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  1. Help needed here. I'm currently playing as FK Inter in the Finnish Premier League and am a few games away from winning the league. I'm not great at posting pics so hoping my explanation works. I've been trying to dissect the goals I'm conceding and the main problem is clearances from the opposition in their attacking transition phase. I don't set my defenders to 'man mark' nor 'mark tightly', I also have them on 'close down less'. My mentality and structure is Attacking/Highly Structured although depending on the game I do change the mentality. Now, I'm not happy with the defensive aspect of the game in general and am left baffled at ridiculous defensive decisions but here I'm going to be more specific. I give Central Defenders the instructions above as I don't want them running around like brainless zombies and it tends to work a little bit. My problem is when I am attacking, be it a corner, free-kick or open play, when the opposition defence clear the ball none of my defenders even attempt to follow the attacker who comes a little deep or goes wide. Now, at times I've had 4 defenders 'stay back' still with no pressure on the opposition attacker. It makes absolutely no sense. It turns an absolutely futile 'counter-attack' into a dangerously ferocious one. Is this tactical? Do I have to surrender the rest of my tactics to change this? I don't want to put my Defenders on 'Man Mark' or 'close down more' but neither do I want them to be passive in such a critical phase of play. I'm looking for some realism here and no matter the level one opposition attacker coming deep on the halfway line with two defenders would be put under a high amount of pressure by at least one of them. How can I get this done?
  2. Why was pheelf picked up on his fair criticism of puffasruffowitz yet the latter wasn't picked up for his condescending and inadvertent attempt to make the posters point seem ridiculous?
  3. Ah ok, got ya! That would explain it. Thanks!
  4. I have no idea how to do that, unfortunately. They are in Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager2018>Editor Data
  5. I can see the files in my editor date folder but they are not visible once I start a new game.
  6. Your best/longest career?

    I have no idea why but the best saves I've had (in FM15 and FM16) were with FK Inter in Finland. Highly successful in both and really enjoyable. I found a few problems though when qualifying for The Champions League as I didn't have a pre-season and as such the game couldn't update itself so my stadium and facilities stagnated at times. Still, I will have another go in FM18 once I've figured it out.
  7. Hi @Neil Brock, I just thought I'd update. Since deleting the other Anti-virus' off my laptop I've had no problems. It would seem that your initial thoughts were correct. Some Anti-virus' might cause a problem when playing the game.
  8. After reading it, I have Windows 10 and as such have WIndows Defender, would you recommend that I don't need any other anti-virus? This might clear up the problem totally.
  9. Thanks for the swift response, Neil. I'm currently using 'Avira' anti-virus but I also have McAfee which came with the computer but doesn't actually work as I didn't subscribe to it and AVG has also been downloaded. I'm not the greatest when it comes to information technology, as you can probably recognise. Anyhow, I'll have a look at that and keep you up to date.
  10. Update; after turning my laptop off and on a few times it's working fine. Still, it's kind of strange and is there any way that this can be avoided?
  11. After reading a number of technical issues I found nothing similar, my apologies if I missed something. Today, for the fifth save in a row, my computer crashed and I lost everything from my save. Now, I'm pretty certain it's not caused by my laptop as it's only happened since I bought FM2018. What could the cause be? I'm not so bothered about it crashing but it's when I reload the game everything is lost! My saved game, everything! However, in my Sports Interactive folder my saved game file is still there. The game goes back to it's base form, including preferences and everything, as though it's a new game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.