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  1. I'm sure he knows the alternatives but people are simply asking to be able to play the 'full-fat' version with the 'instant result' button. It's a reasonable request. By going to FMT they may lose some of the other things they enjoy about the game. As someone who becomes dominant in saves I like the 'instant result' button as watching league games can become monotonous. In addition, as someone who starts at the bottom and like to watch the club grow it takes time, this is where the button comes in handy. It's well and good saying to download a skin but I have done that for FM19 and found it interfered with my saves, not hugely but I would have preferred to have had the original skin.
  2. There is a distinct difference between a team defending well and restricting good chances and then hitting on the counter to a team defending terribly and somehow unbelievably managing not to concede and then scoring with their one opportunity. I've genuinely not suffered with it much this time around but did a lot in previous versions. A lot of the time it most definitely wasn't the initial type of defending that had me undone.
  3. I've nothing against then new features and if implemented properly they will be a great addition to the game. However, I see no mention of player/team/media interaction improvement. Would that be due to the fact that it's not a new feature therefore it will be improved upon. Furthermore, player ratings; they just don't make sense! A player is having a great game (no assist or goal though) misses a penalty, rating - 5.9! What? It contributes to player development and value regarding reputation. There are many more but I don't have all night. Regarding the Match Engine, despite it being decent in FM 19 there were some glaringly obvious flaws. Again, I know it's not a new feature but it must have been improved upon. Some of the defensive headers I saw were under-9 level! Far too frequently, in fact! Add to that the ridiculous throw-in's, unbearable at times. Again, a decent ME it was, but it can't have stagnated. I feel these to be improved upon are far more important than new features, amongst other flaws in the game. If all have been implemented, happy days!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys! It's much appreciated! I guess as with everything, problems are exasperated when they could become problematic but I qualified for the Champions League and signed a couple of gems. Team harmony was affected, though. I will try to head over to the bugs section and try to log it.
  5. We are ranked quite highly (32nd in Europe) but the game doesn't seem to have registered so. Or, I've just got an absolute fiend of a chairman!
  6. I hear you, but we are ranked 32nd in Europe but the Welsh League is still quite some way behind. I can't remember off the top of my head but still behind The Championship, still not really low enough in connection with my team rank, recent history plus bank balance to warrant the sale of 3 players just this pre-season, 2 for ridiculously low fees. In addition, due to my poor following I can't spend too much on wages but my good players are all on long contracts. I feel that's legitimate reason here to sell them. No point reporting it as a bug at this point, I doubt it even is. More of an annoyance! As I've written below, I could just have an absolute fiend of a chairman!
  7. To set the scene, I'm Llanelli town, season 2031/32, just about to play Sparta Prague in the Champions League Playoff. I've won the Europa League (3 seasons prior) and have also been in the Champions League once before (would have been more if the AI would come up to speed with my progress, still only getting 180 season tickets a year and the other Welsh teams seemingly have no idea how to progress). However, I digress, we are sitting with 35m in the bank, have had that much consistently for a few seasons and I will definitely qualify for Europe (whether it be the Champions League or the Europa) and I have a relatively low wage expenditure. This leads me to my point, my Chairman seems to accept a lot of low offers for my best players! It's killing my game! He accepts some of my protests and others he doesn't. I've just lost another, a 20 year old Slovenian midfielder to Milan for a meagre 2m. I don't need the money! The club doesn't need the money! It's pittance! The kid was quality! On top of that Olimpija get 30 percent because of a sell on clause! Just a month before he sold a striker for 8m, not as surreal yet somehow seemed off given that we don't need the money. There have been more (some are my fault for having it on continue game timeout and them happening so quickly I can't protest) which seem really stupid and for me ruining the game. This is as much of a rant (and I have many about the game, but can only be bothered with this one, and I don't exploit or download tactics, I use a very simple 4-5-1 with shouts and change of mentality) as it is for other peoples who have had a chairman similar to mine. I don't mean one-off sales, I mean a chairman with no clue! Edit - As I type this he sold a 21 year old Mexican centre - back, who I bought for 1.1m 3 seasons ago, for 1.9m! Seriously, this is nonsensical now!
  8. As a Wolves fan FM19 was the first time I tried a career with them as I usually go to LLM and actually have very little interest managing them as it feels too unrealistic. I did however want to implement their current tactical system they use in real life and it was just ridiculous, almost impossible to implement on FM19 so went to Hong Kong instead!
  9. Possibly the best summary/observation I've read so far. I'm currently managing in Hong Kong and was predicted to get relegated in the first season, I actually won the league and have done so for 5 more season all but 1 after the first season. I'm good at this game, let's get that out there first, I can upload two save from Iceland and Hong Kong where I've massively over-achieved using a 5-4-1 Libero in both, or screen shots, yet it still feels laboured and quite a substantial lack of enjoyment until the end of each season due to what you have quite articulately explained here.
  10. It would seem that criticism is quite annoyingly being mistaken for abuse on this thread. Yes, some people may resort to name-calling and they should be called out individually, yet most I have seen, even the posts not offering possible solutions, do not come under the term abuse. Don't blanket term criticism as abuse as it's a very easy way to shut down communication. Criticism should be listened to and heard respectively.
  11. Wait, what? Who said that? Again, you managed to misunderstand what was being said or pointed out to you. Racism is abhorrent, but it wasn't being displayed here and it was bewildering and slightly worrying how you managed to see it. Nobody is disagreeing with your sentiment, just your seemingly unnecessary acknowledgement of something that wasn't there, which is equally as disconcerting.
  12. As somebody who was born in England but whose great-grandparents were Burmese and Scottish I have absolutely no idea how this post could have inferred any racism, whether it be casual or intentional. Get a grip people. I am not too keen on the avatar but let's be serious here. There are uncommon dual nationalities in the game, without a doubt.
  13. I am playing FM19 with auto-updates on and my version is 19.1. Is this the most recent update? On here it says 19.2.1. How do I get my version to the most recent?
  14. How do I change team fluidity? It seems to auto-select it? Can I manually change it? Can't see the option to do so anywhere on the tactics screen.
  15. Yeah, I've done those things, pretty much. I've no real complaints with the ME thus far it's just the interface seems to be clogged, everywhere. Will see how I get on. Cheers, guys!
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