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  1. Does anyone have most leagues with 3 subs out of 12? I've been using some 3 out of 12 subs files only to find out those files also had sugar daddies for all of Europe. I was trying to figure out teams from the bottom leagues were giving wages of 100k+.
  2. Are there any available where I don't have recreate a save file?
  3. I am having an odd issue with only the Brazilian club kits, the rest are fine. I had no issues with the kits on FM19. I copy pasted the kits from 19 to the 20 folder. Only a couple of the home and aways kits load up and the only kits that actually do load up are the the third kits if club has them. I looked at the config file and they all look normal. I am not sure what I am doing wrong? I do thank you if anyone can help me.
  4. He's amazing as a Mezzela. He's transfer listed and then free after the first season.
  5. I downloaded some custom databases. I made some changes on a file which had about 12 league but won't save because of the promotion rules. I don't want to load more than the two top leagues. Is there a way to delete the rest of the leagues from the file in the editor?
  6. I am having trouble getting the most out of Dybala and Ronaldo, more so Dybala. I used the pregame editor to make Dybala a striker at 20 position and AM at 17. I switched it around. In reality he's a striker. I currently use Dybala as a DLF on the attack in 4-2-3-1. He only has 5 goals and 1 or 2 assists halfway way through the season. Ronaldo is out wide. I need any tips to get the most out of them, especially Dybala.
  7. Is there a database where at least most of all the league, cups(cl,euro), etc.... have a 12 sub rule?
  8. Also, sleeping giant challenge. Once a good team now at the bottom because of the owner. Just like Parma.
  9. I'll probably play as Palermo since they are now in Serie D.
  10. I am not as playing Juventus. I am playing in the Dutch league Juve sold almost all their star player and all signed are two loanees and a regen. I don't even know what to make of this !?!
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