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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk great effort on this, it is fantastic. I did notice that the new patch removes the roles & duties, is there anyway to get these back for the opposition? Thanks!
  2. This just dropped by @Rashidi, he probably didn't want to post his own videos here, but it might give you more ideas @NabsKebabs as well. In fact his MC setup isn't too dissimilar to yours.
  3. Could be your graphics settings, are they on low?
  4. As a side note, if you look at the BPD you have a lot of other options as well You can tell him to close down much more and Hold Position (no swapping going forward etc.). Maybe play around with those options as well. Looking at it you could also test playing with a BPD(d) and giving him more closing down to see what happens. Quite a few things to try out!
  5. I haven't been able to replicate that myself @OhhScottySinclair, the player is always slightly infront for me, and in fact it was/is tough to get the two CBs to spread. The way I would approach this is backwards, have you tried putting the DM into the DC slot and using a BPD on stopper duty? Or something like that? Not too sure whether that's easy to balance but should provide the back 3 to protect against counters, my fear would you'd be too easily overrun so your two CMs would need to be good. This is just an example to highlight my point, another way of doing it could be something like this. Here you should attack like a 343, while having your CBs holding for the counter. The WM(a) would cut inside and act like a widthdrawn Inside forward or such. I haven't tested any of these tactics or even thought about any of the roles in depth, so please use loosely. However, just wanted to prompt some ideas and discussion by coming at the problem from a different angle.
  6. I can't help too much as I haven't read/watched that Roma team. However, I see you're going strikerless on an older version of FM, you may want to check out Guido's strikerless blog, he goes into depth on strikerless formations and has been doing for years, so that will probably help you out a lot.
  7. @borivoje213 You mean in game or when the assistant gives feedback? Usually the assistant gives feedback every month, but players improve quicker than that, so it could be days or weeks, I have seen people raise up in stats very quickly week to week, but also very slowly. So it is a it depends answer.
  8. As a side note @Yoeri I would concentrate on figuring out the duties first, that's the most important thing IMO. You can generally do this by looking at their position on the formation widget and working out how advanced they are on the pitch. Combine that with information from the transition (when there is a turnover how fast do they advance on the pitch) and you can build up an idea of what the AI is doing.
  9. @Bunkerossian Just to add my 2c, I was in the same boat as you 1 year ago and got mentored off @Rashidi as others have mentioned and it works, went from not being able to get out of the Belgium 3rd Division to taking teams from the conference to the premier league in consecutive seasons, so if you can't afford the mentoring I can at least give you some advice. Basically tactics boil down to 3 things: Creating a tactic (not that hard overall) Selecting the right players with the right attributes for position (from experience harder than 1) Adapting to changes in game So the advice I would give is whenever you take a look at one of @Rashidi's is to compartmentalise the information into one of these 3 sections. Maybe have a notebook for defined sections of this and if you watch his videos then take notes in their relevant section. At intervals go back and re-read what you wrote in various sections. The hardest to grasp without coaching would probably be 3. adapting to changes IMO as that is very situational and requires the most abstract thinking, but it definitely is possible.
  10. Yes @Halby that's right, but like I say it is all based on what attributes FM thinks are needed for the role, that's why I ignore it. While it is an OK guideline when you first start it is just too limiting after a bit of time so I concentrate on the attributes that are most important to me for how I want him to perform in the team.
  11. Oh I see, well, that does fall into positional training. So when you train him, are you training him in that position AND playing him there? If you are then he should become Accomplished. What I was referring to is FM giving you it's opinions on roles of the players. To clarify as I think there may be some terminology differences between us: To me it is as follows: Position - Just the position on the pitch, so DC, DL, SC, AMC, DMC etc. If you want to retrain a SC to DC then you assign them DC training for any role you want (CD, BPD) etc. The coloured circle will change over time, red, yellow, light green, darker green etc. Role - The role that a person plays in a specific position, so in the DC position there are roles CD, BPD, DCB etc. FM also provides a small graph to show what it thinks that players role can or should be, I ignore that as it is just the games opinion on the player's best role Duty - Whether the player in his position and role is Defensive, Support or Attack, so AF(a), CD(d), FB(d), FB(s), FB(a) If his Current Ability & Potential Ability are the same, baring a mistake from your staff, then he won't improve anymore, the difference between his Potential Ability & Current Ability is how much he will improve, so if you find a 2* CA player with 5* potential then he can improve a lot. Your third question is an interesting one, usually if I want to maximise development I pick position training with the smallest number of attributes I can, easy to demonstrate with poacher training vs complete forward training. Complete forward trains a lot of attributes, whereas poacher is more focused, that means time spent training on poacher is more effective for those attributes as it isn't as spread out, so if you want finishing I would take poacher and then individual training on poacher. Hope that clarifies some things for you.
  12. Hey @Halby, few things I can think of: What is his potential ability (stars), the stars are how the players are rated against your own team, so what's the difference between his Actual Ability (2* you say) and Potential Ability? Remember that the staff could be wrong, so it is just a guide. You're talking about how FM recommends the roles I assume? So they have a player suitable at playing FB, WB, CWB etc. and have ratings? I don't tend to look at these, they are a guide provided by the game, but ultimately it will come down to the player's attributes and what you require them to do in the role to see if they are any good. He probably didn't improve as you said his actual stats haven't gone up, so FM won't readjust his recommended roles. It could be that he has maxed out his Potential Ability or it may be very slow as your training facilities aren't good enough, that could effect the rate of development. I assumed for 2 that you're just talking about a role change, say WB -> FB and not a position change. A positional change and retraining is handled by a hidden attribute called adaptability.
  13. @22764636 I would look for someone with very good OTB in that position to try and find space. If he has good off the ball, acceleration and (possibly) anticipation then I feel like he should be able to slip away from his marker.
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