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  1. Sorry, to clarify, it'll be fixed for the full release.
  2. We're working on adjusting a few things in line with what Conte's started to do tactically and hopefully that will help keep him around, but I'll check his reps out too and get them adjusted.
  3. This has been fixed now, thanks.
  4. His date of birth is January 11th 2001, making him an Under-16 schoolboy for this season and therefore too young to be included. We only include players who have turned 16 by 31st August 2016, i.e. players who are at least first-year scholars with their respective clubs. Due to the game starting in June or July, some players will appear aged 15 at the start of a new game, but they will turn 16 before 31/8.
  5. That's now been fixed, thanks for passing it on through the chain to me.
  6. Unfortunately we no longer hold the Spanish licence.
  7. The merits of Liverpool's free-kick takers aside, the part in bold isn't remotely true. First-team players with 15+ for free-kicks at those clubs are: Man Utd: Mata 16, Depay 16 Man City: Kolarov 17, Nolito 16, Toure 16 Chelsea: Willian 16, Alonso 15 Leicester: Fuchs 16 So whilst Coutinho might merit joining such company, please try to avoid speculative data comparisons when you have the actual numbers available to you, it doesn't help anyone.
  8. Thanks, this one is now fixed.
  9. I'll leave that to the Italian research team (who will hopefully be in contact through this thread one way or another) as they're far better qualified to offer an opinion, I was just clarifying a database-wise approach we take towards starting injuries.
  10. His injury happened during the season, i.e. after the game's first pre-season, and those are injuries we historically do not include as you play out your own version of the season in your saved game(s).
  11. Cheers, these are now being processed and will be ready for the full release.
  12. Addressing point 5, we include as many pictures as possible as and when we receive them from licensed clubs. We haven't (yet) received any from Woking but rest assured that if we do they'll be added as quickly as possible.
  13. Jones did feature in pre-season:
  14. That particular description of Positioning is a little incomplete (my fault, it'll be updated in the FM17 manual) but MIR17 is correct in his assertions. 'Movement' is called 'Off the Ball' in game.
  15. If it's then it's definitely interesting; the free kick he claimed to have scored against Everton is actually Herbie Kane. Just to be clear, are you saying that the kid does actually exist (and appears to play for Novara) but the whole Liverpool thing never happened? Thanks.