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  1. Guess it's popcorn time.
  2. Baker was one of them, he opted to go back to Vitesse for a second season instead though.
  3. You're after a handful of Chelsea youngsters, some permanent, some loan interest. No real idea on how likely any of them are but there's genuine interest there/contact made at the very least.
  4. Verratti.
  5. Buffon and El Shaarawy must be two of them.
  6. Around 3pm apparently.
  7. BT Sport are re-running Euro 96 across their various channels starting tomorrow.
  8. One memorable goal from each of the tournaments I recall properly. [video=dailymotion;xv9xqf] [video=youtube;jTZeycgafC0] [video=youtube;0eylReIkJXA] (Larsson obvs) [video=youtube;f_3t6wv-KOE] (What a bloody game that was) And since I can't embed a fifth, Balo
  9. This is why I'd have taken Pavoletti; at a time when there is no outstanding talent up front then play the one in-form. Doesn't have to be a long-term solution but even then he's younger than Eder and Pelle.
  10. Losing seven from that squad is quite tough. Benassi, Jorginho, Zappacosta, Insigne, Bernardeschi, Sturaro, Ogbonna (with the idea De Rossi becomes the 6th CB or whatever assuming you want one cover for every CB spot)?
  11. Externals, i.e. wide players or wing-backs.
  12. Would've had Berardi and Pavoletti in there myself and probably dropped Eder or one of the centre mids, or both.
  13. I said in a different thread a while ago I thought Poland would do very well. Albania will surprise people too.
  14. It's posturing, the club can't lose now, they've put pressure on JT to accept whatever terms they've offered. It'll get done but it's all been a waste of everyone's time.
  15. Of course it's fake. Was based on this by the looks of it.