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  1. Correct, not a tactical discussion page and I only responded as I fell your response to his post was disingenuous with the 'sighs', as though he was oblivious to mistakes in his tactic that aren't necessarily what you say they are, genuinely. Almost as if to ridicule his post. I'll leave it there.
  2. So attack narrow doesn't mean concentrate attacks through the centre of the pitch, hence, not putting in as many crosses and where possible, even when in possession out wide, go back to the middle of the park, only cross as a last resort? In addition, they may have cross more but I'll add two negators; work ball into box should also lower the amount of crosses and the fact that they are inverted wingers they shouldn't be looking to cross from wide positions, so it would be interesting to see where they are attempting to cross from. Still, for me, with work ball into bo
  3. I agree, however, we will have to wait for him to say how his goals were conceded. On paper his tactic looks leaky, that being said it might not be THAT leaky. This is FM, I've seen all kinds of weird and unnatural formations work much better without any sense. My point still stands, if his goals were conceded by counter attacks he can't complain about conceding said goals, he can still complain about the lack of scoring them though.
  4. I agree to a certain extent, but XG is definitely the best we have to view good opportunities created, and he created some good opportunities. Now, judging by the opposition it doesn't look as though created great chances themselves. It's as though you're holding his team to a higher level of standard in order to score and not the opposition. Now, XG can be misleading, a bit like CCC's. We've all had that game where the opposition scored their ONE CCC which was created by your own team through stupidity, yet on paper it looks like they scored their deserved CCC. If my (or his) team are b
  5. Agreed, however, looking at his XG chart at the end of the games it's clear that in each game he's had a couple of 'good' opportunities. In real life you really only get a 1 or 2 on average per game, I'd say. I will reiterate, the opposition hasn't had to work very hard to score either, neither do we know how those goals were conceded, but in those kind of matches (from my experience) it's rarely tactical. It's a blooper from my own team (stupid attacking throw in, comfortable header unbelievably missed, defender dwells on ball, etc.). I'm not claiming that's what happened here, although he di
  6. I think a lot of excuses are being made here, to be honest. Quality chances are quality chances and a certain percentage of them should be scored, especially when the opposition doesn't need them. It has been a theme for years in FM. Of course, there are games where teams get outplayed and score on the counter, in FM that isn't the case; it's usually a defender in possession under no pressure who dwells on the ball, or the oppositions only free-kick off the game. Sub-standard stuff, to be honest. I think the gripe comes from people who have seen this trend of the previous iterations and
  7. I think SI have a loyal fanbase who will buy the game no matter what it is like upon release, like myself. There is no rhyme nor reason for it other than I love football and tactics and am not involved in that anymore. I'm not saying I don't enjoy FM, at times I do and at times I don't. An example, I started a new save with Gloucester City last night on FM20 and got promoted in the first season, it was strange, though. I should have been buzzing but the way it transpired was just down-right weird. Nonsensical. Additionally, there is no rival to FM. Around ten years ago they really distanced th
  8. I am a huge fan of FM, have been since the beginning, but to say it gets better every year is disingenuous. A game that gets better every year is a game that reduces the amount of flaws / bugs that it contains upon release; FM is not that game. I bought FM 21 but had zero enjoyment so went back to FM20 due to a long-term save I'd gotten into, even then, I think FM20 is not that good. Some of the players positioning and decision making out of possession is unimaginable. As somebody with a UEFA 'B', albeit from 13 years ago, positioning is a big thing for me. In addition, some of the terrible po
  9. I get what you're saying, but can you elaborate? What actually happened there other than what the animation showed? How is the manager to know what to do following that incident regarding the player who had possession?
  10. Hahahahahaha! We won the opening stage and this is after the 1st game of the closing stage. Some things in this game are clearly not up to scratch.
  11. Here's why I think the game is ridiculous, well, not the the game, the ME. There is no way anybody with any ounce of credence or truth can say it's been improved for definite. They can have the opinion that is has but it's not concrete. This is the problem, it should be obvious. It has most definitely stagnated, or, for want of a better argument, possibly increased in some areas and declined in others. A prime example is defending corners. I leave both my full-backs back as cover. Both are fairly rapid (both pace and acceleration over 17) yet they get blitzed by a lone striker who is slo
  12. I genuinely wish I could show you a highlight reel.
  13. Admittedly my formation is rather attacking and I do score a lot of goals yet in ten seasons not once has one of my lone-strikers finished top scorer in my team. I think that speaks volumes. I'm a successful team and create enough opportunities for them to score. The amount that they have missed between them over the seasons is embarrassingly unrealistic! People can say 'it's your tactic' or 'it's because you're playing an attacking style'. A load of cobblers. My forwards consistently miss fantastic opportunities, I still win leagues, but that's not the point. The whole game ME feels off becau
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