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  1. I am playing FM19 with auto-updates on and my version is 19.1. Is this the most recent update? On here it says 19.2.1. How do I get my version to the most recent?
  2. How do I change team fluidity? It seems to auto-select it? Can I manually change it? Can't see the option to do so anywhere on the tactics screen.
  3. I'm finding it very difficult to get into the game. I cannot put my finger on as to why, in all honesty. I think that there is too much to do. The training, all the info (a lot of which seems unnecessary) and just screens filled with writing and lists and data. Granted, I bought it today and am only 4 league games in but it's taken me an eternity! I do enjoy stats and feedback but it's all a bit boring at the minute.
  4. Without a doubt Donegal Celtic on FM18 for me. Somehow I managed great success (it's still ongoing as I haven't won the Champions League yet) and have have dominated for years domestically. Was surprised as 442 took me from the lowest league to the top but then changed to box 4222 and progressed even further. A fantastic save, it is!
  5. I think it would give us more understanding if somebody 'in the know' answered the OP.
  6. Good read, this! Keep up the excellent progress!
  7. Cecchetti must have been some striker at that level!
  8. Absolutely this. All I have read is platitudes and nothingness from most of the people who have responded and I'm pretty sure they're oblivious to it. Yes, you possibly know why but the OP is looking for more of a real football reason and not a game reason as the game doesn't reflect real football too well. As @RBKalle says the whole mentality/shape combined with individual mentalities just create chaos is some people's minds. It's trying to replicate real football but failing to do so which is what is leaving some players feeling disenfranchised, along with some of the underlying snarly comments I read on these types of threads (not on this one though, I must add).
  9. And defenders who can actually out-jump their opponents who have ridiculous heading and jumping abilities. I recently tried a save in Wales using a counter-structured mentality. What a disaster. I bought some good defenders for that level who could head and defend well (superficially) at that level. Most of the goals I conceded were from crosses that were consistently headed in by strikers or wingers who were nowhere near their jumping or heading ability. In addition, it wasn't as though they were unmarked, My defenders were just inadequate and yet, to make matters worse, they were totally unaware! The game only acknowledges missed headers. Defenders on the game are unaware that the 5'7 wingers should not be out-jumping him to the high cross into the box!
  10. This is the crux of the problem for me. The defenders are absolutely ridiculous, whichever level you play at. I have seen very little difference when defending deep on low-press and defending higher on high-press. They have zero idea of how to cover space where an opposing player can potentially run. 'Pivot' defending is non-existent. That is FA level 2 coaching standard! It's just that, a game. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the ball away from my defence as they are a bomb scare.
  11. As someone who has been successful and unsuccessful at this game I would say you can still have very little knowledge of football and be successful at this game. It's more about knowing how the game works, not football. Alas, you must understand the basic concept, after that understanding how the game works is much more beneficial.
  12. Awesome, Eduardo Lopez seems quite the player. You seem to be progressing nicely, hopefully in a season or two you can get into a group phase in Europe!
  13. Excellent, does it work with the most recent patch/fix? (Sorry for going off topic) I will be following this thread with interest.
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