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  1. I am not as playing Juventus. I am playing in the Dutch league Juve sold almost all their star player and all signed are two loanees and a regen. I don't even know what to make of this !?!
  2. Will there be a possibility in a future update you can change the subs from 7 to 12 on all leagues, including champions league? Thanks
  3. He didn't last long on the field. Straight red after 5 minutes.
  4. I am looking for a "custom league" with more than seven sub options for all leagues, Europa and Champions league. If not, tell me or show me how to do it. Thanks
  5. I am currently at the start of the transfer window of the year 2024 with Juventus. Agnelli has refused almost any board request I demand. He would rather I resign than allow the club to have a feeder club, more coaches, etc....... Is there anything I can do to finally get a feeder club(financial)? Thanks,
  6. Has anyone had any luck convincing Agnelli to affiliate with an overseas team(Increase profile in another country)? He's been refusing for the last 5 years, and and it's pissing me off.
  7. I figured as much. Thank you for the tip.
  8. Is there a problem with the non-eu registration? I signed Jorge in April, but would on join the team when transfer window opens in july. No problem there...... When he joined on I believe July 1st he did not could be registered. I sent on loan my non-eu or released any surplus non-eu players I had on the team. He still could not be registered. I signed Akinfev as back up goalie . He was registered as a non-eu. This is extremely bizarre. This happened at the end of the second season.
  9. Normally I would not sell Spinazzola. Very good back fb who play both side and is Italian, but Chelsea offered me 50 million upfront and 20 million in bonus. I was completely shocked then hit the accept button right away.
  10. I made a few tweaks. I Iowered the position of my right wing back and change my dlp-s do dlp-d. I normally close down, tight mark and hard tackle every single player on the field. should I leave as is or tweak that to?
  11. Even if I can't exactly gegenpressing I'd like to at least high press in a game. TIs is tactical instructions? What is Ols?
  12. I am really interested in knowing if it's possible to play a tiki taka style of game while gegenpressing? I've researched a lot of gegenpressing and/or Klopp tactics, I've noticed all the tactics do not have retain possession, work the ball in the box and play out of defence checked. I've recently decided after researching gegegenpressing to play narrow and much higher tempo. We are two games in the added width and tempo. Is it theoretically possible to combine both styles of play?
  13. I sold Pjanic. I needed the money, the board only gave me 8 million as a transfer budget. For the heck of it, I tried sign to Cristiano Ronaldo. His agent was demanding a 100 million agent. My reaction was wtf. That's highest agent fee I've ever seen.
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