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  1. Chievo Verona - Summer 2021 Update With us now a couple of games in to the Serie A season and the transfer window slammed shut, I felt now would be the best time to post an update on the summer's events. It was a tricky summer. My 1 and a half star reputation already meant I was going to be against it going in to this summer, but when the board announced we were under a transfer embargo and that the potential new director would be looking to replace me as manager, it looked like I wouldn't even get to build on our success of last season. Thankfully, that success was the defining factor
  2. Thanks mate. It’s proving to be a extremely tough window. My low reputation and the club’s poor financial position is making the task of improving the squad almost impossible. It looks like it’s going to be a case of using pretty much the same 11 and just bringing in some squad depth and hoping we can scrape survival. Ah man, why didn’t I think of Italeave
  3. Trying to bring in players that will improve our squad on a very small budget is hard, especially when I've only got a 1 and a half star reputation as a manager. What doesn't hep either, are messages like the one I've just had come through.... I'd like a takeover to go through if it improves the financial situation of the club, but not at m expense! I'm hoping my promotion will give me some time if they do go ahead with the takeover. Either way, having not brought anyone in as of yet, I'm now under an embargo
  4. Season 1 Analysed So with our promotion sealed, I took some time to analyse what went well and what went wrong in season 1 and what we can do to improve in season 2. There does have to be a dose of realism added to our potential improvements for season 2, now that we'll be playing at a higher level against some very good teams. Here's a general look at how we fared: As you can see from the graphic above, we performed much better defensively than we did with our attacking efforts. Having mentioned before that part of the DNA I want to instil in to this club is to build on a soli
  5. We followed our draw with Salernitana with a 1-0 home win over Entella. With Salernitana matching our result, the title was in our grasp going in to the final day. All we had to do was match their result. They were at home to relegated Reggiana and we were away to Pisa, who still had a hope of finishing in the play-off spots..... Unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. We dominated the first half and when 22 year-old sensation Bertagnoli netted his 13th goal of the season, I could see the officials placing the yellow and blue ribbons on the title. Unfortunately, we weren't able to
  6. A drab match in all honesty. The 11 shots to 4 might make you think that Salernitana were on the front-foot for most of the game, but the comprehensive highlights will show the game stunk of 2 teams more concerned with not losing than going for the win. I did panic a little when they got the breakthrough just before the 70 minute mark, but thankfully on-loan Ciciretti came on to bag an equaliser. Empoli thumped Brescia 3-1, so that leaves the top 3 with us top on 69 points, Salernitana 2nd on 68 points and Empoli third on 65 points with just 2 games to go!
  7. Thanks @MattyLewis11. Will there be a Bodo update anytime soon? Appreciate you've been away this weekend.
  8. During the run in, we do have to play Salerntiana away in game week 36, so as long as we can hang on in there until that point, we'll potentially have the title in our destiny. I said it. Despite never having confidence in my ability to succeed at FM21, I said it. Those incredibly risky words ... "so as long as we can hang on in there until that point". It's normally after muttering those words to myself where it all goes downhill and I end up bottling promotion (Yet to be promoted on an FM21 save). However, an unbeaten April in which we took 11 points from 15 has left the top 4 l
  9. The Title Race So with 30 games played and just 8 remaining, it's time to have a look at how the title race is shaping up going in to the final stretch. So as you can see we're still clinging on to a top 2 spot as we enter the business end of the season. Our form since January has been solid if nothing else, with 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats in 10 league games. We've only scored 10 goals in those 10 games and as the table shows, scoring goals is not our forte, with Salerntiana netting 15 more than us at this stage. Despite a midweek mess-up away to Vicenza in which we got hamm
  10. In order to do this, the foundations that I'm laying will have a strong Italian hold. From staff to players, I want the club to be rich and proud of the country in which they represent. I want home-grown players and staff, but it's not for one moment going to be an Italian version of Brexit (Italexit?). I'll still purchase who I think fits the role perfectly, but I'll put a lot of emphasis in to bringing Italian youngsters in to our U20 and U18 sides. I'll try to bring in the best Italian or Italian speaking coaches to create a culture around the club where everyone is on the same page. T
  11. Have really enjoyed catching up on this thread. Hopefully you'll be able to find the answer to your problems in front of goal this summer and kick on in to the top 10. 3 Seasons of continuous improvement is definitely something to be happy about (Even if this side makes you mad at times)!
  12. Thanks @MattyLewis11. We are moving along nicely, but my choice of a very low reputation is hindering me a little, with the managerial support still in the red at the moment despite our good start, meaning every dropped point adds a little bit of pressure. Tomori's goal was such a painful one to take, but in all honesty I was never going to win the cup and whilst we could have maybe earnt a little more from a cup run, my focus needs to be 100% on promotion.
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