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  1. The last time Chelsea played Millwall at first team level, this happened. It'd likely happen again if they played now, and even in meeting in last season's FA Youth Cup there were strict limits on who could buy a ticket in an otherwise very relaxed competition. This is a heated rivalry that deserves the 20 score in FM. Saville is the only player to go on loan from Chelsea to MIllwall in the last 25 years and is an exception to the rule. If you think the limits on loans are too harsh depending on the level of rivalry, that's something to raise in the transfers forum, but as far a
  2. Having watched him play this afternoon, there's no way he's even close to 6ft tall.
  3. While I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment, it's important to note that he hasn't actually played every single game since September; he didn't play against Fulham in September, he didn't play against Dundalk in October, and he played in one of three England matches in October. He's played 1185 of a potential 1800 minutes for club and country this season, 66%. He has shown a capacity to play in the weekend following a midweek match (one day less rest than an EL after a weekend match as EL is on Thursday) but in two of those three instances he played substantially less than 90 in one
  4. What to do if you're in need of assistance. Crashes If your game is crashing it's most likely because your device is low on RAM. Simply rebooting your device will refresh the memory and should allow you to play on without any problems. To fully reboot, hold the sleep button until prompted to 'slide to power off'. Then simply hold the sleep button again to turn the device back on. If you have an iOS device that can multi-task, running a lot of backgrounded apps at once will increase the chances of it running out of memory. To close backgrounded apps, double-tap the home button to
  5. Season Limit Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 allows the user to experience a career spanning 30 seasons over one saved game. At the end of your career you will be presented with a review of your performance as manager as well as a variety of information, and if you've been successful, you may have boosted your ranking in the Hall of Fame. Bonus Content Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 includes a number of gameplay features that can be activated based on user achievement throughout a career, including some unlockable content. Are you good enough to have discovered them? You also
  6. This section deals with tailoring your Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 experience to just how you like it. Settings Game Configuration Customise your Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 experience. Language: Play Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish or Korean. Currency: Choose which currency you play Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 in. Wage View: Select to view player wages as Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Automatic Weekly Saves: If enabled, the game will automatically save at weekly intervals. The game will automatically sav
  7. When Match Day arrives, the 'Continue Game' button at the top right area will change to 'Go To Match'. If you have not selected your starting line-up, you will need to do this before you can progress. A reminder on the squad screen will appear if you have not done so. Once you have selected your match day squad, press 'Go to Match' and you will proceed to the match screen. Note: For Phone users only, should you get a phone call during a match and choose to answer it, your match will pause and can be resumed on return to the game. Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 features an updated and
  8. This section deals with everything regarding your managerial persona. Manager Options Staff Roles The Staff Roles section allows you to define responsibilities for handling training, youth development, reserve team management and assuming chief scout responsibilities. Assistant Responsibilities You can request that your Assistant Manager takes control of friendly matches, assigns squad numbers and recommends mentoring partnerships. You can also set the Assistant Manager to offer players to other clubs on loan after they have been demoted to the Reserves. The
  9. Nothing lasts forever and the harsh reality of football is that managers do get the sack. Should the worst happen and you end up out of work, you will need to pick yourself up and get down to the Job Centre. This can be accessed by selecting 'Jobs' from the 'Search' menu. The screen lists every job available in active leagues and the security of each, so if a job becomes available you can apply for it. To do so, select the desired team and press 'Apply for Job'. You can also now declare interest in any job that appears on the list where the current manager’s job is under threat
  10. There aren't many managers in the world who would confess to being completely happy with their current playing squad. Let's face it, half the fun of being a football manager is wheeling and dealing! So, with that in mind, let's have a quick look at how best to go about buying and selling players. As soon as you take over at a club you will be looking to add new players to your squad as you ship out the dead wood and look to find the right players for your team and tactics. Buying Players Under Contract To make an offer for a player, go to the player's screen. Select 'Make Offer'
  11. The Club Information screen, accessed via the 'General Info' button, displays important information about a club. To view the Info screen of another club, select the Bookmarks button in the Title Bar, and find the General Info option. Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 provides more detailed and dedicated Club Stats to keep you fully informed about the progress the club is making on all fronts.
  12. Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 comes with a wide range of staffing possibilities. Your Assistant Manager is joined by a select number of Coaches and Scouts and, depending on the size and stature of your club, you can expand the size of your backroom team to help them operate more effectively. Just like the Assistant Manager, each Coach has a profile displaying their basic biographic details as well as their Aptitude, Coaching Style and Coaching Badge level. You can ask them to take a Coaching Exam in order to improve their credentials as a Coach, as well as Promote them to Assist
  13. This is one of the most important screens in the game. Your club's financial state, transfer budget and wages are displayed here. The Maximum Wage indicates the highest wage that the board will allow you to offer a player. You'll find yourself regularly visiting this screen to keep abreast of your financial situation. If you're in the market for a player, you're going to want to check you've got the necessary funds before attempting to sign him. Adjust Budgets Accessed via your club's Finances screen, the 'Adjust Budgets' option allows you to transfer funds between your Tra
  14. Training in Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 simplifies what you have to do to make sure your players are in peak physical condition going into each match. Overview This screen shows an overview of your club's current training programme. The Bookmarks menu in the Title Bar allows you to view the impact your training schedules are having on the players’ attributes in key areas. ‘Focus Role’ allows you to task the player with working predominantly on a particular role during training. This will allow him to improve in a position if he already knows how to play there, or begin to lear
  15. The Team Report is split into five sections. The ‘Team Summary’ screen presents Positive and Negative key point summaries regarding your squad, whilst the ‘Suggested XI’ will suggest the strongest possible starting eleven for the next match given the current fitness, form and availability of your players. The ‘Squad Depth’ view will see your Assistant Manager indicate a preferred hierarchy of players for every position on the pitch, and the ‘Club Stats’ view details some interesting details about the make-up of the squad overall. Finally, Dynamics offers a comprehensive overview of how the rel
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