic didn't exploit any AI bugs or glitches, it just plays proper football.It still works as it did you just have to manage your team properly
  3. Is there any way you don't spam every tactic you make in the download section? WIth 0 analysis and comments?
  4. parano1c

    Training Happiness

    Change the team training workload.Maybe you ask them to train new position or new preferred move? In my save Balotelli and Robinho are unhappy when my team training is High and their individual is Medium.So I try to stick to Medium - Medium with lazy players.
  5. parano1c

    Way out of my depth

    Yes because that way we can help you.Since you say you've read all the sticky's to understand the game we can go further and work with your tactics.
  6. parano1c

    Way out of my depth

    Post your tactics, shouts, PI's etc.Decide how you want your team to play.
  7. They sit deep away from home.I've got this issue aswell.Run at defense and play wider can give you some space to unsettle them aswell as toning down the mentality to drag them out of their defensive positions.
  8. Great guide.Read it before on wordpress and playing pressing football since then, never thought Attacking mentality is so essential to achieve it.
  9. parano1c

    4-2-3-1 Dilemmas

    I've tried to play with 2 midfielders deep but never managed to get it work cause i felt that my front 4 are very isolated and i struggled vs most of the teams that have players in CM strata cause they were pretty much unchallanged.As for the 2 CM's pairing I've tried alot but liked the DLP(s) and CM(D) pairing the most.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys much appreciated.I'm off testing
  11. I'm not sure I perfectly know when and how to exploit opponents weaknesses but i try to.The most problems i've had were games like against Parma or Udinese who were dominated for about 30 minutes and then changed their formations to 5 defenders and packed midfield and tried to counter.As a result i couldn't get any chances at all although the quality of game remained the same.Should i play wider against "parked bus"? with the higher tempo to try to unsettle them? Any tips would be appreciated. Which role would fit in here? If i change to APa Kaka often moves on top of Balotelli i would go for Treq cause it suits his playing style but im afraid that it will kill the defensive/pressing balance cause Treq are lazy without the ball.
  12. Hello. Need help with my tactic. I managed to achieve lots of possession but often it does not convert into goals.I can have 65% of possession and 0 CCC and few half chances and the game ends 0-0. My team is a bit vulnerable to counter attacks but only against big teams I can live with that as long as I dominate the games. The only PI is GK distributing to my WB and AP roaming from position. So how can i make my attack more effective without reducing the possession stats.
  13. Hello guys! I'm currently playing with AC Milan and having some good result but i don't really like the football that my team is playing and i hope some of you might give me some tips how to change that. Formation: Instructions: Results: Player stats: So... 1) my striker is not scoring and is having the lowest match rating from starting 11 of average 6.89 2) my box to box midfielders (Poli, Honda, Nocerino) often have the same issue i feel like they just don't contribute much into the game. 3) my team plays well against teams that want to get a result and are pushing men forward, like Real Madrid game or away games in CL against Bayern and Zenit but when i'm playing home and they sit deep and rely on counter-attacks my team struggles.Maybe struggle is a strong word because even in those matches my team gets a desired result but the football that is played is just awful. Looking forward to your tips guys.
  14. I have no concerns about my tactics whatsoever I won serie A with Milan with 8 games to go having zero complaints but the way abbiati reacted like the ball was hit low while it was high up looked very unrealistic.Yes keeper can have position problems, punching or passing, but doing the autist moves is quite bugged.Will upload it to bug forums.