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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. I have been doing some experiments, changing the standard defensive line to higher and low crosses to mixed crosses on my god tier team enhance the goal scorings significantly especially on away games. Just sharing.
  2. Hi TFF, I knew that the primary tactic is for any team to be overachieving with a good balance in attack and defense, my case is I've dominating fm20 with this tactic till the point that I am wondering, if I have built a god tier team which is better than any team in my save, is there any tweak you would recommend to make?
  3. Esposito on Annihilator V1, anyone got better than this stats?
  4. Here is my recommended wonderkids for Annihilator base on my save after 10 seasons for your reference. They are consistent and have low injury proneness which are the two very important pros to me. STC - Sebastiano Esposito / Rafael Leao AMCL - Mickael Cuisance / Hamed Junior Traore AMCR - Houssem Aouar / Yacine Adli ML - Diego Lainez / Bryan Gil MR - Manor Solomon / Emanuel Vignato DM - Eduardo Camavinga / Arne Maier WBL - Juan Miranda / Rayan Ait-Nouri WBR - Takehiro Tomiyasu DCL - Alessandro Bastoni DCR - Ben Godfrey / Jerome Onguene GK - Alessandro Plizzari Please note that they are not the super expensive & established ones from the start. Not all can be obtain at the start as well, I took 2 or 3 years constantly scouting and grab them for bargain price not more than 30m. For Wingers there are actually lots of good one but i tend to go for the minimum 15 on pace. Or a side with lots of creativity and a side with lots of pace, so we can see a lot of assist and scoring between them wingers.
  5. Plug in Annihilator on my monstrous team after winning everything with Ceber, and now is all about breaking record that has been broken using Ceber. Thanks TFF for improving it.
  6. After changing the role training same as the tactic role. they look like this. Much better to look at
  7. Yea its weird and it bothers me sometimes watching the bar stopped at 50% but i still follow the OP because of the attributes development. Thought of bringing that up to see if it's just me. I'm trying to changing it after they are fully developed and see the difference. Will post a screen shot and show the images of them maxing out at 90%.
  8. he was in Complete Wing-Back (Support) all the time, i changed it to test out the difference. But ok, i guess it is not important. thank you!
  9. I have trained the players as the OP for several seasons, but it always cant max out the position/role/duty. Some max at 50%.
  10. I have change back to the original skin, its still showing the same But when i change the individual training as the tactic one, it shows improvement on the familiarity.
  11. Mine showing this after maxing out of training as the OP. Only half of the positions show 90% and above. I guess is normal eh.
  12. TFF, is it ok to change the individual training same as the tactic role after the players has fully developed? or it doesnt really matter. I wonder if they max out the role familiarity will increase the effectiveness.
  13. If you have been using TFF tactics, you should have probably learn how to utilize the tactic instead of requesting a new one. TFF only recommend the best tactic he tried. Just fit them in your best. You will still win the league with Cerber. After first season, sell those players who you think doesn't fit and get players base on the filters that is provided. Juventus should be easy buying players. Then it would start getting better and better.
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