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  1. today opening steqam makes me download an update of about 200 mb i would like to know what kind of update of football manager and what is this pach
  2. since I found the ME is not bad at all .. some other small adjustment, however, I hope it will be done. Much better now than the previous version .. Only a few small slowdown but ultimately good enough.
  3. hi we have the possibility of a patch this week? I would like to say one thing is since January 19 that the beta patch has been released and since then I think it is not fair that the whole development team has not given any information to us customers even small weekly information on news on what they are working on and what period they are .. for example in the beta pacth there is a clash that the changes have been tested by the team but not yet made official not having signed them completely. I say possible that in 20 days no minimum news and changes from January 19? I think it's done just
  4. Hi guys, we are less than a month now from the March patch. is it possible to receive some kind of update if we can expect a pacht before the one in March ??? I think it would be useful to do it because until the final pacht in March we can release feedback and help you better in the final pacht. Like nail brock are several days that not from various announcements would be welcome if we were released some statement thanks.
  5. I notice that it is no longer possible to see the effects caused by rain on the playing field. There are no puddles and mud on the pitch and even strange effects on the snow.
  6. With this beta patch I have found that the team goes very slow with any style of play whether you use tiki taka or gegenpress matches you can make 40 throws but it will never score. I hope that an update will be released at the end of January that improves the situation by waiting for the 3.0 update of March.
  7. I would like to ask moderators if further updates will be released shortly for this beta public so we can participate in the feadbacks to see the progress in resolving the bugs. Or we should use this current version until the full pacht is released. Thank you
  8. Sorry but we should use this public beta of me until March ??? Or can we expect another update first?
  9. this beta public after having done some games we see improvements in the ME, long throws are now better intercepted by the defenders and the 1vs1 have been reduced. From my opinion not bad this beta in my opinion there will be really further improvements now that will release the real patch. I congratulate the SI developers. I look forward to the official release.
  10. what we are trying to say is that you can't wait to play in March, these are game bugs and they can be corrected even before March. Then in March plans to update roses after the winter market but solving the product bugs can be done without problems without waiting another two months. this is the speech
  11. right affirmation. It is not the end of the world to tell us if you are working on the fix directly at marzxo or you are able to release a minor pacht before 3.0
  12. I think it's at least fair to tell us customers if there will be an update before March to fix the bugs then March update is for updating the roses .. A support site also serves to clarify to customers if they can expect an update soon or no .. I don't think there is anything wrong with warning about this. I don't know what all this mystery is for them.
  13. the game is too limited by some bugs such as 1vs 1. I believe that in the end we are customers who buy their product should be a priority for them to try to accommodate our requests also because it is a request of many people the solution of the problem with a patch.
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