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  1. @Jogo Bonito Yeah I've just spent the last 30 minutes looking through the lower leagues. I may have to look at a change of scenery in order to recharge my EFL batteries.
  2. Congratulations @Carlf788 on sticking with it and getting them back up. Be interesting to see what you do in the window this time around. Good luck with your new save @Jogo Bonito, thought I had one going but struggling to get in to one at the moment.
  3. Congratulations @torquayfmer on getting Sunderland back in to the prem. Interested to see what you do in the summer.
  4. Congratulations on an excellent save @Jogo Bonito I look forward to seeing where your next challenge takes you.
  5. Good going @Carlf788, hopefully you can keep your head above water. Keen to see how young James does for you.
  6. Great start there @warlock I prefer doing what you did there and not just spending it for the sake of it though. I see some people bringing in 10-12 players, I wouldn't be able to cope with all of that I've finally picked a Championship club to go, will get an update up soon.
  7. Good luck with that @warlock interested to see your summer business. Having looked at your save, there's a few of those big clubs that expect a promotion push languishing in mid table, so i'm still deciding on which one to take charge of. I think Boro are out of the question as the squad Pulis has built there is painfully lacking in certain areas. Stoke are probably just over the line in terms of me wanting to change too much of the squad. Hopefully i'll get a save going soon.
  8. Don't worry @DefinitelyTaylor I'll bring down the levels of success with my next save Congratulations @warlock on promotion. You going to give it a go in the prem with them too?
  9. Fair one @Carlf788. 4 points from safety, still a chance for you to sneak in to safety.
  10. Have you changed your tactical approach at all @Carlf788 now you're in the Prem, or are you sticking with what got you promoted?
  11. Apologies guys, I know I'm not the best when it comes to computers, but I've just realised I've had a mare there even for my level of IT intelligence as I've just noticed the Icon only button. Sorry for wasting any time.
  12. Hello guys, Apologies if this has been covered, but I did search for 'sidebar' and nothing seemed to come up that could help me with my problem. I was on preferences just changing the colours on the interface for players on loan, shortlisted etc. when I came back to find my sidebar has gone completely narrow and is now just showing the icons. How do I change this back to the usual layout please?
  13. @Carlf788 Well done on promotion with Brentford. Maybe adding some experienced players who have 'been there, done that' in the premiership or other high leagues will help your young and hungry squad survive? Congratulations on winning the title @torquayfmer. Some good signings there, hope Lumley works out for you. Was good for me at QPR. Um, well I want to say well done @warlockfor a good start that has put you in 2nd half way through the season, but you don't seem so happy about it Hopefully consistency will kick in during the second half of the season where it is more important!
  14. @warlock Cheers mate. I think Stoke look more appealing for FM20. A lot of players in that squad I would want to trim straight away with me being unlikely to get many suitors. Will have a good look around this evening and see if any take my fancy.
  15. Good solid start to build on there @warlock especially with the likes of Pukki and some CM's yet to get up to full speed. Unfortunately I suffered second season syndrome with QPR. We went on a poor run and I tinkered too much with tactics, leading me to fall out of love with the save. I've got no problem in going through a tough patch, in fact I love tough challenges, but I think because we over-achieved so much last season, it's hit me harder in this second season. I've decided I want to go a club that has a genuine chance of promotion to the premiership as I haven't had a go in the top league, well for pretty much the whole time of FM19. Seeing @Jogo Bonito do that with the Swans and @warlock getting off to a good start with Norwich has made we want to challenge for the top, but with a team and squad that I can sustain the attack with in the second season, unlike at QPR. Will have a play around and see who I fancy!
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