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  1. Thanks for clarifying, Herne. I had previously read that tempo affects 'pressing' when not in possession but it's good to know that it doesn't. I have tried all of the above prior to my initial post yet I still had the same problem. I appreciate your help but I am still none-the-wiser as to how I can stop individual defenders closing down where there is no need. Secondly, when they do it and it is quite obviously the reason why we concede there is no way of interacting with them to tell them not to do it or to train them not to do it anymore. Of course, you might say their attributes are a contributing factor, this, I understand, yet it happens far to often for it to be attributed solely on the defenders attributes.
  2. I'm almost at the end of my tether regarding defending. I understand it's probably been done to death but I feel like I have absolutely have no control over it. Basically, as a manager, the further play is up the field I want my defenders to apply more pressure to the opposition player in possession, yet, in and around my area I want them to stand-off more until it's essential that they close down. How do I manage this? The amount of goals I concede from ridiculous, utterly ridiculous play from defenders is spoiling the game for me. Ok, so, I'm here for help. How much does closing down on the team instructions have on how much the players close down individually? Or, is that just an indication of how high or low the defensive line will sit? Does it have any bearing on when or how my defenders will decide to close down as individuals? Secondly, tempo, I believe, has an effect on players closing down? This is a problem for me as I want to play a high tempo game when in possession and if I lose the ball I want to transition into a defensive shape where my players are defensively rigid and not leave any gaps or close down unless necessary. Thirdly, if I go to the individual player instructions and tell the defenders individually to close down less does this affect how much of a gap there will be between the defence and midfield or will it have absolutely no effect and thus just mean the lines will stay the same but the defenders will sit off the oppostion attackers when in possession a little more? I have tried all of these without luck and I really would love to know the parameters which allow or affect this part of the game. For me it's extremely vague and there are way too many factors that either affect it or conflict other aspects of the tactics. If somebody could enlighten me that would be fantastic.
  3. Herne, that is exactly what I do, I sort the pre-season friendlies and the 'more match preparation' and it still takes an eternity to become familiar. I don;t know how to show screenshots or give more innformation but I'm amazed it takes so long considering how I approach it. Maybe it is because I have three different tactic sets, I don't know? Still, I find it personally annoying.
  4. Can anybody give me any tips on how to get your team tactical familiarity to fluid quicker? It always seems to take at least up until Christmas in all of my games which is a bit of a pain. I understand if you make a lot of new signings etc., it slows the process but this happens at the beginning of every save. I usually leave it to my assistant but on my recent save in I have tried (without success) to manage it myself by leaving the match traing filter all the way to the left for 'more match training' and match prep on 'match tactics', it's 4th October and my tactic familiarity is in the early phase of 'competent', I'm using an attacking 4-2-3-1. It doesn't seem to matter what formation I use in regard to how complicated it is in relation to each team it's always the same problem. I'm also aware that it does take time for teams to gel and become familiar with what a manager wants from them tactically, but not always. It changes and differs for different teams at different times depending on the personnel and how the formation/tactics naturally fits, I don't find that on FM. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks Target Practice, will enquire about it. Bit of a pain in the arse not being able to get it out here.
  6. Hi all, I'm currently living and working in China and buying the game is almost impossible. I want to buy it off of Steam but I can't find it anywhere, what am I doing wrong? Is it possible to buy and download it straight from Steam? All help is much appreciated.
  7. Was it the old Championship Manager 1998 where you moved the players into position depending on where the ball was on the pitch? That was for on and off the ball and that is the most realistic tactical side of a game ever. A little rigid but still, very realistic. I don't remember the year as it was a long time ago.
  8. I think atmosphere at most Stadia in England is poor unless it's a rivalry game. I'm a Wolves fan and games at Molinuex might as well be in a library. I only see life in fans in the away end. Also, when I go to away games I find the home fans quiet and boring, even at St. James' or Sports Direct, if you prefer. My mates who support local teams also hate the boring atmosphere at home games. I was listening to TalkSport the other day and Collymore was bemoaning the situation in modern day Stadia. I want families and kids there to enjoy the sport, but being loud and chanting and maybe even lighting the odd flare in a designated area of the ground doesn't equal violence or danger. I even saw more life in MLS games!
  9. You've honestly never seen it? How do some posters manage to have so many bugs/annoyances totally out of their game? When ever anybody posts a question or a rant there is always the odd poster or two who have never seen it or had it happen in their game. It happens a lot in my game, terribly frustrating and no way to stop it! Just one of many annoyances on the game.
  10. I disagree wholeheartedly! If in my opinion Africa, as a continent, is throwing out a lot of fantastic players all over the pitch, except, only in my opinion of course, very few decent goalkeepers how can that be classed as being racist? We can disagree on whether my statement is correct or not, but if the OP wants to steer clear of African goalkeepers due to his thoughts being they aren't as strong in that position as other countries, rightly or wrongly, that doesn't make it a racist statement. He might have 2 African forwards in the team, for example!
  11. You are right billy, it doesn't affect everybody, same with the injury volume. Unfortunately, I tend to get both in high abundance!
  12. I find it weird at times. You sign a player as a Back-up player, he is aware of this and agrees to it in his contract, yet, even though he's getting game time he wants regular first-team football. It's more annoying when it's a keeper!
  13. Been around the game long enough? What are you on about!? I've played the game consistently in all it's formats since 1992. I have to say, the way the tactics are translated couldn't be further from football if it tried. The closest the game came to realism was years ago when you had to position your players in accordance to where the ball was on the pitch when in or not in possession, phase of play. I agree, I may not understand the game as well as others, there is a reason for this, the instructions to get my team to do what I want are backwards! Look at the tactics in the download centre, they are ridiculous yet very successful! Some of them are so unreal. I think the developers have tried to go too in-depth and have in fact lost all sensibility. I would definitely go back to phase of play. I'm UEFA 'B' qualified and this game does confuse me. It needs to be simplified and give you better direct instructions as a team ON and OFF the ball. I think the tactics and instructions and how they determine how your team/individuals behave are lost in translation and don't represent football.