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  1. To give you some context, I was 2-0 down at half-time, my team is Lumezzane in Italian Serie 'C' and I'm playing the team in 4th position away from home, Pavia (I'm currently 5th), so, I give them a big half-time team talk and make a few changes and we manage to pull it back to 2-2, fantastic. Then in the 93rd some ridiculousness happens which makes no physical or logical sense. I've tried to add the video so I hope it's visible. My right-back allows the ball to run across his body for the left-winger to score easily. MY other issue is, it seems as though this is seen as normal, regular behaviour. The right-back isn't seen to have made a mistake so what has happened? This is my issue with FM. The context doesn't match the result or outcome of an action and it becomes a frustration. Not only was the mistake terrible but it's not even acknowledged as a mistake so I can't even 'have a word' with my player. These instances happen too often and are extremely frustrating. I can't usually be bothered to upload highlights to show ME inconsistencies and irregular behaviour as I'd be on here more than i'm on the game, however, this one pee'd me off so I would be happy to have some kind of explanation. Pavia 3-2 Lumezzane - Match Highlights-360p.ogv
  2. Very true, Barside! Unfortunately I just got relegated after losing the relegation play-off so it's back to the drawing board and see if I can build a new tactic that will create more stability should I regain promotion!
  3. It was a strange situation, though, whereby my part-time players were asking for £600 per week on a part-time contract due to the club being in The Championship and I wasn't allowed any money by the board to sign new players and the only players that were free were terrible. It really was/is an unusual cycle. I had to let a lot of my players go last season as they were demanding too much for part-timers |(some might say I was paying equal to full-time players wages at that level) and the only replacements I could find from my known players list were League 2 standard.
  4. I am huge underdogs and have been favourites for relegation every season and should never have been promoted. I guess that's the primary reason and I guess I could be a victim of my own early success. I got promoted very quickly when I was never considered promotion candidates (1000-1 in my League 1 winning season) and as such it didn't give me time to improve anything. I was using the same strikers I was using in League 2 for my first 2 season in The Championship and the gulf in ability is huge. Berwick vs Hibernian/Ross County/Kilmarnock/Inverness CT is pretty much League 2 vs Premiership. Maybe relegation would be beneficial in all fairness as it would give my team time to grow.
  5. There is some merit to what you are saying. That being said, it is becoming tiresome as my best youngsters have been sold, despite my protests, for no more than £15,000! Granted, a couple have been sold for 100,000 but 5 have been sold for less and 3 for less than 20K despite me not being in debt! That is a stupidly low amount. I understand the challenge, that's why I started the save but this is just boring now and makes little sense. Yes, I would say that this level is still not a highly reputable league but it is a league whereby the scouting range could at least be increased to Northern Europe, I haven't even had the option to request it. I may be missing something, in all fairness, considering my finances. I have, at this point, almost £400,000 in the bank yet my finances are considered insecure. This does not seem right to me. That amount is definitely not insecure.
  6. I'm currently into my 6th season with Berwick Rangers in Scotland. In my first 2 seasons I gained back-to-back promotions without spending a penny and basically hardly signing anybody at all. I'm 4 seasons into life in The Championship (having a bit of a bad time this season) and haven't been able to go professional yet (the last time I asked I had over 300,000 in the bank) but not only that my finances are constantly shown as insecure despite having £394,000 in the bank and pretty much running equal with a tiny loss so far this season (-13,000). It's ruining my save. I haven't been able to expand my scouting range and my clubs rating seems to have remained at League 2 and it has been a battle to stay in The Championship. I don't mind that but surely there must be room for expansion or improvement otherwise it's just groundhog day. Four seasons into The Championship and 400,000 (and has been for nigh on 5 months and at certain points throughout my save) in the bank surely I must be given the option to at least expand my scouting range! I've had a board takeover, too, and they are like the exact same board. I guess the point of my writing is I'm at a point where I might just quit and start a new save but I really don't want to as I've enjoyed this save and put a lot of time into it. So, any advice would be very much appreciated. I know it's not FM 2017 so I hope that there are still some 2016 players out there.
  7. I have to say that this is something I've experienced an awful lot but just can never be bothered to complain about it as it would probably be played down by others. I do work on set-pieces and I do set up my throw-in instructions and set the taker to short throws yet it I still seem to have a lot of occasions where the ball is thrown to the opposition for no apparent reason. Drives me crazy sometimes but what can you do!?
  8. R.W.S Bruxelles

    I read this thread with envy! Great work!
  9. I appreciate the feedback guys. Stress, I think the idea of dropping one the strikers to the AM strata could work, I was a little apprehensive to change a winger to a support duty as I want them to simply attack the wing with pace and cross the ball in, old school style. Still, I will take some of your ideas and hopefully it improves my teams performance.
  10. I wanted to begin a career save and take a team from the National league south in England as far as I could. I've been hoping to get back into it after not playing for a while due to boredom/annoyance at the ME. Anyhow, I chose Margate so you know the quality of players at my disposal. It was obvious that there would be no tiki-taka or gegenpress happening in this save. I started of by using Highly Structured - Counter 4-4-1-1 TM/s SS/a W/a CM/d CM/s W/a FB/s CD/d CD/d FB/s GK/d Team Instructions- Deepest defensive line, close down less, more direct passing. I managed to sign (for this level) players who should be able to compete at least for a mid-table finish. My thinking was to defend deep and not leave any holes/gaps that could be exploited, suffice to say that didn't work so I changed it a little. This is my new formation and instructions Ok, this is where the help is necessary. I am conceding goals galore. Despite defending deep and on low-block I'm getting caught out with balls behind the defence and my defenders are absolutely calamatous. They are unable to win headers from crosses into the box when attackers smaller than them are right next to them. I had to use shorter passing and work out of defence in the latter formation to stop the defenders kicking it aimlessly into ridiculous areas of the pitch. So, my reason for attacking/control mentality - I wanted positive forward passing without hoofing the ball aimlessly or changing the tempo too much. I just want to have a defensive shield that defends as a unit without breaking ranks (which constantly happens with this formation despite the instructions) which in turn plays positive football when possession has been won back. I have tried different mentalities to combat the closing down and nothing changes except for the style of play but I will concede that I know very little about how the game works in reality due to its ambiguity so am genuinely interested in feedback to help me conquer this formation!
  11. Thanks Herne, I did take the nervousness into account but it did seem way over the top to me. Still, that's just the way it goes. It was actually in my 5th season that I finished 3rd, it was slow progress. It genuinely isn't evident that the opposing teams have tightened up, All I see is ridiulous decision making allowing the opposition to have the ball back, it's frustrating. I did take into account my aggressive mentality but did try to adapt, to no avail. Should I totally change formation? It's not a save I want to just give up on as I feel that would be a waste but at the moment it's quite tiresome and boring. When I use the 'drop deeper' instruction does my team as a whole drop deeper or just my defence which in turn leaves a bigger gap between the defence and the midfield?
  12. I'm having difficulty noticing where the problems are in my team. I am currently managing Wolves and am in the season 2022/2023. I play an attacking/highly structured 433 narrow formation. I got promoted in my first season pretty much blowing every other team away (albeit for a minor blip where team decided to down tools), nonetheless, it was an enjoyable season with some of the most potent attacking I've seen on the game mixed in with some pretty sturdy defending. I've had to change the instructions a few times due to 'being found out' by the AI or my team just not playing the same way as before, this has been my main problem. I watch the games on extended and I see no reason why my team change the way they play based on the way the opposition play, if that makes any sense? The decisions my players make are just stupid decisions that they didn't make before, not, from what I can see, being under any more pressure than before or teams defending differently. I'm ot saying this isn't happening, it's just not visible in the ME which leaves it up to guesswork. Anyhow, here is my formation: GK/d CWB/a CD/d CD/d CWB/a AP/s BWM/d CM/a DLF/s F9/s DLF/a Team Instructions - Play out of defence, exploit the middle, look for overlap, shorter passing, get stuck in, roam from positions. Last season I finished 3rd in The Prem (overacheivers award) and felt we should have won the league given we went 25 games unbeaten at the beginning and were leading the league by ten points only to win only a handful of games in the remaining fixtures with a team that was unrecognisable from the beginning of the season. I had defenders closing down where they hadn't before, midfielders losing possesion where they hadn't before and strikers that didn't want to score and I couldn't see why. I saw no extra pressure from the opposing teams, I noticed teams did go a little more defensive against me so I used the 'drop deeper' instruction in some games which didn't work. I changed mentality and team shape now and then in different games which was of no benefit. Now onto this season, I've made a few big signings (3) and my team look all over the place! It's basically the same team except for 2 new strikers up top and a BWM centre mid. Not a massive overhaul but yes, it will have a slight affect on how things work in games. Tactic familiarity is full and team morale is ok so I'm in need of help as to how this can be changed. I'm sure there is somebody who will have more knowledge of the game than me so any help would be appreciated!
  13. AF/a I use an attacking mentality with structured team shape. Which role best suits an attacking midfielder so not to constantly try through balls. I've tried the advanced playmaker with both support and attack duties and I lose a lot of possession due to his constant through balls. None of my AM's have 'tries through balls often' and I can't edit it in the player instructions as it's hard checked into the players instruction. I like the movement and the positions on the field where my AP's have possession but they're just so wasteful. Ideally, I'd be able to uncheck 'more risky passes' but it's not possible. Do any of the other roles give you the same movement and positioning off the ball as the advanced playmaker without the constant through ball attempts?