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  1. Also, sleeping giant challenge. Once a good team now at the bottom because of the owner. Just like Parma.
  2. I'll probably play as Palermo since they are now in Serie D.
  3. I am not as playing Juventus. I am playing in the Dutch league Juve sold almost all their star player and all signed are two loanees and a regen. I don't even know what to make of this !?!
  4. Will there be a possibility in a future update you can change the subs from 7 to 12 on all leagues, including champions league? Thanks
  5. He didn't last long on the field. Straight red after 5 minutes.
  6. I am looking for a "custom league" with more than seven sub options for all leagues, Europa and Champions league. If not, tell me or show me how to do it. Thanks
  7. I am currently at the start of the transfer window of the year 2024 with Juventus. Agnelli has refused almost any board request I demand. He would rather I resign than allow the club to have a feeder club, more coaches, etc....... Is there anything I can do to finally get a feeder club(financial)? Thanks,
  8. Has anyone had any luck convincing Agnelli to affiliate with an overseas team(Increase profile in another country)? He's been refusing for the last 5 years, and and it's pissing me off.
  9. I figured as much. Thank you for the tip.
  10. Is there a problem with the non-eu registration? I signed Jorge in April, but would on join the team when transfer window opens in july. No problem there...... When he joined on I believe July 1st he did not could be registered. I sent on loan my non-eu or released any surplus non-eu players I had on the team. He still could not be registered. I signed Akinfev as back up goalie . He was registered as a non-eu. This is extremely bizarre. This happened at the end of the second season.
  11. Normally I would not sell Spinazzola. Very good back fb who play both side and is Italian, but Chelsea offered me 50 million upfront and 20 million in bonus. I was completely shocked then hit the accept button right away.
  12. I made a few tweaks. I Iowered the position of my right wing back and change my dlp-s do dlp-d. I normally close down, tight mark and hard tackle every single player on the field. should I leave as is or tweak that to?
  13. Even if I can't exactly gegenpressing I'd like to at least high press in a game. TIs is tactical instructions? What is Ols?
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