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  1. I’ve returned to FM for the first time in 4 or 5 years (I’ve just not had the time in recent years) and decided to give Touch a go for the first time. I always start my careers in the lower leagues, but I’m really struggling! My first appointment was at Harrogate who were 24th when I was appointed in mid December and 7 points off the pace. Managed a couple of decent results due to one really good striker in the squad and averaged over a point a game but ended up being relegated on the final day of the season. I was then appointed as manager of Cowdenbeath for the start of the next season but after winning the first game went on a 13 game run with no wins - my P45 followed swiftly after. My latest job is with Montrose at the bottom of League 1. I had a reasonable start with 2 wins in a row and I actually have some decent midfielders and we are generally dominating possession and passing stats, but the losses are now starting to ramp up. Any ideas? It feels that I have less tools to arrest the decline in Touch compared to full blown FM? I’m guessing the answer will come down to Tactics? I’m torn between tinkering with the instructions during matches to leaving them untouched because I don’t want to confuse the players. I’m also struggling to see how to use the analysis to re-shape my tactics and improve - not sure if there is a difference between the Touch version and full blown FM. Any suggestions welcome, this is feeling hard work at the minute!
  2. Not stricly in the game, but can be activated in the Editor (as per my game at the minute) the mighty Pyongyang City of North Korea play in a massive 100,000 seater stadium and regularly receive attendances of 1,500!!!! Those crazy North Koreans!!!
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