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  1. To be honest i'm a complete novice when it comes to a Scandinavian save, so I started on the English pre-season start date as unemployed and then applied for the first jobs in that region. Funnily enough I've got the job at Odd, as they're sitting just above the relegation zone after 15 games, further highlighting the excellent work you've done. I'm using this first save as a 'look at life' if you like, to build an understanding of teams and players in this region before deciding on a main save. Looking forward to your next update. When you're done after this season, are you looking to mo
  2. @SixPointer Just want to say what an excellent thread. Only started reading it last night and have spent my breaks in work reading through the rest today. Brilliant to see the success you've brought. In fact, you've inspired me to start a Scandinavian save myself, so thank you for this thread!
  3. Whilst it's obviously good news that we're getting closer towards any form of normality, it's meant bad news for my Bristol Rovers save. Increase in work has meant I've not been able to go on it for the best part of a week and unfortunately, I've now lost interest I'm considering going abroad for my next save, as the WP windows are a struggle with it feeling like a choice between the same players every summer now. My other option however, is to to change plan of attack from my usual EFL saves and to go a team that's actually expected to be fighting towards the top end of the table, in
  4. I'm looking for a mid-table team in the top division, preferably outside of the UK. A team where the expectations aren't stupidly high in the first season, but also aren't predicted to go down. A team that has some room to grow, the equivalent of someone like Southampton or West Ham in the PL.
  5. No need to apologise, the game is there for you to enjoy it however you see fit! I'm definitely more of a pragmatic player that prefers your second option though. I feel the second approach is more "realistic" in my head and signing loads of players each transfer window would kill that realism for me, but I know plenty of players that enjoy doing that and have brilliant saves off the back of it As @warlocksaid, I also ignore the transfer requirements from the board. In fact they are "devastated" by my lack of U23 signings for the first team this summer with Bristol Rovers, but it hasn't
  6. Congratulations on your promotion @Jogo Bonito even if it was only a short save. Great start with York there @warlock and some nice wins over fellow North East clubs Darlington and Spennymoor! Looking forward to see how you spend that summer budget on after promotion @Mackem742. I've been busy with work last couple of days, so haven't had chance to get much done with Bristol Rovers. A couple have left at the end of the season, with the biggest loss being loanee Oztumer agreeing to go and play in the Turkish Premier League, not that I can blame him. I took an interview with Championsh
  7. Devastated. 1 point away from automatic promotion and then went on to lose 5-4 on pens in the play-off final. The EFL gods really didn't want me to gain promotion.
  8. You got the first part right.... A 1-1 draw away from home in the first leg was followed up with a convincing 2-0 victory in front of our home supporters. No surprise that once again, our 2 best players, Oztumer and Hanlan were the 2 that popped up with the goals when we needed them most. That takes Hanlan on to 30 goals in 43 starts in all competitions. The part you got wrong was that the form team Oxford, were dumped out by Ipswich, who also went through 3-1 on aggregate. The Tractor Boys are now 7 games unbeaten and beat us both home and away during the normal campaign. I'
  9. Shame it didn't work out, but it'll be good to see you returning to the North East. As for my save, a 1-1 draw at home to Crewe in the penultimate game of the season ended up costing us Still, whatever happens in the play-offs, I'm delighted with the season. We've won the Papa John's Trophy and finished in the top 6, exceeding all expectations. Bring on the Semi-Final against Plymouth!
  10. Indeed and with our finances sitting the wrong side of the balance line, it made sense to cash in even though I couldn't get a replacement in. To be honest he'd only started 20 games as Upson has played well most of the season in the same position. I have had bids from the MLS for Hanlan and Jaakkola, but neither were high enough to convince me to sell at this point during our season. I should have the season finished by this afternoon, so I'll update in due course. How's the transfer window going with Peterborough?
  11. With 6 games to go, it's a really horrible time for a player to leave, but after negotiating the deal, I couldn't turn down a £4m bid for someone who arrived on a free in the summer. We do have decent depth in CM, so hopefully we can hold on to a top 6 spot despite this loss.
  12. Well we didn't make it easy for ourselves going 2-0 down after 38 minutes. Thankfully a tactical change after Rochdale's second worked well and we recovered, with my star players of the season, Oztumer and Hanlan leading us to the win. So that's the Papa John's Trophy in the bag, now all of our focus turns to securing a top 6 spot!
  13. Yes that's my only worry about us potentially gaining promotion is that I won't really be able to scout for Championship level players until it's confirmed as there's no way we could afford to lure them in to League 1 with our finances. At which point, as you've alluded to, it's a case of spending ages in that same window trying to find everyone instead of having players lined up for a while.
  14. So with January coming to it's end, I thought now would be a good time for another update. Initially, the only bit of business was the sale of Alex Rodman to Wigan for £6k. The experienced wide midfielder had been injured for the first half of the season and with the 33 year old on over £2.5k p/w, it was an easy decision to move him on. Then on deadline day, Rennes came in with a bid for our young CB Alfie Kilgour. The youngster was someone I was initially keen to work with, but has found himself 3rd and 4th choice at CB, with Harries and Ehmer being my preferred pairing and Baldwin moving
  15. Congratulations on another promotion @warlock! Be interesting to see how you play this transfer window (hopefully you'll enjoy it).
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