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  1. Easy matches use 442 Volante Central Midfielder , all away and againt big teams use 442 Volante Anchor. Next season try Volante Inverted Wingers .
  2. pre season six weeks , first week fitness no match, rest week team cohesion. No opp. instr. in first season. Play 8-10 friendly match. Team Cohesion is important!
  3. Only 352 this tactics have good defense look stats Antonio Mirante.
  4. yes :((( and lose final Tim Cup.
  5. Away matches against R.Madrid, Barca, Atletico, Valencia, Sevilla match prep. 50% Defending and mentality Contain. Home match prep. 20% Attacking. High morale and match cohesion are very important. 4-2-2-2 Ofensywa.fmf 4-2-2-2 Powstrzymanie.fmf
  6. In the winter transfer window I sold Keko for 31.5m euro and I bought Pedraga Rajkovica and Joaquin Correa. When I won 2-0, I always changed the tactics (Contain).
  7. First season, anchor version.