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  1. dolph11

    San Marino Calcio Youth Challenge

    Following. Good work!
  2. Sorry dude, I just continued with the game and took the hit so don't have a save. It's something to be aware of though.
  3. I don't know how to take pictures or anything like that but any help is appreciated. I'm currently in a Northern Irish Danske Premier League Play-off final given that I finished 3rd in the Bluefin Championship with Donegal Celtic. Now, the problem is that 9 of my best and most prominent players are ineligible due to being unregistered. You don't have to register players for this final. In addition, Carrick (the opposition) have no players ineligible. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if there's something I'm missing. I've searched in game for reasons why, to no avail.I'm forced to play youngster (with a few exceptions) making their debuts! I am more than capable of winning with my full squad so feel a little irked here. I went ahead and played the first leg (with my depleted team) and drew 2-2 at home. Very disappointing. Didn't really want to waste my time on here but help is needed.
  4. Absolutely this. All I have read is platitudes and nothingness from most of the people who have responded and I'm pretty sure they're oblivious to it. Yes, you possibly know why but the OP is looking for more of a real football reason and not a game reason as the game doesn't reflect real football too well. As @RBKalle says the whole mentality/shape combined with individual mentalities just create chaos is some people's minds. It's trying to replicate real football but failing to do so which is what is leaving some players feeling disenfranchised, along with some of the underlying snarly comments I read on these types of threads (not on this one though, I must add).
  5. And defenders who can actually out-jump their opponents who have ridiculous heading and jumping abilities. I recently tried a save in Wales using a counter-structured mentality. What a disaster. I bought some good defenders for that level who could head and defend well (superficially) at that level. Most of the goals I conceded were from crosses that were consistently headed in by strikers or wingers who were nowhere near their jumping or heading ability. In addition, it wasn't as though they were unmarked, My defenders were just inadequate and yet, to make matters worse, they were totally unaware! The game only acknowledges missed headers. Defenders on the game are unaware that the 5'7 wingers should not be out-jumping him to the high cross into the box!
  6. This is the crux of the problem for me. The defenders are absolutely ridiculous, whichever level you play at. I have seen very little difference when defending deep on low-press and defending higher on high-press. They have zero idea of how to cover space where an opposing player can potentially run. 'Pivot' defending is non-existent. That is FA level 2 coaching standard! It's just that, a game. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the ball away from my defence as they are a bomb scare.
  7. As someone who has been successful and unsuccessful at this game I would say you can still have very little knowledge of football and be successful at this game. It's more about knowing how the game works, not football. Alas, you must understand the basic concept, after that understanding how the game works is much more beneficial.
  8. dolph11

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Awesome, Eduardo Lopez seems quite the player. You seem to be progressing nicely, hopefully in a season or two you can get into a group phase in Europe!
  9. dolph11

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Excellent, does it work with the most recent patch/fix? (Sorry for going off topic) I will be following this thread with interest.
  10. dolph11

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    This is really interesting. Good work! Which database are you using that enables you to manage in Andorra?
  11. Thanks for the response, Yonko. First off, 'drop deeper' is essential as without it my players get caught out with long balls. Even with 'drop deeper' this happens. In addition, my players still defend like headless chickens with the 'drop deeper' instruction so without it they'd close down and lose their position even more! Shorter passing is a decent idea, would you also lower the tempo in tandem with it? Play out of defence didn't work. I tried it and it just went against the whole tactic. Remember, it's not that there aren't options, it's that the players aren't using them, this is the most important thing. To be fair, the payers are linking well and there aren't many gaps. It would be much better if my DLF exploited the space more at times but hey, this is FM and the players don't always behave as they should. I toyed with the idea of an AM instead of a DLF but for some reason it also didn't work.
  12. I am currently in my second season with with Salford in the Vanarama National after winning the Vanarama North in my first season. It was quite an emphatic first season only losing a handful of games and playing some really good football. Furthermore, it was done with only two additions to my squad who were terrible signings and didn't feature at all throughout the season. Fast forward to the current season, I continued my great form into the new season and was top of the league after around 20 games and decimating others easily with some great performances, once again with only a few new signings. It was pretty much the same team I had that won the league the previous season. Now, I'm sure that you were expecting the age old problem of 'being found out' or 'teams have adapted due to your form' and this is true, it has happened. My issue is, I don't know how or where to rectify it. My tactic is a very simple one, which I will share with you a little later. A major problem for me is that the goals I'm conceding and the opportunities that I'm missing aren't tactic related, if they are, I'd like some help in how to do so. My tactic - AF/A DLF/S WM/A CM/D CM/S W/A FB/S CD/D CD/D FB/S GK/D Mentality - Counter Team Shape - Structured Team Instructions - Drop Deeper. These have changed a couple of times in order to eradicate the ridiculous hoofing from defenders which wasn't happening before, to no avail. I worked with 'play out of defence' which stifled the whole tactic far too much and didn't really stop the seriously baffling clearances. As you can see, it's a really simple tactic and not too elaborate which I believe is necessary for the level I'm at but it was seriously effective and played exactly how I expected it to. The main issues I'm faced with:- * Defenders, who previously weren't doing so, are now just aimlessly hoofing the ball up the field when there is a better passing opportunity or they seemingly passing it straight to the areas the opposition are taking up. I hear you thinking 'they must be under pressure', I wish this were true as it'd make my life easier as I'd be able to change the tactic accordingly, however, I do watch the matches and they are under no more pressure, visually, than before and there is no apparent reason for there ineptness. * Full-Backs turning back inside ONTO THEIR WEAKER FOOT to clear the ball into the middle of the park to perfectly gift the opposition with a free run at goal. WHAT!? * The same problem I've brought up on here before but got very little response to and I really would like a MOD or somebody to help me with this one as it costs me goals on what might be seen as a 'counter-attack' but it really isn't and is quite infuriating! Clearances from my attacking phase by the opposition that none of my defenders go for, It's ridiculous and makes no sense. The opposition attack could be thwarted immediately and there is no danger whatsoever yet the defenders just allow their individual attacker all the time in the world to do what he wants. This, is not a counter-attack, this is inadequate defending which I can't seem to change. How do I change this? The crux of the problem is this, I am sure their are reasons for these things, however, visually I really can't see it. Please don't be of the disposition that I mustn't know or understand football because I can't see this in game because that would just be unnecessary. Do I need to be able to guess the reasons for these problems or is there a way to tell. How can my team performance drop so dramatically when I have no problems in my squad? My assistant hasn't mentioned anybody feeling any pressure, there is nothing in the matches that says players are nervous or complacent, which reminds of something else, my players are genuinely composed or motivated and fitter than some of the opposing teams I've faced who looked complacent and disenchanted yet I still managed to lose! If I can figure out how to post screenshots I will do so but I am useless at that type of thing. I do understand teams will defend more against me and not be so open but that doesn't seem to be the reason for the problem, the problem seems to be with my own players but I can't fathom why. I don;t want to quit the save as it was thoroughly enjoyable before things started to become unfathomable (and not just because I was winning but my tactic was making sense, even in the games I lost) but help would be much appreciated as I struggle to continue with something that becomes illogical and will start a new save.
  13. Help needed here. I'm currently playing as FK Inter in the Finnish Premier League and am a few games away from winning the league. I'm not great at posting pics so hoping my explanation works. I've been trying to dissect the goals I'm conceding and the main problem is clearances from the opposition in their attacking transition phase. I don't set my defenders to 'man mark' nor 'mark tightly', I also have them on 'close down less'. My mentality and structure is Attacking/Highly Structured although depending on the game I do change the mentality. Now, I'm not happy with the defensive aspect of the game in general and am left baffled at ridiculous defensive decisions but here I'm going to be more specific. I give Central Defenders the instructions above as I don't want them running around like brainless zombies and it tends to work a little bit. My problem is when I am attacking, be it a corner, free-kick or open play, when the opposition defence clear the ball none of my defenders even attempt to follow the attacker who comes a little deep or goes wide. Now, at times I've had 4 defenders 'stay back' still with no pressure on the opposition attacker. It makes absolutely no sense. It turns an absolutely futile 'counter-attack' into a dangerously ferocious one. Is this tactical? Do I have to surrender the rest of my tactics to change this? I don't want to put my Defenders on 'Man Mark' or 'close down more' but neither do I want them to be passive in such a critical phase of play. I'm looking for some realism here and no matter the level one opposition attacker coming deep on the halfway line with two defenders would be put under a high amount of pressure by at least one of them. How can I get this done?
  14. Why was pheelf picked up on his fair criticism of puffasruffowitz yet the latter wasn't picked up for his condescending and inadvertent attempt to make the posters point seem ridiculous?
  15. Ah ok, got ya! That would explain it. Thanks!