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  1. When you say stats you mean the analysis stats or the match stats. Ive never really found the match stats to trust worthy. I think your use of using different players for different roles is interesting and something ill definetly be incorporating into my save. Your 5 step rule will be hard though as human nature just wants you to change a lot drastically. Thanks for this piece.
  2. Just a quick question regarding exploiting space. In game i see the space whether it be on the wing or through the middle and the natural inclination would be to go exploit flanks or exploit middle but as i understand it they mess with a lot of other settings and might not get the desired results. So what would be the best way to exploit space especially out wide.
  3. How can you see when to react on key? Ive tried playing this way but i find the opposition will often use subtle role changes rather than formation changes that you can see with the formation widget.
  4. what i find when playing this way though is that your penned in and cant get out and also get done by set pieces or an individual error. id love to create a mourinho/ athletico madrid style tactic but because of the issues i find it hard to get right.
  5. I tend to prefer to attack the wider areas as its near enough impossible attacking the middle due to the 2 holding mids. Also by playing wider it can drag the 2 dms out of position
  6. has this ever happened to any of you where a game literally has no highlights until you decide to make a change either a sub or a tactical one then the game decides its going to produce a highlight before the change has actually gone through. At first i thought it was coincidence but since then its happened a few times
  7. is there a thread on tips on man management or team talks and different psychological approaches as i think its this.
  8. im totally lost i did a save with stoke were i won everything now im trying a lower league save and we just go through bad runs. at the moment i am on a 5 match losing streak please help.
  9. i keep conceding corner goals every game. i trained defend set pieces all year and still concede them how can i reduce the number of goals conceded from set pieces?
  10. cleon when your analysing your match what do you look out for as im stuggling to spot problems.
  11. is there anything you do before a game e.g opposition instruction or specific man marking?
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