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  1. Catenaccio was totally reliant upon tactically incredible defensive structure and usually a lone-striker who was there as THE outlet. It's one of the reasons the original Ronaldo was so amazing he was able to be so successful in that system, a system in which Dennis Bergkamp, for example (an outstanding player), wasn't quite as successful and left for England. But, make no mistake about it, it was built on defensive solidity.
  2. I think we are kind of in agreement somewhere along the lines here without it being obvious. But, imagine in real life, Widzew Lodz v Liverpool, there's no way you'd want to engage anything more than passively. Keep the lines and very few passing lanes open. That's what Catenaccio is and it's exactly what it should do if it says it in the preset. It does the complete opposite. Due to this, it leads to much confusion regarding tactics.
  3. Ok, let's break it down a little. As a starter, that preset tactic is not far from what I would look at in real life. Defend deep, don't engage too much in order to keep shape and not become open. Does that make sense? So, it's not working, it now becomes a lottery. Close down more? With a Catenaccio style? Trying to fortify the goal? Makes no sense! Raise the defensive line? In a Catenaccio? Trying to allow as little space as possible? Makes no sense! I don't see where I could have won without choosing options that absolutely go against the descriptions given.
  4. Because it was more of an experiment. I feel like people are misunderstanding the point of my post. It isn't that I lost, it's the absurdity of it. Those instructions, on the face of it, should not have been as easily penetrated as it was. Quite simple really. Do you not think the templates and logic of it need more clarity?
  5. Oh come on now, you're not being realistic here. Wolves, over the previous two seasons defended passively and intelligently. This is my point, you can use the formation from the template and not face 70 shots. Let's be real here. That tactic and the instructions are misleading.
  6. I'm on about the instructions. Tell me, how did Wolves defend differently over the previous two seasons? It was extremely passive and more about denying space positionally than trying to win the ball back. We had no BWM and only one career CB (Willy Boly). I really don't know how you see that Wolves defended anything other than passively.
  7. We are talking SEVENTY shots here people. I'm not talking about a defeat. In my opinion, no formation/style should allow that, especially one that isn't horrifically unbalanced.
  8. Please, I'm intrigued, tell me how this formation would differ from Wolves over the previous two seasons, as I can guarantee you, on paper, it wouldn't differ much. Especially in the defensive strata!
  9. But in real life that can work, genuinely. Watch any Wolves game from last season and I can guarantee you you won't see much difference. In addition, as someone who has done coaching badges when you defend deep like that you don't want to close down to much as you lose positional space. The key is where the defenders stand and a lot of pivotal defending is needed. The point is that this formation should have been far more impenetrable with that amount of bodies behind the ball, they were all just standing in the wrong place. Just standing one step in the wrong place can ruin the w
  10. This is my point. The tactic I used is almost identical to Wolves set-up that got us to the Semi's of the Euro Cup. The difference is we used an IWB at RB and Neves less so as a RPM and more of a DLP. We were defensive, low-block and soaked up a lot of pressure, looking to get it to Jimenez (CF) and he would work his socks off. It was a modern form of Catenaccio and very similar to the pre-set tactic here. Even the Team Instructions are similar. There is no way 70 shots would occur with this set-up in real life. It did not represent defensive football in any way. Work needs to be done on a mas
  11. The thing is, that formation in reality can work. Obstruct the passing the lanes, much like my team Wolves did last season. We would camp out with 5 at the back and counter, much like a Catenaccio system. It's just on here it doesn't work as defenders don't really know how to defend in such situations. They don't have the positional awareness.
  12. They were the recommended tactics from the template. Surely they should be reasonable for the style, no?
  13. Let me begin by saying I'm quite a successful player. Far from the best but am capable. One thing I've never been able to master is a 'defensive' system within the tactics. I really hope this thread doesn't get moved to the tactics section as I believe it has more to do with the misunderstanding of how the labels/instructions work. I'm currently managing Widzew Lodz in Poland. I got them promoted in the 1st season and won the Estraklasa in my 3rd. I'm currently in the Champions League. I lost my first 2 games against Real Sociedad and Juventus, both were 2-0 defeats. Not too dishea
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