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  1. first season anchor version
  2. Second season. Home 442Flat Midsomer, away DCB Misomer.
  3. no transfer. Home Flat442Midsomer , away DCB Midsomer.
  4. first half of season, no transfer.
  5. first season FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102.fmf
  6. Volante Anchor. First and second season.
  7. First season Volante Inverted Wingers.
  8. Easy matches use 442 Volante Central Midfielder , all away and againt big teams use 442 Volante Anchor. Next season try Volante Inverted Wingers .
  9. pre season six weeks , first week fitness no match, rest week team cohesion. No opp. instr. in first season. Play 8-10 friendly match. Team Cohesion is important!