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  1. from my experience going attacking vs attacking works wonders.I've managed to beat Inter with Milan away from home 6-1 and Juventus 9-2. No nonesense full squad regens or something like that, it was first season with few transfers in winter transfer window, mostly players for the future.It depends on formation and strategy ofcourse but this formula worked for me.
  2. Hello lads! I've been a fan of strong ball winning tough guys since early versions of FM and I had a great success with them, managing to make them tackle fiercely.Which i cannot implement in todays version. Can those of you share your toughts on the role in general and the best ways to make it work? starting with formations/duties and general game plans because I've simply done trying.All i get is a ****** with yellow cards who cant pass the ball for 2 meteres.
  3. Hi! So the issue is that no matter what type of tactic i use my fullbacks, wingbacks and wingers tend to stop, turn their backs to the goal and lose the ball even if they got few players ready to close the cross. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?
  4. For those wondering how this tactic works with new patch.Lost to inter after leading 1-0 and getting a red card and lost to Roma due to silly mistakes.I micromanage the tactic during the game though, changing the FB's to support and stuff like that, to secure the result.
  5. This tactic didn't exploit any AI bugs or glitches, it just plays proper football.It still works as it did you just have to manage your team properly
  6. Is there any way you don't spam every tactic you make in the download section? WIth 0 analysis and comments?
  7. Change the team training workload.Maybe you ask them to train new position or new preferred move? In my save Balotelli and Robinho are unhappy when my team training is High and their individual is Medium.So I try to stick to Medium - Medium with lazy players.
  8. Yes because that way we can help you.Since you say you've read all the sticky's to understand the game we can go further and work with your tactics.
  9. Post your tactics, shouts, PI's etc.Decide how you want your team to play.
  10. They sit deep away from home.I've got this issue aswell.Run at defense and play wider can give you some space to unsettle them aswell as toning down the mentality to drag them out of their defensive positions.
  11. Great guide.Read it before on wordpress and playing pressing football since then, never thought Attacking mentality is so essential to achieve it.
  12. I've tried to play with 2 midfielders deep but never managed to get it work cause i felt that my front 4 are very isolated and i struggled vs most of the teams that have players in CM strata cause they were pretty much unchallanged.As for the 2 CM's pairing I've tried alot but liked the DLP(s) and CM(D) pairing the most.
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