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  1. That's a shame, thanks very much for looking though!
  2. Bump, I am assuming it isn't possible?
  3. Around 6-12 months as far as I am aware, not 100% sure. Basically if you have been chasing staff on an AI team and they get a new contract try approaching them and they will say that they have just signed a new contract so would be unfair to leave now. It will stop them leaving but only IF they prefer your contract and your club over the approach. However, if you're looking for some form of trick that 100% guarantees that they will not leave no matter what the AI does, I have no idea.
  4. Offer them a new contract @fmfan74. Whenever I see that news item if I want to keep the staff member I just renew their contract.
  5. Very interesting! Thanks @Jambo98!
  6. Hey @Jambo98, nice challenge, can you hook me up with a formation please?
  7. Ah I get what you mean, that makes total sense. Thanks for the information @D_LO_ I really appreciate your insight as I haven't got any experience with skinning thus far. I can only hope you're wrong and it is available lol
  8. Hey @D_LO_, I really appreciate your response, actually the mentality is already available. It is on the player instructions screen and is available for all players playing. You can see it on the following screenshot: I checked in the tactics position instructions dialog.xml and it is at line 57: <widget class="adjustable_bar" id="ment" height="30" bar_filler_colour="0" file="adjustable bar overlaid" ShTx="false" adj_bar_adj_filler_colour="unselected instruction"> <translation id="hint" translation_id="396533" type="use" value="A player's Mentality affects their attitude on the pitch in relation to balancing their attacking and defensive duties within the overall framework of the Team Mentality. Players are afforded a more attacking approach with a Mentality closer to the maximum, whilst a more defensive outlook is taken when it is set closer to the minimum end of the scale.[COMMENT: bug 130007]" /> </widget> I wanted to put this into a column so I could see the effect when I changed roles, duties, mentality and shape for everyone (i.e. an overview). However, like you, I am thinking it may not be available in that pane, however, may be available on the pitch where the players are. This is tactical familiarity view, but if I could have a mentality view that would be good.
  9. Hello, I have been trying to create a mentality column in the Tactics overview. What I mean is as follows. We have the Tactics screen on selection info: Now, is it possible to create a custom column here? I have narrowed the file down to team squad tactics panel.xml and can hide columns, however, I want to place the mentality value (or graphical representation preferably) into a custom column. I noticed a thread discussing the mentality bar here and have located the respective file by extracting the . However, I am unable to use the id "ment" to place a column into this table, is it possible? Thanks, Draktor
  10. How to play against 4 - 4 - 2

    @markus_aurelius what are your roles and duties? If you're very attacking down the wings they will take advantage of that.
  11. I actually agree with you in some respects. When looking at the midfield I honestly I had to think how I would play all three together and have it balanced. If you want to do that I would start off with the second formation (41221) that I showed you and make use of a camping system which is short passing, control and possible higher defensive line to make use of space and camp in the opposition's half. If you have the ball the other team won't be able to attack and then you can get away with both Rakatic and Iniesta int he midfield due to their anticipation and excellent passing. My advice would be to just get something working, have some success and when you feel a bit more confident then try and venture out to play in a more Barca style.
  12. @shadster Hope this helps! Sorry for the poor audio quality.
  13. @shadster you're close IMO, just I think a few of your duties are a bit out there. Let me prepare something for you. Don't give up.
  14. Hey @Shameless1, I haven't taken a look at your attributes in depth as I don't have much time now but wanted to put down some quick thoughts to you. I think the first thing is you're over complicating things with some TIs and also player instructions. In addition you went with a 42211. Personally if I was you I would go back to basics, clear all TIs and PIs and start by building a general 4411 if that's the formation you want to play (though it may rely on the players available). For the goal I think you and your midfield is too deep so you're inviting pressure and when you clear it then your players can get isolated. I also wouldn't go with so many playmakers, why do you have 3 playmakers in the central midfield area? I tend to go with 1 or 2 playmakers. That isn't to say you cannot have more, people can find all sorts of ways to make things work in football. I would just say while you're learning to stick with something more basic. With regard to your defensive line what I would do is to follow @Rashidi's advice in one of his videos, to keeping upping your defensive line until the point where the AI is consistently hitting balls over the top for the strikers, at that point you know your maximum defensive line. As your defenders are quite slow then you probably can't push it to extremes. If your side is poor in the league, it might be an idea instead of a 4411 to go with something with a "static defence", such as a 4141, but you need to make that judgement call. Good luck and keep your thread updated!