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[FM22] Kickstarting the Chiefs: South Africa's Global Football Ambition - YOUTH CHALLENGE


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Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted on the forum as I've been way too busy with work, but I have a quietish few months ahead of me and I've been re-discovering my love of the game so thought I would return. I've also been playing around with ChatGPT and other than being utterly amazed of it's capabilities, it has been great fun adding some immersion to the game. 

As a result this career update will look and feel a little different and is perhaps more closely aligned to the FM Stories forum (but they don't allow pictures). I hope it's ok, can't see anything in the rules to suggest this would be against the forum rules - but feel free to move.

As well as using ChatGPT to tell the story, I'm intending to use the spreadsheets shared by @Punch and I understand originally developed by @Jtomsett11 and @shaunvamos for analysis of the team and players. Thank you all for your contribution to these tools, hope you enjoy following this thread.

Otherwise I'd really like everybody's feedback, what do you think of the style of updates?

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Context & Background

In the heart of Johannesburg, where the rich tapestry of South African football history weaves its intricate patterns, there exists a club that transcends mere sport. The Kaiser Chiefs, named in honor of the Zulu warriors who once ruled these lands, have long been a beacon of hope, pride, and aspiration in a nation where the beautiful game is more than a pastime; it's a way of life. Born in 1970, the club has risen from humble beginnings to become an institution, a symbol of South Africa's footballing passion. But now, as the sun sets on one era, a new dawn awaits.

In the early 2020s, a wind of change swept through the corridors of footballing authorities worldwide. The prevailing footballing model, where clubs competed within their own national leagues with only sporadic continental games allowing for inter-nation showdowns, had left fans yearning for something more. A collective vision emerged, giving rise to a revolutionary league structure designed to satiate the global hunger for football competition. This visionary reformation unveiled a grand tapestry of 20 separate divisions, each meticulously crafted to pit the crème de la crème of clubs from every corner of the globe against each other. It was an audacious plan to determine, once and for all, who would ascend to the title of the world's best club. The stage was set for a new era in football, a dynamic and challenging chapter that demanded the very best from every club willing to partake in this audacious global endeavor.

This is the tale of the Kaiser Chiefs, poised to write the next chapter in their illustrious history, one that transcends borders and boundaries, as they embark on a remarkable journey to conquer a global stage, raising the bar for excellence, and nurturing young talent that will forever etch South Africa's name among the world's footballing elite.

Jonas Gutierrez

Jonas Gutierrez had always possessed a deep passion for the game. As a player, he had dazzled the world with his skills while donning the black and white stripes of Newcastle United in the English Premier League. But it was a career-threatening battle with cancer that altered the trajectory of his life. In the darkest hours of his struggle, he found a renewed sense of purpose, not just in playing the game, but in shaping it.

During his recovery, Jonas immersed himself in studying the tactical nuances of football, dedicating countless hours to coaching courses and earning his badges. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, coupled with his deep love for the sport, made him an attractive prospect in the world of football management.

It was during a scouting mission in South Africa, seeking to unearth hidden gems for a European club, that Jonas crossed paths with the Kaiser Chiefs. A chance meeting with the club's ownership and board members led to an interview between Jonas and the chairman.



Chairman Kaizer Motaung: Please, have a seat, Jonas. Thank you for coming in today. As you know, we are at a pivotal moment in the history of Kaiser Chiefs, and we're looking for someone who can guide our beloved club to new heights. I'd like to start by asking you, what do you think makes you the right person for this job?

Jonas Gutierrez: Thank you, Chairman Motaung, for this opportunity. I believe my experience, both as a player and as someone who's had the privilege of working closely with talented young players, makes me well-suited for this role. I understand the essence of football and the importance of developing youth talent.

Chairman Kaizer Motaung: That's good to hear, Jonas. Now, let me be clear about our expectations for the future of Kaiser Chiefs. Firstly, we want the club to focus on developing our young players. South Africa has a wealth of untapped talent, and we want to be at the forefront of nurturing and showcasing it. Are you on board with this vision?

Jonas Gutierrez: Absolutely, Chairman. Developing young talent has always been a passion of mine. I firmly believe in the potential of South African players, and I'm committed to providing them with the best opportunities to succeed.

Chairman Kaizer Motaung: That's a promising start, Jonas. Now, I want to be clear about our transfer policy. We expect minimal external transfers. The only exceptions will be if a transfer was already arranged by the previous manager, or if it's a player who previously played for Kaiser Chiefs. Are you willing to work within these guidelines?

Jonas Gutierrez: I understand the importance of continuity and trust in the existing squad. I fully support this policy, and I believe we can achieve success with the talent we already have.

Chairman Kaizer Motaung: Good, good. One more thing, Jonas, and this is crucial. We expect you to implement a footballing philosophy based on entertaining, attacking, and possession-based football. Kaiser Chiefs has a legacy of exciting play, and we want to maintain that tradition. Do you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to bring this philosophy to life?

Jonas Gutierrez: Chairman Motaung, I am wholeheartedly committed to playing the kind of football that the fans love. My playing career, especially at Newcastle United, exposed me to high-level football and the importance of an entertaining style of play. I'll work tirelessly to implement this philosophy and bring back the brand of football that Kaiser Chiefs is known for.

Chairman Kaizer Motaung: I appreciate your enthusiasm, Jonas. The future of Kaiser Chiefs is in your hands, and I hope you can carry the club to new heights. You've convinced me that you're the right person for this job. Welcome to Kaiser Chiefs, Jonas Gutierrez. Let's work together to revive the spirit of this great club.


They saw in Jonas a beacon of change for a club desperate to rise from the ashes of their current predicament. With the club languishing at the bottom of the global league, they made the audacious decision to appoint Jonas Gutierrez as their new manager, entrusting him with the daunting task of orchestrating a revival that seemed impossible. And so, the Argentinian maestro, once hailed for his skills on the field, now stood on the touchline, ready to orchestrate a different kind of magic for the Kaiser Chiefs

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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 1 - 23/24 Season

Jonas arrived into Kaiser Chiefs on the 1st March 2024, 24 games into a 30 game season with the team sitting rock bottom of the World Gateway Division 3 - the lowest rung on the new global football league structure.

The journey as Kaiser Chiefs' manager was fraught with early challenges and stumbling blocks. His appointment was met with anticipation and hope, but the initial results were far from promising. In his first month at the helm, the team's performance continued to disappoint. While they managed a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Independiente Medellin, the rest of the season remained a tough battle, including four painful losses. However, a ray of hope pierced through the gloom as they secured a remarkable 4-1 victory against Lech, thanks to a hat-trick from the 33-year-old Zimbabwean sensation, Khama Billiat.


Despite this glimmer of success, the season ultimately concluded with the club anchored to the bottom of the table, finishing with a mere 20 points. The season's ledger revealed a challenging tally of only four wins, underscoring the immense hurdles Jonas and his team would need to surmount to resurrect the Kaiser Chiefs' faltering fortunes.



Criticism for the press was plentiful as shown by this piece in South Africa’s leading newspaper, The South African on the final day of the season:




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Determined to rebuild the Kaiser Chiefs from the ground up, Jonas Gutierrez embarked on an ambitious quest during the close season. He knew that to fulfill his vision of nurturing young South African talent and breathing new life into the club, he needed a dedicated team that shared his philosophy. The first piece of the puzzle was found in 41 year old Slovenian Luka Elsner, a model professional whose passion for the game rivaled Jonas's own. Appointed as the Assistant Manager, Elsner brought a wealth of experience to the coaching staff.


To bolster the development of young prospects, Dirck Mack was brought in as the Head of Youth Development, tasked with honing the raw potential of the club's budding talents. But Jonas didn't stop there. In a move that added both prestige and invaluable knowledge to his backroom team, he recruited legendary ex-players Dennis Bergkamp and Jaap Stam as coaches. These former stars of the game were tasked with instilling their expertise and wisdom into the young Kaiser Chiefs' squad, igniting a spark of inspiration and aspiration that would define the club's future. With a new, dedicated, and star-studded support system in place, Jonas Gutierrez and his team were poised to rewrite the narrative of the Kaiser Chiefs and rise from the ashes of their past failures.




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As Jonas Gutierrez and his newly assembled team prepared for the daunting challenges of the upcoming season, they confronted a sobering reality: the club's finances were in dire straits. When they first entered the global league in July 2021, the Kaiser Chiefs boasted a healthy £66 million in their coffers. However, the combination of high player wages and dwindling gate receipts due to South Africa's economic challenges had drained the club's resources, leaving a mere £3.5 million at the end of the 23/24 season. It was clear that they lacked the financial firepower to compete in the bustling transfer market that often defined football success. Yet, Jonas remained undeterred. He knew that the club's excellent training facilities and an impressive youth set-up were hidden gems, assets that could be harnessed to develop and elevate the current crop of players, relying on the academy to unearth and nurture the talent that would propel the Kaiser Chiefs back to glory. It was a strategy that placed faith in the resilience of the club's spirit and the determination of their coaching staff.


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As the new season approached, Jonas Gutierrez sat down with Dick Mack to discuss the youth prospects who were set to join the Kaiser Chiefs' squad. They meticulously analyzed each player's attributes and potential, eager to identify the future stars who could carry the club to new heights.


They meticulously analyzed each player's attributes and potential, eager to identify the future stars who could carry the club to new heights.


Jonas Gutierrez: (Reviewing the data on his tablet) Dirck, these young prospects could be the future of Kaiser Chiefs. Let's start with Gift Selili (YP3f), the young left midfielder. What do you think of his potential?

Dirck Mack: (Assessing the data) Gift Selili has impressive attributes in acceleration and balance, which could serve him well on the wing. However, Jonas, I must admit I have reservations about his overall potential. His determination and decision-making skills may not be at the level we need for the future.

Jonas Gutierrez: I see your point, Dirck. What's your assessment of Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g), who plays in central and defensive midfield?

Dirck Mack: Ngubane has strengths in work rate and determination, but his attributes might not develop as significantly as we'd like for a Kaiser Chiefs player in the long run. It could be a challenging journey for him.

Jonas Gutierrez: Lastly, we have Dino Kipara (YP3c), who's a right-back. How do you view his potential contribution?

Dirck Mack: Dino Kipara's physical attributes stand out, but I'm concerned that he might not reach the level required to be a reliable right-back for Kaiser Chiefs. We'll need to keep a close eye on his development.

Jonas Gutierrez: I understand your assessments, Dirck. What about Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), the midfielder? How do you see his potential?

Dirck Mack: (With a more optimistic tone): Thabiso Tsichlas is a bright prospect, Jonas. He was born right here in Johannesburg, which means he understands the heart of this club. His family situation is stable, and he's got a lighthearted mentality that can uplift the team. Thabiso was discovered by Kaiser Chiefs at a local youth tournament, where he caught our scouts' attention with his exceptional ball control and vision. His mentality is positive, and that shows in his work rate and positioning. Thabiso possesses the right mix of flair and composure that can make him a game-changer. His potential is remarkable, and we should prioritize his development. He's the type of talent who can bring glory back to the Kaiser Chiefs.


As they concluded their discussion, Jonas and Dirck were filled with a renewed sense of purpose. Thabiso Tsichlas, with his outstanding stats and exceptional potential, represented the beacon of hope that the Kaiser Chiefs desperately needed to rebuild and aspire to greatness once more.

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In addition to the Youth Prospects, Jonas asked Assistant Manager Luka Ellsner to start to assess the qualities of the main squad, starting with the Goalkeepers.


Here’s the overall assessment of the players:

  1. Itumeleng Khune (37, GK): Khune is a seasoned goalkeeper with exceptional handling and kicking skills. His leadership and determination are noteworthy. However, his agility, balance, and pace are areas of concern. He made 1 appearance with a clean sheet last season. His passing accuracy was 63%.

  2. Brandon Petersen (30, GK): Petersen excels in command of area, communication, and eccentricity. His strength and natural fitness are also commendable. His vision and off the ball skills could use improvement. He made 20 appearances with 6 clean sheets last season. He was named Player of the Match once and had a passing accuracy of 67%.

  3. Bruce Bvuma (29, GK): Bvuma has good handling and kicking skills. His first touch is impressive. However, his agility, balance, and pace are lower compared to others. He made 11 appearances without any clean sheets last season. His passing accuracy was 48%.

  4. Lungile Nkosi (20, GK): Nkosi is a young goalkeeper with good handling skills. His jumping ability is impressive. However, his command of area, communication skills, and eccentricity are areas that need improvement. He made 3 appearances without any data on clean sheets last season. His passing accuracy was 97%.

The following players did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season:

  • Promise Chuene (17, GK): Chuene has good handling skills and reflexes. His determination is impressive at 15. However, his command of area, communication skills, and eccentricity are areas that need improvement.

  • Luyolo Abrahams (18, GK): Abrahams has good reflexes with a score of 18. His work rate is also commendable at 12. However, his command of area, communication skills, and eccentricity all scored a 2 which indicates room for improvement.

  • Sihle Dlamini (YP3e) (15, GK): Dlamini is the youngest goalkeeper with good reflexes at 15. His determination is also commendable at 9. However, his command of area, communication skills, and eccentricity all scored less than 10 which indicates room for improvement.

Please note that these assessments are based on the data provided and do not take into account other factors such as experience, performance under pressure, etc.


Based on the available data and attributes, Itumeleng Khune and Brandon Petersen stand out as top options for the goalkeeper position, considering age and effectiveness. Khune's age could impact his long-term prospects, making Brandon Petersen a more suitable choice for medium-term planning. Young prospects require further development before becoming reliable options.

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Good luck with this, following to see how you get along.

Remember the attributes spreadsheet are a guide of growth, or lack thereof, and the players with the highest average, may not always be the best player.

Have fun!

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14 hours ago, Punch said:

Good luck with this, following to see how you get along.

Remember the attributes spreadsheet are a guide of growth, or lack thereof, and the players with the highest average, may not always be the best player.

Have fun!

Thanks, really pleased to have you following along.

Completely get your point on the attribute spreadsheet, I'm actually already 8 years into the save and have only retrospectively started to use your spreadsheet, I'm now posting to catch up - I've been very surprised as a result by some of the suggestions from the analysis; it has however definitely led me to question some of my original decision making!! I think I may have missed some players with more potential than I had given them credit for.

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Central Defenders

Here's the updated assessment of the strongest central defenders:

  1. Siyabonga Ngezana (26, D (RC)): Siyabonga has good acceleration and strength. His natural fitness, agility, and work rate are commendable. However, his vision and flair could use some improvement. He made 22 appearances last season with a passing accuracy of 92%. He made 16 key passes and had an average of 2.23 tackles and 0.47 dribbles per game.

  2. Filip Kaša (30, D C): Filip shines in stamina and strength. His teamwork is also notable. However, his acceleration and decision making are areas where he could improve. He made a total of 27 appearances last season, provided one assist, and had a passing accuracy of 95%. He made 2 key passes and had an average of 0.59 tackles per game.

  3. John García (35, D C): John’s natural fitness and work rate stand out. His positioning and teamwork are also strong. However, his pace and acceleration are not as high as some other players. He made 2 appearances last season with a passing accuracy of 91%. He made 1 key pass and had an average of 1.5 tackles per game.

  4. Njabulo Ngcobo (30, D C): Njabulo has excellent acceleration and natural fitness. His determination is also quite high. However, his off the ball skills and anticipation could be better. He made 13 appearances last season, scored one goal, provided one assist, and had a passing accuracy of 93%. He had an average of 0.42 tackles and 0.08 dribbles per game.

  5. Facundo Agüero (29, D (RC)): Facundo excels in many areas including stamina, strength, balance, natural fitness, agility, jumping, work rate, positioning, teamwork, determination, leadership, decision making, concentration, anticipation, off the ball skills, vision, flair, bravery and composure. He made 21 appearances last season with a passing accuracy of 91%. He made 6 key passes and had an average of 0.92 tackles and 0.06 dribbles per game.


Among these central defenders, Siyabonga Ngezana stands out for his combination of attributes and solid performance score. Filip Kaša is also a reliable choice with strong strength and balance. Njabulo Ngcobo offers strength, agility, and a good number of appearances, making him a solid option. John García has some strengths but is limited by a low number of appearances.

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Full Backs

  1. Lucas Rodríguez: Lucas is a well-rounded player with good Stamina, Acceleration, Pace, and Technique. He made 27 appearances last season, scoring 1 goal and making 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 91% and he made 23 key passes. However, his Jumping and Penalty Taking could use some improvement.

  2. Tiberiu Căpuşă: Tiberiu excels in Stamina, Acceleration, Strength, Natural Fitness, Agility, and Jumping. He made 5 appearances last season, scored no goals but made 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 91% and he made 9 key passes. However, his Positioning and Leadership are areas where he could improve.

  3. Christopher Operi: Christopher has a well-rounded skill set with his Stamina, Balance, Natural Fitness, Agility, and Flair standing out. He made 1 start and came off the bench in 11 games last season, scoring no goals but making no assists either. His passing accuracy was 85%. However, his Tackling and Penalty Taking could be better.

  4. Jakob Ankersen: Jakob’s strengths lie in his Stamina, Work Rate, Decision Making, Concentration, Aggression, Anticipation, Off the Ball, Flair, Composure, Technique, Heading, Crossing, Dribbling and Finishing. He made 1 start and came off the bench in 6 games last season, scoring no goals and making no assists. His passing accuracy was 90% and he made one key pass.

  5. Steven Mmbooi: Steven shows promise with good Stamina and Natural Fitness. He made no starts but came off the bench in 3 games last season, scoring no goals and making no assists. His passing accuracy was impressive at 97% and he made two key passes.


These full backs bring a variety of skills to the squad. Lucas Rodríguez stands out with his exceptional attributes and high performance score. Tiberiu Căpuşă offers reliability and a good number of appearances. Christopher Operi provides a strong presence on the field with impressive attributes. Jakob Ankersen, while having fewer appearances, contributes with his agility and versatility in different positions.


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Central Midfielders

Here is the combined summary report for the midfielders:

  1. Jackson Yueill (27, DM, M C) has balanced skills across the board with stamina, acceleration, balance, pace, natural fitness, agility, and work rate all above average. His leadership and decision-making skills are also commendable. He made 6 appearances, scored 1 goal and made 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 88% and he made 12 key passes.

  2. Siyethemba Sithebe (31, M C) stands out in acceleration and natural fitness. However, his strength is a bit low compared to other players. He made 20 appearances with 10 off the bench, scored 1 goal and made 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 84% and he made 35 key passes.

  3. Andy King (35, DM, M/AM C) maintains good natural fitness and work rate despite his age. His leadership and decision-making skills are also notable. He made 1 appearance with 6 off the bench. His passing accuracy was 90% and he made 1 key pass.

  4. Khama Billiat (33, M , AM (RC), ST ) excels in acceleration and pace but lacks a bit in natural fitness. He made 24 appearances with 2 off the bench, scored 4 goals and made 3 assists. His passing accuracy was 84% and he made 32 key passes.

  5. William Mejía (25, DM, M C) has balanced skills across the board with a slight edge in stamina and balance. He made 23 appearances and provided 5 assists. His passing accuracy was 89% and he made 17 key passes.

  6. Mduduzi Shabalala (19, M/AM C) is a young player who shows promise in acceleration and pace. He made a total of 9 appearances with an additional of 14 off the bench. His passing accuracy was at a commendable rate of 92%.

  7. Happy Mashiane (26, M (L), AM (LC)) stands out in acceleration among his skills. He had a total of 16 appearances with an additional of 8 off the bench. He scored one goal and provided one assist.

  8. Lebohang Manyama (33, M (LC), AM (RLC)) excels in acceleration but lacks a bit in natural fitness. He had a total of 16 appearances with an additional of 8 off the bench. He scored one goal and provided one assist.

  9. Sabelo Radebe (24, M/AM C) has a bit low stamina compared to other players. He had a total of one appearance with an additional of thirteen off the bench.

  10. Glen Nzama (17, M/AM C) is one of the youngest players with potential for growth. He had a total of two appearances off the bench.

The remaining players have varying numbers of appearances with different contributions to their respective teams.



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Inside Forwards

Here is the updated overall summarised assessment of the players:

  1. Dylan Saint-Louis (29, M (L), AM (RL), ST C): Dylan has a balanced profile with no significant weaknesses. He made 24 appearances, scoring 5 goals and providing 2 assists. His passing accuracy was 85% and he made 31 key passes. His shot accuracy was 37%.

  2. Lebohang Lesako (24, AM (RC), ST C): Lebohang excels in acceleration and natural fitness. However, his strength and balance are below average which might affect his performance in physical duels. He did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season.

  3. Nkosingiphile Ngcobo (24, M/AM (RLC)): Nkosingiphile has exceptional acceleration but lacks in natural fitness and jumping. His decision making is above average which is crucial for his position. He made 12 appearances, scoring 2 goals and providing 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 92% and he made 9 key passes. His shot accuracy was 50%.

  4. Elijah Adebayo (26, AM (L), ST C): Elijah has good overall physical attributes with his stamina, acceleration, strength, balance, and pace all being above average. His leadership and decision making are also commendable. He made 11 appearances, scoring 3 goals and providing 3 assists. His passing accuracy was 87% and he made 23 key passes. His shot accuracy was 48%.

  5. Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (19, M/AM (L)): Ntandoyenkosi has excellent balance and natural fitness for his age. However, his leadership is below average. He did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season.

  6. Dairon Asprilla (32, M/AM R, ST C): Dairon has good overall attributes but lacks in jumping and work rate. His anticipation is exceptional which is crucial for scoring opportunities. He made 2 appearances, scoring 1 goal. His passing accuracy was 92% and he made 4 key passes. His shot accuracy was 33%.




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Here is the overall summarised assessment of the players with their age and position:

  1. Federico Vietto (26, ST C): Vietto is a well-rounded player with balanced attributes. His standout attributes are his Aggression, Anticipation, and Technique. However, his Leadership and Flair could be improved. He made 4 substitute appearances last season, scoring 1 goal with a passing accuracy of 81%.

  2. Simon Banza (27, ST C): Banza excels in Aggression, Anticipation, and Vision. His lowest score is in Leadership. He was a regular starter last season with 30 appearances, scoring 7 goals and providing 1 assist. His passing accuracy was 81%.

  3. Samir Nurković (31, ST C): Nurković has good Pace, Natural Fitness, and Agility. His weakest areas are his Work Rate, Positioning, and Leadership. He did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season.

  4. Wandile Duba (21, ST C): Duba has excellent Stamina and Acceleration, but his low scores in Leadership and Penalty Taking suggest he may struggle in high-pressure situations. He made 4 substitute appearances last season, scoring 1 goal with a passing accuracy of 92%.

  5. Tim Sonopo (16, ST C): Despite being only 16, Sonopo has impressive scores in several areas including Balance, Natural Fitness, and Flair. However, his low scores in areas like Penalty Taking and Marking show that he still has room to grow. He did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season.

  6. Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (15, AM C, ST C): At just 15 years old, Dladla shows promise with high scores in areas like Positioning and Flair. However, his low scores in areas like Strength, Natural Fitness, and Bravery suggest that he may need more time to develop physically. He did not make a senior appearance for the club in the last season.


Among these strikers, Federico Vietto and Simon Banza stand out. Vietto displays impressive physical attributes such as stamina, acceleration, and strength, making him a valuable option up front. His ability to take effective free kicks and display composure in front of the goal adds to his versatility.

On the other hand, Simon Banza showcases a unique skill set with a strong focus on attributes like stamina, acceleration, and leadership. His ability to read the game and display flair on the field sets him apart. Simon also exhibits exceptional composure, making him a formidable presence in the striker role.

These two strikers provide different strengths to the squad and can be key contributors to the team's offensive strategies.

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Either ChatGPT or my assistant manager are pretty rubbish at analysing and interpreting what is in reality very simple data :confused:. Now updating with Bing AI which is based on GPT-4 and appears to be doing a better job of it!

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Borussia Dortmund Seize World Super League Crown: A Season to Remember

Borussia Dortmund has reigned supreme in the 2024 World Super League season, clinching their second league title under the masterful leadership of their manager, Marco Rose. This remarkable campaign unfolded with the Black and Yellow Brigade finishing the season with 58 points, securing a slender 1-point lead over second-placed FC Bayern München.


Champions and Their Key Performances:
Borussia Dortmund, under the shrewd guidance of Marco Rose, put on a footballing spectacle throughout the season. They exhibited their dominance with 18 wins, 4 draws, and 8 losses, accumulating 58 points in total. Spearheading their triumphant journey was their star striker, Erling Haaland, who played a pivotal role by netting 22 goals and providing 8 assists in 28 appearances.

Let's delve into some of the standout fixtures that defined Borussia Dortmund's championship-winning campaign:

Borussia Dortmund 4 - 0 Real Madrid (H): In a commanding home victory, Marco Reus delivered a masterclass, scoring twice (7, 54), while Erling Haaland (16) and Jude Bellingham (24) added to the tally.

Real Madrid 0 - 4 Borussia Dortmund (A): The dominance continued away from home as Niklas Süle (20), Fábio Vieira (55), Nabil Fekir (61), and Noussair Mazraoui (88) contributed to the emphatic win.

Borussia Dortmund 3 - 3 Barcelona (H): A thrilling encounter saw Borussia Dortmund come from behind, with Marco Reus (44), Nabil Fekir (pen 65), and Jude Bellingham (70) securing a crucial draw against Barcelona.

Liverpool 1 - 2 Borussia Dortmund (A): Dani Olmo (55) and Marcel Sabitzer (69) made their mark, sealing a vital away victory against Liverpool.

Tottenham 1 - 2 Borussia Dortmund (A): Jude Bellingham (60) showcased his prowess, ensuring another away triumph.

Chelsea 0 - 2 Borussia Dortmund (A): Youssoufa Moukoko (44) and Erling Haaland (90+1) combined to secure a crucial win on their visit to Stamford Bridge.

Borussia Dortmund 5 - 0 Tottenham (H): An unforgettable performance, where Jude Bellingham's quickfire double (6, 7) and Erling Haaland's sensational hat-trick (16, 17, 38) left fans in awe.

Borussia Dortmund 4 - 0 AS Roma (H): Marco Reus (10, 33), Erling Haaland (12), and Mateu Morey (13) were unstoppable, dismantling AS Roma.

Manchester City 4 - 5 Borussia Dortmund (A): A pulsating clash saw Nabil Fekir (2, 32) and Erling Haaland (34, 47) deliver a five-goal spectacle on their visit to the Etihad Stadium.

Erling Haaland's impeccable form, netting crucial goals, and Nabil Fekir's all-around brilliance with 9 goals and 8 assists made them standout performers for Borussia Dortmund.

Previous Winners of the World Super League:

2022/23: Liverpool
2021/22: FC Bayern München
The World Super League has witnessed a rotation of champions in recent years, with various clubs hoisting the coveted trophy.

Manager Marco Rose's Journey:
Hailing from Leipzig, Marco Rose, the esteemed manager of Borussia Dortmund, boasts an illustrious career that spans both playing and managerial roles. His journey is one marked by dedication and success.

In his playing days, from 1991 to 2009, Rose made 270 appearances and netted 12 goals. A testament to his prowess on the field. His managerial tenure, particularly at Borussia Dortmund, has yielded two league titles and three cup victories. He has been recognized as the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership Manager of the Year, World Coach of the Year, and FIFA World Super League Manager of the Year.

Notably, Rose's implementation of a Tiki-Taka-based approach at Borussia Dortmund has drawn widespread praise, kindling optimism among the club's ardent supporters. Marco Rose's transition from a player to a triumphant manager underscores his unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. His remarkable achievements have solidified his status as a revered figure in the footballing world, inspiring hope for the future among Borussia Dortmund's faithful supporters.

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Manchester City Clinches 2023/24 FA Cup: Kompany’s Tactical Brilliance and Key Player Performances Lead to Victory

Under the leadership of manager Vincent Kompany, Manchester City secured the 2023/24 FA Cup title with a resounding 5-1 victory over Liverpool in the final. The team’s journey to the title was marked by dominant performances against several teams, including RCD Mallorca, Athletico-PR, Club Brugge KV, FC Augsburg, PFK Ludogorets 1945 Razgrad, Watford, and Osasuna.


Key players like Alexander Isak, João Cancelo, Bernardo Silva, Julián Álvarez, Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling, and Kylian Mbappé consistently found the back of the net throughout the tournament. The final match held on May 15, 2024, saw goals from Raheem Sterling, Kylian Mbappé, Kevin De Bruyne, and Lucas Digne.

Kylian Mbappé was the standout performer with 11 goals and 1 assist in 7 appearances. Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva also made significant contributions with 4 and 2 goals respectively. Phil Foden and Julián Álvarez each scored twice, with Foden also providing 3 assists. On the defensive end, Rúben Dias, Matthijs de Ligt, and João Cancelo were solid.

Kompany’s managerial journey began at RSC Anderlecht in July 2019. After retiring as a player and managing for two years, he returned to Manchester City in June 2021. His tactical brilliance was evident in this FA Cup run.

This victory adds to Manchester City’s impressive trophy cabinet and solidifies their status as a dominant force in English football. The FA Cup victory will be remembered for its memorable performances and remarkable teamwork.

A Look at Past Winners

The FA Cup has seen a variety of winners over the years. In the 2022/23 season, Borussia Dortmund clinched the title after a thrilling match against FC Bayern München at Wembley Stadium in London. The previous season (2021/22) saw FC Bayern München lift the trophy after defeating RB Salzburg at the same venue.


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Barcelona Crowned 23/24 World Champions Cup Winners

In a thrilling journey to the pinnacle of European football, Barcelona clinched the 23/24 World Champions Cup title, marking a triumphant end to a campaign filled with memorable performances and last-minute heroics.

The journey began with a nail-biting 3-2 victory over SSC Napoli, with goals from Antoine Griezmann and Ronald Araújo. A subsequent 2-1 win against Marseille, thanks to Paulo Dybala’s brace, set the tone for the group stage. The team continued their winning streak against Borussia Mönchengladbach and Marseille, before drawing against Napoli and losing to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

In the first round of the knockout stage, Barcelona dominated Sevilla with a 3-0 victory at home, followed by a 1-1 draw in the second leg. The second round saw them face Manchester United, where they secured their semi-final spot with a 2-1 win in the second leg after a 1-1 draw in the first.

The quarter-finals against Atalanta were tightly contested, with Barcelona edging out their opponents 1-0 in both legs, thanks to Federico Chiesa’s brilliance. The semi-finals presented a formidable challenge in Manchester City. After a disappointing 3-0 loss in the first leg, Barcelona staged an incredible comeback in the second leg, winning 5-1.

The final against FC Bayern München was a spectacle to behold. Barcelona emerged victorious with a 2-1 win, thanks to goals from Federico Chiesa and a 93rd minute winner from Sergio Busquets.


Key players shone throughout the campaign. Federico Chiesa was instrumental in Barcelona’s success, scoring crucial goals in multiple fixtures. Chiesa, who joined Barcelona from Fiorentina for a fee of £43M in 2022, has made significant contributions to the team’s success. He has made 50 league appearances and scored 15 league goals for the club since joining. In addition to the World Champions Cup with Barcelona, Chiesa’s career boasts an impressive collection of winners’ medals: the European Football Championship (Italy 2021), Coppa Italia (Juventus 2021), Supercoppa Italiana (Juventus 2021), and European/South American Super Cup (Italy 2022). These accolades are a testament to Chiesa’s talent and impact on the field.

Marcos Antonio also had an impressive run, contributing significantly in both goals and assists. Paulo Dybala and Antoine Griezmann were consistent performers, while Memphis Depay’s crucial goals against Manchester United were pivotal in securing their semi-final spot.

Defensively, Ronald Araújo and Dodo stood out with their performances. Araújo scored important goals and maintained a solid presence at the back. Dodo was equally impressive, contributing both defensively and offensively.

In midfield, Teun Koopmeiners and Gavi provided stability and creativity. Koopmeiners’ passing accuracy and Gavi’s contributions in terms of goals and assists were noteworthy.

Goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen played a crucial role as well, making key saves throughout the tournament.

This victory is a testament to manager Marcelo Gallardo’s tactical acumen. In December 2021, Gallardo had a brief spell in charge of Atlético Madrid before moving on to Barcelona in May 2023. Implementing his Gegenpress-based approach at Barcelona, Gallardo has been instrumental in shaping the team’s style of play. As Barcelona celebrates this remarkable achievement, there is a general recognition that there is more to come from both Gallardo and his players. Their journey to becoming the 23/24 World Champions Cup winners will be remembered as one of determination and spectacular football.

The previous editions of the tournament saw different champions. In 2021/22, Manchester United clinched the title against Paris SG at Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France. The following year, Borussia Dortmund emerged victorious against FC Bayern München at Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadyumu, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

In a bold move to honor and immortalize the unparalleled excellence within the realm of football, the sport's governing authorities embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to establish a new Hall of Fame which would recognise only the very best players, managers and clubs based on their competition victories as the elite level of the new global league. By enshrining the best and brightest in this prestigious hall, football authorities aim to create a lasting legacy that celebrates the enduring magic of the sport, inspiring generations to come. Three seasons into the new global league, FIFA announced the very first players and managers to find their names raised to the level of the elite.



Niklas Süle: A Defensive Giant Shining Bright

Niklas Süle, the commanding German defender, has been a formidable presence on the football pitch in recent times. His journey commenced at Sportverein Darmstadt 1898 but took a pivotal turn when he joined 1899 Hoffenheim. There, his potential began to shine through, evident in his 66 league appearances and two goals.

A significant career move in July 2017 led Süle to FuBball-Club Bayern Munchen, where he played an integral role in the team's successes. Under his guidance, Bayern Munich and the German national team claimed a myriad of trophies, including the prestigious FIFA World Super League.

In 2022, Süle made a free transfer to Borussia Dortmund, continuing his winning streak. His contributions were pivotal in securing the FIFA World Super League title, as well as adding the European International League, World FA Super Cup, World Champions Cup, and FIFA World FA Cup to his already impressive list of achievements. Süle's incredible tally of 20 competition wins in recent years solidifies his legacy as a true football legend.

Jude Bellingham: The Ascendant Star

Jude Bellingham, the English prodigy, has continued to ascend in the football world, clinching a slew of titles and accolades in recent years. His journey commenced at Birmingham City and took a significant turn with his £25 million move to Borussia Dortmund in 2020.

In recent years, Bellingham has secured titles that are nothing short of remarkable. These include the 2024 FIFA World Super League, a FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership championship in 2022, the 2023 World FA Super Cup, the 2022 World Cup, and the 2023 World Champions Cup. These seven winners' medals are a testament to his exceptional talent and his instrumental role in his team's successes.

Jude Bellingham's achievements extend beyond team triumphs, with individual recognition that includes the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership Young Player of the Year, a runner-up spot in the NxGn awards, and the prestigious World Golden Boy accolade. His name has become synonymous with football excellence in Europe, and his future in the sport holds immense promise.

Emre Can: The Versatile Maestro

Emre Can, the versatile German midfielder, has consistently shone on the football stage with a string of accomplishments in recent times. His journey has taken him through various clubs, each stop marked by significant successes. Emre Can's adaptability and skill have been indispensable in his teams' victories.

In recent years, Emre Can has amassed an impressive collection of 13 competition wins. These include the illustrious FIFA World Super League, a FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership titles in 2022 and a triumphant campaign in the European International League, among others. Emre Can's impact on the field is undeniable, and his versatility remains a cornerstone of his teams' successes.

In addition to his on-field contributions, Emre Can's unwavering passion for the game and his commitment to proving himself have made him a respected figure in the footballing community. His journey, which has seen him rise from regional leagues to the highest echelons of international football, serves as an inspiring tale for aspiring players.



Marco Rose: The Tiki-Taka Visionary

Marco Rose, a visionary of the Tiki-Taka style of play, has been a mastermind in recent football history. Born in Leipzig on September 11, 1976, his playing career spanned an impressive 18 years, with 270 appearances and 12 goals. Rose's managerial journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Rose's career began at VfB Leipzig in July 1987, and he later honed his skills at Hannover 96 and 1. ESV Mainz.05. But it was in his non-playing roles where Rose truly shone. From his time as Mainz.05 II's assistant manager to his stints with Lokomotive Leipzig and RB Salzburg, he steadily climbed the managerial ladder.

In a significant role as the manager of RB Salzburg between July 2017 and May 2019, Rose's team achieved consecutive Admiral Bundesliga titles in 2018 and 2019, as well as the UNIQA OFB Cup in 2019. His next challenge led him to Borussia Monchengladbach, where he made an impact between July 2019 and June 2021.

In a groundbreaking move, Rose took the helm at Borussia Dortmund, and his tenure has been marked by resounding success. His team clinched the FIFA World Super League, the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership title in 2022, the World FA Super Cup, the World Champions Cup, and the FIFA World FA Cup in 2023. Rose's achievements have not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership Manager of the Year, World Coach of the Year, and FIFA World Super League Manager of the Year.

Julian Nagelsmann: The Tactician

Julian Nagelsmann, born in Landsberg am Lech on July 23, 1987, is a tactical genius in the world of football management. His managerial career is marked by an exceptional understanding of the game and a track record of success.

Nagelsmann's playing career was relatively brief, but his transition to coaching was seamless. From TSV 1860 Munchen and TSG. 1899 Hoffenheim, he rapidly ascended through the ranks. He became the manager of TSG. 1899 Hoffenheim in February 2016, where he spent three years refining his craft.

A brief spell in charge of RB Leipzig followed between July 2019 and June 2021, but it was at FC Bayern Miinchen where Nagelsmann truly left his mark. His team achieved a slew of trophies, including the FIFA World Super League, the World FA Super Cup, and the FIFA Super Cup. His vertical Tiki-Taka approach garnered praise, instilling optimism for the future among supporters.

Nagelsmann's accolades extend to the footballing community, with honors like the World Manager of the Year, World Coach of the Year runner-up, and FIFA World Super League Manager of the Year.

Gareth Southgate: The Versatile Leader

Gareth Southgate, born in Watford on September 3, 1970, had a distinguished 18-year playing career from 1988 to 2006. With 503 appearances and 26 goals, Southgate's versatility and leadership qualities were evident from his early days. As a player, he made his mark on the international stage, earning 57 caps and scoring two goals for England.

Southgate's playing career culminated at Middlesbrough, and he transitioned seamlessly into a dual role as player and manager, where he remained for several years.

After a brief hiatus from football, Southgate returned as the manager of England Under 21s in August 2013. His journey continued as he took the position of England interim manager from September to November 2016, ultimately securing the role of manager for the national team. Under his guidance, England lifted the World Cup in 2022, marking a historic moment in the sport.

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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 2 - 24/25 Season



The new season is upon us, and the excitement is building within me. I can't help but reflect on the hopes and fears that come with the start of a new campaign for Kaiser Chiefs.

The club has made some interesting moves during the transfer window, and it's crucial to get our thoughts together as we embark on this journey. We've faced some changes, Andrés Gudiño arrived as our new goalkeeper, signed on a by the previous manager before his unexpected departure.


Andrés Gudiño brings an impressive set of attributes to the squad. His aerial ability, commanding presence, and composure in high-pressure situations will be vital in the upcoming season. We'll look to him to be our last line of defense, ensuring that our goal remains well-protected.

I've been looking at the bookmakers' odds, and it's clear that the competition will be fierce. Teams like Stoke, who are favored at 1-91, will pose a significant challenge. The odds reflect the high expectations for them. But we can't be deterred; this is football, and surprises happen. We must focus on our strengths and approach every game with determination.


In our squad, I see several players who will play a pivotal role in the season ahead. Njabulo Ngcobo, our dynamic midfielder, has shown great promise in the preseason. His work rate and vision will be crucial in the midfield battles.

Simon Banza, our forward, is another player to watch. He's demonstrated an impressive mix of speed, strength, and leadership, which is an asset we'll depend on for goals and strategy.

We need to stick together as a unit, support each other, and continue to develop our teamwork. The odds might not always be in our favor, but our spirit and dedication can overcome the toughest challenges.

As we set foot on this new journey, my hope is for a successful and memorable season. The fans deserve it, and we owe it to ourselves to give our best on the pitch.

This season will be a test of our character, determination, and resilience. I look forward to facing the challenges with my teammates, united as one.


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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (24/25)


The Kaiser Chiefs have had a remarkable first half of the season in World Division 3, establishing a leading position at the top of the table with 36 points, while Beerschot VA sits in second place at 28 points:

August 2024:

  • The season kicked off with a commanding 2-0 win at the FNB Stadium against Coritiba, thanks to a fantastic performance by Simon Banza, who scored twice.
  • In their first away game at Olympisch Stadion, they showcased their prowess with a 4-0 victory over Beerschot VA, featuring a hattrick from Khama Billiat and a goal from Njabulo Ngcobo.

September 2024:

  • Kaiser Chiefs faced Cercle Brugge at home, securing a 3-1 win with Tiberiu Căpuşă and Khama Billiat contributing. The game was played in breezy conditions.
  • They then played in Ulsan, South Korea, and secured a 4-1 victory, with Nkosingiphile Ngcobo, Simon Banza, and Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) getting on the scoresheet.

October 2024:

  • The team traveled to Hillsborough to face Sheff Wed and played in wet conditions. Despite the challenging weather, Kaiser Chiefs pulled off a 3-2 win, with Keletso Sifama and Khama Billiat as the goal-scorers.
  • Back at the FNB Stadium, they thrashed Stoke 6-0, with multiple players contributing to the victory.
  • The month concluded with an away game against Aris, which resulted in a 0-2 loss in breezy conditions.

November 2024:

  • Kaiser Chiefs returned home and had a high-scoring game against Lech, ultimately losing 2-5. Simon Banza managed to score twice.
  • They then played SH Shenhua in China and secured a 2-2 draw, with Elijah Adebayo and Glen Nzama finding the back of the net.
  • Back at the FNB Stadium, they bounced back with a 4-2 victory against Independiente Medellín, featuring contributions from Jackson Yueill, Simon Banza, and Mduduzi Shabalala.
  • The month ended with a 3-1 win against TSV 1860 München.

December 2024:

  • In their last game before the half way point, Kaiser Chiefs traveled to face Dun. Streda and secured a convincing 3-0 win. Key players, including Nkosingiphile Ngcobo, Khama Billiat, and Keletso Sifama, contributed to this victory in wet conditions.



Key Player Performances:

Khama Billiat has been exceptional, consistently scoring crucial goals, including hattricks and penalties.
Simon Banza has also been a key player with his goal-scoring ability, especially from the penalty spot.
Elijah Adebayo, Jackson Yueill, and Mduduzi Shabalala have made significant contributions in terms of goals and assists.
Nkosingiphile Ngcobo, Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), and Glen Nzama have been vital in midfield, helping the team dominate their opponents.

Kaiser Chiefs have demonstrated their dominance in the first half of the season, maintaining their position at the top of the table. Their ability to perform, along with their strong teamwork and individual talents, make them a formidable force in World Division 3.



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Kaiser Chiefs Second Half of the Season Summary (24/25)

In the second half of the season, Kaiser Chiefs continued their impressive performance in World Division 3, maintaining their lead and securing the championship. 

December 2024:

  • In mid-December, Kaiser Chiefs played against Coritiba in moderate weather conditions at Couto Pereira. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, with Simon Banza scoring the lone goal for Kaiser Chiefs.
  • A week later, they returned to FNB Stadium to face second placed Beerschot VA. The weather was warm, with temperatures between 27°C - 27°C. Kaiser Chiefs dominated with a 4-0 victory, with goals from Keletso Sifama and Lucas Rodríguez, along with a brace from Simon Banza.
  • In their final game of the month, Kaiser Chiefs played in extremely challenging sleet conditions in an away match against Cercle Brugge, which they lost 0-1.

January 2025:

  • The new year began with a goalless draw against Ulsan at FNB Stadium in hot conditions.
  • They faced Levski Sofia in wet and cold weather at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, resulting in a 0-1 loss, making it only one win in the last 5 games. A worrying drop in form for the title contenders.

February 2025:

  • Kaiser Chiefs encountered Sheff Wed at FNB Stadium in rainy conditions and the game ended in a 1-1 draw, with Elijah Adebayo finding the net.
  • In the following fixture, they played Stoke away in drizzle conditions at bet365 Stadium and lost 0-1.

March 2025:

  • The team bounced back in March with a 5-2 victory against Aris at FNB Stadium in wet conditions. Key performances included goals from Khama Billiat, William Mejía, Mduduzi Shabalala, and Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a).
  • In the away game against Lech, played in the rain, Kaiser Chiefs faced a challenging 0-4 defeat at Bułgarska.

April 2025:

  • In April, Kaiser Chiefs recorded a 2-0 victory over SH Shenhua in hot conditions at FNB Stadium.
  • Their away match against Independiente Medellín at Estadio Atanasio Girardot resulted in a 1-1 draw, in a game which guaranteed promotion. The game was played in gusty and wet conditions.

May 2025:

  • The final matches of the season saw Kaiser Chiefs play against TSV 1860 München, where they secured a convincing 4-0 victory, guaranteeing that they would end the season as champions. The game took place in wet conditions at Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße.
  • They ended the season with a 1-1 draw against Dun. Streda in comfortable weather at FNB Stadium, with Filip Kaša scoring the goal.


Final League Table:

The World Division Gateway 3 league, the lowest rung in the new global football league, has concluded with a thrilling season. Despite Stoke being the pre-season favourites with bookmaker odds of 1-91, the Kaizer Chiefs emerged as the champions with a total of 58 points. They showcased an impressive performance with 17 wins, 7 draws, and only 6 losses in their 30 matches. Their offensive prowess was evident with a total of 71 goals scored, while their defense held strong, conceding only 33 goals.

Alongside the champions, Lech also earned promotion. They finished second in the league with 55 points, having won 16 matches, drawn 7, and lost 7. They scored a total of 56 goals and conceded 31 goals.

The season saw some exceptional individual performances as well. Notably, Lyndon Dykes from Cerro Porteno topped the league’s scoring chart with an impressive tally of 20 goals.

However, the season was not without its share of turmoil. Poor performances led to as many as 8 managers being sacked across the season, reflecting the high stakes and competitive nature of the league.

The Kaizer Chiefs’ success can be attributed to the collective efforts of all players, each contributing to their roles effectively throughout the season. Standout performers include Elijah Adebayo who had an impressive season with 7 goals and 11 assists in 26 appearances, and Khama Billiat who scored a remarkable 14 goals and provided 4 assists in just 20 appearances.

The team’s defensive strength was bolstered by players like Filip Kaša and Njabulo Ngcobo, who made significant contributions throughout the season. Goalkeeper, Andrés Gudiño, also had a solid season with 8 clean sheets in his 20 appearances.


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It is with mixed emotions that I reflect on the recent departure of our Head of Youth Development, Dirk Mack, who had been with us for just one year and was offered a significant opportunity at Valencia to lead their youth development program. I want to share the process that unfolded and the reasons behind my decision to let him go.

In his relatively short time with us, Dirk had begun to make his mark. He may have had limited opportunities to shape youth development at the club, but in that time, he discovered a true gem in our youth system. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), a young talent unearthed by Dirk, broke into the first team this season, making 17 appearances and scoring 4 goals. This achievement, among others, was a testament to Dirk's ability to spot and nurture budding talents.

When Dirk first informed me of Valencia's interest, I was determined to convince him to stay with us. I spoke to him about the promising work he had started, highlighted Thabiso's incredible progress, and stressed the importance of continuity for the future of Kaiser Chiefs. I believed Dirk had more to offer, and I wanted him to continue the great work he had started.

However, I also had to acknowledge the undeniable allure of Valencia. They are a massive club playing at the pinnacle of the new global footballing league. The prestige and resources they offer are unmatched, and it's an opportunity that doesn't come around often. After several discussions with Dirk, it became apparent that he saw this as a career-defining move and a chance to make a significant impact on a grand stage.

As much as I wanted Dirk to stay, I ultimately had to respect his decision. It was a tough one for both of us, but I couldn't hold him back from such an incredible opportunity.

In light of Dirk's departure, I've taken on the responsibility of finding a suitable replacement for our Head of Youth Development role. After thorough scouting and interviews, I'm pleased to announce the appointment of Aidan Callen. Aidan brings a wealth of experience to the position, having previously worked at Crewe Alexandra. His coaching attributes, particularly in the area of working with youngsters, align perfectly with our club's vision for youth development.


While it's always challenging to say goodbye to a valued member of the team, I am confident that Aidan Callen will continue the excellent work that Dirk initiated. Our commitment to nurturing young talent and building for the future remains unwavering, and we look forward to the next chapter in the Kaiser Chiefs' youth development journey under Aidan's guidance.

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Youth Intake

I recently sat down with Aidan, our new Head of Youth Development, to discuss the promising talents that will be joining our first team over the close season. Each player brings a unique set of abilities, but two in particular stand out as potential future stars: Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) and Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a).

Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) - Attacking Midfielder/Striker:
Dean Lekhooa's story is one of resilience and a burning passion for the game. Hailing from the bustling township of Soweto, Dean's journey to the football pitch was not without challenges. But his determination and love for the sport drove him to success. Dean possesses a versatile skill set, with notable attributes like acceleration, vision, and flair. He can operate as both an attacking midfielder and a striker, offering flexibility in our squad. His high potential and fairly determined personality make him an exciting prospect. We can expect him to bring creativity and goal-scoring prowess to our team.

Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a) - Attacking Midfielder:
Luvuyo Ngcobo's footballing roots are intertwined with the streets of Bloemfontein. A temperamental personality fueled his desire to stand out and achieve greatness. Luvuyo's attributes, including excellent pace and flair, make him an exciting attacking midfielder. He has the potential to become a game-changer, capable of unlocking defenses and delivering decisive plays. Luvuyo's unique style and high potential make him a captivating prospect who could become a key player for Kaiser Chiefs.

Aidan also acknowledged Stanley Khumalo (YP4e), a player with the highest current ability among the new recruits. His well-rounded attributes and balance add depth to our squad, particularly in the striker position.




While we have other talented individuals joining the first team, the potential displayed by Dean Lekhooa and Luvuyo Ngcobo is especially promising. Both players possess the qualities and determination to impact our squad positively. I am genuinely excited about the contributions they could make as we prepare for next season. Their unique backgrounds and outstanding abilities promise to enrich our team and elevate our performance on the field.

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Season Review

As we reflect on the culmination of this remarkable season, it's impossible not to be awestruck by the journey we've undertaken together. At the start of the season, expectations were cautiously low, rooted in our previous 16th place finish. Yet, from the very beginning, our team defied these doubts and soared to unprecedented heights.

The season's kick-off was nothing short of spectacular. We laid a strong foundation, propelling ourselves to the top of the league table. The spirits of our supporters were lifted, and we were filled with a sense of pride and hope. The unpredicted victories against Coritiba, Beerschot VA, Cercle Brugge, and Ulsan set the stage for an exceptional run.

But as the finish line neared, the pressure mounted. Tensions ran high as we faced formidable opponents, yet our players never wavered. The match against Stoke, where we triumphed 6-0, was a pivotal moment that showcased our resilience and championship potential.

In the end, we didn't just meet our initial expectations; we surpassed them. We closed out the season as champions, solidifying our position at the top of the league table. The pride and elation of this achievement cannot be overstated. We proved that with dedication, teamwork, and a steadfast belief in our abilities, we could rise from underdogs to champions.

Several key players played instrumental roles in our success. Elijah Adebayo displayed remarkable consistency throughout the season, notching seven goals and providing 11 assists, all while maintaining a 50% shot accuracy. His ability to create and convert chances made a significant impact on our campaign, earning him four Player of the Match awards and an impressive average rating of 7.38.

Filip Kaša, our Czech defender, showed his prowess with three goals and a 27% shot accuracy from the back. His remarkable 96% passing accuracy and solid tackling contributed greatly to our defensive stability, with an average rating of 7.19.

In midfield, Jackson Yueill was a standout with five goals and five assists, displaying his versatility and masterful passing. His 87% passing accuracy and 37% shot accuracy exemplified his all-around midfield capabilities, while his presence earned him an average rating of 7.09.

Nkosingiphile Ngcobo added to our attacking flair with seven goals and a 47% shot accuracy. His passing accuracy of 83% and his ability to win tackles (1.43 per game) demonstrated his contributions in midfield. With a solid average rating of 7.03, he was a pillar of consistency.

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), our young talent who emerged from the youth squad this season, demonstrated his potential with four goals and an assist. His passing accuracy of 83% and a remarkable 79% shot accuracy displayed his mature understanding of the game. Thabiso was a bright spark in our midfield, and his contributions were vital as we pushed for the championship. He ended the season with an average rating of 6.93, a testament to his promising future.

On top of these remarkable individual performances, we must also acknowledge the addition of Andrés Gudiño, our new signing who joined on a free transfer from Atlas this season. As our goalkeeper, Andrés displayed his composure with an 85% passing accuracy and two clean sheets. His contributions in defense were invaluable, providing the team with the necessary foundation to build our attacks. With a well-deserved average rating of 6.96, Andrés proved to be a crucial part of our squad.


These players, including our emerging talent Thabiso Tsichlas and our new signing Andrés Gudiño, defined our season. They embodied the spirit of our team, the resilience to overcome challenges, and the determination to prove the doubters wrong. We stand as champions today because of their dedication and the unwavering support of our fans.

As we close this chapter and look ahead, we know the journey doesn't end here. Our promotion to a higher division comes with its own challenges and obstacles. But, together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. The story of Kaizer Chiefs continues, and we will face the future with the same determination and pride that led us to victory. Thank you for being part of this incredible season.

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Squad Assessment


Andrés Gudiño (Age: 28, GK): Andrés Gudiño has established himself as the top goalkeeper in the squad following his arrival from Atlas, with outstanding ability, making him a consistent choice for the starting position.

Brandon Petersen (Age: 31, GK): Brandon, with a high ability, secures a place in the senior squad as one of the top choices due to his reliability.

Lungile Nkosi (Age: 21, GK): Lungile Nkosi has shown notable improvement. His progress indicates promise for the future, but he may require further development before being considered for the senior squad.

Promise Chuene (Age: 18, GK): Promise, despite his age, demonstrates consistent performances and remarkable improvement in his ability. However, he may need more development before senior squad inclusion.

In summary, Andrés Gudiño and Brandon Petersen are established senior squad members with high ability. Younger talents like Lungile Nkosi, Promise Chuene are showing promising signs, but they may need further progress before being considered for the senior squad.

Luyolo Abrahams and Sihle Dlamini are at varying stages of development but remain a long way off first team football



Central Defense

Facundo Agüero (Age: 30, D (RC)): Facundo Agüero's effectiveness rating has dropped significantly over the season. Whilst he remains a key player, this indicates his ability may be starting to deteriorate. He needs to work hard in training to retain his place in the first team.

Siyabonga Ngezana (Age: 27, D (RC)): Siyabonga Ngezana's effectiveness rating has remained stable. While he's not a standout performer, his consistency makes him a valuable squad member.

Filip Kaša (Age: 31, D (C)): Filip Kaša has shown a slight improvement in his abilities. His experience and leadership on the field make him a dependable player for the squad.

Njabulo Ngcobo (Age: 30, D (C)): Njabulo Ngcobo has improved over the season, showing dedication to his development. He could be a reliable asset to the squad.

Bokang Thabantso (Age: 17, D (RC)): Bokang Thabantso has displayed a significant improvement in his abilities. He's a young prospect with potential, and further development could lead to a role in the first team.

Jordan Sampson and Pitso Waseem have shown no change in his abilities over the season. Their current ability make them backup options. Siyabonga Gumede, Sibusiso Baloyi, Prince Ramalefane and Humphrey Selemela have been disappointing and have declined in ability. They all need dedicated and substantial improvements.

The level of improvement in central defence has been disappointing, suggesting a need for an overhaul of training and development in this area.



Full Backs

Lucas Rodríguez (Age: 31, D/WB/M (L)): Lucas Rodríguez has shown a decrease in effectiveness this season, suggesting a deterioration in his abilities. Whilst he remains by far the best full back in the squad, substantial improvement is needed to retain his ability.

Tiberiu Căpuşă (Age: 27, D (RL), WB (R)): Tiberiu Căpuşă's effectiveness has also dropped. While not a significant decline, he needs to focus on improvement to maintain his position in the squad.

Christopher Operi (Age: 28, D/WB/M/AM (L)): Christopher Operi's abilities have remained stable with no change in his effectiveness. He's a consistent performer in training.

Steven Mmbooi, Puso Dithejane, Andile Kunene and Dino Kipara (YP3c) have all been disappointing, seeing a decline in their ability. We need a significant focus on improvement to reach their potential. Aden McCarthy has shown improvement this season, his dedication to development is commendable, but has a long way to go to become a dependable squad member.

Overall the full backs are a substantial area of concern and we need to focus on how to improve our youth players to realistically be able to replace the older squad members who will start to decline.



Central Midfield

Jackson Yueill (Age: 28, DM, M (C)): Jackson Yueill has maintained his effectiveness rating with no change. He continues to be a reliable choice in midfield.

Khama Billiat (Age: 34, M (C), AM (RC), ST (C)): Khama Billiat has seen a significant decline in his abilities this season. His age could be a contributing factor, and he must work to stay competitive.

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) (Age: 17, M/AM (C)): Thabiso Tsichlas has made significant progress this season, with an impressive increase in his abiliities. He is a promising young talent and is deserving of a regular starting spot.

William Mejía (Age: 26, DM, M (C)): William Mejía's effectiveness has decreased, indicating the need for some improvement in his skills.

Mduduzi Shabalala (Age: 20, M/AM (C)): Mduduzi Shabalala has seen a declined significantly, suggesting substantial room for improvement to regain a squad place.

Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) (Age: 16, DM, M (RC)):
Mfundo Ngubane has shown remarkable improvement, with stunning improvements across the board. He is a young talent on the rise.

Sabelo Radebe, Glen Nzama, Langelihle Matthews (YP3d), Tumi Letsholonyane, Fani Molewa have shown limited improvements and will need to work hard to force their way into the senior squad. Overall the development of the central midfielders in the squad has been positive. While experienced players like Jackson Yueill and Khama Billiat have maintained their levels, younger talents like Thabiso Tsichlas and Mfundo Ngubane have shown substantial improvement. However, several players have stalled in their development and need to work on their form and skills to contribute effectively to the team.



Inside Forwards

Nkosingiphile Ngcobo (Age: 25, M/AM (RLC)): Nkosingiphile Ngcobo has displayed consistent performance with a moderate improvement in his abilities.

Elijah Adebayo (Age: 27, AM (L), ST (C)): Elijah Adebayo's effectiveness has remained unchanged, indicating a stable performance this season.

Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (Age: 20, M/AM (L)): Ntandoyenkosi has experienced a slight decline in his effectiveness rating, suggesting room for improvement.

Peter Notse (Age: 19, AM (L), ST (C)): Peter has shown remarkable improvement this season, with an impressive increase in his ability, making him one of the notable risers in the squad. He is perhaps deserving of more opportunities in the first team.

Keletso Sifama (Age: 22, M (C), AM (RLC)): Keletso Sifama has maintained his performance level with no significant change in ability.

Siphesihle Tati, Keaviano Francis, Shaun Tomlinson, Gift Sebastião, Joseph Mohai have shown some level of improvement although remain a long way off first team level. Thabo Mathe has made significant strides in his performance. Gift Selili (YP3f) has been disappointing and we should be considering whether he has a future at the club. We also have a large number of new youth players joining the squad in this position and we will need to monitor their development closely.




Federico Vietto (Age: 27, ST (C)): Federico has maintained his abilities and remains the strongest player based on an assessment of his attributes.

Simon Banza (Age: 28, ST (C)): Simon Banza has displayed positive progress, showcasing his dedication to the team.

Wandile Duba (Age: 22, ST (C)): Wandile has maintained his effectiveness and remains a back up option for us.

Tim Sonopo (Age: 17, ST (C)): Tim has been disappointing and remains a long way off the first team

Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (Age: 16, AM (C), ST (C)): Innocent Dladla has made significant strides in his performance with impressive improvements in training, demonstrating his long term potential in the squad.

The strikers in the squad exhibit varying levels of performance. Some players have shown improvement, while others have maintained their effectiveness ratings. Young talents like Stanley Khumalo and Innocent Dladla offer promise for the squad's future, with Innocent Dladla being one of the notable risers. However, there are areas where improvement is needed.


First Team Overview

In summary, the first team started a significant transformation from an older team to a younger one over the course of the season. This change in age composition was accompanied by a slight reduction in the overall ability as some older players left and started to decline with limited emergence of younger players into the first team.

spacer.png                        spacer.png


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Dear Jonas,

I trust this message finds you well as I reflect on the conclusion of a truly remarkable season for our club. I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your leadership and commitment, which have been instrumental in our incredible journey from World Gateway Division 3 to Division 19 of the global football league.


Our promotion to Division 19 is a momentous achievement, and I am incredibly proud of the entire team for their hard work and dedication. As we move forward, we must be cognizant of the considerable challenges that await us in the next season. With 46 games on the horizon and the knowledge that 14 out of 24 teams will face relegation back down into the Gateway feeder leagues, it's clear that we must maintain our focus and competitive edge.

It's an exciting time for our club as we prepare to compete in cup competitions for the first time, including the prestigious World FA Cup and the Ooclanoo League Trophy. These opportunities will test our mettle and allow us to compete against higher-reputation teams, providing us with valuable experience and the chance to continue to showcase our abilities on a global scale.

I am delighted to share that our club's financial situation has improved significantly. With enhanced competition prize money and higher attendances, our bank balance has grown from £3.9 million to an impressive £17 million. This financial stability has enabled us to invest in critical areas, such as junior coaching and youth recruitment. These investments align with our club's philosophy of nurturing young talent and developing homegrown players rather than using the transfer market.


While we've achieved a remarkable feat in reaching Division 19, we must acknowledge that our journey is far from complete. There are a further 18 leagues above us in the global football league structure, and we understand that further hard work and dedication are required to continue our ascent. However, I am confident that with your leadership and the team's collective efforts, we can strive for excellence and success at every level.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to our club. Your leadership has been exemplary, and I look forward to a bright future as we continue to grow and achieve even greater success in the seasons to come.

Best regards,

Kaizer Motaung
Club Chairman

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Vincent Kompany's Tactical Genius and Bernardo Silva's Brilliance Fuel World Super League Victory

In a thrilling conclusion to the 2024-2025 World Super League season, Manchester City secured the coveted championship title, outclassing their rivals with an impressive performance. Under the astute guidance of manager Vincent Kompany, the Citizens emerged as the season's standout team, claiming the title with sheer determination and skill.

Throughout the season, Manchester City showcased their dominance, finishing at the top of the league table with 65 points. Their remarkable journey was marked by stunning victories and exceptional teamwork, demonstrating the true spirit of football.

While Manchester City celebrated their championship, it was a season of sorrow for Leeds, Arsenal, and Inter, as they faced relegation, marking the end of their top-tier journey.


Manchester City's path to glory was paved with memorable moments and significant victories. Here are some key fixtures that defined their championship-winning campaign:

Manchester City 3 - 2 Arsenal (H) - 10/8/2024:
The season opener set the tone for Manchester City's impressive run. In a pulsating encounter against Arsenal, the Citizens emerged victorious with goals from Kevin De Bruyne (2), Alexander Isak (53), and Kylian Mbappé (65).

Manchester City 3 - 1 Real Madrid (A) - 31/8/2024:
Manchester City displayed their prowess on the international stage, defeating Real Madrid with an authoritative performance. Kylian Mbappé's early brace (1, 10) and Liam Delap's late goal (84) sealed a memorable victory away from home.

Manchester City 4 - 0 Newcastle (H) - 8/2/2025:
A dominant display against Newcastle saw Manchester City secure a convincing 4-0 win. Raheem Sterling (20, 45), Alexander Isak (pen 21), and Kylian Mbappé (25) dazzled the home crowd, showcasing their attacking brilliance.

Manchester City 3 - 2 FC Bayern München (H) - 1/3/2025:
In a nail-biting contest against FC Bayern München, Manchester City emerged triumphant with goals from Alexander Isak (15), Kylian Mbappé (16), and Liam Delap (85). The thrilling encounter highlighted the team's resilience and determination.

Star Player: Bernardo Silva

At the heart of Manchester City's success stood Bernardo Silva, the team's talismanic playmaker. Silva, who joined the club in 2017, has been an integral part of the team's midfield, orchestrating their attacks with precision and flair. With 8 goals and 10 assists in the league, Silva's contribution was invaluable. His ability to control the game, create scoring opportunities, and find the back of the net made him a key player for the Citizens.

Managerial Brilliance: Vincent Kompany

Guiding Manchester City to their World Super League triumph was the visionary manager, Vincent Kompany. A club legend, Kompany's tactical acumen, leadership, and deep understanding of the game were evident throughout the season. Under his guidance, the team exhibited a blend of attacking finesse and defensive solidity, showcasing Kompany's strategic brilliance on the sidelines.

Kompany's successful playing career, including his time at Anderlecht and his multiple stints with Manchester City, provided him with a wealth of experience. His return to the Etihad Stadium as a manager proved to be a masterstroke, as he led the team to several trophies, including the World Super League title.

With this triumph, Manchester City reaffirmed their status as one of the world's top football clubs, and their fans celebrated a season of unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements. As the footballing world looks ahead, Manchester City's victory serves as a testament to the power of teamwork, determination, and the pursuit of excellence in the beautiful game.


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Chelsea Clinches 2024/25 FA Cup with Golden Goal Victory

In a thrilling finale to the 2024/25 FA Cup season, Chelsea emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title in a heart-pounding final against Juventus. The Blues' journey to the FA Cup glory was marked by standout performances and tactical brilliance, led by their manager, the esteemed Celtic icon, Brendan Rodgers.

The path to the final showcased Chelsea's resilience and skill, with key victories along the way. Their journey began with a 1-0 triumph against Defensa y Justicia in the World FA Cup Second Round, where Mateo Kovačić's early goal (12th minute) set the tone for the tournament. The Blues then overcame AS Monaco 3-1 in the Third Round, with goals from Dejan Kulusevski (1), Nicolò Zaniolo (19), and Maxi Gómez (68).

In the subsequent rounds, Chelsea continued their impressive form, defeating Toluca, securing a 3-0 victory against Hannover 96 followed by a tough challenge against Liverpool in the Sixth round. Romelu Lukaku's penalty (30) and Carles Aleñá's extra-time goal (98) secured a thrilling 2-1 win.

The Blues continued their march in the tournament, edging past Galatasaray 1-0 (Dejan Kulusevski 43) in the Quarter Final. In the Semi Final clash against Manchester City, Chelsea displayed remarkable resilience, securing a 4-2 victory (Romelu Lukaku 39, Christian Pulisic 58, Giovanni Reyna 80, 90+5).

The stage was set for the final showdown against Juventus. The match turned into an epic battle, with both teams displaying their top-notch skills. Juventus took the lead through Dusan Vlahovic in the 21st minute. Chelsea's defense, led by stalwarts Antonio Rüdiger and Reece James, then held firm against any further Juventus' attacking onslaught. In a tense encounter, Chelsea deservedly equalised in the 59th minute through Antonio Rüdiger.


The defining moment came in extra time. Chelsea's maestro, substitute Nicolò Zaniolo, rose to the occasion, scoring the golden goal in the 116th minute, securing a dramatic 2-1 victory and the coveted World FA Cup trophy for Chelsea for the first time. The fans erupted in joy, celebrating the team's triumph under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers.

Throughout the tournament, key players played pivotal roles in Chelsea's victorious journey:

Giovanni Reyna (AMC): Reyna's creativity and goal-scoring abilities shone through with 3 goals and 3 assists. His exceptional dribbling and passing skills were instrumental, earning him an average rating of 7.30.

Dejan Kulusevski (AMR): Kulusevski was a force to be reckoned with, tallying 3 goals and 4 assists. His dynamic playstyle and vision on the field were crucial, earning him a remarkable average rating of 8.00.

Christian Pulisic (AML): Pulisic's clinical finishing and playmaking prowess yielded 2 goals and 1 assist. His 100% shot accuracy and high passing accuracy (88%) were pivotal for Chelsea's attacking strategies, contributing to an average rating of 7.14.

Antonio Rüdiger (DCL): Rüdiger showcased his defensive prowess, making 8 appearances and scoring a crucial goal. His excellent passing accuracy (96%) and solid tackles contributed to Chelsea's defensive stability, earning him an average rating of 7.26.

Reece James (DR): James was a stalwart in defense, making 8 appearances and providing 3 assists. His exceptional crossing abilities and defensive contributions were key, resulting in an impressive average rating of 7.44.

Édouard Mendy (GK): Mendy's goalkeeping heroics were vital, keeping crucial clean sheets and maintaining an 81% passing accuracy. His commanding presence in the box played a significant role in Chelsea's success.

This victory was not just a triumph for Chelsea; it was a statement. Dejan Kulusevski, the hero of the night, was lifting the trophy at his previous employer's expense, following an £85m transfer from Juve in August '23, symbolizing Chelsea's resurgence under Brendan Rodgers. As the confetti rained down and the Chelsea faithful roared in jubilation, it was a moment that encapsulated the essence of football - unpredictable, thrilling, and utterly euphoric. Under Rodgers' guidance, Chelsea's players showcased their talent and determination, making the 2024/25 FA Cup campaign a memorable chapter in the club's storied legacy.

With this FA Cup victory, Chelsea and their passionate fans celebrated another remarkable achievement, adding to the club's illustrious history. Under Rodgers' guidance, Chelsea's players showcased their talent and determination, making the 2024/25 FA Cup campaign a memorable chapter in the club's legacy.

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Man City Triumphs in the 24/25 World Champions Cup Final to Secure the Double

Manchester City clinched a historic double by winning the 24/25 World Champions Cup in a thrilling final against Real Madrid on May 17, 2025. This victory came on the back of their earlier success in the World Super League and solidified their status as one of the world's top football clubs. Under the guidance of manager Vincent Kompany, and with the brilliant Kylian Mbappé leading the charge, Man City's remarkable journey to the Champions Cup title was a testament to their talent and determination.

The journey to the final was marked by outstanding performances by key players, none more so than the French sensation Kylian Mbappé. Mbappé, a true footballing icon, began his senior career with AS Monaco, making a name for himself before joining PSG in 2018 for £159m and making 124 league appearances and scoring 94 goals. Mbappe then left to join Manchester City in 2022, making 73 league appearances and scoring 34 goals and playing a key part in their World FA Cup success in the 23/24 season. With a tally of 14 goals and 4 assists in the Champions Cup this season, his contributions were integral to Man City's success.

Man City's run in the Champions Cup started with a dominant performance in the group stage. They dispatched Burnley 4-0, with Kylian Mbappé bagging a brace and assists from Alexander Isak and Bernardo Silva. Aston Villa also fell victim to the Citizens, losing 4-0, with goals from Mbappé, Phil Foden, and Bernardo Silva. These victories set the tone for Man City's campaign.

In the knockout stages, they continued their impressive form. They eliminated Hertha Berlin with a 6-1 aggregate score, with Raheem Sterling, Liam Delap, and Alexander Isak making crucial contributions. Man City faced Arsenal next, with the tie ending 5-2 in their favor over two legs, featuring goals from Alexander Isak, Bernardo Silva, and Rúben Dias.

In the quarter-finals, they squared off against Paris SG, where Mbappé's return to his former club was highly anticipated. Man City secured a 4-3 aggregate win, thanks to a brilliant brace from Raheem Sterling and a crucial goal from Matthijs de Ligt.

The semi-final showdown against Liverpool was intense, with Man City going through on away goals following a 3-3 aggregate result. Key performances from Kylian Mbappé, Phil Foden, and the defensive duo of Rúben Dias and Matthijs de Ligt proved pivotal.

The final against Real Madrid was a tense affair, with both teams creating opportunities. It was substitute Alexander Isak who rose to the occasion, scoring the winning goal in injury time (90+2). Isak's late heroics earned Man City a 1-0 victory and the coveted Champions Cup.


Man City's manager, Vincent Kompany, played an instrumental role in the team's triumph. The Belgian football legend, who had a distinguished playing career before transitioning into management, has brought tactical brilliance to the team. His leadership guided Man City to their double victory in the 24/25 season, winning both the World Super League and the World Champions Cup.

With the combination of a star-studded squad led by Kylian Mbappé and the astute leadership of Vincent Kompany, Manchester City's fans are celebrating a season to remember. Their success in the 24/25 Champions Cup final will be etched in history as they continue to assert themselves as a footballing powerhouse on the global stage. Man City's journey to the double championship will be a source of pride for their fans and a symbol of their excellence in the world of football.

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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

In the ever-evolving world of football, legends are made, and history is rewritten. The Hall of Fame, dedicated to immortalizing the extraordinary contributions of players and managers, has undergone an exciting update. In a remarkable turn of events, Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva have surged into 3rd and 4th place respectively, shaking up the Hall of Fame hierarchy. Their sensational achievements on the pitch for Manchester City have catapulted them to the forefront, leaving a trail of records and titles in their wake.



Raheem Sterling: A World-Class Phenomenon

Raheem Sterling, the dynamic forward, has left an indelible mark on the footballing world. With an impressive debut at Queens Park Rangers and subsequent stints at Liverpool and Manchester City, Sterling has consistently showcased his prowess. His illustrious career boasts an astounding 13 competition wins, including the prestigious World Cup and the FIFA World FA Cup. Sterling's versatility and striking ability have led him to be hotly tipped to win the forthcoming FIFA World Super League Footballer of the Year award.

Sterling joined Manchester City for a significant sum of £46 million in July 2015. Since then, Sterling has made 302 league appearances, netting an impressive 101 league goals. The crowning achievement in his career came in 2022 when he helped secure the World Cup for England, marking a historic moment. Sterling's accolades extend to individual honors, having won the World Golden Boy and numerous nominations for world-class awards.

Bernardo Silva: A Midfield Maestro

Bernardo Silva, the Portuguese midfield maestro, has etched his name in the annals of football history with his remarkable achievements. Starting his journey at Sport Lisboa e Benfica and later honing his skills at AS Monaco, Silva has displayed unwavering dedication to success. His list of accomplishments includes an astonishing 19 competition wins, highlighted by the FIFA World Super League and the European Championship with Portugal.

Silva's career trajectory led him to Manchester City in 2017, where he has amassed 241 league appearances and 39 league goals. His contributions were pivotal in securing the FIFA World Super League title. Silva's precision passing, showcased by an impressive 84% completion rate, has made him a standout player for Manchester City.

The recent addition of the World Champions Cup in 2025 to Silva's trophy cabinet further solidifies his place in the Hall of Fame. His exceptional achievements extend to individual recognition, including being the runner up for the Ballon d'Or.



Vincent Kompany, the Sporting Club Anderlecht and Manchester City legend, has catapulted to the very top of the Manager's Hall of Fame, solidifying his status as one of the greatest football minds in history. The catalyst for this extraordinary ascent? Man City's remarkable double victory in the World Super League and Champions Cup, an achievement that underscores Kompany's tactical brilliance.

Vincent Kompany: The Mastermind

Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany, born in Brussels on April 10, 1986, is a true football luminary whose legacy is now etched in the annals of the sport. His managerial journey has been nothing short of remarkable, but it was built upon a distinguished playing career that spanned two decades, from 2000 to 2020. Kompany made 382 appearances and scored 24 goals during his illustrious playing career, and his influence on the pitch was evident from the very beginning.

His senior club debut for RSC Anderlecht in the Champions League marked the start of a journey that would redefine football. Kompany made a name for himself as both a formidable defender and an inspirational leader. His accolades as a player included the FA Cup in 2011 and 2019 when playing for Man City. His contributions to his country were equally impressive, making 89 appearances for Belgium and scoring four goals.

Kompany's passion for the game and leadership qualities extended beyond his playing days. After returning to Anderlecht, he accepted the role of player/assistant manager, demonstrating his commitment to the sport. His managerial career continued to flourish, with his return to Manchester City in 2021 as manager resulting in unprecedented success. Kompany's tactical prowess was evident in his team's victory in the FIFA World Super League, World FA Super Cup, World Champions Cup, and the FIFA World FA Cup in 2024.

Vincent Kompany's journey from a young talent at Anderlecht to the pinnacle of the Manager's Hall of Fame is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport. As he embarks on his managerial journey at the age of only 39, his legacy inspires both current and aspiring football enthusiasts, serving as a reminder that passion, hard work, and tactical brilliance can elevate one to legendary status. As the football world celebrates his incredible achievement and eagerly awaits the next chapter of his career, Vincent Kompany stands as a beacon of excellence for managers everywhere.


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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 3 - 25/26 Season

I'm filled with a mixture of excitement, hope, and yes, a bit of trepidation. The 2025/26 season is upon us, and the Kaizer Chiefs find themselves in an entirely new arena, UEFA Dr. Disrespect Division 19, after achieving promotion as champions from World Gateway 3. It's a thrilling yet challenging prospect.

Our promotion last season was a testament to our hard work, resilience, and unwavering spirit. We defied the odds, and now, the spotlight is on us as we step into the unknown territory of Division 19. The league is more competitive than ever, with 24 teams fighting for survival and the coveted three promotion spots - but with an incredible 14 relegation slots back into the feeder Gateway leagus we'll be constantly looking over our shoulders. But we're not ones to back down from a challenge; we thrive on it.


This season, some players are set to be key figures in our campaign. Elijah Adebayo, with his incredible goal-scoring record last season, will be a linchpin in our attack. His ability to create and convert chances makes him a formidable force. He's the one we'll be looking up to for goals when the going gets tough.

Filip Kaša, our rock at the back, will continue to provide defensive stability with his exceptional passing and tackling skills. His experience and leadership will be invaluable as we face tougher opponents.

In midfield, Jackson Yueill and Nkosingiphile Ngcobo are the engines that drive our team. Their passing accuracy, vision, and versatility make them indispensable. Their performances will dictate our control of the midfield, and in turn, the game.

And then, there's Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), our young star who broke into the senior team last season. His potential is limitless, and I have no doubt that he'll continue to shine in Division 19. With every match, he grows and matures, and this season will be an opportunity for him to truly make his mark.

On top of this, the arrival of Sami Khedira as our Under-21 coach is a significant boost for our youth development. His illustrious playing career speaks for itself, and we are fortunate to have his expertise. Sami's experience at the highest level of the game will undoubtedly nurture our future talents.


I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness as I reflect on the recent departure of Siyabonga Ngezana, one of our central defenders. Siyabonga had been an integral part of our journey, making 104 appearances for the Kaizer Chiefs and contributing with four crucial goals during his time with us.

However, football often presents these bittersweet moments, and such is the nature of the game. Siyabonga, who once wore our iconic jersey with pride, decided to take a different path and recently moved on to Swallows FC on a free transfer. His refusal to sign a new contract with us was a tough decision, and it's a reminder that players, like all of us, have their own journeys to pursue.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Siyabonga for his dedication and hard work during his time with the Kaizer Chiefs. He will always be a part of our rich history, and I wish him all the best in his new adventure at Swallows FC.

As we prepare to face teams with varying levels of experience and quality, we know that every match will be a battle. The bookmakers' odds are a reminder that we are the far from being the favourites, but we've thrived in the underdog role before. Our journey in Division 19 will not be easy, but that's what makes it worth the effort. We are Kaizer Chiefs, and we're ready for this challenge.

With each training session, every tactical discussion, and the unwavering support of our fans, we will step onto the pitch with determination in our hearts. The new season awaits, and with it, a fresh opportunity to make our mark on global football. Let's do this together. For the love of the game and the pride of the Kaizer Chiefs.

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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (25/26)


In the first half of the season, Kaiser Chiefs exhibited a mix of thrilling victories and hard-fought battles, securing their position at the top of the league table, although their form started to waver towards the end of this period. Here's a detailed summary of their matches:

August 2025:

The season kicked off with a home match against Colo Colo at FNB Stadium. Kaiser Chiefs secured a 3-2 win in comfortable weather conditions (20°C), with Khama Billiat and Simon Banza as the goal-scorers.
They faced F. Karagümrük away in gusty weather conditions (24°C). Despite a strong performance, they lost 2-3, with Simon Banza and Njabulo Ngcobo finding the net.
Kaiser Chiefs returned home to face Vizela, where they won 2-1 with goals from Tiberiu Căpuşă and Shaun Tomlinson.

In a challenging away game against Lech at Bułgarska, Kaiser Chiefs suffered a 0-1 defeat in warm conditions (27°C).
They drew 1-1 against FC Twente at FNB Stadium, with Simon Banza scoring the equalizer.

September 2025:

After a tricky first month September opened up a great run of form,
Kaiser Chiefs managed a 2-1 victory against Millonarios F.C. in gusty and drizzly conditions (17°C) at Estadio Nemesio Camacho 'El Campín'. Simon Banza and Jackson Yueill were the goal-scorers.

The team continued their winning streak with a 3-1 victory against Austria Wien at FNB Stadium, where Khama Billiat and Elijah Adebayo scored.
Kaiser Chiefs faced challenging weather conditions in their away match against Beijing (Breezy 28°C) but managed a 2-1 win, with goals from Elijah Adebayo and William Mejía.
They secured a 3-1 victory against Maccabi Haifa at home, with goals from Elijah Adebayo and Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a).
In a dominant performance against Houston, Kaiser Chiefs won 5-0, with Tiberiu Căpuşă, Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), and Khama Billiat contributing to the goals.

November 2025:

Kaiser Chiefs continued their winning streak with a 3-2 victory against Birmingham, with Jackson Yueill, Lebohang Lesako, and Khama Billiat as the goal-scorers.
They secured a narrow 1-0 victory against San Jose at FNB Stadium, with Simon Banza finding the net.
The team won 3-1 against ES Tunis, with Khama Billiat and Lucas Rodríguez among the goal-scorers.
Kaiser Chiefs continued their strong performance with a 3-0 victory against Chivas, with Jackson Yueill and Simon Banza contributing to the goals.
The month concluded with a 1-0 win against Brøndby IF at FNB Stadium, where Glen Nzama scored the only goal.

December 2025:

In their away match against Göztepe at Göztepe Stadium, Kaiser Chiefs secured a 1-1 draw. Shaun Tomlinson was the goal-scorer in gusty weather conditions (14°C).

Kaiser Chiefs faced title rivals Boavista Futebol Club at FNB Stadium and came away with a crucial victory. They won 3-2 with Khama Billiat scoring two penalties and Jackson Yueill adding to the tally in breezy conditions (13°C).

The first half of the season concluded with an away game against SuperSport Utd at Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium. Kaiser Chiefs lost 2-1, with Innocent Dladla (YP3b) finding the net in breezy weather conditions (28°C).


Key Player Performances:

Simon Banza: Banza was a consistent goal-scorer for Kaiser Chiefs, providing crucial goals in multiple matches, including a hat-trick against Crotone.
Khama Billiat: Billiat showcased his skill and composure, scoring important goals, including penalties, and was a driving force in the team's victories.
Elijah Adebayo: Adebayo displayed his scoring prowess with vital goals, contributing to the team's success in the first half of the season.
Jackson Yueill: Yueill played a pivotal role in midfield, scoring important goals and providing assists, ensuring Kaiser Chiefs' midfield dominance.
Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a): Tsichlas made a significant impact, scoring goals and demonstrating his potential, becoming a key player in the team's lineup.
Tiberiu Căpuşă: Căpuşă's goal-scoring ability and contribution in midfield played a vital role in Kaiser Chiefs' victories.

Despite a slip in form towards the end of the first half, Kaiser Chiefs' key players showcased their talent and determination, contributing to the team's position at the top of the league table. As they move into the second half of the season, their consistency and teamwork will be crucial in maintaining their lead and securing the championship.

Cup Competitions

In their inaugural appearance in both the World FA Cup and the Ooclanoo League Trophy, Kaiser Chiefs embarked on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, surprises, and a hint of drama. The stage was set, and the fans held their breath as the Chiefs kicked off their campaign in these prestigious tournaments.

Ooclanoo League Trophy:

First Round - Kaiser Chiefs vs San Lorenzo:
In a nail-biting encounter under the scorching sun, the Kaiser Chiefs faced off against the formidable San Lorenzo. The crowd roared as Simon Banza coolly converted a penalty in the 103rd minute, securing a hard-fought 1-0 victory. The stadium erupted in celebration, marking the Chiefs' triumphant debut in the Ooclanoo League Trophy.

Second Round - Kaiser Chiefs vs Rosenborg:
Facing a tough challenge away from home, Kaiser Chiefs clashed with Rosenborg under the floodlights. Despite their best efforts, the Chiefs couldn't find the back of the net, succumbing to a narrow 0-1 defeat. The players showed great spirit, but it wasn't their night to shine, ending their Ooclanoo League Trophy run.


World FA Cup:

Second Round - Kaiser Chiefs vs Schalke 04:
Back on their home turf, Kaiser Chiefs took on Schalke 04 in a thrilling encounter. The Chiefs dominated the game, with Elijah Adebayo netting two goals in the 16th and 36th minutes, and Facundo Agüero adding another in the 28th minute. The crowd was in awe as the Chiefs cruised to a 3-1 victory, advancing to the next round of the World FA Cup.

Third Round - Kaiser Chiefs vs Eibar:
In a battle of nerves against Eibar, Kaiser Chiefs fought valiantly away from home. Bokang Thabantso ignited hopes with a late goal in the 86th minute, but it wasn't enough to change the fate of the match. The Chiefs bowed out of the World FA Cup with a narrow 1-2 defeat, ending their remarkable journey in the tournament.


Despite the heartbreak, Kaiser Chiefs and their fans were immensely proud of their team's performance. The experience gained from their first-ever appearances in these prestigious competitions would undoubtedly fuel their determination for future glory, as they left a lasting mark on the world stage of football.


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Kaiser Chiefs Second Half of the Season Summary (25/26)


In the thrilling second half of the season, Kaiser Chiefs embarked on a rollercoaster journey in pursuit of the prestigious Dr. Disrespect 19 title. The season commenced on a challenging note as they suffered a disappointing 3-0 loss to Colo Colo, a match played in gusty and demanding weather conditions, setting an early obstacle in their path.

Determined to bounce back, Kaiser Chiefs roared to life in their next fixture, a home game against F. Karagümrük, where Elijah Adebayo and Jackson Yueill became the catalysts of a 3-1 triumph. Nonetheless, their form faltered when they faced Vizela on the road, enduring breezy conditions and conceding a narrow 1-0 defeat. The team, however, swiftly regained their momentum, displaying their fortitude with a resounding 2-0 win at home against Lech, featuring a pivotal penalty converted by Jackson Yueill and a late goal from Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi.

As the season progressed, Kaiser Chiefs encountered a myriad of weather conditions that added to the drama. They grappled with sleet in the Netherlands while clashing with FC Twente, and the extreme challenge of hail in Austria Wien. In the latter, a gritty performance, highlighted by Khama Billiat's crucial goal, earned them a hard-fought victory.

Intriguingly, they were held to a 2-2 draw against Beijing at their home stadium, where the formidable duo of Glen Nzama and Lucas Rodríguez found the back of the net. The weather, including gusty winds and variable temperatures, presented an additional layer of complexity in their journey.

Kaiser Chiefs displayed remarkable resilience in the following matches, notching crucial wins against Maccabi Haifa, Houston, Grasshoppers, and Universidad de Chile. In a rain-soaked match against Pisa, they remained undeterred, triumphing 5-2. This match was a testament to their adaptability and skill, with stand-out performances from Thabiso Tsichlas, Lucas Rodríguez, and Glen Nzama.

However, a defining moment came in the clash against Chivas. Despite challenging conditions, characterized by breezy winds and persistent rain, Kaiser Chiefs dominated the field, clinching a remarkable 5-0 victory. This emphatic win showcased their unwavering determination and the combined efforts of Mfundo Ngubane, Glen Nzama, Filip Kaša, and Thabiso Tsichlas.

But the most captivating chapter of their journey unfolded in a pivotal encounter against Boavista Futebol Clube. In a match that saw pouring rain drenching Estádio do Bessa Século XXI, the stage was set for an intense face-off. Kaiser Chiefs seized the lead, courtesy of goals from Mfundo Ngubane and Simon Banza, and looked set to take the driving seat in the fight for the title, sparking elation among their fans.

However, the tide of the game turned dramatically. Boavista, with their backs against the wall, mounted a spirited comeback. They netted two goals in the dying moments, led by advanced forward José Bica in the 82nd minute and ball-playing defender Alessandro Fiordaliso in the 87th. The equalizer came at a point where the home fans, and Kaiser Chiefs as a whole, were anticipating victory.

Wing back Juninho Capixaba's red card for unsporting behavior on the 89th minute added to the drama and left the home crowd questioning the referee's decisions. The match, played in wet and challenging conditions, showcased the intense competition in the Dr. Disrespect 19 league. The point for Boavista meant that they just needed to avoid defeat against bottom of the table team Chivas Utd on the final day of the season.

While Kaiser Chiefs fell just short of securing the title, they displayed incredible resilience and determination, and their performance during this thrilling season set the stage for future successes. Key players like Elijah Adebayo, Jackson Yueill, Glen Nzama, and Simon Banza became instrumental in Kaiser Chiefs' remarkable journey, ensuring their promotion and leaving a lasting legacy in the league.



The Dr. Disrespect 19 season came to a thrilling conclusion with Boavista Futebol Clube emerging as the champions, securing their well-deserved title with an impressive 98 points. Their dominance was evident as they won 30 matches out of 46, scoring 102 goals and conceding only 44, showcasing their prowess both in attack and defense. Boavista Futebol Clube's remarkable campaign earned them the coveted top spot and the title of Division 19 champions.

Kaizer Chiefs, the second-place team, had a commendable season, finishing with 96 points. They won 29 matches and displayed remarkable consistency throughout the season. Their attacking prowess was evident, scoring 94 goals and conceding 46, showcasing their ability to find the back of the net while maintaining defensive solidity. Their strong performance secured them promotion to a UEFA Facebook Live Division 18, marking a significant achievement for the team.

Crotone clinched the third position with 85 points, showcasing their skill and determination. They won 26 matches, highlighting their consistency and ability to secure victories when it mattered. Their balanced approach, scoring 68 goals and conceding 45, contributed to their successful campaign, earning them a well-deserved promotion.

F. Karagümrük, finishing fourth with 80 points, demonstrated their competitive spirit with 25 wins. Their attacking flair was evident, scoring 70 goals, while their defense held strong, conceding 51 goals. This balanced performance secured them a respectable position in the league but they just missed out on promotion through the play-offs.

Göztepe, Vizela, Houston, and Lech also put up strong performances, finishing in the top eight positions. Their consistent displays and ability to secure crucial points contributed to their respectable league standings.

On the other end of the spectrum, Colo Colo, Chivas, San Jose, Beijing, FC Twente, Pisa, Moreirense, Millonarios F.C., SuperSport Utd, ES Tunis, Birmingham, Maccabi Haifa, Brøndby IF, and Grasshoppers faced relegation back into the Gateway feeder leagues. These teams will look to regroup and come back stronger in the next season.

The season was marked by intense competition, dramatic matches, and exceptional individual and team performances. Boavista Futebol Clube's triumph as the champions and Kaizer Chiefs' promotion were the standout moments of the season, showcasing the spirit and excitement of Division 19 football.


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Youth Intake


Aidan and I recently delved into the emerging talents from our youth system, and while Ayanda Dlamini and Thobani Molefe showcased exceptional potential, there's a concerning trend among our young prospects.


Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) - Midfielder/Forward:
Ayanda Dlamini, a product of Johannesburg's fervent football culture, embodies the dedication and passion we seek in our players. His versatile skill set, marked by remarkable work rate and creativity, promises a dynamic presence on the field. Ayanda's flair for the game and relentless determination to succeed make him a standout prospect.


Thobani Molefe (YP5d) - Defender (Left-Center):
Thobani Molefe, hailing from Pretoria, emerged as a defensive pillar in our youth ranks. His professional demeanor, coupled with his commanding presence on the left-center, positions him as a promising defensive asset. Thobani's strength, anticipation, and strategic mindset make him a player to watch in the seasons to come.


However, as we assessed the broader talent pool, a disappointing pattern emerged. A concerning number of our prospects, despite their technical abilities, displayed a disheartening lack of ambition. This raised valid questions about their future potential and whether they could fulfill the promises their skills hinted at.

Kamohelo Nkomo (YP5b) - Goalkeeper:
Kamohelo Nkomo, our goalkeeper from Johannesburg, possesses natural athleticism and commendable reflexes. However, his unambitious attitude could hinder his growth. Will he find the motivation necessary to compete at the highest level?

Joshua White (YP5f) - Left Defender:
Joshua White, a resident of Johannesburg, exhibits promising defensive capabilities. Yet, his low determination might impede his progress. It's disheartening to see a player with such skills lacking the motivation to push beyond his limits.

Danny Ndlovu (YP5i) - Midfielder/Forward (Central):
Danny Ndlovu, born and raised in Johannesburg, showcases remarkable technical prowess. However, his unambitious nature raises doubts about his ability to rise to the challenges of professional football. It's perplexing to imagine a player with his skills not aspiring to achieve greatness on the pitch.

Xolani Khumalo (YP5e) - Defensive Midfielder:
Xolani Khumalo, hailing from Krugersdorp, bucks the trend and has ambition in bucket loads. He exhibits some potential as a defensive midfielder; it will be interesting to see how he develops versus his peers.

This prevalent lack of ambition among our youth prospects is a cause for concern. As a manager, it's disheartening to witness talent hindered by a lack of drive. It challenges the very essence of our youth development program and raises fundamental questions about the future of these players within the Kaiser Chiefs ranks. Will they find the motivation to overcome their limitations and fulfill their potential, or will their abilities go to waste due to a lack of ambition? Only time will tell.

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Season Review


As I sit down to reflect on the just-concluded season, I'm filled with mixed emotions. The 2025/26 campaign was truly a rollercoaster ride for the Kaizer Chiefs, one that challenged us, uplifted us, and eventually left us with hearts full of pride.

At the outset of the season, expectations were modest. Having been promoted as champions from World Gateway 3, we were stepping into the uncharted territory of UEFA Dr. Disrespect Division 19. Many had written us off as relegation candidates, but we were determined to prove them wrong.

What followed was a start beyond our wildest dreams. We stunned both critics and competitors, consistently performing well and establishing ourselves as formidable contenders. It wasn't long before the promotion dream started to feel tangible, and the entire squad was galvanized by the thought of playing in a higher division.

Key performances from stalwarts like Elijah Adebayo and Jackson Yueill, who ended the season with 9 and 10 goals respectively, ensured our goals were met and exceeded. The experience they brought to the team, along with their ability to come up with crucial goals, was invaluable.

Yet, the real magic of this season lay in the emergence of youth prospects. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), a budding talent at just 18, became a mainstay in our midfield. With 7 goals and 9 assists, he showcased remarkable potential, and his partnership with Jackson Yueill was a joy to watch. Not to mention the early promising signs from young talents like Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) and Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a), who provided depth and energy to our squad.

In defense, Filip Kaša, our experienced Czech center-back, marshaled the backline with precision. His passing accuracy of 96% and clean tackles played a pivotal role in securing our defensive line. The young Glen Nzama, at just 19, proved his mettle when given the chance.

Moreover, the ever-reliable Simon Banza emerged as our top goalscorer, netting 13 times during the season. His ability to find the back of the net in crucial moments was crucial to our overall performance.

The most significant testament to our growth this season was the performance of Khama Billiat. At 35, he gracefully accepted his new role as an impact sub, offering his experience and flair when the team needed it most. His 12 goals and 5 assists, despite limited opportunities to start games, were instrumental in our success.


Now, as I look at the final league table, it's hard not to feel a slight tinge of disappointment. We were tantalizingly close to clinching the league title, securing second place with 96 points. The journey, the dreams, and the hard work almost culminated in the championship we craved.

Despite not winning the league, our hearts are full of pride and accomplishment. The 2025/26 season has been a season of growth, courage, and achievement for the Kaizer Chiefs. We'll carry these experiences and lessons into the coming season, armed with a renewed determination to aim higher, go further, and bring glory to the Gold and Black.

Thank you to the players, the staff, and, most importantly, our loyal supporters. The journey continues, and we're more determined than ever to succeed.

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Squad Assessment


Andrés Gudiño (Age: 29, GK):
Andrés Gudiño, our experienced goalkeeper, has maintained a consistent level of performance. While he remains a reliable option, it's important to recognize that his effectiveness rating has stabilized, and at his age, we should prepare for a future without his presence. His attributes haven't seen significant improvements, signifying that he might have reached his peak. Succession planning for the goalkeeping position should be a priority.

Brandon Petersen (Age: 32, GK):
As one of the senior players in the squad, Brandon Petersen has shown a slight decline in his effectiveness, likely due to his age. His attributes highlight his agility and determination, but it's clear that he's past his prime. To avoid overreliance, we should carefully consider his role in the team and focus on finding a long-term solution.

Promise Chuene (Age: 19, GK):
Promise Chuene's loan spell at Summerfield Dynamo's has provided him with valuable playing time. However, it's important to temper our expectations regarding his immediate impact. While he has shown improvements, his overall rating is still relatively low, and he has a considerable distance to go before securing a place in the first team. Patience will be key as he continues to develop.

Lungile Nkosi (Age: 22, GK):
Lungile Nkosi's attributes indicate potential, but he has yet to establish himself as a standout player. His effectiveness has slightly decreased, suggesting the competition he faces among his peers. We need to closely monitor his progress and emphasize consistency in his performances.

Luyolo Abrahams (Age: 20, GK):
Luyolo Abrahams maintains a stable rating, but his effectiveness hasn't shown significant improvements. Despite his youth, he struggles to stand out. His agility and handling skills are commendable, but it's crucial for him to demonstrate growth in other areas, such as reflexes and positioning.

Sihle Dlamini (Age: 17, GK):
Sihle Dlamini, our youngest prospect, shows great promise. His improvements over the season are promising, but he's still far from being first-team ready. His reflexes and handling abilities are strengths, but we need to focus on sharpening other attributes, especially his positioning and decision-making, to ensure he becomes a viable option in the future.

Lesedi Sampson (Age: 16, GK):
Lesedi Sampson has displayed a stable but unspectacular level of effectiveness. As our youngest prospect, his rating has yet to see significant changes. Given his age, he needs time and patient development to reach the first team.

Overall Summary:
In summary, our goalkeeping department is a mix of experience and potential. While there are some promising young talents, we must remain realistic about their readiness for the first team. The senior goalkeepers, especially Andrés Gudiño and Brandon Petersen, may need immediate successors due to their age-related challenges. Promising talents like Promise Chuene and our younger keepers have potential, but nurturing them into future stars will require patience. We should maintain a long-term vision that includes a strategic plan for the goalkeeping position.



Central Defence

Facundo Agüero (Age: 31, D (RC)):
Agüero has maintained a solid performance throughout the season, displaying a consistent level of effectiveness. His experience and composure under pressure make him a valuable asset in our defense. While he hasn't shown drastic improvement, his reliability on the field is unquestionable.

Njabulo Ngcobo (Age: 31, D (C)):
Ngcobo's performance has seen a slight improvement, showcasing his adaptability and determination. His defensive skills have been commendable, although there is room for further growth. As a central defender, his positioning and anticipation have been crucial in several key moments.

Filip Kaša (Age: 32, D (C)):
Kaša has faced challenges this season, resulting in a minor decline in his effectiveness. Age might be catching up with him, affecting his agility and pace. However, his experience continues to benefit the team, providing stability and guidance to the younger players.

Bokang Thabantso (Age: 18, D (RC)):
Thabantso, our young talent, has displayed notable improvement in his skills. His rapid progress is promising, and he has the potential to become a key player in the future. His agility and work rate make him a valuable asset in defense, and he's proven himself in challenging situations.

Pitso Waseem (Age: 19, D (RLC)):
Waseem has shown steady progress, demonstrating dedication to his development. His effectiveness hasn't seen significant changes, but his commitment to learning and adapting to different defensive roles is evident. Continued guidance will be crucial to his growth.

Sibusiso Baloyi (Age: 17, D (LC)):
Baloyi has shown significant improvement over the season, indicating his determination to succeed. His defensive mindset and willingness to tackle challenging situations are commendable. With continued support and mentorship, he could become a reliable presence in our defense.

Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) (Age: 16, D (C)):
Pieterse, one of our younger prospects, has displayed potential. His effectiveness has seen improvement, albeit gradual. As he gains more experience and exposure to first-team football, his skills could develop further. Continued training and opportunities will be essential for his growth.

Overall Summary:
Our central defense department showcases a mix of experience and youthful promise. Agüero and Ngcobo provide stability, while Thabantso, Waseem, and the younger prospects like Molefe and Baloyi show significant potential. Pieterse and Ramalefane offer depth and versatility. However, there's a need for continued mentoring and opportunities to transform these prospects into first-team stalwarts. Patience and strategic planning are vital as we nurture this crucial area of our squad.


Full Backs

Lucas Rodríguez (Age: 32, D/WB/M (L)):
Rodríguez, although an experienced player, has experienced a noticeable decline in his performance this season. His age is starting to catch up with him, which has affected his effectiveness on the field. His attributes, particularly his pace and stamina, have shown signs of deterioration. Given this decline, his role as a key full-back may be at risk.

Tiberiu Căpuşă (Age: 28, D (RL), WB (R)):
Căpuşă has also shown a decline in his performance this season. While not as steep as Rodríguez's decline, it's still a cause for concern. His versatility in both full-back positions is valuable, but he needs to regain some of his lost effectiveness to maintain his status as a reliable choice.

Christopher Operi (Age: 29, D/WB/M/AM (L)):
Operi has had a challenging season, resulting in a significant decline in his effectiveness. His versatility in various roles has been an asset, but his attributes have declined. At his age, a potential comeback is uncertain, and he might not be a key player in the future.

Steven Mmbooi (Age: 18, D (RL), WB (R)):
Mmbooi, one of our younger prospects, has shown a minor decline in his performance. This is disappointing for a player at his stage, he needs to work on regaining his effectiveness and adapt to the demands of senior football. His attributes still indicate potential.

Puso Dithejane (Age: 21, D (RLC)):
Dithejane has demonstrated improvement during the season. His attributes reflect this growth, and he has the potential to become a reliable full-back. However, it's important to maintain this upward trajectory and continue honing his skills.

Overall Summary:
Our full-back department is facing some challenges, with experienced players showing declines and younger prospects having a long way to go to reach the required level of effectiveness. It's crucial to address the issues and identify opportunities for improvement, both for experienced players looking to maintain their roles and for the prospects aiming to secure a spot in the first team squad.



Jackson Yueill (Age: 29, DM, M (C)):
Yueill, the experienced central midfielder, has maintained his effectiveness during this season. His contribution and consistency have been valuable for the squad, and he remains a crucial figure in the central midfield.

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) (Age: 18, M/AM (C)):
Tsichlas, one of our emerging talents, has made significant strides in his development during the season. His impressive improvement in effectiveness, particularly as a young player, is commendable. With dedication and continued training, he's on the right path to becoming a key central midfielder.

Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) (Age: 17, DM, M (RC)):
Ngubane, another young prospect, has displayed remarkable growth. His increase in effectiveness is noteworthy, and he's on the right track to securing a prominent role as a defensive midfielder. His progress is a positive sign for the future.

William Mejía (Age: 27, DM, M (C)):
Mejía, the central midfielder, has maintained a consistent performance level. While he hasn't shown drastic improvement, his reliability in the midfield is appreciated. He remains an important part of the squad.

Mduduzi Shabalala (Age: 21, M/AM (C)):
Shabalala's progress this season has been positive. His effectiveness rating reflects his development as a central midfielder. Continued growth will be vital for him to become a more impactful presence in the midfield.

Khama Billiat (Age: 35, M (C), AM (RC), ST (C)):
Billiat, an experienced player, has seen a decline in his effectiveness. His age is catching up with him, and this decline is a natural part of the aging process. His role in the squad may need to be reevaluated, considering the decline in his attributes.

Glen Nzama (Age: 19, M (C), AM (RC)):
Nzama, a young talent, has shown impressive growth this season. His substantial improvement in effectiveness reflects his dedication to development. He's a promising figure in the central midfield and should be nurtured accordingly.

Overall Summary:
The central midfield department showcases a mix of experienced players and promising youth. The youth prospects, particularly Tsichlas and Ngubane, have demonstrated substantial improvement, which bodes well for the future. However, it's essential to assess the roles of aging players like Billiat and maintain the effectiveness of key figures like Yueill and Mejía. The central midfield is an area of development and transition, and the squad should focus on nurturing the emerging talents while maintaining a balance of experience and youth.


Inside Forwards

Lebohang Lesako (Age: 26, AM (RC), ST (C)):
Lesako, who was on loan last season. His versatility in attacking positions makes him a valuable asset. We will closely monitor his performance to determine his role in the squad.

Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (Age: 21, M/AM (L)):
Nkosi has shown significant improvement this season, with a notable increase in effectiveness. His adaptability to both midfield and attacking roles is an advantage. He should continue to develop and contribute to the squad's attacking options.

Elijah Adebayo (Age: 28, AM (L), ST (C)):
Adebayo has maintained his performance level this season, with no significant change in effectiveness. His experience can be an asset, but he needs to maintain consistency to secure his place in the squad.

Keletso Sifama (Age: 23, M (C), AM (RLC)):
Sifama's impressive growth in effectiveness reflects his development as an inside forward. His contributions on the flank are vital for the squad, and he should strive to maintain this level of performance.

Peter Notse (Age: 20, AM (L), ST (C)):
Notse has made good progress during the season. His effectiveness has increased, making him a more significant asset as an attacking midfielder and striker. Continued development will be crucial.

Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) (Age: 16, AM (LC), ST (C)):
Lekhooa, a youth prospect, has demonstrated considerable growth. His increased effectiveness is a positive sign for his future prospects. He's an emerging talent to keep an eye on.

Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a) (Age: 16, AM (RLC)):
Ngcobo, another promising youth player, has shown notable improvement. His versatility as an attacking midfielder in different roles is commendable. He should continue to develop his skills.

Overall Summary:
The inside forwards consist of a mix of experienced players, emerging talents, and youth prospects. Promising developments from young talents like Nkosi, Lekhooa, Ngcobo, Coetsee, and other youth players bode well for the squad's future. Continued nurturing and development will be essential for maximizing their potential. The experienced players, including Lesako and Adebayo, need to maintain consistency. The squad's attacking options seem promising, with a good balance of youth and experience.




Simon Banza (Age: 29, ST (C)):
Banza has been the standout striker this season and has rightfully claimed the first-choice spot. His consistent performances and goal-scoring abilities have made him the go-to option in the striking department. Banza's contributions on the pitch have been invaluable, showcasing his ability to lead the line effectively.

Federico Vietto (Age: 28, ST (C)):
Despite his impressive attributes, Vietto has struggled to find the back of the net in recent matches. While he remains a strong contender, his lack of goals has hindered his claim to the first-choice position. Vietto needs to rediscover his scoring form to challenge Banza effectively.

Stanley Khumalo (YP4e) (Age: 17, ST (C)):
Khumalo, a budding talent, continues to develop and impress with his potential. However, for now, he's often utilized as a substitute. His time on the pitch is crucial for his growth and understanding of the first team's dynamics.

Tim Sonopo (Age: 18, ST (C)):
Sonopo's recent performances have shown promise. His potential is evident, but he's still in the developmental phase. Regular opportunities will be key to his progress and adaptation to the first team.

Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (Age: 17, M/AM (C), ST (C)):
Dladla's progress is a testament to his hard work and adaptability. His versatility in both midfield and striking positions has made him a valuable asset. He's likely to challenge for more playing time as the season progresses.

Overall Summary:
Simon Banza's form has propelled him to the forefront of the striking department, making him the primary choice. While Federico Vietto possesses impressive attributes, he's currently struggling to convert his potential into goals. The younger prospects, Khumalo, Sonopo, and Dladla, all have distinct roles to play in the squad's future. Maintaining a balance between experience and youth in the striking department will be crucial for the team's success.


First Team Overview

Over the past two years, the squad has experienced a transition. Young talents like Thabiso Tsichlas and Mfundo Ngubane have emerged as key midfield figures. The squad's average age has actually rebounded slightly though, but there is a promising blend of youth and experience. While some players like Khama Billiat and Federico Vietto have faced challenges, the overall squad dynamics appear promising for the future. Maintaining the right balance between youth development and experienced players will be crucial for long-term success.

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Dear Jonas,

I trust this message finds you in high spirits, reflecting on the conclusion of another extraordinary season for our club. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible accomplishments we have achieved together.

Back-to-back promotions are no small feat, and even though we narrowly missed out on the Division 19 championship, the progress we have made is nothing short of exceptional. Your leadership and the collective efforts of our team have brought us to the brink of Division 18, and that, in itself, is an outstanding achievement.

One of the most exciting aspects of this season has been the emergence of several talented youth team players making their way into the first team. Among them, Thabiso Tsichlas has shone brightly and is now recognized as the second-best midfielder in our squad. This growth in our homegrown talent is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young players and developing the future stars of our club.

This season marked a historic milestone as we had the opportunity to compete in the World FA Cup for the first time. Our victory against German side Schalke 04 was a moment of pure pride and showcased our potential on the global stage. Although we faced a tough exit against Eibar, it was a valuable experience that will undoubtedly benefit us in the future.

Additionally, our journey in the Ooclanoo League Trophy saw us progress to the second round, which is a remarkable achievement. These cup competitions have given us a platform to compete against strong opponents and continue our upward trajectory.


I am pleased to share that our financial position has seen a small but positive improvement, with our bank balances increasing from £17 million to £18 million. This stability enables us to invest in our youth training facilities, which are now considered state-of-the-art. This investment aligns with our core philosophy of developing young talents and securing the future of our club.


Equally exciting is the increase in our reputation from a national to a continental level. This upward shift is a testament to our consistent performance and the growing recognition of our club. We are also witnessing a surge in our fanbase, with average attendances increasing from around 31,000 to approximately 35,000 for each home game. This support from our fans is invaluable and drives us to strive for greater heights.

As we look to the future, I am filled with hope and optimism. Our journey is far from over, and I have every confidence that with your leadership and the dedication of our team, we will continue to achieve remarkable success. Let us approach the next season with the same determination and passion that have brought us this far.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment to our club. Your leadership and the team's collective efforts are truly making a difference.

Best regards,

Kaizer Motaung Club Chairman

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Man City Triumphs Again: Ederson Shines Bright

Manchester City has etched its name into the annals of football history by becoming the first team to ever retain the title in the fiercely competitive World Super League. The 2025/2026 season was filled with nail-biting moments and record-breaking victories, culminating in Man City's glorious triumph. Ederson, the Brazilian shot-stopper, played a pivotal role with an incredible eight Player of the Match awards, securing their place at the top of the league.

Despite Man City's unrivaled success, their path to glory was far from smooth. They faced fierce competition from the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Paris SG. However, it was their indomitable spirit, rock-solid defense, and the relentless brilliance of Ederson that propelled them to the championship.

Man City finished the season with an impressive 63 points from 30 games, boasting 20 wins, 3 draws, and 7 losses. The closest challengers, Borussia Dortmund, finished just two points behind. The season witnessed a series of spectacular victories and standout performances that left fans in awe.

The 2025/2026 World Super League season was not just about Man City's glorious triumph but also marked a somber moment for their rivals, Manchester United, who found themselves relegated to a lower division. Man Utd fans were left in anguish as their once-mighty team faced an unexpected and devastating drop in status, while their arch-rivals soared to championship glory. The fierce rivalry between the two Manchester clubs reached a new level of intensity with this season's outcomes, and the passionate fans on both sides will undoubtedly be counting the days until their next encounter, hoping for a swift return to top-flight football and a chance for redemption.


Man City's Dominance:

Sat, 1/11/2025: Man City announced their intentions early in the season, thrashing Fiorentina 6-0 at home, with Kylian Mbappé leading the charge with five goals. It was a breathtaking display of attacking football.

Sat, 13/12/2025: Man City faced Chelsea in an intense battle and emerged victorious with a 2-1 scoreline. Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva showcased their class on the field.

Sat, 27/12/2025: Man City dominated FC Bayern München, securing a 3-0 victory at home. Alexander Isak, Bernardo Silva, and Raheem Sterling each got their names on the scoresheet.

Sat, 31/1/2026: In an emphatic display against Juventus, Man City emerged triumphant with a 4-0 win. Raheem Sterling and Kylian Mbappé took center stage in this stunning victory.

Sat, 7/3/2026: Facing Barcelona, the team showcased its prowess once more, winning 3-0. Kylian Mbappé, Bernardo Silva, and Phil Foden displayed their exceptional skills.

Ederson's Legacy

In the midst of Man City's remarkable season, the backbone of their success was none other than their incredible goalkeeper, Ederson. The Brazilian shot-stopper, aged 32, has been a paragon of consistency and excellence, amassing an impressive record of 294 league appearances for the club. With a remarkable eight Player of the Match awards, he showcased his remarkable shot-stopping abilities and played a pivotal role in securing the title for Man City.

Ederson's astonishing 85% pass accuracy demonstrated his proficiency with his feet, often starting intricate build-up plays from the back. His unrivaled ability to distribute the ball efficiently has been a crucial aspect of Man City's playing style under manager Vincent Kompany. This season, Ederson demonstrated his prowess by keeping numerous 12 sheets, reaffirming his status as one of the world's premier goalkeepers.

He consistently delivered world-class performances that cemented his reputation as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Ederson's performance in the World Super League this season was a testament to his exceptional abilities and his vital contribution to Man City's historic title defense.

Vincent Kompany's Tactical Genius

Guiding this star-studded team with precision is their revered manager, Vincent Kompany. Under his tutelage, Man City claimed the FIFA World FA Cup and the World Champions Cup along with last seasons World Super League. Kompany was honored with the title of "World Coach of the Year" and "FIFA World Super League Manager of the Year."

In the 2025/2026 season, Kompany's tactical prowess shone as he led Manchester City to their second World Super League championship, securing a place in football history for himself and his team. As he continues to mold the future of the sport, football fans eagerly anticipate what the next season will bring under his expert guidance.

The 2025/2026 season will forever be remembered as the one where Man City asserted their dominance, Ederson's brilliance illuminated the pitch, and Vincent Kompany's managerial genius reigned supreme. Football aficionados worldwide eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this remarkable team and their star goalkeeper.

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Arsenal Clinches Double Triumph with Demolition Job on Rivals Tottenham in 2025/26 Season

Arsenal's historic victory in the 2025/26 World FA Cup final against arch-rivals Tottenham was a fitting climax to a season marked by astonishing achievements. This resounding 4-0 win also marked Arsenal's remarkable return to the premier division of the global league, the World Super League. In addition to lifting the prestigious new World FA Cup, Arsenal secured the FIFA Coca-Cola Championship, thereby ensuring their promotion back to the pinnacle of football.

Arsenal's road to glory was paved with remarkable performances. They began their campaign in the World FA Cup with an emphatic 5-0 victory over FC St Pauli in the Third Round. Goals from Rodrigo De Paul (pen 9, 45), Tammy Abraham (34, 51), and Emiliano Buendía (62) set the tone for their remarkable journey. Subsequent rounds saw them facing tough competition, narrowly defeating Colorado (3-2), Nottingham Forest (2-1), and Dynamo Kyiv (2-0).

The Quarter Final against 1. FC Köln proved a stern test, but Arsenal triumphed with a 2-1 win, powered by goals from Tammy Abraham (45+1) and Charles De Ketelaere (101). The Semi Final was a thriller against Aston Villa, ending in a 3-2 victory thanks to Benjamin White (45+3), Tammy Abraham (87), and an own goal by Luca Pellegrini (90+1).

In the highly anticipated final against Tottenham, Arsenal delivered a masterclass performance. Tammy Abraham, the star striker who had joined Arsenal from AS Roma for £58M in August 2022, opened the scoring in the 44th minute. Gabriel Jesus further extended the lead with goals in the 66th and 90+2nd minute, while an own goal by Emerson Royal (76) heaped further misery on Tottenham. The 4-0 victory sent shockwaves through the footballing world, silencing their rivals.


Key players played pivotal roles in Arsenal's triumphant campaign:

Tammy Abraham: Arsenal's goal-scoring maestro was unstoppable, netting 7 goals throughout the tournament. His hat-trick of assists and crucial goals made him the focal point of Arsenal's attack.

Rodrigo De Paul: De Paul's contributions were invaluable, tallying 2 goals and 3 assists. His creative playmaking and defensive prowess were instrumental.

Emiliano Buendía: Buendía who had joined Arsenal from Aston Villa in 2022 and memorably scored the goal of the tournament in the 2022 World Cup, showcased his skills with 2 goals and 2 assists, proving to be a formidable force on the field. His dribbling abilities and precise passing were key to Arsenal's attacking strategies.

Benjamin White: White's defensive acumen was on display, guiding Arsenal's backline with expertise. His passing accuracy (94%) and crucial tackles were vital in Arsenal's defensive stability.

Aaron Ramsdale: Ramsdale's goalkeeping heroics were pivotal, maintaining a commendable 90% save rate. His commanding presence in the box and exceptional saves ensured Arsenal's success.

This victory was a testament to Arsenal's resilience and determination, epitomized by manager Roberto Martinez. Martinez, a Wigan Athletic legend, had already etched his name in football history with previous successes. His tactical brilliance and ability to motivate his team were evident throughout the tournament, culminating in Arsenal's historic triumph.

As confetti rained down and fans roared in jubilation, it was a moment that resonated deeply with every Arsenal supporter. The 2025/26 season had delivered not just one but two monumental achievements. Arsenal's double triumph, featuring the World FA Cup victory and the FIFA Coca-Cola Championship, marked a remarkable resurgence, firmly re-establishing their place in the World Super League, the global league's premier division. Under Martinez's guidance, Arsenal were truly back at the pinnacle of global football, and their supporters now eagerly anticipate even greater achievements in the future.


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Manchester United's Stunning World Champions Cup Victory Despite World Super League Relegation

Manchester United's incredible journey in the 2025-2026 World Champions Cup came to a fairy-tale ending on Saturday as they secured victory in the final, defeating Chelsea on penalties after a 0-0 draw. What makes this victory even more remarkable is that only a few days prior, they had been relegated from the World Super League, making their path to the final in the Champions Cup even more bitter-sweet. In a thrilling finale, Kai Havertz's crucial role and the tactical prowess of manager Andre Villas-Boas were on full display.

A Rollercoaster Run to the Final

Manchester United's run in the 2025-2026 World Champions Cup was anything but straightforward. They were placed in Group C alongside Borussia Mönchengladbach, VfL Wolfsburg, and Real Madrid. In the group stage, United managed to secure two wins and two draws, which were just enough to see them scrape through to the knockout rounds. It was clear from the outset that they had to rely on their attacking prowess to progress.

The knockout stages witnessed some impressive performances from Manchester United. In the first round, they overcame SSC Napoli, with Marcus Rashford delivering a vital goal in the second leg. The second-round clash against Tottenham proved challenging, but their attacking quality and solid defense saw them through. Notably, Odsonne Edouard, despite limited appearances, contributed with crucial goals.

Their quarter-final showdown against Real Madrid was a closely contested affair. Kai Havertz's goal in the first leg set the tone for their victory, despite a late scare in the second leg. The semi-final against Manchester City was equally intense, with Bruno Fernandes and Pedri delivering standout performances to secure their spot in the final.


Kai Havertz's Heroics

Throughout this Champions Cup campaign, the star player for Manchester United was Kai Havertz. Havertz, who had an impressive track record at Chelsea before his move to Manchester United, was instrumental in their journey. He joined the club in June 2023 for a staggering £151 million and quickly established himself as their top goalscorer. His flexibility and ability to score crucial goals made him a fan favorite.

Havertz's ability to shine on the grandest stage was evident once again in the final. Despite a goalless draw against his previous employer, he showed composure and skill during the penalty shootout, helping Manchester United secure their victory. His contributions to the club have been immense, both in terms of goals and as a leader on the pitch.

Managerial Masterclass by Andre Villas-Boas

Behind Manchester United's resurgence and victory in the World Champions Cup is the astute tactical mind of their manager, Andre Villas-Boas. Villas-Boas only took the helm in February 2026 when the club was languishing in the World Super League after Pep Guardiola had been sacked. Whilst he wasn't able to save the team from relegation from the Super League, his impact in the cup was immediate and profound, as he guided the team to this remarkable Champions Cup triumph.

Villas-Boas' career has been marked by stints at various clubs, including FC Porto, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Zenit, and Olympique de Marseille. He brought his tactical acumen to Manchester United, steadying the ship and instilling a sense of belief in his squad.

Under Villas-Boas' guidance, Manchester United displayed tactical discipline and versatility. They were organized at the back and lethal on the counter. The manager's ability to motivate his team and make shrewd decisions during critical moments was a vital factor in their success.

A Victory to Remember

Manchester United's victory in the 2025-2026 World Champions Cup is a testament to their resilience, even in the face of adversity. Despite their recent relegation from the World Super League, they managed to defy the odds and emerge as champions. Kai Havertz's remarkable journey from Chelsea to becoming United's talisman and the strategic genius of Andre Villas-Boas were the driving forces behind this remarkable feat. As they celebrate their triumph, despite relegation, Manchester United's fans are left with renewed hope for their club's future.

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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

As the Hall of Fame undergoes its annual transformation, the football world is abuzz with excitement as a new name makes its way into the annals of history. Phil Foden, the prodigious talent from Manchester City, has ascended to the esteemed ranks of the Hall of Fame, claiming the fifth position. Man City's continued dominance on the football stage is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. The Hall of Fame for football managers has also been updated, and it's André Villas-Boas who is making headlines. The former Wolves manager has now etched his name in the annals of football history, securing the third position in the prestigious Hall of Fame. His recent triumph with Manchester United in the Champions Cup during the 2025/26 season has solidified his status as one of the sport's great tacticians. This remarkable achievement follows his European Championship title with Portugal in 2024, further underscoring his managerial prowess.


Phil Foden: A Global Superstar in the Making

Phil Foden, a name synonymous with world football's rising superstars, has left an indelible mark on the sport. What sets Foden apart is his unwavering loyalty to Manchester City, the club he has called home since the 2015/16 season. His development through the ranks culminated in a place in the first-team setup in 2017, and from there, there was no looking back.

During his tenure at Man City, Foden made 212 league appearances, displaying his versatility and playmaking prowess. With 51 goals to his name, he has been instrumental in the club's continued success. His list of honors is a testament to his contributions, which include the Under 17 World Cup in 2017, the FIFA World FA Cup in 2024, the World Champions Cup in 2025, the World FA Super Cup in 2024, and two FIFA World Super League championships between 2024 and 2026.

His international debut for World UK against Iceland in September 2020 set the stage for an illustrious international career. Foden's 51 appearances and 12 goals for his country underline his status as a key player in England's footballing landscape, however injury prevented him from helping his country to lift the World Cup in 2022.

Foden's remarkable achievements haven't gone unnoticed by the footballing community. His accolades include the FIFA World Super League Players' Young Player of the Year, World Footballer of the Year runner-up, World Golden Ball runner-up, and World Player of the Year runner-up.

As we welcome Phil Foden into the Hall of Fame, it's a reminder of the incredible talent that graces the footballing world. With each stride, pass, and goal, he continues to make history, and there's no doubt that his journey is far from over. Foden's career stats serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication and as an inspiration for the next generation of football enthusiasts, reinforcing the idea that with talent, determination, and hard work, one can truly make a mark on the beautiful game.


André Villas-Boas: A Managerial Luminary

Born in Porto on October 17, 1977, André Villas-Boas has had a remarkable journey in football management. His current role as manager at Manchester United since February 2026 has placed him firmly in the spotlight, and it's well-deserved recognition for his tactical acumen.

Villas-Boas' managerial journey began with his role as FC Porto's Under 18s coach, a position he held from July 1997 until July 2002. His passion for the sport extended to international roles, including brief spells with the British Virgin Islands and Futebol Clube do Porto between July 1999 and July 2004.

The next phase of his career saw Villas-Boas serve as the chief scout for Chelsea from July 2004 until September 2007. His professional growth continued as a coach for Inter Milan from July 2008 until June 2009.

Villas-Boas then ventured into managerial positions, commencing with a successful stint at Académica de Coimbra between October 2009 and June 2010. However, it was his brief but immensely triumphant period as the head of FC Porto between July 2010 and June 2011 that truly made him a standout figure in the footballing world. During this tenure, his team clinched the Liga Portugal Bwin in 2011, the Supertaga Candido de Oliveira in 2010, the EURO Cup in 2011, and the Taga de Portugal Placard in 2011.

The subsequent years included brief managerial roles with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur between June 2011 and December 2013. Villas-Boas achieved further managerial success during his tenure at Zenit, where his team secured the Russian Football Championship in 2015, the Cup of Russia in 2016, and the Russian Super Cup in 2015.

From November 2016 to February 2021, Villas-Boas continued to make his mark in the football world with spells at Shanghai Port and Olympique de Marseille. Following a 23-month break from football, he returned to his managerial duties, this time with the Portuguese national team beginning in December 2022 culminating in the team lifting the European Championship in 2024.

Villas-Boas also managed Wolves briefly between July 2025 and February 2026 before taking the helm at Manchester United. His remarkable journey and recent Champions Cup victory with Man Utd have secured his spot in the upper echelons of football management, firmly establishing him as a managerial luminary. As we celebrate his induction into the Hall of Fame, it's a testament to his dedication, strategic brilliance, and the indelible impact he has made on the sport.

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2026 World Cup


Italy Triumphs in 2026 FIFA World Cup, Mourinho's Tactical Genius Prevails

In an electrifying clash at the Stadio Olimpico, Italy clinched their fifth FIFA World Cup title, triumphing over the United States in a nail-biting penalty shootout. Guided by the tactical brilliance of their manager, José Mourinho, Italy's Azzurri overcame the resilient challenge posed by Gerhard Struber's USA team to etch their names in football history.

Mourinho, a legendary figure in the football world, orchestrated Italy's success with his strategic acumen. Under Mourinho's tutelage, the Azzurri embarked on a thrilling World Cup journey. Their campaign kicked off with a resounding 3-0 victory against Togo, with goals from Sandro Tonali and Federico Chiesa. Italy's class was evident in subsequent matches, including a 4-0 win over Ukraine in the second round, where Lorenzo Lucca and Sandro Tonali shone.

In the quarter-finals, Italy faced a tough challenge against Norway, culminating in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. Mourinho's strategic guidance, coupled with Gianluigi Donnarumma's heroics, led Italy to a semi-final clash against Germany. Despite a late surge from the German side, Italy emerged victorious, securing a spot in the final.

Facing the USA in the ultimate showdown, Italy showcased their resilience. Federico Chiesa opened the scoring, but the USA responded, forcing extra time. In extra time Lorenzo Lucca against gave the Azzurri the lead, but a penalty in the 118th minute pulled the USA back equal at the death. The match eventually led to a penalty shootout where Italy prevailed, with Lorenzo Lucca delivering the decisive blow.


For the United States, the journey to the World Cup final was a testament to their growing football prowess under the stewardship of manager Gerhard Struber. Struber, born on January 24, 1977, had a remarkable playing career spanning from 1994 to 2008, making 140 appearances and scoring 15 goals. His transition into coaching saw him lead the USA team with passion and determination.

Under Struber's guidance, the USA showcased their mettle in the group stage, securing vital points against Scotland and Wales. They continued their impressive run, defeating South Korea 3-0 in the second round and Switzerland 1-0 in the third round. Struber's tactical acumen was evident in their quarter-final win against England and their semi-final triumph over Portugal.

Incredibly for Struber and the United States, it was a consecutive heart-wrenching loss in the World Cup final. In 2022, they had also reached the final but were defeated by England. Despite the heartbreak of losing in the final once again, Struber's leadership and the team's collective spirit earned them respect and admiration on the global stage.

Both teams' managers, Mourinho and Struber, played pivotal roles in shaping the narratives of their respective teams' World Cup journeys. Italy's triumph and the USA's exceptional performance will be remembered as testaments to the beauty and unpredictability of football, showcasing the talents of players and the genius of their managers.

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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 4 - 26/27 Season


As we stand on the cusp of a new season in the UEFA Facebook Live Division 18, I find myself filled with a heady mix of hope, concern, and anticipation. Our journey has been incredible, with back-to-back promotions, and now we face our most significant challenge yet.

Boavista, the team that narrowly pipped us to the title last season, is heavily favored by the bookies with odds of 1-5. On the other hand, we're expected to finish ninth with odds of 20-1. The world still doubts us, but we've thrived on proving them wrong before, and we'll do it again.


My greatest hope is that young Thasibo Tsichlas continues to develop and shows he can step into the shoes of the aging legend, Khama Billiat. Khama remains invaluable, even if he sees fewer starts, and his experience and impact off the bench are unmatched. Thasibo has the potential to be the torchbearer for our future, and I believe he's ready for the challenge.

However, there's an unexpected twist in our preseason preparations that has left me scratching my head. Despite our clear policy of youth development and not relying on the transfer market, a new youngster has joined our ranks. Ashley Raad, signed on a free transfer, arrived without my knowledge, and his performances in training have left much to be desired. It's a puzzle as to why he was signed and by whom.


This season, the challenge is clear – finding the right balance between giving our youngsters the playing time they need to develop and maintaining a competitive team that can fight for promotion.

The odds may be stacked against us, but history has shown that the Kaizer Chiefs are relentless. We're warriors on the pitch, ready to face any challenge head-on. Our fans have been with us through thick and thin, and we aim to make them proud once more.

With hard work, a never-say-die attitude, who knows what we can achieve in Division 18? The journey continues, and we'll march forward with courage and determination, ready to conquer new heights.

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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (26/27)

In the first half of the 2026 Dr. Disrespect 19 season, Kaizer Chiefs embarked on a remarkable journey, showcasing their mettle and determination. They kicked off their campaign in style, overpowering Legia with a 5-2 victory. Mduduzi Shabalala, Keletso Sifama, Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi, Jackson Yueill, and Lucas Rodríguez were the heroes of the day, displaying a stellar team effort.

Their impressive form continued as they triumphed over Rosenborg and Marítimo, with Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi proving to be a key player with his crucial goals. The home crowd at FNB Stadium witnessed a dominant performance against Inter Miami, with Jackson Yueill and Thabo Mathe securing a 2-0 win.

Kaizer Chiefs faced a tough challenge against Colorado but managed to snatch a 1-0 victory, thanks to Tiberiu Căpuşă's goal. Their attacking prowess shone brightly against Unión, as Keletso Sifama, Jackson Yueill, Simon Banza, Thabo Mathe, and Thabiso Tsichlas contributed to a stunning 6-2 victory.

A significant test awaited them against Ibiza, but Glen Nzama's lone goal secured an essential away win. The clash against rivals Boavista Futebol Clube ended in a 1-1 draw, with Elijah Adebayo showcasing his talent on the field. The team continued their winning streak, overcoming challenges from Hajduk Split, Crotone, and Belenenses SAD. Simon Banza, Lucas Rodríguez, and others played crucial roles in these victories.

As the season progressed, Kaizer Chiefs faced Sochi and Antalyaspor, securing 1-0 wins in both matches, with Thabo Mathe and Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi as standout performers. The final game of the first half against Cincinnati ended in a 2-2 draw, with Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi and Shaun Tomlinson displaying resilience and determination till the last minute.


Despite the exceptional performance, the team faced a setback with the unfortunate injury to star player Elijah Adebayo during the international break in November, ruling him out for the rest of the season. The team's overall outstanding form, winning 13 games and only slipping up against rivals Boavista and Cincinnati, propelled them to the top of the table.

As the first half concluded, Kaizer Chiefs found themselves at the pinnacle of the Dr. Disrespect 19 table, yet the pressure was on to maintain their exceptional form and secure the championship. With an 11-point lead over Boavista, the team's resolve and determination would be put to the ultimate test in the upcoming fixtures.


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Kaiser Chiefs - Cup Updates 26/27

Ooclanoo League Trophy

The team made good progress in the First and Second round of the league trophy in high scoring games. Our battle against Division 14 side QPR in the 3rd round, was an exhilarating rollercoaster of a match. The encounter unfolded beneath the radiant floodlights of QPR's historic stadium, and it didn't disappoint.

The game kicked off with a slight setback as QPR took the lead, but we weren't about to let that deter us. In fact, Keletso Sifama, stepped up with remarkable composure to level the score, showcasing his clinical finishing skills.

The contest took a dramatic twist as QPR regained the lead just before the halftime whistle, taking advantage of a momentary lapse in our defense. However, we weren't disheartened and roared back into the game through our promising young talent, Thabiso Tsichlas after the break. The atmosphere in the stadium was nothing short of electric as our fans rallied behind us but couldn't stop us falling behind again for the third time.

As time ticked away, Jackson Yueill, our midfield maestro, provided a moment of sheer brilliance. In the dying moments of injury time, he unleashed a thunderous strike from outside the box, sending the ball crashing into the net. The stadium erupted in wild celebrations. The match ended 3-3, forcing extra time.

Extra time was a true rollercoaster. QPR's hopes took a major hit when Centonze, one of their key players, received a red card, leaving them with ten men. Despite the numerical advantage, we couldn't find that elusive goal, and the game eventually headed to a nerve-wracking penalty shootout.

The shootout was a heart-pounding affair. Both teams demonstrated nerves of steel as they converted their spot-kicks. But then came the cruel twist of fate – Lucas Rodriguez, usually reliable from the spot, saw his penalty saved. QPR seized the moment, securing a 5-4 victory on penalties, bringing an end to our journey in the Ooclanoo League Trophy.



FA Cup

In our exhilarating journey through the World FA Cup, we encountered a series of captivating fixtures, each with its own unique flavor and challenges. It all began with the second-round match against SC Internacional, a formidable Brazilian side competing in Division 7, which stood 11 divisions above us. The odds were stacked against us, but we were determined to make our mark on the competition.

The match unfolded at our beloved stadium, and it was an absolute spectacle for our fans. Jackson Yueill, our midfield dynamo, showcased his precision with a well-taken goal, setting the tone for the game. As the match progressed, our attacking prowess came to the forefront, with Facundo Agüero and Thabiso Tsichlas, our young sensation, adding their names to the scoresheet. Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi sealed the win with a late strike, securing our passage to the third round.

In the third round, we were pitted against Ibiza, a Spanish side competing in Division 18, the same division as us. The tension was palpable as both teams locked horns, searching for that elusive goal. It was a fierce battle, with both sides evenly matched. It took an extra-time golden goal to separate the two teams. In this moment of high drama, Bokang Thabantso, our young defender, emerged as our hero. His composure under pressure was extraordinary, and he scored the golden goal, sending our fans into euphoria. It was a dramatic and emotional victory that showcased our determination and unwavering spirit.

Moving forward to the fourth round, we faced the formidable Borussia Mönchengladbach from the FIFA Ladbrokes World Championship, a team with an impressive pedigree. We were outclassed from the start an Borussia Mönchengladbach displayed their class, moving into a three-goal lead.

However we tightened our defense, and our midfield orchestrated swift counter-attacks, putting Borussia Mönchengladbach on the back foot. Youngster Innocent Dladla (YP3b) impressed as a substitute, scoring a goal and giving us hope. Simon Banza's late penalty goal added to the excitement, setting the stage for a thrilling finale. Although we couldn't find the elusive equalizer, the match showcased our fighting spirit and resilience.

While our FA Cup journey came to an end, the memories of these thrilling fixtures will continue to inspire us. Our victory against Ibiza, with the golden goal, will remain a symbol of our determination and ability to rise to the occasion. These experiences will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors, making us even more formidable in the challenges that lie ahead.


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Kaiser Chiefs Second Half of the Season Summary (26/27)


As the second half of the season kicked off for Kaizer Chiefs, we were determined to maintain our position at the top of the league. The fixtures presented us with an array of challenges, including some memorable encounters and standout player performances.

On the 2nd of January, we hosted Legia at FNB Stadium. It was an intense battle under the scorching South African sun. Although Simon Banza converted a penalty in the 21st minute, Legia managed to secure a 2-1 victory. A tough loss to start the year. The following week, we ventured to Rosenborg's home ground in Norway. Braving the icy conditions, we fought hard, but Simon Banza's goal in the 37th minute wasn't enough to prevent a 2-1 defeat. Whilst we remained comfortably in first place in the league this was a worrying turn in form.

Returning to our fortress, we faced Marítimo. Simon Banza again opened the scoring to continue his great run of form early in the 3rd minute, and an own goal by Toni Leistner in the 82nd minute sealed a 2-1 victory in our favor. A transatlantic journey took us to face Inter Miami. Yup, you guessed it Simon Banza's penalty in the 42nd minute and a late goal from Keletso Sifama secured a 2-0 win. Back to back win's and it felt like we were back to full throttle.

Back on home turf, we engaged in a goal-fest with Colorado in an exhilarating 4-4 draw. Jackson Yueill, Thabiso Tsichlas, Thabo Mathe, and Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi all got on the scoresheet, showcasing our determination.

We returned home to face Ibiza in a rainy spectacle. Thabiso Tsichlas, an own goal by Lucho, Thabo Mathe, Jackson Yueill, Keletso Sifama, Simon Banza, and Tiberiu Căpuşă led us to a resounding 7-1 victory.

As February rolled on, we faced various challenges. Key players like Glen Nzama, Thabiso Tsichlas, Mfundo Ngubane, and more displayed their skills, contributing to our strong performances in these games.

In March, we played with determination, securing crucial victories and maintaining our position at the top of the league. The occasional own goal, as in the case of Rodrigo Caio, worked in our favor, and the likes of Simon Banza and Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi continued to shine.



As the season in Division 18 comes to a close, it's impossible not to marvel at the incredible journey we've experienced. As the dust settles, it's clear that this season will be remembered as one of immense growth and determination.

At the pinnacle of this competitive battleground, we stand tall as the champions. Our performance, winning 20 out of 30 matches, reflects the teams unwavering dedication and skill. Their 67 points not only earned us the top spot but also underlined our dominance in the division.

Boavista Futebol Clube and Crotone, finishing in second and third place respectively, have earned their well-deserved promotion. Their consistency throughout the season, demonstrated by 60 and 56 points respectively, has earned them the ticket to a higher division. Their journey next season will undoubtedly be closely watched as they step up to face new challenges.

Antalyaspor, Ibiza, and Inter Miami, unfortunately, find themselves relegated to a lower division. Despite their best efforts, the competition proved fierce, leading to their relegation. Their resilience, however, should not be overlooked, as they fought valiantly until the end.

Legia, Sochi, Rosenborg, Marítimo, and Colorado showcased their competitive spirit, finishing in the middle of the table. Their performances were marked by moments of brilliance and determination, making them formidable opponents throughout the season.


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Youth Intake


Aidan and I recently discussed the rising talents within our youth ranks for the upcoming season. Three players, in particular, stood out, while a sense of frustration loomed around others.


Charles Sanudi (YP6b) - Right Wing-Back/Midfielder/Right Attacking Midfielder:
Charles Sanudi, originating from Springfontein, showcases remarkable versatility and the kind of balance that we covet. His physical attributes and the ability to position himself effectively on the field are undeniable strengths. He embodies the balanced and composed character we aim for at Kaiser Chiefs.


Andrew Sello (YP6e) - Right Attacking Midfielder:
Andrew Sello from Soweto brings flair and technical prowess as an attacking midfielder. His high natural fitness, along with the ability to read the game, makes him a dynamic prospect. Andrew's mercenary personality hints at his competitive edge and strong determination.


Daúde Marabe (YP6c) - Defender (Center):
Daúde Marabe hails from Soweto, where his defensive skills are emerging as a significant asset. His commitment to the game is evident, and his fairly professional attitude is commendable. Daúde's bravery and decision-making make him a promising addition to our defense.


However, it's not all positive news as we consider the entire spectrum of talents.

Thabiso Lebina (YP6a) - Attacking Midfielder (Right-Left):
Thabiso Lebina, a product of Soweto, brings creativity and agility to the field. Yet, his low determination continues to be a frustrating factor in his development. We need to address this aspect to harness his potential fully.


Eric Tshawe (YP6h) - Defender (Center):
Eric Tshawe, hailing fom Johannesburg, possesses a defensive mindset, but his low determination along with high levels of aggression raises concerns about his ability to push his limits. We need to motivate him to aspire to greatness.


Our youth development program has provided us with some promising talents, but we must emphasize the importance of mental attributes like determination. Thabiso Lebina's low determination is a clear example of how it can hinder a player's progress. These young players represent the future of Kaiser Chiefs, and addressing their mental attributes is essential for their overall development. We must focus on nurturing not only their technical skills but also their mental fortitude to ensure they reach their full potential.

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26/27 Season Review

At the beginning of the season, our ambitions were modest, and expectations were low. Bookies and pundits favored other teams, but we set out on a journey with the odds against us, determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

The season began with an unexpected and exhilarating start. The players, a blend of seasoned professionals and young talents, showcased their skills, determination, and an unwavering commitment to our cause. In this incredible journey, Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) stood out as a shining star. At just 19 years old, he consistently delivered exceptional performances, securing eight goals, providing seven assists, and boasting a goal involvement every 120 minutes. He has had a meteoric rise in the heart of our midfield and is one of the first names on the team sheet now. We barely missed Khama Billiat who will retire at the end of the season. Tsichlas has formed a solid midfield partnership with two other standout performers, Glen Nzama and Jackson Yueill. Their presence in the heart of the team was essential. Glen Nzama's three goals and three assists, combined with his tireless work rate, established him as the engine that drove our midfield forward. Meanwhile, Jackson Yueill's six goals and six assists displayed his all-around quality, as he dominated the center of the park with creativity and vision. Their contributions were indispensable to our success. With both Tsichlas and Nzama still in their teens, they will be in the spine of the team for years if we can keep hold of them.

Andres Gudino, our guardian between the posts, consistently proved his worth. With ten clean sheets and a commendable 91% pass accuracy, his presence in goal provided the solid foundation that allowed our team to flourish. His crucial saves and decision-making in high-pressure situations often made the difference between victory and defeat.

Defender Tiberiu Căpuşă deserves special recognition. His remarkable contributions from right-back, with four goals and seven assists, were pivotal to both our defensive stability and attacking prowess. His adaptability and versatility set a high standard for others to follow.

In the attack, our emerging talent, Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a), took the right wing by storm. In just 7 appearances his three goals and three assists provided a real spark on the flanks that ignited many memorable moments. At just 16 years old, Ayanda showcased his potential to become a future star, bringing youthful exuberance and flair to our team.

Our top goalscorer, Simon Banza, was another vital piece of the puzzle. With 11 goals and five assists to his name, the Congolese striker was a relentless force in our attack, exhibiting clinical finishing and an ability to create goals in crucial moments. Banza's contribution was critical given that our other major goal threat Elijah Adebayo was ruled out for 7 months after having broken his lower leg.


The journey was not without its challenges. As we approached the finish line, tension and pressure mounted. The expectation to win was immense, and the fear of falling short when victory was within reach became palpable.

In the end, we overcame these pressures to seize the Division 18 title, defeating strong competitors like Boavista Futebol Club. The celebrations were euphoric, and the satisfaction of achieving our goal was overwhelming.

This season was a testament to the strength and potential of the Kaizer Chiefs. Our young talents have matured, and our experienced players have demonstrated their enduring quality. With this victory, the future shines brighter than ever, and our pursuit of glory continues.


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Squad Assessment


Andrés Gudiño (Age: 30, GK): Andrés remains a strong presence in goal, displaying consistency and leadership. He has further honed his skills, maintaining a high level of performance throughout the season. His agility, reflexes, and overall reliability make him an excellent choice as our first-choice goalkeeper.

Brandon Petersen (Age: 33, GK): Brandon's decline in form continued this season. His command of the area and reflexes have deteriorated. We should carefully consider his role in the squad moving forward, as his effectiveness has significantly decreased.

Promise Chuene (Age: 20, GK): Promise Chuene has shown promise with improvements in his abilities, however he is significantly lacking in pace, acceleration and first touch which is a problem given our preference to play with a sweeper goalkeeper.

Lungile Nkosi (Age: 23, GK): Lungile Nkosi has shown little improvement over the season and remains a backup choice. He must work on his communication and aerial ability to become a reliable option in the future.

Sihle Dlamini (YP3e) (Age: 18, GK): Sihle Dlamini has made notable strides in handling and communication. However, his eccentricity and tendency to rush out need further refinement. His current ability places him as a backup.

Luyolo Abrahams (Age: 21, GK): Luyolo has had limited development this season and currently ranks as a backup player. His overall rating has remained stable, and he should focus on improving various attributes to compete for a starting position.

Overall Assessment:
While our first-choice goalkeeper, Andrés Gudiño, has maintained his high level of performance, it's essential to address Brandon Petersen's decline. We should consider whether to phase out Petersen and allow the younger talents to continue their development. In particular, Kamohelo Nkomo stands out as a potential first-choice keeper in the future, and Lesedi Sampson is also worth nurturing. The goalkeeping department is progressing but requires ongoing attention, given Gudiño probably only has 3 or 4 years left at the peak of his game, who will be ready to take his place?



Central Defence

Facundo Agüero (Age: 32, D RC): Agüero continues to impress with his consistent performances. His leadership and positioning make him an invaluable part of the team. Agüero has slightly improved this season, maintaining his high level of play.

Filip Kaša (Age: 33, D C): Kaša remains a rock in our defense, with his impressive balance and determination. His performance hasn't significantly changed this season, and he continues to provide a solid defensive presence.

Njabulo Ngcobo (Age: 32, D C): Ngcobo's effectiveness has declined this season, with noticeable drops in stamina and anticipation. His position in the starting lineup should be reevaluated given this recent decline. Given his age he is unlikely to regain his effectiveness

Bokang Thabantso (Age: 19, D RLC): Thabantso is a young talent who shows potential. He's made minor improvements this season, and his skill set, especially his work rate and positioning, makes him a promising prospect.

Thobani Molefe (YP5d) (Age: 16, D LC): Thobani Molefe has demonstrated significant development in various attributes, notably in his work rate and team work. His performances indicate he's on the right track.

Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) (Age: 17, D C): Pieterse displays promise and has made noteworthy improvements. His determination and skill in the tackle are commendable, and he's working his way up the ranks.

Overall Assessment:
Our central defense remains strong with a strong partnership between Agüero and Kaša. Young prospects like Thabantso and Molefe show potential and should be nurtured. However, there's a need for more depth and competition in this position to maintain the team's overall performance.


Full Backs

Tiberiu Căpuşă (Age: 29, D RL, WB R): Căpuşă is a versatile player with impressive agility and crossing abilities. He has slightly improved this season and has been one of our best performers on the pitch. He will remain a valuable option on either flank.

Lucas Rodríguez (Age: 33, D/WB/M L): Rodríguez's performances have declined this season, particularly in attributes like stamina and determination. However given the lack of alternatives, he will remain a key player. He may need more rest or reduced playing time to maintain peak performance.

Charles Sanudi (YP6b) (Age: 16, WB R, M C, AM R): Sanudi has just been promoted from the youth team and is a young talent showing promise with good acceleration and decision-making skills. He should be nurtured to maximize his potential.

Puso Dithejane (Age: 22, D RLC): Dithejane's well-rounded attributes make him a reliable option in defense. His slight improvement this season keeps him in the mix.

Thabang Masondo (YP5c) (Age: 17, D L, DM, M C): Masondo's improvement has been significant this season. Further development is needed for him to reach the next level, but he shows promise.

Aden McCarthy (Age: 23, D RC): McCarthy's performance has slightly declined this season. He's been reliable on the few occassions he's been called upon in games, but I'm not sure I trust him to perform on a regular basis.

Overall Assessment:
Our full-back positions are showing promise with some young talents. Players like Căpuşă and Rodríguez remain crucial, but it's important to focus on the development of our younger full backs to ensure long-term success.


Central Midfield

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) (Age: 19, M/AM C): Tsichlas is an exceptional young talent, showcasing remarkable attributes in key areas. His significant improvement this season makes him a crucial player.

Jackson Yueill (Age: 30, DM, M C): Yueill, despite his age, remains a reliable option. However, his attributes have slightly declined, suggesting that he may have passed his peak level.

Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) (Age: 18, DM, M RC): Ngubane is a young talent with potential but needs further development. He has performed well this season and had 23 appearances, mainly off the bench.

Glen Nzama (Age: 20, M C, AM RC): Nzama's well-rounded attributes make him a valuable asset in midfield. His improvement is a positive sign for the squad.

Mduduzi Shabalala (Age: 22, M/AM C): Shabalala has been consistent, but he hasn't improved significantly this season. More development is needed.

Khama Billiat (Age: 36, M C, AM RC, ST C): Billiat, due to his age, has experienced a noticeable decline in attributes. He retires at the end of the season.

Xolani Khumalo (YP5e) (Age: 16, DM, M C): Khumalo is a young talent showing significant improvement. Continued development should be a priority.

Overall Assessment:
The central midfield area boasts a mix of experienced and young talents. Prioritizing the development of young talents to follow in the footsteps of Tsichlas in establishing themselves in the first team is crucial to ensure a bright future for the squad. Across all areas of the squad, central midfield is our area of strength and the area we've seen the greatest level of improvement.


 Inside Forwards

Lebohang Lesako (Age: 27, AM RC, ST C): Lesako is an experienced player with balanced attributes. On paper he is the strongest inside forward in the squad but his performances when given the opportunity have been disappointing which is a conundrum. For now he will remain a squad player until he can prove he can convert his abilities into consistent performances on game days.

Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (Age: 22, M/AM L): Nkosi is a versatile young player with impressive physical attributes, though his overall rating has slightly declined.

Elijah Adebayo (Age: 29, AM L, ST C): Adebayo, despite his age, remains a strong asset for the team. His attributes have remained largely consistent, depsite a major injury set-back this season.

Keletso Sifama (Age: 24, M C, AM RLC, ST C): Sifama is a versatile player, but his improvement this season has been limited.

Thabo Mathe (Age: 19, AM L): Mathe is a young player who has shown significant improvement this season. This has translated into strong performances on the pitch when given the opportunity.

Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) (Age: 18, M C, AM LC, ST C): Lekhooa is a versatile player with room for improvement. His development this season has been slightly disappointing.

Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) (Age: 16, M/AM R, ST C): Dlamini, a young talent, has improved this season. He should be considered for more game time.

Overall Assessment:
The inside forwards provide a mix of experienced and young talents. Key areas of focus should be developing young talents like Dlamini (YP5a) and nursing Adebayo back to health.




Federico Vietto (Age: 29, ST C): Vietto, though experienced, has experienced a slight decline in attributes. His composure and leadership remain valuable.

Simon Banza (Age: 30, ST C): Banza remains a strong striker but has faced a minor decline in attributes. His strength, composure, and aggression make him a formidable presence. Banza has been top scorer for a number of seasons and his decline should be a cause for concern.

Stanley Khumalo (YP4e) (Age: 18, AM R, ST C): Khumalo, a young talent, has the potential for further development, with attributes such as flair and off the ball being noteworthy.

Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (Age: 18, M/AM C, ST C): Dladla, another young talent, has the potential for growth, with attributes like anticipation and off the ball deserving attention.

Overall Assessment:
Players like Banza, though slightly declining, remain strong options, while young talents like Khumalo and Dladla show promise for the future. Developing these young players further should be a focus for the squad - to date they have failed to demonstrate their potential on the pitch.


First Team Overview

The first team continues to transition from the ageing squad we inherited to the youngsters that we're starting to develop. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) is now the strongest player in the team and should continue to develop further. Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) and Glen Nzama have also emerged as key midfield figures. In defence we're starting to see declines in the ability of the older players whilst youngsters are not developing as quickly as we need. The squad's average age has remained flat whilst the overall ability of our first team has actually declined, which is not what we would be expecting at this stage of our journey.


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