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  1. Absolutely! Total bagger, unfortunately not real! Cherno & Ton ton were both great, had them at Leicester City in my game.
  2. Lee Novak brings back memories, he was one of my favourites. Going back to when it was called championship manager I still remember players like "Steve Palmer" from Telford or raiding Cheltenham for Mike Duff
  3. I absolutely will be buying it as I do each year. I don't find it too easy now but don't find it too difficult, a happy medium. I can see how those completely new to the game do struggle but if the idea is to make it as realistic a simulator as possible rather than an arcade experience this is going to get progressively worse.
  4. @karanhsingh I believe you've got some good advice in this thread already but I will just add my 2cents with a few tidbits. You should look at the quality of your chances rather than the number, unfortunately the in game stats don't take that into account. Try searching for the SIBOT method by @Rashidi on his Bustthenet channel, that should help you. If you want to have a possession team or even to create better chances I would analyse your players, such as your three CMs & two wing backs. What do their Off the ball / first touch / vision / passing / composure / decisions stats
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk great effort on this, it is fantastic. I did notice that the new patch removes the roles & duties, is there anyway to get these back for the opposition? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for this Cleon it is awesome. Reading the game, tweaking and making changes is still something I really struggle with after various versions so threads such as this are invaluable.
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