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  1. Hahahahahaha! We won the opening stage and this is after the 1st game of the closing stage. Some things in this game are clearly not up to scratch.
  2. Any advance on this? I'm two seasons on after winning the Copa Libertadores with 45m in the bank and the option still isn't appearing.
  3. Here's why I think the game is ridiculous, well, not the the game, the ME. There is no way anybody with any ounce of credence or truth can say it's been improved for definite. They can have the opinion that is has but it's not concrete. This is the problem, it should be obvious. It has most definitely stagnated, or, for want of a better argument, possibly increased in some areas and declined in others. A prime example is defending corners. I leave both my full-backs back as cover. Both are fairly rapid (both pace and acceleration over 17) yet they get blitzed by a lone striker who is slower. How is this physically possible? My strikers are never capable of the same! They have to run for a little while and then hold the ball up for support! It's beyond infuriating. Another, my defenders allow the opposition to bring down a ball unchallenged from a keepers' long kick! It's happened so many times I've lost count! That isn't tactical. Neither can I lament them for it! Finally, I've added pictures from my Copa Libertadores victory. It took me ten seasons to build a team and get there. I absolutely outplayed them. We were the underdogs and I do feel like my pre-game team meeting helped more so than anything else. I took the pressure off them. After 15 minutes we had missed two 'sitters' and hit the post. I knew where the game was heading. We had some good opportunities as the game went on but it started becoming farcical. We managed to go ahead through a penalty; relief! It didn't last long, my defender dwelled on the ball with two teammates in close proximity but he decided not to pass and it got stolen from him and their forward went one-on-one and finished with ease. My strikers usually miss. I digress, the game went on and we churned chance after chance. Alas, it went to penalties after extra-time. By this point I didn't care if we won or not. It was ridiculous to watch. We did win. I had done it, I had won the biggest prize in South American football with my small team from Uruguay! Quite a feat, some might say. However, it was soulless. A hollow victory, of sorts, and a reflection of the game in general. I had become so perplexed watching it that the result had become a non-entity. My tactics work, obviously. I have to tinker with them and I have to use shouts. It's not a plug and play tactic. I've changed the role of my striker numerous times to try and get the best out of him. He still has been my 3rd top scorer in the last 3 seasons despite me winning the league on all 3 occasions. I have been advised it's because I play with an attacking mentality - is that hard-coded into the game? If you play attacking your striker will miss lots of opportunities but your inside-forwards will be more accurate? Do attributes not come into it? I have so many questions that I can not translate well over text that I could in person. Will I buy the next instalment? That depends. The ME must be improved. No more flashy, gimmicky additions. Club vision? I can do without it. Player interaction? I could do without it. Why? Because for me I want what I put into my tactics to translate better onto the pitch. Club vision and player interactions at the moment are basic, at best. Media interaction hasn't changed in years either! Don't even start me on staff advice!
  4. I genuinely wish I could show you a highlight reel.
  5. Admittedly my formation is rather attacking and I do score a lot of goals yet in ten seasons not once has one of my lone-strikers finished top scorer in my team. I think that speaks volumes. I'm a successful team and create enough opportunities for them to score. The amount that they have missed between them over the seasons is embarrassingly unrealistic! People can say 'it's your tactic' or 'it's because you're playing an attacking style'. A load of cobblers. My forwards consistently miss fantastic opportunities, I still win leagues, but that's not the point. The whole game ME feels off because of it.
  6. Thanks. I think I've uploaded it correctly. It's a simple save name 'villaespanola.fm'
  7. Didn't really want to start a new thread but didn't know where else to put this. Anyhow, I'm in the season 2029 with Union Espanola (Uruguay) and have been relatively successful. My only problem is I haven't been able to upgrade my training facilities since 2022! I currently have 35M in the bank and have had a good amount of money over the years due to player sales and domestic success and continental qualifications. I have, however, been able to upgrade my youth facilities and move to a new stadium. The thing that has frustrated the most is that the option to request an upgrade to my training facilities hasn't even appeared since 2022 despite being financially capable at different time since then but more so within the last 3 years. Any ideas what the reason could be? I think this could be the difference between Continental success and always being the 'nearly men'.
  8. M My top scorer in the league in my championship winning season. I played him as an IF/a, most of his goals were from headers. My tall striker couldn't score for toffee. Was a strange season, to say the least.
  9. Without wanting to sound flippant either, I have tried watching a full game and it is nothing like real football and understandably so. Player movement off the ball and defensive positioning is horrendous, genuinely. Defenders don't even understand the concept of 'get your body between the ball and the goal', an absolute fundamental of football. The problem is sometimes I have no idea why my team is losing as on the face of it they are playing well. It's usually down to my forwards missing sitters and the opposition scoring out of nothing.
  10. This can not be emphasized enough. It's obvious if I lose a game tactically or to a better team but when you lose a few matches on the bounce due to errors/mistakes/nonsensical behaviour by your team that really isn't tactical the fun instantly goes and it's impossible to rectify it. This is what creates the frustration in players. Great overall post.
  11. Oh, no worries! Maybe that's where the miss-communication arose from! I genuinely don;t know what caused it and I think it would be beneficial to have an idea as to why it happened. My point of the post was in response to the OP. Take it easy!
  12. You're totally missing the point. My team became ineffective in attack in every way, shape and form. Yes, of course you can get punished, but here we are talking 4 games out of nowhere in which my players played well and on the face of it did what they needed but just couldn't score. The opposition didn't really have to do anything to score. As people have complained about before, sometimes it seems there's nothing you can do to score, yet they AI just score a nothing goal. Those 4 games were not endemic of my season or my tactic, the games just went weird.
  13. But why would you change a tactic that is working when it's only your forwards decision making and finishing that is the problem? I wasn't under any real threat in any of the games, apart from Nacional who had a great striker who punished me aerially. In the other games there was no threat, all I needed was a striker to put the ball in the net. The goals I conceded weren't because of the threat of the opposition, it was due to an element of bad luck/stupidity.
  14. To add to that, it wasn't just the finishing, it was also the decision making in the final 3rd that changed dramatically without reason also. This is what leaves many players confused.
  15. I get your theory, but it really isn't the case. Of course, shooting in a crowded area is going to result in blocked shots and defenders 'putting off' the striker. Even in the match against Barcelona (ECU) my left inside forward (right-footed) cut inside, one-on-one with the keeper and hit it with his left foot! Stupidity, really. Of course, I won, so it didn't bother me as much, that's how it works, When you lose, you want answers so you can rectify it. Where your theory falls down is the easiest of my games was Deportivo Maldonado yet I had numerous attempts, one of them was a beautiful opportunity, player found in space with all the time in the world on the edge of the 6-yard box and he passed it into the keepers' hands. Just mind-boggling stuff, really. The most difficult of the games was Nacional, who we also found it difficult to score against. Again, I reiterate, in no way was this tactical, my forwards just couldn't score for love nor money, yet the opposition scored creating next to nothing. It's ok to work off assumptions and theory, and here I believe you're working off the assumption that I missed obvious things like the things you mentioned a few posts ago, but I have to tell you that wasn't the case. Take it easy!
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