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  1. [Liverpool] (Official) Data Issues

    He shouldn't be the U23 Manager because he isn't the U23 Manager.
  2. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    We/they can and do; the head research team will collate all such requests and then discuss with the match team on which of those are practical/possible and which are trickier, but always with the intention of bringing as much accuracy to the database as possible. It might well be that we end up taking that approach with Conte's formation, such is the high-profile nature of it, but we'll definitely exhaust our range of options to get it right.
  3. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    The new contract stuff etc doesn't need to be reported here; it's a thread for issues with the existing data as it was for release, not for updating things as a news feed, I've got that covered thanks. Everything regarding Conte's tactics will be constantly reviewed for each future data update but it is worth noting above all else that we have to use one of the pre-set formations available to us rather than a custom selection/bespoke design etc.
  4. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    The thing about this is that it's all speculation isn't it? Sure, it seems unlikely that Kante will drop from favour so quickly and that much might need looking into, but the rest of it isn't beyond the realm of possibility and, remember, you're playing a simulation. Bazoer has been linked with Chelsea for a long time now, Matic had a stinking 18 months and has only had 7-8 decent games this season so we can't overreact too much either way, and the same goes for Moses. He's had a very good run in a new position but without really being challenged; I want to see how he deals with adversity when it arrives, and I want to see how he deals with really being challenged defensively, because neither of those things have happened yet. And re:Alonso being sold for a loss a year after signing...it wouldn't be the first time that's happened to a Chelsea left-back now would it? I like him, a lot of our fans don't, again we only have a small sample size of Chelsea experience to go on, and I've not touched his profile since moving from Fiorentina as, quite frankly, I wouldn't have known where to start. This sort of feedback is all well and good for discussion but they're not really data issues are they? If something is quite clearly wrong or inaccurate (like the language issues for Nieper and Lollichon above, thanks @Eric Leonardo for those) then they'll definitely be addressed, but for long-term stuff like the above I'm not so sure a lot needs doing. The idea of having this conversation a year ago when Conte was with Italy, Alonso with Fiorentina, Moses with West Ham, Kante with Leicester and Matic enduring a torrid time of it would've appeared ridiculous, so let's not immediately think that a year down the line in-game things can't go equally as differently.
  5. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    Well, with respect, the only big team we've faced away from home so far this season was Arsenal and they smashed us 3-0 I know it was with a different formation but, by the same token, we've only played six matches with the 3-4-3 so it's naturally a) going to take some time to fully evaluate and b) take a bit longer to figure out the most accurate representation for FM, including player positional adjustments. It's all being taken into account.
  6. Troubleshooting

    What to do if you're in need of assistance. Crashes If your game is crashing it's most likely because your device is low on RAM. Simply rebooting your device will refresh the memory and should allow you to play on without any problems. To fully reboot, hold the sleep button until prompted to 'slide to power off'. Then simply hold the sleep button again to turn the device back on. If you have an iOS device that can multi-task, running a lot of backgrounded apps at once will increase the chances of it running out of memory. To close backgrounded apps, double-tap the home button to bring up the multi-task ribbon and close apps either by flicking them away from this or by pressing and holding them until the red mark appears on them, then tapping them. If your game is still crashing after a reboot then that would suggest a more serious error, such as a corrupt installation. Try deleting the game from your device by pressing the FM Mobile 2017 icon until it shakes, then press the 'x' to delete. Re-sync your device with your computer and try the game again. Please note that deleting the app from your device will mean you lose any save files not already backed up to your computer. If all else fails, head over to our forums at http://community.sigames.com and our FM Mobile team will be on hand to help. Loading Saved Games If your game is failing to load an autosave or manual save file, it's most likely because your device is low on memory. Simply rebooting your device will refresh the memory and should allow you to load the file and play on without any problems. To fully reboot, hold the sleep button until prompted to 'slide to power off'. Then simply hold the sleep button again to turn the device back on. If after a reboot your save game file still won't load, head to our forums at community.sigames.com and we'll do our best to help. We always advise you never quit during gameplay then restart the app immediately as it takes a few seconds after quitting for the game to autosave your progress in the background. Restarting the app immediately could interrupt this process and corrupt the autosave file. For this reason we recommend waiting at least 10 seconds before restarting the app after quitting during gameplay. Team Selection There are a number of different ways to select your team, involving both tapping and dragging. In short, tapping activates a particular item which can then be moved to a destination when that is tapped. Alternatively, items can be dragged from one location to another. Missing Players If you've delved into the game already you may have noticed that your favourite team is missing one or two squad players. This is an unfortunate consequence of the squad size limit we have to enforce to make sure that players are evenly distributed throughout the game. We extract our data directly from Football Manager's huge database and prioritise the players included based on reputation, current and potential ability. If you feel particularly strongly about an omitted player, let us know. We'll be sure to keep improving our data and strive to keep increasing the amount of players we can include! Contact Us If you're still struggling with the game or experiencing technical problems, or if you just want to suggest a feature or improvement for the game, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with us. Join our Football Manager Mobile community at http://community.sigames.com where you can get help or simply discuss the game with other players or check out the Football Manager Mobile FAQ: www.sigames.com/faq/fmm2017.php. If you're in urgent need of assistance and the troubleshooting tips haven't helped, you can email help@sega.co.uk directly and we'll do what we can to get you up and running. Privacy policy: www.sega.com/mprivacy
  7. Miscellaneous

    Season Limit Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 allows the user to experience a career spanning 30 seasons over one saved game. At the end of your career you will be presented with a review of your performance as manager as well as a variety of information, and if you've been successful, you may have boosted your ranking in the Hall of Fame. Bonus Content Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 includes a number of gameplay features that can be activated based on user achievement throughout a career, including some unlockable content. Are you good enough to have discovered them? You also have the ability to fast-track getting hold of these unlockables through optional purchases in the Store. Game Center & Social Networking Signing in to Game Center will enable you to view the Leaderboard through the Hall of Fame button. Achievements will be kept up to date too. You can post game news to Twitter or Facebook (iOS 6 or above) as well - to keep your friends and followers informed of your progress.
  8. Options

    This section deals with tailoring your Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 experience to just how you like it. Preferences Game Configuration Customise your Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 experience. Language: Play Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 in either English, French, Italian or Spanish Currency: Choose which currency you play Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 in; UK Pound Sterling, US Dollars, Euros or Australian Dollars. Wage View: Select to view player wages as Weekly or Yearly. Autosave: If enabled, the game will automatically save at weekly intervals. The game will automatically save over the previous Autosaves (hidden.dat files) which are listed above the four manual save slots when present. Sounds: Use this to toggle the Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 menu sounds on or off. Turning this option off will allow you to listen to your own sounds whilst playing. Starting Configuration Options to further customise your game. Please note that these are only available from the Main Menu. Match Engine Version: This allows your to select whether to run the original or enhanced version of the match engine. Attribute Masking: Attribute Masking, if enabled, hides the attributes for many players in your football world. As a manager it is assumed you can't possibly know everything about every player in world football and as such the game 'fogs out' some or many attributes for players it considers a manager of a given team would not necessarily be aware of. Scouting the player will slowly reveal his attributes and talents, as would be the case in real life. The option is only available from the main menu and not during play. Quick Start Active: If this option is enabled, game start up is considerably faster for solo leagues when Large Database is turned off. Use Real Players: Setting this option to No will randomise player names in new games making all players fictional. Ensure the option is set to Yes if you want to use the real player names. No budgets in first transfer window: Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 typically starts a new game in the same pre-season as that has just been passed in the real world. Therefore the database reflects this in squad lists and team transfer budgets. By disallowing transfer budgets in the first transfer window, the saved game will reflect the real world more accurately than if the save allows teams to spend money it didn't spend in real life. Simply put, this is another option to add to the realism of your saved game. Large Database: This allows you to use a much larger database than is provided by default. It is, however, only available on certain devices that have the capabilities of handling the increased load. User Interface Preferences Several aspects of the User Interface in the game can be enabled or disabled to your preferred setting. Inactive area display style: This option allows the user to choose if and how to dim the original page behind any pop-ups or dialogs in game. Wide Scrollbar: Activate this option to increase the width of scrollbars for easier use in game. Invert Scrolling enabled: Activating this option customises the scrolling options within the game. By dragging your finger in a downward motion across the touch screen, the scroll bar will move in the same direction and vice versa. Disable Flashing Text: Activating this option will prevent the text commentary during matches from flashing when a goal is scored. Can Sort Searches: With this option enabled you are able to order search results based on a number of parameters such as value, age and nationality etc. Be advised that the sorting process will be slow on older devices. Assistant Help: Activating this option provides you with in-game assistance the first time you visit certain pages within the game. You will be provided with a brief overview of each page and what options are available to you. HD Display Enabled: Set this option to Yes to play the game in High Definition on 4th-generation iPod/iPhone devices. To use Standard Definition, set it to No. AirPlay Mirroring Support: When enabled, this option will display an on screen cursor. This is designed to be used when playing the game through Apple TV. (iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, 5th Gen iPod Touch or later). Colour Blind Mode: When enabled, this option will alter various colours used in certain areas of the game in order to improve accessibility for colour-blind users. Club link: This option allows the user to choose whether tapping club names and club links defaults to the club's squad or tactics screen. Unlockables This section of the Preferences allows the user to activate or deactivate any unlockables they may have purchased or unlocked. Good luck collecting them all! Game Center & Social Networking This section of the Preferences allows the user to reset/rebroadcast any achievements, or to choose which accounts can be used to post to social media. Hall of Fame If you have been successful in your saved game, you might find that you are inducted into the game's Hall of Fame, where some of the greatest managers of all time reside. Are you good enough? When logged in to Game Center, you will be shown the real world Leaderboard instead of the standard Hall of Fame. Achievements From here you will see which of the various achievements you have unlocked while playing the game. When logged in to Game Center, you will be shown these in the Game Center format, when offline you will see your achievements as stored locally. Save Game Use this option to save your game. Save games made during Challenges will have an asterisk character displayed next to them in the list of save games when you go to Save or Load. Save games made using the In-game Editor will have a tilde (~) character displayed next to them. Manual You are here! Store Here you'll find a selection of optional in-game upgrades or challenges for purchase. Scrapbook The Scrapbook contains details of players you wish to keep a closer tab on; a reference in order to serve you with timely reminders whenever you visit. To add a player to your Scrapbook, select 'Add to Scrapbook' from his 'Actions'. Once in the Scrapbook, you can either 'Export' them for use in another Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 saved game, or simply 'Delete' them.
  9. Matchday

    When Match Day arrives, the 'Continue Game' button at the top right area will change to 'Go To Match'. If you have not selected your starting line-up, you will need to do this before you can progress. A reminder on the squad screen will appear if you have not done so. Once you have selected your match day squad, press 'Go to Match' and you will proceed to the match screen. Note: For Phone users only, should you get a phone call during a match and choose to answer it, your match will be lost and you will have to restart the game from your last save point. Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 features an updated and more realistic match engine, allowing you to better analyse your team's performance on the field in order to help you make those tough decisions. Watch snapshots of the action unfolding in full pitch view. The match engine is device-dependent and you will receive a message informing you of the selection. You will have the opportunity to change the match engine version from the Starting Configuration section but can only make this change before starting a career. You can configure your 2D matchday setup from the 'Settings' menu, whilst the other Match Day views can be accessed via the Bookmarks menu in the bottom right of the screen. Pitch Select from Full and Commentary Only. The Full pitch view follows the action from a horizontal full-pitch viewpoint... , whilst Commentary Only will display, um... commentary only! Speed Toggle the speed at which the commentary progresses, ranging from Very Slow to Very Fast. Overview The match overview displays a summary of your current match, displaying the scores and incidents as well as other useful information such as the competition and weather. Player Ratings Using this panel you will be able to tell at a glance which player is performing well and which is having a stinker. Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 rates each player's performance in the match out of 10, with 10 being the highest, indicating a simply outstanding display. Match Stats The match stats panel gives you all the stats you need to know about the current match. How many shots each team has had and how many were on target, how many set-pieces have been given to either side, who has committed the most fouls, etc. Action Zones This panel divides the pitch into three zones; defence, midfield, and attack. The bar charts display a visual graphic of how much time each team has spent in a particular zone, giving you an idea of who has held the upper hand during the game. Home Stats and Away Stats The Home and Away Stats panels detail up-to-the-minute stats on every move the players have made during the match, from how many passes a player has completed to how many tackles he has won. Latest Scores Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 features a Latest Scores screen, allowing the user to keep right up to date with the latest events from around the grounds during their match. This is most valuable in situations where you may be relying on a result from elsewhere. Live Table The Live League Table screen displays the league table and updates it based on the very latest events from around the league. This screen becomes of most use during situations where teams are fighting for position and every result counts towards a change. One moment you may be up, but the next you're down and it may require a tactical change or rethink. Check this screen in those situations to be ahead of the game. Match Tactics At the first pause in play you will be taken to the Tactics screen. While only being able to view the tactical shape of the opposition, you can make numerous adjustments to your own team as you attempt to outwit the opposing manager.
  10. You, the Manager

    This section deals with everything regarding your managerial persona. Manager Profile Your managerial profile is accessible from your home screen. Simply select 'Manager Profile' from the 'Manager' menu. Your achievements are detailed on this screen, as well as your all-time record of matches played. Holiday You may leave the running of the club to the Assistant Manager and put your feet up for a bit, but beware that this comes with the risk of losing your job should the team's fortunes take a turn for the worse in your absence. To do this, simply select 'Holiday' from the 'Manager' panel. You will be prompted to configure your settings for your assistant to follow in your absence. Should you have had enough of your current club, you may opt to apply for higher managerial jobs automatically during your absence. When you're ready to return, tap anywhere on the screen. Board Confidence If you're going to be successful in your job, it's imperative that you satisfy the demands of the Board; and they can be quite demanding. The Board Confidence screen has five parts to it, all of which reflect a different facet of your management of the club. The Board will give you their current thoughts on your progress in competitions, your financial control, recent form, your transfer activity, current squad harmony, and an overall summary. Confidence in your performances in these areas can be gauged by the bar displayed under each heading. A bar in the middle of the scale represents a neutral opinion. As confidence in your performance grows, this bar will fill up towards the right. If confidence disappears and people start questioning your actions, the bar will empty towards the left. You naturally want to be aiming to have as much of every bar filled as possible. When managing a national team and a club at the same time, you can switch between viewing the Nation Confidence or Club Confidence. Do this by selecting the Bookmarks button in the Title Bar or by swiping. Trophy Cabinet Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 includes a Trophy Cabinet section so you can track all of your accolades and get a run-down of all trophies, awards and manager achievements won during your undoubtedly successful career. Coaching Badges Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 now features Coaching Badges. You will attain a Coaching Badge by unlocking 5, 10 or 15 in-game Achievements. A Bronze badge is unlocked after 5, Silver at 10 and Gold at 15. Each badge will improve the overall effect of training on your squad. If you have coaching badges available when starting a new game and creating a new user profile, you will be able to select a managerial persona from the list below: Coach Type Coaching Effect General Improves Ability gains. Defensive Improves Defensive Ability gains. Attacking Improves Attacking Ability gains. Motivational Improves Morale. Goalkeeping Improves Goalkeeper Ability gains. Youth Improves Youth Ability gains. Fitness Improves Fitness Ability gains. Each Coaching Badge is also available to buy from the Store. Board Request You are able to approach the Board with requests to enhance the team or the club as a whole. The options available to you are: Make Extra Transfer Funds Available: Maybe you don't have sufficient funds available to acquire the type of player your team needs, or maybe you have a deal pending that requires a little financial input on top of what you have. Ask your board for some more money and they'll get back to you immediately with their response. Make Extra Funds for Wages Available: Similar to the above; if your wage structure doesn't allow for the player(s) you would like, asking the board to raise the bar a little could be the key to unlocking success. Extra Time to Rebuild the Squad: If your team is in a bad way and you begin to feel your job could become insecure, asking the board for some more time to carry out your work can earn a little breathing room and more time to turn things around. Expand Stadium: If possible, and if the board feel it is worth the investment, the stadium will be expanded and the maximum attendance increased. Improve Training Facilities: If the board agree to your request, they will work to improve training facilities at the club. This will sometimes lead to better young players being produced by the youth team. Use these with some common sense. Constantly asking your board for various things will see them become impatient fairly quickly, especially early in your career, and they'll soon let you know when they believe you should be focusing on the team rather than them. Resign Should it all become too much, you have the option to leave it all behind and resign from your team. From the 'Manager' menu, select 'Resign'. You will leave the team with immediate effect. Manager Options You can request that your Assistant Manager takes control of friendly matches. You can also set the Assistant Manager to offer players to other clubs on loan after they have been demoted to the Reserves. The age limit for players you wish him to offer out may also be specified here. Game Status The Game Status screen shows the type of game you are playing. It will also confirm the team you are managing as well as the amount of time that you have been playing the game.
  11. Jobs

    Nothing lasts forever and the harsh reality of football is that managers do get the sack. Should the worst happen and you receive your P45, you will need to pick yourself up and get down to the Job Centre. This can be accessed by selecting 'Jobs' from the 'Search' menu. The screen lists every job available in active leagues and the security of each, so if a job becomes available you can apply for it. To do so, select the desired team and press 'Apply for Job'.
  12. Searching

    Scouting Setup Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 features a Scouting Agency which allows you to look at, and monitor, a ranked list of the top 50 players in the game both for current ability and for future potential. Away from the Scouting Agency, your scouts can be assigned to specific regions of the world in which to search for talent, or to specifically search for youth players. To assign a scout, select 'Scout Results' from the Search menu. You can now select assignments for your scouting team by using the 'Manage Assignments' button. Choose a region or whether to specifically look for youth talent or not, then press 'Assign Scout' to send your scout off on their assignment. At any time, you can revisit this screen to see the players your scout has recommended thus far. To recall the scout and perhaps send him to another location, simply change your settings as detailed above. Any player can also be scouted individually from their profile screen. Simply select 'Scout Player' from the 'Actions' menu and your scout will provide a report shortly. Scouts Real scouts have been introduced for Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 and they come with specialist skills for you to choose from. Select from 'Bargain Hunter', 'Tactical Analyst', 'First Team' and 'Youth Scout' and utilise your scouting team in a more powerful way than ever before. Use the assignment list to keep track of the work being done by your scouts and the players they recommend. Select a player to view a comprehensive and detailed scouting report reporting on positives and negatives as well as likely interest, wage demands and an expected transfer fee. Player Search The Player Search function has been designed to allow the user to precisely define and refine their search for new talent. To access the Player Search screens, select 'Search' and then 'Player Search'. To customise a filter, select 'Customise' and then configure the various fields available to you. In Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 you can now save your Search Filters by selecting the 'Load/Save' button on the Action bar. You can save up to four filters which can then be loaded in future, including during other save games. You may change as many of these fields as you wish. This enables you to pinpoint precisely the type of player you are looking for. You can change the page of the Search Results that you are viewing either by using the swipe functionality or by selecting the next or previous page button, located in the Title Bar. Shortlist Your shortlist contains all the players you have ever bid for as well as those you have manually added. Once a player is on your shortlist, you will receive news items on any information relevant to him. To add a player to your shortlist, select the 'Shortlist Player' option from the 'Actions' button at the bottom of his Profile screen. To remove a player, repeat this process and choose the 'Shortlist Delist' option. In Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 you can save up to four Shortlists which can be loaded at any time during a save game. This enables you to have different Shortlists for different types or qualities of players. Select the disk icon in the bottom left of the Shortlist screen to save or load a Shortlist. Scouting Agency The Scouting Agency brings together all of your club's knowledge of the wider footballing world and presents it to you in a helpful manner, making it easier than ever to identify potential transfer targets. Your Scout will present a list of the best senior and youth (Wonderkid) players around the world, ranking them in order of how well they're currently playing. Also included in the Agency's work is the Player Form section, which indicates who's Hot and who's not. Swipe left and right to switch between the Hot and Cold list. At the start of the game both form lists will be empty, but as the season progresses the pages will become populated based on how players have been performing. Use this feature to help you find who to add to your shortlist (and who to avoid!). All you have to do then is convince the stars of the future to join your team! Player Comparison The Player Comparison page, accessible from either the 'Search' screen or by browsing any player and selecting 'Comparison' from the 'Actions' menu, allows you to compare any two players. To select which players to compare, there are 4 categories to choose from: My Players: A list of current players in your club. Recent Players: A list of any players that you have recently viewed. Famous Players: A list of famous players from around the world. Shortlisted Players: A list of any players that you have added to your shortlist. Once you have chosen both players, tap 'Confirm' and you'll be taken to the Player Comparison screen where their attributes will be displayed. To view additional information, tap 'View' where you'll be given detailed attribute and stat comparison options. Find Club The Find Club screens allow you to look at any club or national side around the world, should you wish to do so. Use the continent pages to navigate between regions of the world and select a nation to view all the clubs that are based there. Additionally you can use the 'National Team' button in the Action Bar to view the national team for that nation.
  13. Transfers

    There aren't many managers in the world who would confess to being completely happy with their current playing squad. Let's face it, half the fun of being a football manager is wheeling and dealing! So, with that in mind, let's have a quick look at how best to go about buying and selling players. As soon as you take over at a club you will be looking to add new players to your squad as you ship out the dead wood and look to find the right players for your team and tactics. Buying Players Under Contract To make an offer for a player, go to the player's screen. Select 'Make Offer' from the Action Bar. When making a transfer bid, your primary focus is on how much you are willing to pay. Setting an appropriate 'Amount' will be looked upon more favourably by the club you're making the offer to; try to ensure that you're offering at least 100% of the player's current valuation as a starting point. You can set a Transfer Date and include a Sell-On Percentage in the deal in order to entice the player's club into selling. The latter is perhaps more valuable to a club when they are subject to an offer for one of their younger talents. Should you just wish to enquire about a player's availability or what a team might be looking for should they sell him, change the 'Offer Type' to 'Enquiry'. They will respond quickly, at which point you can consider your options accordingly. Your Assistant Manager will offer his opinion of the player to you at the top of the 'Transfer Offer' screen. When you are satisfied with your offer, select 'Confirm' and continue the game. You will receive a response in the form of a news item within a couple of days of making the offer. If the player's club accept the offer, you will be given the opportunity to offer the player a contract. See the section on Negotiating Player Contracts earlier in this manual for more information on doing this. Bosman Moves and Free Transfers A player with six months or less remaining on his contract may be subject to offers from other clubs without permission from his current employers. To sign a player who is coming towards the end of his contract (known as a Bosman move), go to his Profile and select 'Offer Contract'. You will be taken to the 'Contract Offer' screen to put together the details of your offer. Under the Bosman ruling, players aged 24 and above may move freely without cost. If he is below 24 years of age, you will be required to pay his club a compensation fee which is decided by an independent tribunal. When managing in England, Bosman moves are restricted domestically until 4 weeks before the player's contract expires. Signing a player who is without a club is far less complicated as you merely have to convince the player that he should sign for you. Most players will be pleased to get back into football but if your club isn't big enough or he doesn't like the terms on offer, he may well prefer to remain a free agent. Selling Players To sell a player, go to his Profile and select 'Transfer Status'. From here you can either place him on the Transfer List, or make him available for a loan move. You may also wish to take advantage of the 'Offer to Clubs' option, which can be found in the 'Actions' menu. The player's availability will be circulated around interested parties with the hope of attracting an offer. If one or more of these clubs become interested, you will notice the 'Wnt' icon in the player's status section on his Availability page (see the section on 'Player Indicators' earlier in this manual). Any subsequent bids will arrive in your Inbox. Loaning Players In a football world where money is becoming increasingly scarce, loaning players has become a popular method of adding to your squad without spending big. It has become increasingly common for big clubs to take advantage of the system by loaning out younger players to smaller teams in order for them to gain first team experience, or simply to get out-of-favour players off the wage bill. Should you wish to loan a player, simply change the type of transfer offer. You can now determine the length of loan deal in the same way as you changed the value in the offer for a permanent transfer. You can also offer to pay anything up to 100% (in 10% increments) of the player's weekly wage whilst he is on loan as a potential sweetener to get the deal done. The percentage you are able to offer is restricted to your current Maximum Wage, displayed on the Finances screen. Loan-to-buy deals can be negotiated for situations where you want to make a temporary deal permanent, either for the arrival of a new player or for getting someone off your books. Loaning Players Back Clubs are increasingly on the lookout for young talent to build their squad around in the years to come, but with so much competition for their services they're often forced to act early and sign a player before he's ready to contribute fully. These players are often signed and then immediately loaned back to their former club. You will have the option to leave the player at his club when making a bid in order to allow him to develop in a more stable environment.
  14. Training

    Training in Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 simplifies what you have to do to make sure your players are in peak physical condition going into each match. Overview This screen shows an overview of your club's current training programme. The Bookmarks menu in the Title Bar allows you to view various aspects of training in greater detail, and further customise the work being done on the training ground. The 'Performance' screen gives a visual indication of how each player is developing in each area of training. Positive development is displayed with an upwards green arrow, whilst more concerning negative issues are represented by a downward red arrow. To change the schedule a player is currently working on, return to the 'Overview' screen and make the change from the 'Training Schedule' drop-down menu. To further customise the actual schedules, select the desired option from the Bookmarks menu and tweak the intensities found within. Each training schedule is focused towards improvement in attributes key to the area of the game they're dealing with. For example, the 'Attacking' schedule will look to make sure your strikers are working on their shooting and finishing, whilst defenders will work on their positioning, marking and tackling skills in the 'Defensive' programme. Area Description General A generic, run-of-the-mill daily training routine which will keep players ticking over but not develop a single area specifically well. Goalkeeper Used exclusively for goalkeepers, who typically work in a different manner to outfielders and require more specific training. Defensive Work done on the defensive side of the game. Being defensively sound is the first step to being successful, and work in training is where your defence will learn to become a cohesive unit who will hopefully rarely be breached. Attacking Work done on the attacking side of the game. Building through midfield to create chances for the strikers. More time spent on attacking could see goals, but perhaps at the expense of other areas of your team. Fitness Training time devoted to fitness work. More time will mean your players will last at their physical peak for longer, but too much and they'll run the risk of burnout and injuries. Technical Time spent honing and developing the technical ability of your players. This will improve their ability with the ball at their feet, but perhaps at the expense of physical development.
  15. Club Information

    The Club Information screen, accessed via the 'Info' button, displays important information about a club. To view the Info screen of another club, select the Bookmarks button in the Title Bar, and find the General Info option. Football Manager Mobile™ 2017 provides more detailed and dedicated Club Stats to keep you fully informed about the progress the club is making on all fronts.