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  1. Yea, i agree. but can see TFF is still working on it and we can still see a lot tweaks update within the past few days. I am here giving spiritual support lol
  2. I have decided to wait for the endgame Tactic from TFF before i start a new save while enjoying the set pieces exploits on FM19 lol.
  3. i would like to see it, can you like get a screenshot?
  4. The new ME most significant impact and difference on these tactics are are the Fast Strikers stop scoring, no longer be able to run behind and do 1on1. (I'm saying players like Mo Salah). Only goals are from headers on set pieces and crossings or some random tap in. Players passing balls outside the box, midfielder long range shoot got blocked most of the time.
  5. I can find the one i created, but i cant see the one i intend to import XD
  6. If we set the individual training as the role they play in the tactic, it could reach 100 in a short while. I am wondering if that increase the efficiency. Yea, about the filter, I guess that is the only way which will take a lot of effort and time.
  7. Hi TFF, When i set the individual training as the instruction on the post, the familiarity of the player role on tactic will stay at 80% maximum. Is it normal to let the role/position familiar to not reach 100 or am i doing anything wrong? It was able to reach 100 maximum in FM19 as time goes by. Besides that, I couldn't import the filter. I put the filter into the usual "filters" folder, when i press the import in game, it couldn't locate the file, didn't even show up on the list. I can get the filter in FM19 but not FM20 and i am pretty sure i did everything right as fm19 on this.
  8. Never feeling so confident playing an away game in FM20.
  9. Plug and play, 7 matches test on my existing save, players were bought base on Zeus. Scoring like crazy on the 4th matches after the wingers get full familiarity on the new WM role. Midfielders scoring stunners. Crazy result. Best ATM.
  10. Noted on that. Not changing anything for now. Because Raptor is working Wonder. Just frustrated when seeing players running half pitch and fail to score one on one 5 times in a match lol.
  11. Yea, no rush. From seeing how the run and passes performing in the ME can see that you have been working on the core tactical aspect. I myself also looking for a way of making players passing more often in the final third instead of shooting, think that might enhance the tactic as the current ME nerf all the run half the pitch to do solo shooting goals.
  12. Hi TFF, I was the guy who ask about the PPM on players that affect the efficiency of the tactics at the other forum if you remember, wanted to reply but it was closed. Just express to show appreciation. I was worry that the pressure has get on to you but i was wrong, and I'm glad of that. Truly impress with your mentality and your passion to help the FM communities even after all that. We are all lucky to have you. Raptor 1 is amazing on my save now, watching the crossing connects, your wingers and strikers scoring is like back to old time. The best i have tried compare to all the so-called high rating tactics. Keep up the good work.
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