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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Greenwood is still too young, players have to be of scholarship age, i.e. 16 before September 1st 2017, in order to be included.
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    As of when, please? And an appropriate source would be appreciated.
  3. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    As there has been no data update since release, it won't have made an impact on the game yet. It's to be fixed for a future update though, yes.
  4. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    It's unfair to say Moses' attributes haven't changed when they quite clearly have. Azpilicueta has a handful of assists from crosses, not from passes. There's a significant difference.
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    Correct; he has to remain within the same association for the full duration to remain nation-trained (or to be simply Home-Grown in the Premier League, as they don't have a CT/NT distinction), and with the same club to be club-trained.
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    He has to have been at City (to be club-trained) or in England (to be nation-trained) for three full seasons. Having joined Man city in 2013 aged 18, he would have had to have stayed at City for the next three full years to remain club-trained, or undertaken only English loan moves to be nation-trained. His loan spells at Galatasaray and Celtic mean that he is neither, as they interrupt the required three seasons/36 months before his 21st birthday.
  7. FM 2018 Database editor?

    It's on its way, keep an eye out for further announcements as per:
  8. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    The Soccerway link isn't a definitive source; their squads and player stats are build simply out of players making U18 appearances, so as Lattie has been with Wolves on trial, he'll be listed amongst their players and will have appearance stats to his name. This was the most recent update from a reliable source; he might have signed permanently in that time, he might not have, but he didn't move permanently on 1/9.
  9. [ENGLAND] (Official) Leicester City Data Issues

    There's no need to post new news in these threads; researchers will be aware of such items and will inform their Head Researchers accordingly. Thanks.
  10. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    Good spot, will fix that.
  11. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    I suspect he's somewhere in between; all heights and weights are usually added as per the official Chelsea yearbook (to be taken as the definitive source, not a website like transfermarkt), which is out now but I've yet to pick up. I'll try to do so and get the updated heights and weights in asap though.
  12. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    As noted above, it'll be fixed for the full release.
  13. [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    Ampadu is definitely the U18 manager. https://www.arsenal.com/academy/staff/kwame-ampadu https://www.arsenal.com/fixture/under-18/2017-Oct-21/leicester-city-u18-2-0-under-18-match-report https://www.arsenal.com/news/u-18s-arsenal-5-1-southampton-report https://www.arsenal.com/news/u-18s-arsenal-4-0-reading-report Please only report issues if you have credible evidence proving that there has been a mistake. Thanks.
  14. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    1. Firstly I'll say I've not adjusted any of Zappacosta's attributes as he's a new arrival from a database where the researchers will have seen more of him than I have. Alonso's crossing has become a bit less impressive in recent games, sure, but the larger body of work is more worthy of consideration. For all of his flaws, and there are a great many, his crossing isn't especially one of them. 2. Zappacosta will be reviewed as we move forwards but, for the time being, see above please. 3. There's a somewhat negligible difference between 11 and 13 in the first place, so a lot of this is subjective, but these are two attributes that don't work in isolation. His vision dictates what he sees; the rest of his technical profile determines his execution. Last season he and Azpi were tasked with feeding a range of passes into Diego Costa as the primary aspect of the build-up phase and did it to a reasonable effect, but he's obviously not up to those standards so far this season (in part because Morata and Batshuayi aren't of Costa's calibre in receiving possession). Needless to say though, it'll be reviewed as the season goes on. 4. Not sure it speaks for itself. He's had a horrible season yes but his passing ability hasn't suddenly declined; his decision-making, composure, anticipation etc are shocking right now. Whether that's a long-term thing or just a bad run of form remains to be seen, and that's what we have to evaluate as researchers. 5. Fair, and will look to make that change ahead of release if possible. 6. Maybe a bit generous yeah but he's much better off the ball than he is at holding it up or using it in general. He's an instinctive poacher who makes good runs and gets into good areas, it's the biggest asset in his game. 7. All fair, will try to action these before release. 8. Maybe, it's a tricky one. He's deceptively strong but he's also 5'10" or whatever and, on a global scale, isn't going to rock up with the stronger guys regularly. Might consider a bump to 10 but, again, single-increase attribute changes are somewhat negligible in isolation. Thanks for your thoughts though, it's always good to get feedback and to get stuck into discussion about these things, as even if they don't result in immediate changes, they stick as points to consider when looking at the player profiles in future.