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  1. HULL CITY UPDATE So when I took over at the KCOM, Hull were sat in the relegation zone with 6 games remaining. This is how the season ended: We started with a solid 2-0 home win against Wigan, but I was wary that that was just the new manager bounce at home to another struggling team. But no. We then went on to record excellent victories away to play-off chasing teams Middlesbrough and West Brom. We then however were brought back down to earth collecting just 1 point from the next 2 games. This meant going in to the last game against Bristol City, even though we were sat above the relegation zone, there was still a chance we could go down. Thankfully, despite going behind before half time, we rallied and a David Milinkovic double ensured our safety. Collecting 13 points from a possible 18 is an achievement i'm very proud of, with us ending up 4 places above where I took over. I've not been given expectations or budgets for next season yet, but I have a year left on my contract and I fancy staying here. Let's see what the summer brings us.
  2. Haha cheers mate. My voice isn't as gravelly as his mind!
  3. Apologies, I've been away for a week or so and haven't been able to keep up to date with everyone's progress. I loaded my Fleetwood save up today and couldn't get the feel for it having been away for a while. So I decided to load up my unemployed save again and began to apply for struggling EFL teams. Unfortunately, apart from a couple of interesting offers from European biggies Hamburg and Deportivo La Coruna, I wasn't really getting anywhere. Then, with the season closing, I've been given a 1 year contract at the KCOM. I have 6 games to save them from relegation. Could be a short save, but wish me luck!
  4. Cheers @Clifton but I have been given £0 to work with for transfers, £9k to work with on wages and only allowed 10% of any transfer revenue Stabilising the club is my first priority i think.
  5. So after being given the Fleetwood job with 7 games to go and us sitting in 14th on 54 points, this is how we finished up: Now despite dropping down a space to finish in 15th, I feel like I've done a decent job to end the season there. 2 Wins, 4 Draws and 1 Defeat in the final 7 games meant that we ended the season on 64 points. Now i'll have to go back and check other peoples saves, but that seems like a large point haul for a team in 15th to me? Joey Barton had run up some poor finances within the club, with us currently sitting on a balance of over -£2.75m, so I can't see me having much to work with in the summer. Spurr, Sandler, Walker-Peters, Beningine, Holt and Evans will all head back to their parent clubs, with Holt being the only one who stood out in my short stint so far, so I may explore the option of bringing him back. There will be a few leaving at the end of their contracts and I have a feeling a couple of bigger clubs might come knocking for one or two players, so this could prove to be a tricky summer. My aim going forward is to finish in a higher position than this season, although I still feel that points total is very high for 15th! Wish me luck.
  6. Haha, cheers @DefinitelyTaylor, how are you getting on with your save?
  7. Due to enjoying my previous saves, I've decided to go with the same set up and holiday to the mid-way point of the season. After applying for a few Championship Jobs and being unsuccessful, I've ended up replacing Joey Barton (Shame) at Fleetwood. Whilst the end of this season is dead, I feel they have a decent base of a squad to do much better than the position I find them in and feel like it could be good challenge next season for me. Wish me luck!
  8. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I wasn't able to bring in much quality in the summer and despite winning the opening game of the season away to Reading, 2 consecutive defeats to Hull at home and Preston away led the board to pull the plug, as I wasn't going to reach 10 points from the first 5 games. Will take stock and look for a new challenge tonight!
  9. @DefinitelyTaylor Oh i'm very annoyed at them, but then I didn't expect that much from an ageing / injury-hit squad when i took over. @warlock congratulations on your quick promotion with Mansfield! @Dong21 I hope cannavo picks up for you, he was a beast for me!
  10. So since my last update, the players decided it was time to go on the beach. We collected just 7 points from the last 11 games, meaning we ended up finishing 19th on 57 points: Luckily, we were never really in any danger of dropping in to the bottom 3, but the poor end of season run forced the board in to giving me an ultimatum of picking up 10 points in the first 5 games of next season or i'm sacked. Ridiculously harsh I feel, considering the squad and financial problems. Going in to mid June and this is what I have to work with due to contract expiration and players wanting out: Yep! And to make matters worse, this is what I've got for improvements/strengthening: Something tells me I won't be at the Owls for much longer, but wish me luck nevertheless
  11. Cheers @Jogo Bonito 2 Steady saves in a row, definitely a record for me
  12. Cheers @warlock and @DefinitelyTaylor Yes losing fees is going to hurt me, but it'll also be good to just get some of these ridiculous wages off the books. I have feeling the better performing players such as Bannan and Reach may angle for a move to a higher-placed club too and with their transfer value, I may just have to accept. Good luck with the challenge @Rollin93 it's really good fun!
  13. Save The Owls Update So as stated in my previous post I took charge of Sheffield Wednesday sitting in 19th place with 33 points, just 3 points above the relegation zone. Here's how the fixtures have gone so far: So after that initial defeat to Hull, we've done really well. 4 wins and 3 draws have seen us pick up 15 points. I just got the players back to basics, switching between a 4-4-1-1 and a 4-4-2. We now sit in 14th spot on 48 points, just 2 away from that magical safety number. I can't describe how tough this is though. The club is struggling financially big time. In January, I sold Hooper for £600k and Winnall for £1.2m, whilst Wildsmith was sent out on loan. Onomah and Hector's loan deals were both cancelled, yet we still sit £50k over the wage budget, meaning I wasn't able to bring anyone in. I've got Westwood, Pudil, Fletcher, Jones, Abdi, Boyd and Lee all the wrong side of 30 years old and all earning between £12k and £30k a week. Even though safety looks secured, with the club in debt and some ageing stars on big wages, this is going to be a bigger rebuild than Reading I believe. Wish me luck, come on the Owls.
  14. @Corndog69 Do you have any preferences that may narrow down the choices? Do you want a young/old squad to start? Expected to fight relegation (Wigan)? Bit of money to spend? etc. All 4 are decent choices though, with some good players in various positions. Wigan would be the tougher option I would say due to just arriving back in the Championship.
  15. @DefinitelyTaylor I'll be amazed too with what I've been dealt this time. 2nd week of January and I get offered the job of taking over at Sheffield Wednesday. They sit in 19th spot, just 3 points above the relegation zone, with an old depleted squad and the board expecting mid table and attacking football. However, with just £422k for transfers and the wage budget being already being £129k over the limit, there's no room to bring anyone in. No one wants the old high earners such as Jones, Boyd, Abdi etc. This is going to be a really tough ask. I took over on the Friday and was chucked straight in to an away game against Hull. With only 16 players fit, I succumbed to a 2-0 defeat. It's going to be a long, hard journey this, if i'm not sacked before-hand that is. Wish me luck on reviving the Owls.
  16. Good first season in the Prem there @TottenhamBoi90. Interested to see who you bring in to help with the attacking options in the summer. I'm not sure if they'll be any good in your save, but 4 years in to my Reading save, Kevin Cannavo and Adam Idah have developed in to excellent strikers.
  17. I've decided to shelve my Reading save no i'm in the prem as i feel the rebuild is complete and start a new save. As I had so much fun with my last save, i'm going to use the same set up. Going to start unemployed and then apply for jobs throughout the first season for teams who are struggling in the EFL and try to rebuild them!
  18. Don't know whether to stick with my Reading save now i've got to the prem or to go for a new challenge...
  19. Coventry and Forest, I thank you so much! The revival is complete!
  20. I'm not sure I can handle this final round of fixtures
  21. Haha thank you my friend! I've even surprised myself in this save. Hope I haven't peaked too early on FM19 Ah right, fair one. Well good luck in the warmer climate! Hopefully you can restore them to former glories
  22. What season are you in? Kevin Cannavo from Palermo has been incredible for me.
  23. Thanks @Jogo Bonito It's such a change to see me settled with a club isn't it? 4 seasons for me is unheard of Are you posting your Lisbon updates anywhere? Sporting I'm guessing?
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