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  1. Sorry but we should use this public beta of me until March ??? Or can we expect another update first?
  2. this beta public after having done some games we see improvements in the ME, long throws are now better intercepted by the defenders and the 1vs1 have been reduced. From my opinion not bad this beta in my opinion there will be really further improvements now that will release the real patch. I congratulate the SI developers. I look forward to the official release.
  3. what we are trying to say is that you can't wait to play in March, these are game bugs and they can be corrected even before March. Then in March plans to update roses after the winter market but solving the product bugs can be done without problems without waiting another two months. this is the speech
  4. right affirmation. It is not the end of the world to tell us if you are working on the fix directly at marzxo or you are able to release a minor pacht before 3.0
  5. I think it's at least fair to tell us customers if there will be an update before March to fix the bugs then March update is for updating the roses .. A support site also serves to clarify to customers if they can expect an update soon or no .. I don't think there is anything wrong with warning about this. I don't know what all this mystery is for them.
  6. the game is too limited by some bugs such as 1vs 1. I believe that in the end we are customers who buy their product should be a priority for them to try to accommodate our requests also because it is a request of many people the solution of the problem with a patch.
  7. Ci sono novità riguardo all uscita di una patch? Si potrebbe avere in tempi brevi ormai e un mese senza un aggiornamento
  8. Salve vorrei segnalare un bug. Ho notato che dopo l aggiornamento di dicembre gli effetti della pioggia sul campo non sono più visibili tipo il fango e le zolle sul campo di gioco..
  9. Il gioco è bel fatto una cosa che da fastidio sono alcuni bug sia grafici che 1vs 1. Si spera che gli sviluppatori rilasciano presto una patch.. Si era detto che sarebbe uscita nel nuovo anno gli ultimi aggiornamenti risalgono al 19 dicembre.
  10. Mi piacerebbe vedere durante la settimana come si svolgono gli allenamenti guardando i giocatori come durante una partita.. Così vedendo le reazioni della squadra al possesso pala agli schemi di gioco alla difesa all attacco
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