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  1. I think, after all of the typing, we are somewhat in agreement!
  2. Understandable. I think the ire of some people is how did some of these obvious errors get in the game? How did they make it past final testing? How, even in the final patch, are some of the most ridiculous things happening? And this is what the guy was getting at. People have taken the time, over the years, to post bugs in the bugs forum, I've seen some take hours of their own time only for them to still be in the game! It's never known if the SI team take them seriously or pay attention as it's always a generic 'under review' for each one. More needs to be done in this regard to
  3. I'm not cherry-picking. Your response. after the initial part, was to direct him to the tactics section of the forum if he's having problems with throw-ins! Listen, he may not have worded himself correctly and seem like he's having a non-sensical rant but there is a lot wrong with the game this year that makes no sense and is difficult to put into words. It's not always tactics. Sometimes it's just ridiculous stuff. One that's really annoying me, apart from the throw-ins and the static defenders ducking under easy headers that they should easily connect with is how my pacey player
  4. Did @roykela really respond with the throw-in debacle this year is due to tactics? Stop that right now!
  5. If they weren't so tedious, repetitive and sometimes nonsensical or contextually insignificant, I'd probably do them. I just think think they need a massive overhaul, along with player interactions, and they could be a fantastic part of the game.
  6. Ah, the frozen defender! Such a great addition to this years' version. I'm currently managing FC Inter in Finland and am doing well but I'm growing increasingly bored of the defenders missing headers that are right there from the opposition keepers' kick and throw-ins straight to the opposition for a swift counter-attack. Absolutely tedious!
  7. I thought throw-in's were fixed? They're driving me mad! It's genuinely inconceivable that a player would throw the ball so unrealistically to the opposition so often throughout a season! Even when I win I feel bemused and a sense of disbelief after the game as I can't even lambast the player taking the throw-in or the players nearby as it may be their fault for lack of effort. As with most things in the ME, it's unclear!
  8. No matter which team I am, my full-backs invite crosses into my box, almost as if they're invisible! However, at the other end my wide players are up against prime Maldini/Cafu rolled into one!
  9. I never use Trequartista, Enganche, Carrilero, Segundo Volante, N-N Centre back, N-N Full-back or Wide Playmakers. No real reason why, just never know how to get them to work in a system!
  10. Catenaccio was totally reliant upon tactically incredible defensive structure and usually a lone-striker who was there as THE outlet. It's one of the reasons the original Ronaldo was so amazing he was able to be so successful in that system, a system in which Dennis Bergkamp, for example (an outstanding player), wasn't quite as successful and left for England. But, make no mistake about it, it was built on defensive solidity.
  11. I think we are kind of in agreement somewhere along the lines here without it being obvious. But, imagine in real life, Widzew Lodz v Liverpool, there's no way you'd want to engage anything more than passively. Keep the lines and very few passing lanes open. That's what Catenaccio is and it's exactly what it should do if it says it in the preset. It does the complete opposite. Due to this, it leads to much confusion regarding tactics.
  12. Ok, let's break it down a little. As a starter, that preset tactic is not far from what I would look at in real life. Defend deep, don't engage too much in order to keep shape and not become open. Does that make sense? So, it's not working, it now becomes a lottery. Close down more? With a Catenaccio style? Trying to fortify the goal? Makes no sense! Raise the defensive line? In a Catenaccio? Trying to allow as little space as possible? Makes no sense! I don't see where I could have won without choosing options that absolutely go against the descriptions given.
  13. Because it was more of an experiment. I feel like people are misunderstanding the point of my post. It isn't that I lost, it's the absurdity of it. Those instructions, on the face of it, should not have been as easily penetrated as it was. Quite simple really. Do you not think the templates and logic of it need more clarity?
  14. Oh come on now, you're not being realistic here. Wolves, over the previous two seasons defended passively and intelligently. This is my point, you can use the formation from the template and not face 70 shots. Let's be real here. That tactic and the instructions are misleading.
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