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[FM22] Kickstarting the Chiefs: South Africa's Global Football Ambition - YOUTH CHALLENGE


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Dear Jonas,

I trust this message finds you in high spirits as we reflect on the conclusion of yet another extraordinary season for our club. I am filled with immense pride and gratitude as I write to you today. The past year has been nothing short of exceptional.

Our achievement of three consecutive promotions is a remarkable feat, and this time, we've clinched the UEFA Facebook Live Division 18 championship, having just missed out on the Dr. Disrespect Division 19 title to Boavista last year. This success is a testament to your exemplary leadership and the unwavering dedication of our team. The resilience and commitment that you have instilled in our players have truly paid off.

One of the most exciting developments this season has been the continued emergence of talented youth team players making their mark in the first team. Their growth and success is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talents and providing them with the opportunities they need to shine.

For the second year in a row, we have had the honor of participating in cup competitions, and I am pleased to share that we made progress in both. Our journey in the World FA Cup and the Ooclanoo League Trophy saw us advance one round further in each competition. These experiences not only boost our reputation but also provide invaluable exposure to stronger opponents, ultimately enhancing our competitive edge.


Our financial position has seen a significant improvement, with our bank balances increasing from £18 million to an impressive £40 million. This financial stability allows us to make even greater investments in our club's future. Furthermore, our training facilities have been upgraded to the point where they are now considered excellent. These enhancements will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the development of our future stars.


I am equally thrilled to share that our fanbase continues to grow steadily, with a small increase in average attendances for each home game, rising from around 35,000 to approximately 36,000. The support of our fans is a source of great inspiration, and I am confident that our continued success will only strengthen our bond with them.

As we look to the future, I am filled with hope and optimism. Our journey has been extraordinary, but it is far from over. With your exemplary leadership and the dedication of our team, we will continue to reach for the stars and achieve remarkable success. Let us approach the next season with the same determination and passion that have brought us this far.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment to our club. Your leadership and the team's collective efforts are truly making history.

Best regards,

Kaizer Motaung
Club Chairman

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Manchester City's Unprecedented Hat-trick of World Super League Triumph's


In the annals of football history, few teams have achieved the level of dominance displayed by Manchester City in the 2026/27 World Super League season. Under the astute leadership of manager Vincent Kompany and powered by star players such as Kylian Mbappé and Phil Foden, Manchester City secured their third consecutive World Super League title, etching their names among the greatest teams of all time.

This season was no ordinary campaign for the Citizens, and their dominance is best exemplified by the remarkable 17-point lead they held over their nearest rivals, Paris Saint-Germain. While the early 1-0 loss to Chelsea might have suggested a hiccup, it was merely a temporary setback in a relentless march to the title.

City's campaign was characterized by memorable fixtures and remarkable performances, one of the standout moments came on a cold January afternoon when they faced off against FC Bayern München. City didn't disappoint. In a masterclass of football, they emerged victorious with a scoreline of 2-0. Bernardo Silva was the hero, netting two crucial goals (34th and 36th minute). The pinnacle of their season might have come on a memorable April day. Facing their historic English rivals, Liverpool, on Saturday, 3rd April 2027, City unleashed a spectacular performance, winning 4-0. This dominant display was a testament to their class. Alexander Isak, Kylian Mbappé, and Frenkie de Jong were instrumental in the victory, showcasing the incredible attacking prowess that characterized City's campaign. 


While City's dominance was unassailable, the same couldn't be said for other clubs in the league. Napoli, Leeds, and Bayern Munich had their fair share of struggles and disappointments. These three clubs experienced the bitter taste of relegation, and they will face a challenging journey to climb back to the top tier of world football. Bayern had won the inaugaral World Super League title back in 20/21 and are the first winners of the league to face the bitter reality of relegation.

The success of Manchester City in the 2026/27 World Super League season can be attributed to the brilliance of their star players. Let's take a closer look at their playing statistics:

Kylian Mbappé proved to be a force to be reckoned with, with an impressive 18 goals in the league, 3 assists, and a remarkable xG (Expected Goals) of 15.84. His Player of the Match awards numbered 5, underlining his consistent brilliance. With an 86% pass accuracy, he showed his ability to create opportunities for his teammates. Mbappé's shot percentage was an impressive 48%, and he also received one yellow card.

Phil Foden, the homegrown talent, contributed significantly with 16 goals and 6 assists. His xG of 6.66 reflected his clinical finishing, and his pass accuracy stood at 85%. Foden had a shot percentage of 53% and received one yellow card. He also was named Player of the Match 5 times during the season.

Bernardo Silva, a midfield maestro, scored 4 goals and provided 8 assists. His xG of 3.38 indicated his knack for making valuable contributions. Silva showcased his passing ability with an 88% pass accuracy and a shot percentage of 60%. He also received one yellow card during the campaign.

Frenkie de Jong played a pivotal role in midfield with 2 goals and 7 assists. His xG of 0.86 showed his ability to contribute to the attack, and his pass accuracy was at an impressive 89%. De Jong had a shot percentage of 25% and was named Player of the Match once. He received one yellow card during the season.

Manchester City's unprecedented third consecutive World Super League title is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence. Their remarkable 17-point lead over nearest rivals Paris Saint-Germain speaks volumes about their dominance. While the relegated sides, Napoli, Leeds, and Bayern Munich, face a challenging journey ahead, City's legacy as one of the greatest teams in football history is secure. With fans eagerly awaiting the next season, the Etihad Stadium remains the fortress of world football.

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Juventus Clinches FIFA World FA Cup 2027: Vlahović and Costa Shine in Epic Victory

Juventus Football Club scripted a magnificent chapter in their history by securing the World FA Cup in the 2026/27 season. Under the astute guidance of manager Julian Lopetegui, Juventus exhibited sheer determination and tactical brilliance throughout the tournament, culminating in a thrilling victory in the final against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Juventus embarked on their journey to the final with an emphatic 4-0 win against Viktoria Plzeň in the First Round of the World FA Cup. Dušan Vlahović, the talismanic striker, showcased his prowess with a brace (8, 67), while Ansu Fati (9) and Alejandro Balde (83) also found the back of the net.

In subsequent rounds, Juventus faced tough opponents but emerged victorious, defeating Man UFC 2-1 (Ansu Fati 71, Arthur 86) in the Second Round and edging past Fiorentina 1-0 (Dušan Vlahović pen 25) in the Third Round. The challenge intensified in the Fourth Round against Borussia Dortmund, with the match ending in a thrilling 2-2 draw after Dortmund fought back from 2-0 down only for Juve to progress on penalties. Extraordinary performances from Amad Diallo (1) and Dušan Vlahović (3) helped secured Juventus's spot in the next round.

The team continued their quest for glory, narrowly defeating Elche 2-1 (Dušan Vlahović 21, pen 73) in the Fifth Round and securing a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Chelsea (Moise Kean 89) in the Sixth Round. The Quarter Final clash against Ajax ended in a goalless draw, but Juventus prevailed in their second penalty shootout, displaying nerves of steel.

In the Semi Final showdown against Inter, Juventus delivered a commanding performance, triumphing 3-0. Dušan Vlahović was the hero once again, netting two penalty goals (61, 81), while Matteo Guendouzi (69) added another to seal the victory.

The grand finale against Borussia Mönchengladbach was a test of character, with the match ending in a 1-1 draw. Ansu Fati (62) scored the crucial goal for Juventus. For the third time in the tournament Juve had to hold there nerve, securing a 4-2 win and clinching the World FA Cup title.


Key Player Performances:

Diogo Costa (GK): Costa, the agile goalkeeper, showcased his brilliance with six clean sheets in eight appearances, making crucial saves throughout the tournament including in two penalty shoot-outs. Despite being dropped to the bench for the final, his remarkable performances played a pivotal role in Juventus's progress through the tournament.

Dušan Vlahović (STC): Vlahović emerged as the tournament's top scorer, netting a staggering eight goals in nine appearances. His clinical finishing, especially from penalties, proved instrumental in Juventus's journey to the title. Vlahović's exceptional goal-scoring abilities were on full display, earning him the admiration of fans and pundits alike.

Manager Julian Lopetegui's Impact:

Manager Julian Lopetegui's tactical acumen and strategic decisions were key to Juventus's success in the World FA Cup. Lopetegui's joined Juventus in March '23 and his ability to motivate his players and instill a winning mentality was evident throughout the tournament. His vast experience and profound understanding of the game guided Juventus to victory, elevating the team's performance to new heights.

This triumph marks a significant milestone in Juventus's storied history, reaffirming their status as one of the footballing giants having been relegated and playing in the Championship for 2 seasons in 22/23 and 23/24. As the players celebrated amidst a sea of confetti and the roar of fans, Juventus basked in the glory of their World FA Cup triumph, a testament to their unwavering spirit and determination. The 2026/27 season will forever be etched in the annals of Juventus's rich legacy as the year they conquered the world.


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Chelsea's Redemption Saga: Champions Cup Glory After Heartbreak

The grand stage of the Champions Cup in the 2026-2027 season witnessed a spectacular tale of redemption as Chelsea emerged triumphant, casting aside the shadow of their heart-wrenching defeat in the previous year's final. In this riveting journey, the Blues displayed unwavering resilience and determination, and the result was a well-deserved victory.

Group Stage Dominance

Their journey began in the group stages, where they exhibited their prowess. Two stirring victories over Real Sociedad, a convincing win against SC Freiburg, and an exceptional performance against Villarreal CF served as their initial assertion of dominance. Key players like Romelu Lukaku, Antonio Rüdiger, Nicolò Zaniolo, N'Golo Kanté, and young striker Mark Denton a product of the club's youth academy, orchestrated these victories, laying the foundation for a remarkable campaign.

The Knockout Stage Odyssey
The knockout stages came next, where Chelsea's true mettle was tested. Facing VfB Stuttgart in the first round, they displayed their intent with a resounding 2-0 victory at home. On the away leg, they showed their resolve by drawing 1-1 to secure a comfortable passage to the next round. The indomitable Yusuf Demir played a crucial role in the team's progression, as he had done throughout the season.

Their next challenge was the formidable A.C. Milan, and Demir stepped up once more. With a 1-0 victory away and a 1-1 draw at home, Chelsea advanced to the quarter-finals. Here, they encountered FC Bayern München, securing a 0-0 draw at home, and displaying unwavering defense to secure their place in the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Chelsea locked horns with Inter, and it was a duel that fans will remember for years to come. The Chelsea fans were on the edge of their seats as they witnessed an intense showdown. On a thrilling night at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea secured a 1-0 win, making the home crowd erupt with joy.

The second leg in Inter's stronghold promised to be a formidable battle. With manager Frank Lampard's tactical genius guiding the way, Chelsea displayed a resilient defensive performance, securing a 1-1 draw that carried them into the finals.

The Final Act
The Champions Cup final at Camp Nou was nothing short of a spectacle. The spring sun illuminated the stadium, creating a dazzling backdrop for a match that will be etched in the memory of Chelsea fans forever.

In a story that resonates with the likes of classic football legends, Chelsea's star striker Romelu Lukaku made an indelible mark on the final. It was the 42nd minute when Lukaku, the very embodiment of a potent and determined striker, powered the ball into the net with an unstoppable effort, giving Chelsea the much-needed lead.

Dejan Kulusevski, Chelsea's prodigious winger, brought a touch of finesse and artistry to the final. In the 46th minute, he showcased his incredible accuracy by guiding the ball past the Andriy Lunin in the Real Madrid goal with a finesse that left the stadium awestruck. The ball kissed the post on its way in, and the goal was officially awarded by the goal-line technology system.

Real Madrid, determined not to go down without a fight, pulled one back. Raphinha, their star player, unleashed a powerful strike in the 64th minute. Yet, Chelsea's resilience and superior tactics ultimately prevailed as they held on for a 2-1 victory.


The Heroes Behind the Glory
Chelsea's triumphant journey was scripted by a cast of remarkable players and their legendary manager. Romelu Lukaku, a player of unmatched power and precision, left an indelible mark on the tournament with his seven crucial goals. Dejan Kulusevski, the young and dynamic winger, contributed both goals and assists, tallying an impressive six goals and six assists.

Guiding Chelsea through the challenges was none other than the iconic Frank Lampard, a name synonymous with Chelsea's rich history who returned for a second spell in the Chelsea dug out in February 2026. His tactical acumen and ability to inspire the squad made him an indispensable figure in their Champions Cup victory. The manager's touch was evident throughout the campaign, molding the team into a formidable force.

A Season to Remember
In the end, Chelsea's triumph in the 2026-2027 Champions Cup was more than just a victory; it was a testament to their spirit of redemption. After the bitter disappointment of the previous season, they emerged stronger and more resolute. This remarkable journey was marked by extraordinary performances from stars like Lukaku and Kulusevski, and the inspired guidance of manager Frank Lampard.

As Chelsea fans rejoiced in the well-deserved glory, it was evident that this was a season to remember, a season that witnessed Chelsea rising from the ashes of their past heartbreak to stand tall as the champions of Europe once more.

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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

The footballing world continues to bear witness to Manchester City's unrelenting dominance, as more of their star players are inducted into the esteemed Hall of Fame. In a historic development, six players now share the fourth-place position in the Hall of Fame rankings, solidifying the club's place in football history.


Frenkie de Jong: A Midfield Maestro

Frenkie de Jong, widely regarded as one of the planet's premier talents, has found his place among the greats. De Jong's illustrious journey began at Willem II as a young child in July 2005. In August 2015, he embarked on a new adventure with AFC Ajax, making 56 league appearances and scoring four goals. It was with Ajax that he lifted the Eredivisie title in 2018.

In July 2019, the footballing world witnessed a significant transfer as De Jong moved to Barcelona for £75M. His time at Barcelona saw him make 120 league appearances and score ten goals, with the crowning moment being the Copa del Rey triumph in 2021. The midfield maestro's journey then took a new turn, leading him to Manchester City in June 2023 for a £105M transfer fee. De Jong has since made 106 league appearances and scored seven goals for the club. His time at Man City has been nothing short of spectacular, including consecutive FIFA World Super League (1) titles between 2025 and 2026, triumphs in the FIFA Super Cup in 2025 and 2026, and the honor of hoisting the FIFA World FA Cup in 2024, the World Champions Cup in 2025, and the World FA Super Cup in 2024.

De Jong's illustrious career is adorned with nine winners' medals, including consecutive FIFA World Super League (1) titles, the Eredivisie championship with Ajax in 2018, and the Copa del Rey with Barcelona in 2021. Recognized by the footballing community, he has received accolades such as the European International League Best Young Player and the World Champions Cup Midfielder of the Season.

Matheus Nunes: A Player at the Pinnacle of His Career

Matheus Nunes is a name known to football enthusiasts across Europe, and his future appears to be in the limelight. He initiated his professional journey with Ericeirense in the Portuguese Lisbon First Division in March 2016. Nunes scored his first senior club goal for Ericeirense in May 2016 against Tojal. His performances for Portugal commenced in September 2021, where he has made 24 appearances and scored three goals for his country. Recent reports hint at a possible transfer to Tottenham, indicating that he may not remain a Manchester City player for long.

Nunes' early years saw him don the colors of Ericeirense and later Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia in July 2018, where he made six league appearances. However, it was his move to Sporting Clube de Portugal in January 2019 for £825K that paved the way for greater recognition. Over three years, Nunes made 59 league appearances and scored five goals, contributing to victories in the Liga Portugal Bwin in 2021 and the Allianz Cup in the same year.

In January 2022, the Brazilian midfielder made a notable transfer to FuBball-Club Bayern Miinchen for £34.5M. His tenure with Bayern brought remarkable success, including a FIFA World Super League (1) title in 2022 and victory in the FIFA Super Cup in the same year. Additionally, the FIFA World FA Cup in 2022 and the World FA Super Cup in 2022 adorned his list of accomplishments.

Nunes' journey then led him to Manchester City, where he arrived for £47M in June 2024. As of now, he has made 30 league appearances and scored one goal for the club. His association with Man City has been marked by consecutive FIFA World Super League (1) titles in 2025 and 2026 and a notable victory in the World Champions Cup in 2025.

At the peak of his career, the 28-year-old star has accumulated a total of nine winners' medals, including his previous successes and FIFA World Super League (1) titles with Bayern Miinchen and Man City. Matheus Nunes is undoubtedly a rising star with a promising future, making his mark on the footballing world.


In the managerial hall of fame, Jose Mourinho ties level with Gareth Southgate thanks to leading Italy to victory in the World Cup:

José Mourinho: A Tactical Genius and the Architect of Italy's World Cup Triumph

With a reputation that precede's the start of the new global football league Mourinho has now moved into the new global football hall of fame. José Mourinho, a name synonymous with tactical brilliance, hails from Setúbal, born on January 26, 1963. Though his playing career was brief, spanning just eight years from 1978 to 1986, it's his managerial journey that has made waves in the world of football. Currently, Mourinho holds the reins at OGC Nice, following an illustrious stint as Italy's manager, culminating in a resounding World Cup victory in 2026.

Mourinho's managerial voyage took flight in the late '80s when he served as an assistant manager for Estrela Amadora, and then Sporting CP from July 1993. His career continued to ascend as an assistant manager at FC Porto from January 1994 to June 1996. However, it was his time at FC Porto between January 2002 and May 2004 that solidified his legacy. Mourinho's success extended to Chelsea, where he remained until September 2007.

The years following his time at Chelsea saw him manage several clubs, including Man Utd, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Associazione Sportiva Roma, and Club Atlético de Madrid.

 In July 2024, Mourinho took on the role of the Italian national team's manager, and under his guidance, the Azzurri achieved a remarkable feat by lifting the World Cup in 2026.

José Mourinho's genius as a manager has been duly recognized with numerous awards, including World Manager of the Year, FIFA World Super League Manager of the Year, and World Coach of the Year. With a legacy defined by tactical prowess and strategic brilliance, Mourinho continues to make an indelible mark on the world of football.



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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 5 - 27/28 Season

As we stand on the brink of our debut season in UEFA Twitch Division 17, the anticipation is palpable, and the challenges ahead are as exhilarating as they are daunting. After three consecutive promotions, we find ourselves ready to face a new level of competition.

The bookmakers have set their odds, and CD Atlas, the Mexican powerhouse that secured an 8th-place finish last season, stands as the heavy favorite to clinch the championship with odds of 4-9. Boavista, a familiar rival from our previous campaign, is predicted to secure a 5th-place finish with odds of 5-1. Meanwhile, our Kaizer Chiefs are slated to finish 8th, facing odds of 10-1.


Entering this season, our aspirations extend beyond survival; we aim to make our mark and continue the legacy of success that has defined our recent journey. Key to this ambition is the development of our young talents, with players like Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), Glen Nzama, and the promising Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) expected to play pivotal roles. Their growth remains a beacon of hope for the club's future.

However, challenges loom on the horizon. The strength of our defense is a concern, compounded by the reality that our seasoned players may be reaching the twilight of their careers. The pressing need for the next generation to step up and assume leadership roles is evident, yet there's anxiety about their progression being stunted.

One critical void in our squad is the absence of a capable backup for our main goalkeeper, Andres Gudino. As the last line of defense, Gudino's importance is unquestionable, and the lack of a reliable understudy poses a potential vulnerability that needs addressing.


The departure of Lebohang Lesako to TS Galaxy for £750k, while seemingly a loss on paper, was a decision mutually agreed upon. Lesako, a talented player, sought more playing time, and this move offered a beneficial solution for all parties involved.


In a surprising turn of events, the return of Njabulo Blom to the Kaizer Chiefs adds an intriguing chapter to our narrative. A graduate of our academy, Blom left five years ago but has now expressed interest in returning to the club where his professional journey began. His experience and familiarity with the club's ethos make him a valuable addition and the return of players who have previously left the Academy aligns with the chairman's ambition and as a result he sanctioned the £2.6m arrival. Blom's arrival will be crucial to support at full back where we have a dearth of young talent to replace aging stars like Lucas Rodriguez.


As we embark on this new chapter, the blend of seasoned campaigners and emerging talents forms the core of our strategy. The challenges are formidable, but so is our determination. The UEFA Twitch Division 17 awaits, and we, the Kaizer Chiefs, are ready for the adventure.

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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (27/28)


Our journey through the first half of the season has been truly remarkable, propelling us to the summit of the table with an outstanding run of form. Securing victory in 13 out of 15 games, we've showcased both resilience and flair, experiencing setbacks on only two occasions. This incredible performance has granted us an 11-point lead over Cincinnati, currently holding the second spot, with Standard Liege closely trailing in third.

The season kicked off in style as we hosted 1. FC Nürnberg at home, clinching a convincing 3-1 win. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), Jackson Yueill, and Glen Nzama emerged as the heroes of the day, setting a tone for the challenges ahead.

Our first away fixture against Boavista Futebol Clube demonstrated our strength on foreign soil, sealing a 3-0 victory with goals from Glen Nzama, Elijah Adebayo, and Dean Lekhooa (YP4c). It was a significant win that highlighted our ability to perform under varying conditions.

Facing Cincinnati at home, we continued our dominance with a 3-0 triumph, featuring goals from Simon Banza, Glen Nzama, and Elijah Adebayo. This match solidified our position as early contenders for the top spot.

Our journey took an interesting turn with a trip to NYCFC, where we secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory courtesy of Simon Banza. Standard Liège presented a tough challenge away, resulting in a 3-2 loss, but we quickly rebounded with a 3-1 win against Kasımpaşa at home.

A thrilling 4-3 victory against Colón showcased our attacking prowess, with Keletso Sifama leading the charge. The home match against PFK CSKA Sofia ended 2-0, with Keletso Sifama and Simon Banza finding the net. A closely contested 1-0 win against Gil Vicente Futebol Clube at home, courtesy of Dean Lekhooa (YP4c), added to our impressive points tally.

The away fixture against Fútbol Club Cartagena, S.A.D. resulted in a 3-2 win, featuring a brace from Simon Banza. A 1-0 victory against Atlas away, marked by an own goal from Francisco Meixedo, further highlighted our ability to secure crucial wins on the road.

December brought more success as we secured a 2-1 victory against Defensa y Justicia at home, with goals from Glen Nzama and Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a). The last fixture of the year ended on a high note with a 1-0 win against SC Paderborn away, thanks to a goal from Tiberiu Căpuşă.


Key player performances have been instrumental in our success. Simon Banza's goal-scoring prowess, Glen Nzama's consistency, and the contributions from Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), Keletso Sifama, and Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) have been crucial. This well-rounded team effort has propelled us to the summit, making us the team to beat in the division.

Whilst the league performances have far supassed expectations, our performances in the cups have rightly left fans disappointed as the prospects of a cup run to some of the global leagues best teams have crumbled away. In both the global FA Cup away at Division 15 side Necaxa and then a week later in the Ooclanoo league trophy away at Rosario Central also of Division 15 we fell at the first hurdle. This is a good indication that whilst the team appear to be running away with the league against teams in Division 17, should promotion be once again on the cards there are some significantly tougher challenges to come a few leagues higher up the global structure.




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Kaiser Chiefs Second Half of the Season Summary (26/27)


The second half of our season brought about a mix of triumphs and challenges, yet with the title already secured by the start of April, it provided an opportunity to experiment with our lineup and grant game time to some of our emerging talents.

We started the year on a positive note, securing a 3-0 victory against Boavista Futebol Clube at home. The goals came from Simon Banza, Elijah Adebayo, and Puso Dithejane, setting a promising tone for the continuation of our strong form.

Moving on to an away fixture against 1. FC Nürnberg, we showcased our prowess on the road, clinching a convincing 4-1 win. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) stole the show with a hat-trick, underlining our ability to perform consistently both at home and away.

The away journey continued with a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Cincinnati, secured by Simon Banza's penalty. Returning home, we defeated NYCFC 3-1, highlighting the attacking prowess of Elijah Adebayo, Simon Banza, and the emerging talent of Stanley Khumalo (YP4e).

However, an unexpected setback occurred in an away fixture against Kasımpaşa, resulting in a 0-1 defeat. Despite this setback, we maintained focus and secured a goalless draw against Standard Liège at home.

February fixtures were marked by dominance, including a 4-2 win at home against Colón. Glen Nzama, Njabulo Blom, Elijah Adebayo, and Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) showcased our attacking prowess before a defeat away to CSKA Sofia. Subsequent matches witnessed victories against Cartagena, Atlas and Gil Vicente, with standout performances from Glen Nzama, Jackson Yueill, and Simon Banza.


Moving into March, Keletso Sifama and Glen Nzama continued to shine. However, the season's end brought a series of unexpected results, including a draw and a couple of losses, showcasing our vulnerability in the later stages as we rotated the squad and experimented with the lineup, offering opportunities to our younger talents. Despite some inconsistency in the latter part of the campaign, our early lead allowed us the luxury of strategic player rotations and development for the future.



We clinched the title with a resounding 21 wins, 2 draws, and 7 losses and proudly stand as champions of the league. The journey has been challenging, but our determination and skill have propelled us to the summit.

Looking at the league table, it's worth noting the teams that will not be joining us in Division 16 next season. Boavista Futebol Clube and Cincinnati, both promoted alongside us last year, have successfully secured their positions in mid table but they fell away at the end of the season and missed out on a consecutive promotion.

On the other end of the spectrum, we bid farewell to teams facing relegation. Colón, Fútbol Club Cartagena, S.A.D., and Kasımpaşa will be moving down to Division 18. It's always a tough moment for these teams, and we wish them a swift return in the future.

Looking ahead, the competition has been fierce, with Gil Vicente Futebol Clube and Atlas earning promotion with us. Congratulations to them on their achievements and we look forward to locking horns with them again next year. As we reflect on the season, our focus now turns to the future, where we aim to continue our long journey towards the pinnacle of the footballing hierarchy.

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Youth Intake


Aidan and I have recently concluded discussions about the emerging talents from our youth academy. It's a mix of excitement and concern as we analyze the prospects. Let's delve into the promising players and the persistent challenges with their personalities.


Gabriel Mbatha (YP7a) - Goalkeeper:
Gabriel Mbatha, a spirited 15-year-old from Johannesburg, shows potential as a goalkeeper. His attribute scores highlight his agility and determination, a promising sign for the future. His spirited personality is an asset that can contribute positively to the team environment.


Cornélio Nkoto (YP7b) - Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder (Right), Striker (Center):
Cornélio Nkoto, another product of Soweto, also joins with unambitious tendencies. Despite this, his potential in attacking positions is notable. Developing his ambition will be key to unlocking his full capabilities.


Mpho Chiliza (YP7c) - Right Midfielder:
Mpho Chiliza, a fairly ambitious midfielder from Springs, adds depth to our squad. While ambition is present, and he is physically adept, he is lacking in attacking ability. We need to ensure his overall development aligns with our long-term goals.


Comfort Klaas (YP7d) - Left Defender:
Comfort Klaas, a 15-year-old from Bekkersdal, has potential as a left-sided defender. Despite promising attributes, his unambitious personality raises concerns. Instilling ambition in him is crucial to unlock his full potential.


David Mkhize (YP7e) - Attacking Midfielder (Right-Center), Striker (Center):
David Mkhize, originating from Duduza, is a balanced player in terms of attributes. However, his balanced personality might need a nudge towards ambition for him to reach greater heights.

Vincent Ramabele (YP7f) - Attacking Midfielder (Left-Center), Striker (Center):
Vincent Ramabele, representing Soweto, unfortunately comes with an unambitious personality. His versatility suggests he could be valuable with proper guidance. We must work on motivating him to strive for excellence.

Godwill Mthimkulu (YP7g) - Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder (Center):
Godwill Mthimkulu, born in Johannesburg, exhibits a balanced personality. His versatility in the midfield positions is an asset. However, we need to nurture his skills and guide him toward consistent growth.

The frustration with unambitious personalities continues to be a common thread. It's imperative for the coaching staff to work closely with these talented individuals, instilling a sense of ambition and determination to ensure they can fulfill their potential and contribute significantly to the future success of Kaiser Chiefs.

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27/28 Season Review

Entering the UEFA Twitch Division 17 with aspirations of a mid-table finish, our season defied expectations, culminating in us clinching the league title and emerging as champions.

The campaign's inception was marked by a resounding start, with key statistics illuminating the brilliance of our players. Simon Banza's clinical finishing resulted in 11 goals, while Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) continued to showcase his creative prowess with 7 goals and 6 assists. The midfield maestro, Glen Nzama, not only netted 9 goals but orchestrated an impressive 10 assists, underlining his versatility and impact.

In the heart of the midfield, Jackson Yueill's 3 goals and 3 assists exemplified his well-rounded contributions. Njabulo Blom, a returning graduate after five years, added depth and versatility playing across both defence and midfield, contributing 1 goal and 3 assists. His presence, alongside emerging talents like Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g), fortified our squad's core.

Defensively, the trio of Facundo Agüero, Puso Dithejane, and the emerging young talents of Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) and Thobani Molefe (YP5d) formed an indomitable backline, conceding a mere 32 goals. Andrés Gudiño, our custodian, boasting 9 clean sheets and a 90% save rate, symbolized reliability and poise between the goalposts.


The excitement reached its zenith as we secured promotion, and the elation escalated when we clinched the league title. 

Despite the season's challenges, including concerns over the aging defense and limited progression from youngsters, the collective spirit of the squad prevailed.

As we transition into the next season, the sense of pride is palpable. The unexpected highs and the few heartaches of the season have laid a robust foundation for the challenges that lie ahead. With this resilient squad, we embrace the future with unwavering determination, champions of Division 17.

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Squad Assessment


Andrés Gudiño (31, GK): Andrés has shown a slight improvement over the season. His key attributes are his first touch and stamina. However, at 31, his potential for further improvement may be limited.

Brandon Petersen (34, GK): Despite his age, Brandon has shown good command of the area and communication skills. However, his ability has unfortunately continued to decrease over the season. 

Promise Chuene (21, GK): Promise has shown a slight improvement this season. His aerial ability and handling are commendable. However, he needs to work on his pace, first touch and acceleration to be considered for the first team.

Sihle Dlamini (YP3e) (19, GK): Sihle has shown significant improvement this season. His one on one's and reflexes are impressive for his age. However, he still lacks the ability to make the first team squad without substantial improvements.

Lesedi Sampson (YP4b) (18, GK): Lesedi has shown a significant improvement this season. His first touch and agility are impressive, but he needs to improve his command of the area and communication.

Jacob Bishop (YP6d) (17, GK): Jacob has shown a good improvement this season. His one on one's and reflexes are impressive for his age, but he needs to improve his command of the area and communication.

In summary, while there are some promising young talents in the squad, many players are currently lacking in the ability to make the first team squad without substantial improvements. Many of the younger players are lacking the first touch and acceleration required to play in our preferred style with a sweeper keeper. 


Central Defenders

Facundo Agüero (33, D (RC)): Facundo has maintained a consistent performance throughout the season. His key attributes, including stamina and positioning, are at a high level. 

Filip Kaša (34, D (C)): Filip has shown a decline in performance over the season, with a decrease in his effectiveness rating. His attributes, such as acceleration and strength, need improvement. We should be concerned about his decreasing impact on the team.

Bokang Thabantso (20, D (RLC)): Bokang has shown a slight improvement, but his overall effectiveness rating remains relatively stable. He has potential but needs further development, especially in areas like anticipation and off-the-ball awareness.

Njabulo Ngcobo (33, D (C)): Njabulo has experienced a decline in his performance over the season, with a decrease in his effectiveness rating. At 33, his ability to contribute to the first team may be diminishing. 

Thobani Molefe (YP5d) (17, D (LC)): Thobani, a young player, has shown a minimal improvement. Despite his age, his attributes are promising but he needs to improve faster.

Daúde Marabe (YP6c) (16, D (C)): Daúde has displayed a slight improvement, particularly in attributes like tackling. Given his young age, we need to continue to provide opportunities for his growth.

Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) (18, D (C), DM): Anthony has demonstrated improvement, with notable progress in attributes like teamwork and determination. 

In summary, while there are promising young talents in the central defense, we should be concerned about the decline shown by experienced players like Filip Kaša and Njabulo Ngcobo. We need to balance the squad's age profile and prioritize the development of young talents for long-term success.


Full Backs

Tiberiu Căpuşă (30, D (RL), WB (R)): Tiberiu has experienced a slight decline in effectiveness this season. His key attributes, including pace and stamina, remain strong, but there is room for improvement in his overall performance.

Njabulo Blom (28, D (RC), WB (RL), DM, M (C)): Njabulo has maintained a consistent level of performance throughout the season. His versatility is valuable, and his well-rounded skills make him an asset to the team.

Charles Sanudi (YP6b) (17, D/WB (R), M (C), AM (R)): Charles, a young player, has shown promise with notable improvement over the season. His attributes, especially balance and crossing, are commendable. Continued development should be encouraged.

Bongi Hlatshwayo (YP6f) (17, D/WB (R)): Bongi has demonstrated a slight improvement, particularly in attributes like acceleration and balance. We need to find a way of giving him more playing time to foster his growth.

Puso Dithejane (23, D (RLC)): Puso has shown a modest improvement, and his attributes, including pace and stamina, are notable. 

Khayalethu Nzimande (YP6g) (17, D (LC)): Khayalethu has displayed slight improvement, especially in areas like agility and crossing. With continued support, he has the potential for further growth.

In summary, while there are promising young talents they remain a long way off first team level and this is a significant concern given the lack of strength and depth. Continued support and strategic playing time will be crucial for the growth of the squad.


Central Midfield

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) (20, M/AM C): Thabiso has shown a significant improvement over the season. His stamina and work rate are commendable. However, he needs to work on his leadership and decision making.

Glen Nzama (21, M C, AM (RC)): Glen’s performance has improved slightly over the season. His positioning and teamwork are his strong points, but he needs to improve his leadership and decision making.

Jackson Yueill (31, DM, M C): Jackson’s performance has remained consistent over the season. His teamwork and leadership are impressive, but he needs to work on his aggression and anticipation.

Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) (19, DM, M (RC)): Mfundo’s performance has unfortunately decreased over the season which is very disappointing given his age and the opportunities he has had in the first team. His stamina and work rate are commendable, but he needs to improve his teamwork and determination.

Xolani Khumalo (YP5e) (17, DM, M C): Xolani has shown a significant improvement this season. His stamina and work rate are impressive for his age, but he needs to improve his positioning and teamwork.

Mduduzi Shabalala (23, M/AM C): Mduduzi’s performance has remained consistent over the season. His aggression and anticipation are his strong points, but he needs to improve his positioning and teamwork.

In summary, central midfield is probably our strongest area however it still has room for improvement, particularly in areas such as teamwork and determination. We will need to focus on these areas in the next season.


Inside Forwards

Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (23, M/AM (L)): Ntandoyenkosi has shown consistency in his performance. His agility and flair make him a valuable asset, but he needs to work on his decision-making and composure.

Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) (19, M (C), AM (LC), ST (C)): Dean has shown significant improvement this season. His acceleration and positioning are commendable, but he needs to work on his determination and composure.

Sanele Coetsee (YP4d) (18, M (LC), AM (L)): Sanele has demonstrated substantial improvement over the season. His balance and teamwork are strong, but he should focus on enhancing his determination and decision-making.

Keletso Sifama (25, M (C), AM (RLC), ST (C)): Keletso's performance has remained consistent. His pace and finishing are notable, but he needs to improve his decision-making and concentration.

Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a) (18, AM (RLC)): Luvuyo has shown improvement. His agility and off-the-ball movement are strengths, but he needs to enhance his decision-making and composure.

Elijah Adebayo (30, AM (L), ST (C)): Elijah's performance has remained consistent. His leadership and decision-making are commendable, but he needs to work on his concentration and composure.

Thabang Kunene (16, AM (RC), ST (C)): Thabang is a young player showing promise. His pace and flair are notable, but he needs to work on his decision-making and finishing.

Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) (17, M/AM (R), ST (C)): Ayanda has potential for improvement. His agility and finishing are notable, but he should work on his decision-making and composure.

We have a really good mix in the squad of experienced players, including some just coming into their prime along with youngsters showing strong development. I couldn't be happier with the position in the squad at this point.



Simon Banza (31, ST (C)): Simon has shown consistent performance. His jumping and finishing are notable, but he needs to work on his decision-making and concentration.

Federico Vietto (30, ST (C)): Federico's performance has declined over the season. His agility and composure are strengths, but he should focus on enhancing his determination and concentration.

Stanley Khumalo (YP4e) (19, AM (R), ST (C)): Stanley has demonstrated improvement this season. His pace and flair make him a valuable asset, but he needs to work on his determination and concentration.

Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (19, M/AM (C), ST (C)): Innocent's performance has decreased over the season. His acceleration and off-the-ball movement are strengths, but he needs to improve his determination and concentration.

David Mkhize (YP7e) (16, AM (RC), ST (C)): David is a young player showing promise. His pace and finishing are notable, but he should work on his determination and concentration.

This is an area that is starting to worry me as the younger players are not demonstrating that they are likely to develop to the extent that they will be able to replace Simon Banza. I may have to start to look to retrain some of the inside forwards like Dean Lekhoaa to play up front in my preferred False 9 position.



First Team Overview

The first team continues to transition from the ageing squad we inherited to the youngsters that we're starting to develop. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) is now by far the strongest player in the team and should continue to develop further. Xolani Khumalo (YP5e) has also fought his way into contention for the first team, which is helpful considering Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) hasn't continued to develop as well as we had hoped. In defence we're continuing to see declines in the ability of the older players whilst youngsters are not developing as quickly as we need. The squad's average age has dropped whilst the overall ability of our first team has marginally improved.

spacer.png          spacer.png

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Dear Jonas,

I trust this letter finds you in great spirits as we conclude another historic season for our club. I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt congratulations on achieving an unprecedented fourth consecutive promotion, culminating in the Division 17 championship. The journey we have undertaken together is nothing short of remarkable, and your leadership continues to inspire us all.

The emergence of more young talents from our youth team has been a recurring theme and a source of immense pride. Their contribution to our success reaffirms the importance of our commitment to nurturing and developing promising players. The future of our club looks brighter than ever, thanks to the dedication of these talented individuals.

While our progress in the cup competitions this season saw an early exit at the earliest round, the fact that we secured participation for the third consecutive year is an achievement in itself. These experiences, even when challenging, contribute to the growth and resilience of our team. We will use them as stepping stones for future successes in these prestigious tournaments.


Our financial position has remained stable, with a bank balance of £40 million. While this figure hasn't seen a significant increase, it reflects the resilience and prudence with which we manage our resources. Despite fewer payouts from the cup competitions, we continue to prioritize the maintenance of our youth and training facilities, which, at their current state, are considered top-notch. Unfortunately, further improvements in these areas are currently unattainable, but the foundation we've built remains strong.

On a positive note, our fanbase continues to grow steadily, with a small yet meaningful increase in average attendances for each home game. The support we receive from our fans is invaluable, and I believe that as we progress, our success will resonate even more deeply with our community.


As we reflect on this season and anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, I am confident that the spirit and determination that brought us this far will guide us to even greater heights. Your leadership, along with the commitment of our players, is the driving force behind our success.

Once again, congratulations on this historic achievement, and thank you for your unwavering dedication to our club. Let us approach the upcoming season with the same enthusiasm and determination that have defined our journey thus far.

Best regards,

Kaizer Motaung
Club Chairman

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Carlo Ancelotti Leads Newcastle to Historic World Super League Triumph

In a season filled with twists and turns, Newcastle United emerged as the unexpected champions of the 2027/28 World Super League, claiming the title by a four-point margin over perennial rivals Manchester City. This victory not only halted City's quest for a fourth consecutive championship but also etched a historic chapter in football, marking the first time a team starting the new era of global football outside the top flight lifted the coveted trophy.

The Magpies' journey to the title was a testament to their resilience and determination, culminating in a triumphant campaign that saw them secure 57 points, four clear of second-placed Manchester City. Here are some of the most memorable moments of their historic journey:

Key Moments:

Newcastle 2-0 Atlético Madrid (November 9, 2027):
The Magpies set the tone early with a convincing 2-0 victory over Atlético Madrid. Goals from Lorenzo Lucca and Luis Díaz sent a clear message to their rivals.

Newcastle 3-0 Manchester UFC (September 25, 2027):
In a thrilling encounter, Newcastle secured a vital 3-0 win against Manchester UFC, showcasing their attacking prowess with goals from Ryan Gravenberch, Youssoufa Moukoko, and Lorenzo Lucca.

Newcastle 2-1 Juventus (January 15, 2028):
Facing a tough Juventus side, Newcastle displayed resilience, clinching a 2-1 victory with goals from Youssoufa Moukoko and Lorenzo Lucca.

Newcastle 2-2 Manchester City (April 15, 2028):
In a title-deciding clash, the Magpies secured a hard-fought 2-2 draw against rivals Manchester City. Lorenzo Lucca and Leon Goretzka's goals played a crucial role in ensuring the title would make its way to St James' Park.

Newcastle 3-1 Real Madrid (December 18, 2027):
A victory over football giants Real Madrid solidified Newcastle's credentials, with Leon Goretzka and Ryan Gravenberch instrumental in a 3-1 win away from home.


The Italian Revolution: Ancelotti's Impact

Born in Reggiolo on June 10, 1959, Carlo Ancelotti, an AC Milan legend, played an illustrious career spanning 15 years. Transitioning to management in 1991, Ancelotti's success with Parma, AS Roma, AC Milan, Juventus, Chelsea, Paris SG, Real Madrid, and FC Bayern München solidified his status as a managerial giant.

Joining Newcastle in 2027, Ancelotti's tactical acumen and ability to inspire players, especially from his native Italy, played a crucial role in the Magpies' historic triumph.

Lorenzo Lucca: Striker Extraordinaire

Lorenzo Lucca has been in lethal form this season, leading the club's scoring charts with twenty-seven goals in forty appearances. Starting his career at Torino in 2013/14, Lucca joined Newcastle in June 2022 for £23M. He has made 147 league appearances and scored 79 league goals for the club. Lucca's notable previous achievements include lifting the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership (2) in 2023 and the World Cup in 2026. His three winners' medals encompass the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership (2) (Newcastle 2023), World Gateway Division 2 (Pisa 2022), and World Cup (Italy 2026). Lucca has also been recognized with the FIFA World Super League Top Goalscorer award. The 27-year-old striker was Newcastle's top scorer with 16 goals, 2 assists, and a remarkable xG of 14.04.

Marco Carnesecchi: Defensive Stalwart

A defensive stalwart, Marco Carnesecchi has proven himself as a world-class goalkeeper. Joining Newcastle in 2025 for £34.5M, he has made 86 league appearances for the club. Carnesecchi's impressive career includes a World Cup triumph with Italy in 2026, and he has been recognized with the FIFA World Super League Golden Glove award.Marco Carnesecchi (GK): The 27-year-old goalkeeper kept an impressive 11 clean sheets and boasted an average rating of 7.31.

As the curtains fall on the 2027/28 World Super League season, Ancelotti's legacy at Newcastle United is firmly established. The footballing world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this illustrious manager's storied career. The Magpies' unlikely triumph will be remembered as a season of resilience, determination, and unparalleled glory.

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Chelsea's Resurgence: A Tale of Triumph in the 27/28 World FA Cup

In a stunning resurgence, Chelsea orchestrated a triumphant return to the pinnacle of world football by clinching the 27/28 World FA Cup, resurrecting memories of their previous triumph in the 24/25 season. The Blues navigated a challenging path to glory, showcasing their mettle in a series of gripping encounters masterminded by their astute manager, John Terry.

Their journey commenced with a commanding 3-1 victory over Atlas in the Second Round, where Romelu Lukaku, Mateo Kovačić, and 21 year old England striker Ronnie Leonard found the net. A thrilling 3-2 win against Inter in the Third Round highlighted Chelsea's resilience, with Lukaku delivering a brace and Leonard contributing to the scoreline. The Fourth Round saw a 2-1 triumph over Ibiza, courtesy of goals from Florian Wirtz and Giovanni Reyna.

In the Fifth Round, Chelsea dispatched PFK CSKA Sofia with ease, securing a 3-0 victory as Lukaku, Alain Martin, and a penalty from Lukaku illuminated the scoreboard. The Sixth Round witnessed a goal-laden spectacle as Chelsea edged past Man City in a 4-3 thriller. Lukaku's penalty brace, along with contributions from Leonard and Kovačić, propelled them into the Quarter Finals.

A goalless draw against FC Bayern München in the Quarter Final set the stage for a dramatic penalty shootout, ultimately advancing Chelsea to the Semi Final. In a commanding 5-0 victory over Al-Nassr (KSA), Chelsea displayed their attacking prowess, with Ben Chilwell, Leonard, Nicolò Zaniolo, and Lukaku among the goalscorers.

The pinnacle of their campaign unfolded in the World FA Cup Final against Rennes, where Chelsea triumphed 5-1. Lukaku, in scintillating form, netted a sensational hat-trick, supported by goals from Zaniolo and Giovanni Reyna.


The architect of Chelsea's resurgence, John Terry, born on December 7, 1980, in Barking, orchestrated a masterclass in managerial prowess. His illustrious playing career, spanning 21 years from 1997 to 2018, laid the foundation for a managerial journey that culminated in the lifting of the FIFA World FA Cup in 2028.

Terry's leadership skills, honed during his playing days, were evident as he captained Chelsea to numerous accolades. After a brief spell with Aston Villa, Terry seamlessly transitioned into coaching, taking up the role of Under 18s coach at Chelsea in 2021.

The managerial odyssey included stops at Malaga CF, Burnley, and Hertha Berliner Sport-Club before Terry's triumphant return to Chelsea for the third time. In a remarkable turn of events, he guided the Blues to World FA Cup glory, showcasing tactical acumen and a keen understanding of the game that has now etched his name in Chelsea's storied history.

It was another player returning to the club for a second spell who was at the heart of Chelsea's resurgence on the pitch, Romelu Lukaku, a footballing maestro born on May 13, 1993, whose journey is as compelling as the triumph he helped deliver. Lukaku's career commenced at K Lierse SK in 2004/05.

His journey took him to Chelsea in 2011, leading to loan spells at West Bromwich Albion and Everton. A move to Everton in July 2014 marked a defining chapter, where Lukaku's goal-scoring prowess saw him net 53 times in 110 league appearances. A subsequent move to Manchester United, and later Inter Milan, where he secured the Serie A TIM in 2021, solidified Lukaku's status as a global superstar.

Rejoining Chelsea in 2020/21 for £98M, Lukaku's return marked a resurgence. In the 27/28 season, he spearheaded Chelsea's World FA Cup campaign with 11 goals in 8 appearances. The World FA Cup Final against Rennes showcased Lukaku's explosive finishing, securing a remarkable hat-trick and contributing significantly to Chelsea's 5-1 triumph.

His explosive finishing and consistent goal-scoring form have solidified Lukaku's status as one of world football's global superstars, contributing significantly to Chelsea's resurgence under manager John Terry. The duo's collaboration along with the emergence of youngster Ronnie Leonard has brought Chelsea back to the zenith of global football, marking an era of success and triumph.

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RB Salzburg's Unprecedented Rise: A Fairy Tale Season Culminating in World Champions Cup Glory

In the world of football, fairy tales are rare, but RB Salzburg's remarkable journey in the 2027-2028 season has added a new chapter to the annals of the beautiful game. From six back-to-back promotions to clinching the prestigious World Champions Cup in their first season in the global football league's top flight, RB Salzburg's story is one of grit, determination, and triumph against all odds.

The Path to Glory
The narrative began in the Champions Cup Group F, where RB Salzburg faced formidable opponents like TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Ajax, and Aston Villa. Their journey kicked off with a stellar 3-1 victory against Hoffenheim, with Maxi Gómez finding the net in the 14th minute. This set the tone for what would be a series of impressive performances.

The group stage showcased RB Salzburg's attacking prowess, exemplified by their 3-0 triumph over Ajax, featuring goals from Jacob Bruun Larsen, Dwight McNeil, and Gaëtan Laborde. The squad's resilience shone in a hard-fought 3-2 victory against Aston Villa, with Fábio Vieira, Gaëtan Laborde, and a late penalty from Maxi Gómez securing the win.

Having secured their place in the knockout stage, RB Salzburg faced Inter in the first round. A thrilling 2-3 away win, including goals from Fábio Vieira and Dwight McNeil, set the stage for a tense second leg. The team's solid defense, orchestrated by Paulo Bernardo's early goal, saw them progress to the next round.

The quarter-finals saw RB Salzburg facing off against Leeds, resulting in a 2-2 draw in the first leg and a decisive 2-0 victory in the second leg. Gaëtan Laborde and Dwight McNeil were once again instrumental in securing the team's progression.

In the semi-finals, RB Salzburg faced West Ham, triumphing 3-1 in the first leg with Maxi Gómez delivering a brace and Gaëtan Laborde sealing the victory. A 1-1 draw in the second leg confirmed their place in the final, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

The Grand Finale: RB Salzburg vs. Liverpool
The Champions Cup final at Johan Cruijff ArenA would be etched in history as RB Salzburg faced Liverpool. The stage was set for an epic battle, and it was Maxi Gómez who etched his name in the annals of football glory. In the 55th minute, Gómez scored the solitary goal that secured RB Salzburg's victory, making them the World Champions Cup winners of 2028.


Star Performances: Laborde, Theate, and Gómez

RB Salzburg's success was underlined by standout performances from key players throughout the season. Gaëtan Laborde, the prolific striker, netted an impressive eight goals, including crucial ones in the knockout stages. His journey from Bordeaux to RB Salzburg showcased his evolution into a global football superstar, a transition that came with a £47M transfer fee in January 2025.

At the heart of RB Salzburg's defense was Arthur Theate, who joined the club from Manchester City for a staggering £48.5M in June 2027. His remarkable season included 14 appearances, one goal, and a stellar 95% pass completion rate. Theate's contributions were instrumental in ensuring a solid defensive foundation for the team.

The talismanic Maxi Gómez, who arrived from Chelsea for £48.5M in June 2027, emerged as the season's top scorer with eight goals, including the decisive one in the final. Gómez's journey from his debut with Club Atlético Litoral to becoming a pivotal figure in RB Salzburg's triumph highlights his growth and impact on the team.

Gallardo's Midas Touch

At the helm of RB Salzburg's fairy tale journey was the legendary Marcelo Daniel Gallardo. The seasoned manager, known for his Gegenpress-based approach, guided the team with expertise and strategic brilliance. Gallardo's managerial journey, from his playing days at River Plate to lifting the World Champions Cup with RB Salzburg, is a testament to his enduring influence on the game.

Gallardo's ability to lead RB Salzburg to glory in their debut season at the pinnacle of the global football league is a testament to his managerial prowess and the belief he instilled in his players. Before taking the reins at RB Salzburg, Gallardo faced a challenging period as the manager of Liverpool, a position he assumed in May 2023 but was sacked in January 2027.

The seasoned manager had already tasted Champions Cup success with Barcelona in 2024, further underlining his credentials as one of football's most accomplished tacticians.

A Season to Cherish
RB Salzburg's unprecedented rise, crowned with the World Champions Cup, will be remembered as one of football's most inspiring stories. From the thrill of the group stages to the intensity of the knockout rounds, the team's journey reflects the essence of the sport—unpredictable, exhilarating, and a testament to the spirit of those who dare to dream.

As the celebrations echo in the streets of Salzburg, one can't help but marvel at the collective effort, individual brilliance, and the unwavering belief that propelled RB Salzburg to heights previously thought unattainable. Football, once again, proves that the underdog can become the champion, and RB Salzburg's triumph will forever resonate in the hearts of football enthusiasts around the globe.


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Germany Triumphs in Epic Clash Amidst Drama to Secure European Championship Glory

Camp Nou, Barcelona - A night of footballing drama unfolded as Kai Havertz lived the dream of every German supporter, lifting the European Championship trophy after a gripping 2-1 victory over a resilient Croatia in one of the most thrilling finals the tournament has witnessed.

The result was a testament to Germany's dominance, with Niklas Sule, an elite center-back, delivering a masterful header from an inswinging corner within the first five minutes. Despite Croatia's determined defense, Germany's early attacking prowess led to a series of fouls, and Timo Werner, the seasoned striker, added to the lead with a clinical penalty into the bottom corner on the 18th minute after central defender Boško Šutalo pushed Moukoko in the box. VAR's approval confirming the legitimacy of the penalty.

Facing a two-goal deficit, Croatia fought back with determination. A series of attacking plays led to Germany committing a few fouls in their defensive third. The resulting free-kick from Croatia narrowly missed the target, leaving German goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen relieved.

Croatia faced further setbacks as committed midfielder Tomo Uremovic received a red card for a reckless tackle on Joshua Kimmich in the 67th minute, reducing them to ten men. Despite the numerical disadvantage, Croatia continued to press forward, creating chances that tested the German defense and the match took a dramatic turn when an explosive intervention from Croatia's Stipo Kurtović saw him break the offside trap and lob the ball over the stranded Ter Stegen. 

In the 75th minute, German defender Ridle Baku committed a tactical foul as Croatia launched a counter-attack. The ensuing free-kick, however, sailed over the crossbar, denying Croatia a crucial opportunity to level up the match.


Germany's Path to Glory:

Germany's journey to the European Championship triumph included impressive victories, notably a thrilling 5-3 penalty win over England in the semi-final, a commanding 3-1 triumph against Israel, and decisive wins over Austria and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Youssoufa Moukoko's four goals including a hat-trick in the semi-final against England played a pivotal role in securing the title for the fourth time in Germany's history.

Managerial Brilliance:

Manager Marco Rose, fresh from lifting the FIFA World Super League with Borussia Dortmund in 2024, added another accolade to his impressive career with this triumph, showcasing his strategic acumen.

Niklas Sule's Defensive Prowess:

In the heart of Germany's defense, Niklas Sule demonstrated his credentials with a commanding performance during the final, earning praise from FIFA Sports World News. His early goal showcased defensive mastery, setting the tone for a solid defensive display.

As the dust settled on this historic night, statistical brilliance illuminated Germany's path to glory. Players like Kai Havertz, Niklas Sule, and Youssoufa Moukoko showcased their prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament.

Under the floodlights of Camp Nou, Germany's footballing legacy continues to shine. The European Championship triumph adds another glorious chapter to their storied history, and as fans revel in the sweet taste of victory, they will forever remember this night of footballing spectacle, filled with goals, drama, and unforgettable moments.

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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

Two players enhanced their position in the Players Hall of Fame thanks to competition victories over the last season. 


Kylian Mbappe moves into 5th position on the Hall of Fame by his own right following his role in the French team that lifted the 27/28 European International League title, in addition a new name appeared on the leaderboard in joint 3rd place:

 João Cancelo: Defensive Maestro and World Super League Stalwart

João Cancelo, a revered name in European football, earned a prestigious spot in the Players Hall of Fame, cementing his legacy as one of the game's defensive luminaries. His journey, marked by exceptional skill and strategic prowess, took an intriguing turn as he lifted the World Super League trophy for the fourth time, this occasion adorned in the colors of Newcastle United, following a free transfer from Manchester City at the onset of the 2027/28 season.

Cancelo's football odyssey commenced in the Liga Portugal 2 SABSEG, where he made his senior debut for Benfica B in August 2012. Adept at both intercepting and creating, Cancelo showcased his versatility early on, scoring his inaugural goal against Sporting CP B in November 2012. His impact transcended club boundaries to the international stage, making 103 appearances and netting nine goals for Portugal. In his current stint at Newcastle, Cancelo's exceptional season has seen him complete 81 interceptions and deliver 60 crosses in 33 appearances.

The Portuguese defender's professional journey started with Sport Lisboa e Benfica in 2007/08, and a subsequent loan spell at Valencia Club de Futbol SAD. A move to Valencia in 2014 saw Cancelo make 74 league appearances before a brief but impactful stint at Football Club Internazionale Milano.

In 2018, Cancelo joined Juventus, contributing to their Serie A TIM triumph in 2019 and other accolades. The lure of Manchester City beckoned in 2019, marking a period of immense success. Across eight years, Cancelo made 175 league appearances, netting eight goals, and clinched multiple titles.

The summer of 2027 witnessed a new chapter in Cancelo's career as he joined Newcastle United. His tally of 13 competition wins and more, attests to his exceptional contribution to the teams he graced.

Personal accolades include a third-place finish in the World Champions Cup Defender of the Season award, emphasizing Cancelo's prowess as a defensive stalwart. As he continues to shine on the pitch, João Cancelo's legacy stands tall, etched in the annals of football history as a player of unparalleled defensive brilliance and a key contributor to the success of the teams he's represented.

In the managerial hall of fame, Marcelo Gallardo moves into 3rd place following his heroics with RB Salzburg:


Marcelo Gallardo: Architect of Triumph at RB Salzburg

Marcelo Daniel Gallardo, revered as a River Plate legend and a strategic maestro, has ascended to new heights in the managerial realm, claiming the third spot on the Hall of Fame after orchestrating RB Salzburg's Champions Cup victory in 2028.

Gallardo's journey in football commenced as a player, spanning 19 years from 1992 to 2011. A mercurial talent, he made 366 appearances and scored 76 goals. His senior debut for River Plate marked the beginning of a storied career, punctuated by a Copa Libertadores win in 1996 and other domestic triumphs. Gallardo's international stint saw him earn 43 caps for Argentina, leaving an indelible mark with 14 goals.

Transitioning to management, Gallardo's journey saw him lead River Plate to significant victories, including Copa Libertadores titles in 2015 and 2018, showcasing his adeptness at molding successful teams. Brief spells at Atlético Madrid and Barcelona added to his managerial acumen, with a notable World Champions Cup triumph in 2024.

Gallardo's journey continued at Liverpool, where he left an impact until January 2027, navigating the complexities of the World Super League but without adding any subsequent trophies. A stint at Leicester followed his sacking from Liverpool. However, it was at RB Salzburg that Gallardo was able to enhance his already glittering reputation.

Taking the reins at RB Salzburg, Gallardo faced a challenging start, inheriting a team placed well, fourth in the league after Julian Nagelsmann had departed for Arsenal. His implementation of a Gegenpress-based strategy garnered praise, but it was a difficult challenge given it was the teams first season in the World Super League. Reality hit and the club were lucky to just avoid the relegation zone. The pinnacle undoubtedly came though with the 2028 Champions Cup triumph, solidifying Gallardo's place as a managerial maestro.

Marcelo Gallardo's journey, marked by triumphs and strategic ingenuity, has now positioned him among the managerial greats. As he continues to shape the future of football at RB Salzburg, his legacy is one of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to success.


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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 6 - 28/29 Season

As we stand on the precipice of a new season, I find myself contemplating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Kaizer Chiefs. Leading the charge into the UEFA Oocalnoo Division 16 is a task that carries both excitement and anticipation, especially considering our remarkable four-year journey of consecutive promotions. As the architect of this ascent, I am approaching the upcoming season with a mix of optimism and pragmatism.

The landscape of Division 16 is filled with formidable opponents, each vying for supremacy. Bookmakers have already cast their predictions, with Mexican powerhouses Atlas and Pumas standing out as significant contenders. Atlas, our fellow ascendants from the previous season, are given odds of 5-4, while Pumas lead the title race at 10-11. In this competitive environment, our beloved Kaizer Chiefs are projected to finish 6th, with odds of 9-1.


Acknowledging the challenges that these odds present, I am undeterred. The spirit of competition that has propelled us thus far remains our driving force.

One central theme dominates my thoughts as we approach the new season—the emergence of a talented group of young players within our squad. It's a welcome challenge, yet it brings with it the complexities of managing the aspirations of these promising prospects. Difficult decisions loom regarding our roster, with a keen focus on retaining those players who exhibit the fortitude required for the challenges of Division 16.

The importance of providing playing time to our emerging talents is paramount. To address this, we are poised to increase our engagement with the loan market. This strategic move aims to provide players with the opportunity to gain valuable senior experience while keeping our squad competitive.


As we step into Division 16, my vision is clear—to build on the foundation of our past successes and continue our journey of growth. Despite the odds placing us as underdogs, history has shown that Kaizer Chiefs thrives on challenges. My commitment to developing young talents, making tough squad decisions, and strategically navigating the loan market positions us for another compelling chapter in our football odyssey.

In the crucible of Division 16, Kaizer Chiefs stands ready. Fortified by the lessons of the past and fueled by the aspirations of a bright future, we embark on this new season. As the football saga unfolds, enthusiasts around the globe will be watching with bated breath, eager to witness the next chapter in the captivating story of Kaizer Chiefs' ascent.

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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (28/29)


Well, it's been a whirlwind of a first half of the season for Kaiser Chiefs. We kicked off with a bit of a stumble, losing our opening game to Atlas, the very team we got promoted with last season. A tough pill to swallow, but it lit a fire under us, and what followed was nothing short of spectacular.

Our away game against Sivasspor was a nail-biter. We clinched it with a 3-2 victory, thanks to goals from Simon Banza, including a penalty, and Tiberiu Căpuşă. The home game against EC Bahia was a goal fest, with Elijah Adebayo, Simon Banza, and young talent Sanele Coetsee finding the back of the net, securing a 4-0 win.

Then came the showdown with pre-season favorites Pumas. We didn't just beat them; we dominated with a 2-0 victory, courtesy of Jackson Yueill and Thabiso Tsichlas. The momentum carried into the match against Brescia, where goals from Tsichlas, Căpuşă, Banza, and a late one from Dean Lekhooa sealed a 4-2 win.

Our journey took us to Gimnasia (LP), where Banza's late goal salvaged a 1-1 draw. Back on home turf, we faced Swansea, with Ayanda Dlamini and Tsichlas stealing the show in a 3-1 triumph. The away game against Kayserispor saw Adebayo, Tsichlas, and young gun Luvuyo Ngcobo each netting in a convincing 4-1 win.

Next up, a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Gil Vicente Futebol Clube, courtesy of a goal from the promising Dean Lekhooa. Cruzeiro couldn't halt our march, as Banza's brace secured a 2-0 win on home soil. A draw against LA Galaxy and Columbus slowed us down a bit, but we swiftly recovered with a 1-0 victory against Osijek, where Banza converted a penalty.

As the year drew to a close, we closed it on a high note. Vasco da Gama and Hatayspor fell victim to our prowess with a 2-0 and 3-1 defeat, respectively. Fani Molewa, Puso Dithejane, and Dean Lekhooa were the heroes in those matches.


However, the journey wasn't without its heartbreaks. Our disappointment came in the form of a disappointing exit from the World FA Cup, where we faced PFK CSKA Sofia in a gripping encounter. Despite a brilliant goal from Simon Banza in the 34th minute, our hopes were dashed in the cruelest fashion with a golden goal defeat away from home. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but in football, as in life, there are tough moments that define our character.


On a brighter note, our performance in the Ooclanoo League Trophy has been nothing short of stellar. We progressed through the early rounds with ease, showcasing our strength and determination. In the First Round, we secured a resounding 4-0 victory against Lanús, with Elijah Adebayo and Puso Dithejane making significant contributions.

The Second Round saw us face Real Salt Lake, and once again, our team displayed its mettle. With goals from Dean Lekhooa and Thabo Mathe, we clinched a hard-fought 2-1 victory, securing our passage to the next stage.

In the Third Round, we faced Sivasspor in a thrilling encounter that ended in a dramatic 4-3 golden goal win. Glen Nzama, Elijah Adebayo, and then the ever-reliable Simon Banza found the net in the 113th minute with penalties beckoning, ensuring our journey in the Ooclanoo League Trophy continued.


As we head into the second half of the season, it's clear that Kaiser Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with. Despite the setback in the World FA Cup, we find ourselves perched at the top of the table, six points clear of Atlas, and with Croatian side NK Osijek hot on our heels in third whilst our journey in the Ooclanoo League Trophy promises more excitement. Let's rally together, overcome the challenges, and make the remainder of the season truly unforgettable. Onward and upward, Kaiser Chiefs!

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Kaiser Chiefs Second Half of the Season Summary (28/29)

The second half of the season felt like navigating a turbulent storm after a serene cruise. We encountered a sudden dip in form, akin to a plunge off a precipice, losing three consecutive matches and drawing the next, causing us to relinquish our hard-fought top spot in the league.



Our stumble began with a challenging away fixture against Atlas. Despite Simon Banza's commendable goal in the 67th minute, we succumbed to a disheartening 1-3 defeat. The woes persisted into the new year as Sivasspor handed us a 0-1 loss at our home turf revenging our victory against them in the League Trophy. A subsequent away match against EC Bahia on January 13 ended in a 1-2 defeat, with Xolani Khumalo salvaging a late consolation goal in the 88th minute. Although we managed to secure a 1-1 draw against Brescia on January 20, it wasn't enough to maintain our league-leading position.

A pivotal clash against our title rivals, Pumas, on February 4, 2029, tested our mettle further, resulting in a 0-2 defeat. It felt like our championship dreams were slipping away.

However, demonstrating the resilience that defined our season, we staged a remarkable comeback, finding our winning form once again. Notable victories included a convincing 4-0 triumph over Gimnasia (LP), a crucial 2-1 win against Kayserispor, and a resounding 5-0 victory over LA Galaxy.

Anoter wobble followed with points dro[[ed against Cruizero and Osijek but as the season reached its climax, we faced Columbus in a crucial encounter on April 28, 2029. Dean Lekhooa's brace secured a vital 2-1 victory, setting the stage for a nail-biting finale where a win would be enough to confirm the title.

On the last day of the season, in front of a jubilant crowd of 66,680 at FNB Stadium, we secured a 1-0 win against Hatayspor. This result confirmed our status as champions, lifting the UEFA Ooclanoo Division (16) title with a total of 62 points, three clear of second-placed Pumas.


The party atmosphere at FNB Stadium reflected the incredible journey of our team throughout the season. Our fans celebrated not only the title but also the resilience, determination, and skill displayed by the players under my guidance. The victory marked a proud day for the club, its fans, and me as a manager. I am so grateful for the talented squad at my disposal, and this triumph adds another glorious chapter to the storied history of Kaizer Chiefs. The supporters are in jubilant mood, reveling in the sweet taste of success, but the story of this season was still not quite over...........

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Ooclanoo League Trophy

As the eve of the Ooclanoo League Trophy final descends upon us, a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement envelops the Kaizer Chiefs camp. As the manager, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey that has brought us to this moment, relishing the opportunity to lead the team into their first-ever cup final.

With the competition including teams from Division 14 down to Division 19, we were never favourites and knew we would encounter teams from leagues much higher than us. We'd progressed well in the first half of the season and as the New Year reached us, we faced a stern test away against Necaxa from the league above us on January 3, 2029. Displaying our mettle, we secured a 2-0 win, with Thabiso Tsichlas and Elijah Adebayo finding the net.

The Quarter Final on February 14, 2029, saw us face Uruguayan side Nacional from Division 15 at home. With goals from Elijah Adebayo, Dean Lekhooa, and Jackson Yueill, we emerged with a dominant 3-0 victory, signaling our intent to challenge for the trophy.

In the Semi Final clash against Danish outfit Brøndby IF on April 4, 2029, the FNB Stadium witnessed another memorable performance. Ayanda Dlamini, Simon Banza, and Dean Lekhooa's contributions secured a resounding 3-0 win, propelling us into the final.

There's a unique blend of pride and determination within me, knowing that we have defied expectations, triumphing over teams from higher divisions to reach this pinnacle. The prospect of securing silverware for Kaizer Chiefs and our dedicated fans is both exhilarating and humbling.

In these final hours before the decisive clash against Club Deportes Tolima, my focus is on ensuring that the players embrace the magnitude of the occasion while staying true to the principles that have defined our successful campaign. I'll be conveying a message of belief and unity, Deportes Tolima are a Division 14 side, without doubt our toughest opponents to date, but I'll be emphasizing that regardless of the underdog status, we've earned the right to compete on this grand stage.

Preparations are meticulous. The training ground echoes with a sense of purpose as we fine-tune strategies and polish our set pieces. It's about instilling confidence and composure in the squad, reminding them of the skills and resilience that have brought us this far.

Off the pitch, I'll be fostering a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. Team-building activities and motivational talks will serve to strengthen the bonds among the players, fostering a collective spirit that transcends individual contributions.

In the tactical discussions, I'll be emphasizing adaptability, urging the players to stay composed under pressure and to seize the moments that present themselves during the final. There's a balance between acknowledging the challenge posed by Club Deportes Tolima and instilling the belief that we have the capability to overcome it.

As the manager, I carry the hopes and aspirations of the entire Kaizer Chiefs community into this final. It's not just a match; it's a chance to etch our names into the club's history. The eve of the final is a moment of reflection, preparation, and most importantly, belief in the collective strength of this remarkable team.

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Kaizer Chiefs' Triumph: Kaša Lifts Ooclanoo League Trophy in Fairy Tale Finish

Wembley Stadium, London - Amidst the steady drizzle at Wembley, the green pitch was the canvas for a storybook ending as Filip Kaša lifted the Ooclanoo League Trophy, completing a fairytale journey for Kaizer Chiefs under the astute management of Jonas Gutierrez, becoming the second South African team to lift a trophy in the new era of the Global football league structure.

The matchday atmosphere at Wembley was electric, with fans from both sides creating an enthralling backdrop. Kaizer Chiefs, known for their passionate fanbase, had a sea of gold and black, creating an atmosphere that was both tense and exhilarating. The rain, far from dampening spirits, added a cinematic quality to the occasion, turning the green pitch into a stage for footballing drama.

The game unfolded with Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) donning the role of the protagonist for Kaizer Chiefs. In the 9th minute, he exhibited a moment of brilliance, executing a deft curling finish into the top left hand corner that sent the Chiefs faithful into raptures. However, the veteran winger Dimitris Limnios had his own script to write, equalizing for Deportes Tolima in the 38th minute with a powerful header from point-blank range.

Despite the setback, Kaizer Chiefs, under the stewardship of manager Jonas Gutierrez, regrouped during the halftime interval. The second half witnessed a resurgent Kaizer Chiefs reclaiming their dominance, with Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) volleying in from the six-yard box in the 49th minute after Deportes Tolima failed to clear their lines, restoring their lead.

The narrative took a definitive turn as Inverted Wing-Back Njabulo Blom sealed the victory for Kaizer Chiefs with an accurate finish from inside the penalty area in the 58th minute. The fans erupted in joy, and the celebrations echoed through Wembley as Kasa lifted the Ooclanoo League Trophy.


A standout performer throughout the tournament, Adebayo, the 31-year-old forward, played a pivotal role in Kaizer Chiefs' success. Scoring 7 goals in 6 games with an impressive average rating of 8.27, Adebayo's contributions were nothing short of heroic. Jackson Yueill and Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) complemented the narrative by securing the second and third spots in the Player of the Tournament awards, completing a clean sweep for Kaizer Chiefs.

As the final whistle echoed, fans witnessed the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. Gutierrez, facing questions from media outlets, expressed his elation with the team's overall performance, highlighting the capabilities that saw them clinch victory. The triumph was a testament to the incredible work being done at Kaizer Chiefs Football Club under Gutierrez's leadership.

The journey to the Ooclanoo League Trophy was marked by remarkable victories, each adding a chapter to Kaizer Chiefs' success story. A 3-0 dismantling of Nacional, a 4-0 win against Lanus, a 2-0 victory over Necaxa, and a comfortable 3-0 triumph over Brondby IF paved the way for their crowning moment at Wembley.


Elijah Adebayo's season statistics further underlined his impact, with 56 shots on target and 78 key passes in 34 appearances. The awards ceremony, against the backdrop of a jubilant crowd, highlighted the outstanding achievements of players from Kaizer Chiefs, creating an indelible memory for both the club and its supporters.

As the rain-soaked celebration continued at Wembley, Kaizer Chiefs etched their name in history, and Filip Kaša raised the Ooclanoo League Trophy in front of jubilant fans. The fairytale ending resonated not only with the Chiefs faithful but with football enthusiasts globally, a testament to the power of the beautiful game to create moments that transcend the boundaries of the pitch.


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Youth Intake

Aidan and I have once again reviewed the progress of our youth academy, evaluating the potential additions to the squad. Let's dive into the strengths, abilities, and personalities of the new talents, while addressing the decision to release certain players.


Gregory De Sá (YP8a) - Right Center Defender:
Gregory De Sá, a light-hearted 15-year-old from Pretoria, adds a touch of personality to our defense and addresses a concern I've had about a lack of young players who can operate as a wing back. His attributes demonstrate versatility, and his light-hearted nature may contribute positively to team dynamics.


Collins Mvelase (YP8b) - Center Defender:
Another Pretoria native, Collins Mvelase, brings a balanced approach to our defense. His attributes showcase a well-rounded player, and his balanced personality suggests he can integrate effectively into the team. His journey to Kaiser Chiefs began when a club scout attended a local youth tournament in Johannesburg. Collins caught the scout's eye. Impressed by his performances, the scout initiated conversations with his family, recognizing the potential for him to develop into a future star.


Siya Masuku (YP8c) - Attacking Midfielder (Left-Center), Striker (Center):
Siya Masuku, a balanced 15-year-old from Johannesburg, is a standout talent. Growing up in a close-knit family in the heart of the city, Siya's passion for football was ignited at a young age. His father, a former amateur footballer, recognized Siya's innate talent and encouraged his son to pursue his dreams. His high potential is evident in his attributes, especially in attacking roles. His balanced personality adds to his overall reliability.


Nicholas Zulu (YP8d) - Goalkeeper:
Nicholas Zulu, a driven 15-year-old from Louis Trichardt, joins us as a goalkeeper. His attributes, especially his determination, stand out. Raised by a single mother, who worked tirelessly to support the family, Nicholas understood the value of dedication and sacrifice. His mother, a source of inspiration, instilled in him the importance of education and discipline, values that would shape his character on and off the pitch. His driven personality is a welcome addition and reflects his commitment to improving and achieving success.


Nicholas Matlou (YP8e) - Center Defender:
Hailing from Pretoria, Nicholas Matlou, a balanced 15-year-old center defender, exhibits strength and solid defensive skills. His balanced personality indicates a steady and reliable player, crucial in the heart of our defense.

Luyolo Masegela (YP8f) - Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder (Center):
Coming from Kwaggafontein, Luyolo Masegela brings balance to our midfield. His well-rounded attributes make him a valuable addition, and his balanced personality indicates adaptability on and off the pitch.

The decision to release certain other players, driven by low determination and a casual attitude, aligns with our commitment to fostering a determined and disciplined team culture. As we integrate these new talents, our coaching staff will focus on harnessing their potential and ensuring their personalities align with the ambitious culture we strive to maintain at Kaiser Chiefs. The future looks promising with this influx of young, talented players.

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28/29 Season Review

As I sit back and reflect on the exhilarating rollercoaster that was the 27/28 season, a surge of pride engulfs me. From the early days of low expectations to the jubilant lifting of both the Division 16 title and the Ooclanoo League trophy, this season has etched itself indelibly into the annals of Kaizer Chiefs' history. Let's delve into the narrative of a season that defied odds and exceeded expectations, enriched by the stellar performances of our squad.

At the dawn of the season, the outside world may have held low expectations for Kaizer Chiefs, perhaps influenced by our recent ascent through the divisions. However, within the sanctum of our dressing room, a different narrative was taking shape. The team embarked on an extraordinary start, defying the odds and proving that the spirit of Kaizer Chiefs was undeterred by external predictions.

Youngsters like Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) and Charles Sanudi (YP6b) stepped into the spotlight early on, showcasing their potential and setting the tone for what was to come. Anthony Pieterses' impressive stats, including a tackle completion rate of 100%, and a player of the match award, contributed significantly to our early-season success.

As fixtures piled up and the middle of the season approached, concerns crept in. A drop in form saw us slip from the top of the table, a position we had become accustomed to in the early stages. Andrés Gudiño, a stalwart in goal, maintained his consistency with 14 clean sheets across the season, but the team as a whole faced challenges.

During this turbulent period, Jackson Yueill's midfield prowess and Njabulo Blom's defensive stability became crucial. Simon Banza, with an outstanding 13 goals and four assists, remained a beacon of hope as we navigated the challenges of mid-season, determined to recapture our early magic.

Then came the turning point—the moment that encapsulates the heart and soul of our season. As the campaign neared its end, a resurgence propelled us back into contention. The final day arrived with the title hanging in the balance.

Thabiso Tsichlas, a midfield maestro with nine goals and three assists, showcased his prowess in the heart of the action. Defensively, the duo of Thobani Molefe (YP5d) and Tiberiu Căpuşă showcased their resilience, with Tiberiu also contributing two goals and an assist from the right-back position. Njabulo Blom's consistency and defensive acumen were reflected in his impressive pass completion rate of 89% and three assists.

On that fateful day, Puso Dithejane, and Elijah Adebayo with an incredible 13 goals and 12 assists across the season, each played their roles to perfection, secured our promotion and clinched the title. The elation that followed was not just for the triumph but for the journey—overcoming doubts, silencing critics, and etching our name in Division 15 history.


Our conquest extended beyond Division 16. The team's brilliance also saw us lift the Ooclanoo League trophy, adding another layer of glory to an already historic season. The double triumph is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unity that defined Kaizer Chiefs throughout the campaign.

As the manager, I couldn't be prouder of this squad. The 27/28 season was a testament to the resilience, determination, and skill of every player who donned the Kaizer Chiefs jersey. From the lows of skepticism to the highs of a championship and a league trophy, this journey defines the essence of football—unpredictable, exhilarating, and, above all, a triumph of perseverance.

Looking forward, we carry the lessons of this season into the challenges that Division 15 will undoubtedly present. The bar has been set, and the expectations, both internal and external, have risen. Yet, with the spirit that guided us through this unforgettable season, Kaizer Chiefs stands ready for the next chapter in our football odyssey.


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Squad Assessment


Andrés Gudiño (32, GK): Andrés has maintained a high level of performance. His aerial ability and reflexes are commendable, but he needs to work on his communication and tendency to rush out.

Promise Chuene (22, GK): Promise has shown improvement over the season, benefitting from a season on lona where he played regularly. His handling and one-on-one skills have strengthened, but his pace, first touch and acceleration are sorely lacking.

Brandon Petersen (35, GK): Brandon's performance has slightly decreased. While he remains strong in commanding the area and reflexes, his other attributes are in decline.

Lesedi Sampson (YP4b) (19, GK): Lesedi, a young player, has potential and has also benefitted from going on loan. His jumping and concentration are notable, but he needs improvement in handling and communication.

Sihle Dlamini (YP3e) (20, GK): Sihle's performance has slightly improved. His agility and natural fitness are strengths, but he should focus on communication.



Central Defence

Facundo Agüero (34, D (RC)): Facundo has experienced a slight decline in performance. While his leadership and positioning remain strong, he needs to work on his stamina and decision-making.

Bokang Thabantso (21, D (RLC)): Bokang has shown improvement over the season. His teamwork and determination have strengthened, but he should focus on his acceleration and positioning.

Filip Kaša (35, D (C)): Filip's performance has slightly decreased. He still excels in strength and marking, but he needs improvement in stamina and acceleration.

Thobani Molefe (YP5d) (18, D (LC)): Thobani, a young player, has shown promise. His jumping and determination are notable, but he needs improvement in concentration and anticipation.

Daúde Marabe (YP6c) (17, D (C)): Daúde has shown improvement from the start of the season. His composure and technique are impressive for his age, but he needs to work on his decision-making and positioning.

Anthony Pieterse (YP4c) (19, D (C), DM): Anthony has made significant progress. His tackling and leadership skills are commendable, but he should focus on improving his determination and positioning.

While experienced defenders like Facundo Agüero and Filip Kaša have maintained their effectiveness, the younger players, especially Thobani Molefe, Daúde Marabe, and Anthony Pieterse, have shown promise and improvement. The central defenders collectively need to focus on enhancing their stamina, acceleration, and decision-making to strengthen the team's defensive capabilities in the upcoming seasons.


Full Backs

Tiberiu Căpuşă (31, D (RL), WB (R)): Tiberiu has maintained a consistent level of performance. His well-rounded skills, including stamina and crossing, make him a reliable full-back.

Njabulo Blom (29, D (RC), WB (RL), DM, M (C)): Njabulo has shown steady performance throughout the season. His versatility and defensive skills contribute well to the team's overall effectiveness.

Charles Sanudi (YP6b) (18, D/WB (R), M (C), AM (R)): Charles, a young player, has shown promise. His agility and determination are commendable, but he needs to work on his defensive attributes, such as tackling and positioning.

Puso Dithejane (24, D (RLC)): Puso has displayed a strong overall performance. His physical attributes and defensive capabilities, including marking and tackling, make him a valuable asset.

Thabang Masondo (YP5c) (18, D (L), DM, M (C)): Thabang, a young player, has demonstrated significant improvements this season. His versatility and determination are notable, but he needs to improve his defensive attributes, such as marking and positioning.

Bongi Hlatshwayo (YP6f) (18, D (RC), WB (R)): Bongi has shown improvement over the season. His defensive attributes, including marking and positioning, have strengthened, making him a more reliable full-back.

The full backs, both experienced and young, contribute significantly to the team's defensive capabilities. Tiberiu Căpuşă and Njabulo Blom provide consistency, while the young players, including Charles Sanudi, Thabang Masondo, and Bongi Hlatshwayo, show promise and improvement. 


Central Midfield

Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) (21, DM, M/AM (C)): Thabiso continues to be a key player in the midfield, showcasing high levels of stamina, work rate, and leadership. However, there has been a slight decline in his overall effectiveness which is a concern given he should be reaching his prime playing years.

Glen Nzama (22, M (C), AM (RC)): Glen has had a solid season, demonstrating good all-around midfield attributes. His well-balanced skills contribute positively to the team's midfield control.

Mfundo Ngubane (YP3g) (20, DM, M (RC)): Mfundo has displayed strong physical attributes and determination in midfield. However, there is room for improvement in certain technical aspects of his game.

Xolani Khumalo (YP5e) (18, DM, M (C)): Xolani, a young player, has shown promise in the midfield. His agility and vision are notable, but he needs to work on defensive attributes and decision-making.

Jackson Yueill (32, DM, M (C)): Jackson, while experienced, has seen a decline in performance. His overall effectiveness rating has decreased, suggesting a need for careful consideration in future selections.

Langelihle Matthews (YP3d) (20, DM, M (C)): Langelihle has displayed strong physical attributes and determination in midfield. With continued development, he could become a key player for the team.

Andrew Sello (YP6e) (17, M (C), AM (RC)): Andrew, a young player, has shown promise in midfield. His flair and dribbling skills make him a potential creative force, but there is room for improvement in other aspects.

The central midfielders provide a mix of experience and youth. Thabiso Tsichlas and Glen Nzama continue to be reliable contributors, while young players like Xolani Khumalo and Andrew Sello show promise for the future. Development and strategic planning for the midfield will be essential for maintaining a strong presence in this area of the pitch.


Inside Forwards

Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a) (19, AM (RLC)): Luvuyo has had an impressive season whilst away on loan, developing strong attributes in pace, dribbling, and finishing. His effectiveness rating has significantly improved, making him a key player in the attacking midfield.

Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) (19, M (C), AM (LC), ST (C)): Dean's versatility in playing across the midfield and attack is an asset. He has shown improvement in various aspects of his game, contributing effectively to both goal creation and scoring.

Sanele Coetsee (YP4d) (19, M (LC), AM (L)): Sanele's well-rounded skills in midfield and attacking positions have also developed whilst on loan making him a valuable player. He has shown improvement in multiple areas, including decision-making and finishing.

Ntandoyenkosi Nkosi (24, M/AM (L)): Ntandoyenkosi has displayed consistent performance with well-balanced attributes. While he has maintained a high effectiveness rating, there is room for improvement in certain technical aspects.

Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) (18, M/AM (R), ST (C)): Ayanda, a young player, has shown promise in the attacking positions. His agility, vision, and finishing skills make him a potential goal threat.

Elijah Adebayo (31, AM (L), ST (C)): Elijah, an experienced player, continues to be a reliable option in the attacking midfield. His own the field performances far outweigh what his attributes suggest his ability is. His effectiveness rating has seen a slight increase, despite his age, indicating a consistent contribution to the team.

Keletso Sifama (26, M (C), AM (RLC), ST (C)): Keletso's versatility in midfield and attack adds depth to the team. His effectiveness rating has been maintained at a high level.

Thabo Mathe (21, AM (L)): Thabo's attributes in pace and dribbling make him a threat on the left wing. He has shown improvement in certain technical aspects, contributing to the team's attacking options.

Thabang Kunene (17, AM (RC), ST (C)): Thabang, a young player, has displayed potential in the attacking roles. Continued development is essential for his growth.

Luvuyo Ngcobo and Dean Lekhooa stand out as key contributors, while the versatility of players like Sanele Coetsee and Keletso Sifama provides tactical flexibility. The presence of both experienced and young players bodes well for the team's attacking options in the seasons to come.



Stanley Khumalo (YP4e) (20, AM (R), ST (C)): Stanley has shown significant improvement this season, particularly in attributes like finishing and composure. His effectiveness rating has seen a notable increase, and on paper at least he is now our strongest striker following a good season away on loan.

Simon Banza (32, ST (C)): Despite being in the later stages of his career, Simon Banza remains a crucial striker for the team. His well-balanced attributes and high effectiveness rating indicate consistent performance in front of the goal.

Siya Masuku (YP8c) (15, AM (LC), ST (C)): Siya, an exciting young talent, is showing immense potential in the attacking roles. Continued development is crucial for his growth, but he has already shown promise in certain key areas.

Innocent Dladla (YP3b) (20, M/AM (C), ST (C)): Innocent has versatile attributes, being able to play both in midfield and as a striker. While he has shown improvement, there is still room for growth in certain technical aspects.

David Mkhize (YP7e) (17, AM (RC), ST (C)): David, a young player, has shown promise in the attacking roles. His agility and technical skills make him a potential goal threat, and continued development is essential for his progress.

The striking department is led by experienced striker Simon Banza, whose consistent performance contributes significantly to the team's goal-scoring capabilities. Stanley Khumalo has shown notable improvement, making him a reliable option in both attacking midfield and striker positions. Siya Masuku, Innocent Dladla, and David Mkhize represent the younger generation, showcasing potential for future growth and contribution to the team's attacking prowess. The mix of experience and youth in the striking department bodes well for the team's offensive capabilities.

First Team Overview

The first team continues it's evolution with a second consecutive big drop in the average age as my youth team start to emerge as first team contenders. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), despite his slight decline this season remains the best player in the team by a long way. We now have 6 players in the first team with an ability rated at >70, up from 4 this time last year. Overall the ability in the first team has improved over the last season - but it's still below the first team ability when I took over the team 6 years ago.

spacer.png            spacer.png

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Dear Jonas,

I trust this letter finds you in good spirits as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of yet another season under your stewardship. I am delighted to extend my sincere congratulations on securing another promotion, this time from the UEFA Ooclanoo Division 16. Your dedication and leadership have once again propelled our club to new heights.

In the eyes of our fans, you have become a true legend of the club. Your consistent success and unwavering commitment have endeared you to our supporters, and your name is now synonymous with the proud history and spirit of our beloved team.

I want to especially commend the team for their exceptional performance in the Ooclanoo League Trophy. The victorious run to the final, culminating in lifting the trophy, is a testament to the hard work and talent that defines our club. This achievement will undoubtedly be remembered for years.


A special mention must go to striker Simon Banza, who has now become the club's all-time leading goalscorer with an incredible 80 league goals. His prowess on the field has played a pivotal role in our success, and we celebrate this milestone alongside him.



While the average attendance surprisingly dipped slightly this season, from 41,000 to 38,000, I view this as a temporary blip and not a major cause for concern. Our fanbase remains strong, and I am confident that, as we continue our journey, the support for our club will only grow.

On a financial note, I am thrilled to share that our bank balance has experienced a substantial increase, ballooning from £40 million to an impressive £159 million. This windfall, primarily from the prize money earned in the Ooclanoo League Trophy, provides us with unprecedented resources to invest in the future of our club.


Finally, I want to address a personal consideration. I am contemplating whether it is time for me to hand over the reins of running the club to someone younger. I am an old man now, but you have made my heart soar with the success you have bought to the club. This is not a decision made lightly, and I want to assure you that your position and role within the club are secure. Your leadership and vision have been integral to our success, and I have full confidence in your ability to guide the team in the seasons to come.

Once again, congratulations on another stellar season, and thank you for your continued dedication to our beloved club.

Best regards,

Kaizer Motaung
Club Chairman

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Paris Saint-Germain's Triumph and Newcastle's Fall: A Tale of the 28/29 World Super League Season


In a season that will live long in the memory, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has emerged as the victorious force in the 28/29 World Super League. In a campaign characterized by unwavering dominance, PSG secured the championship with an emphatic 60 points, leaving a notable nine-point chasm between them and the second-placed Manchester City.

Under the masterful guidance of Antonio Conte, PSG exhibited a footballing prowess that was simply unparalleled throughout the season. The defensive linchpin, Gianluigi Donnarumma, proved instrumental in this triumph, boasting an impressive 11 clean sheets that provided the bedrock for PSG's success.

While PSG's triumph was a collective effort, the season's narrative was woven through several standout fixtures that showcased the team's resilience, skill, and determination:

Triumph Over Real Madrid: Real Madrid 1-2 PSG 
In a fierce battle against Real Madrid, Eric García (38') and Vinícius Júnior (55') propelled PSG to a 2-1 triumph away from the familiar confines of home

Overcoming Atlético Madrid: PSG 3-1 Atlético Madrid 
Facing a formidable Atlético Madrid, Vinícius Júnior (53') displayed brilliance, contributing to a crucial victory with a resounding 3-1 scoreline.

Stalemate Against Man UFC: PSG 1-1 Man UFC
The clash against Manchester UFC concluded in a hard-fought draw, with Roberto Beltrán (35') finding the net in a fixture that epitomized the competitive nature of the league.

Year-End Flourish: PSG 3-0 FC Bayern München
The year concluded on a high note with a resounding 3-0 win against FC Bayern München, featuring goals from Yunus Musah (15'), Matías Romero (25'), and Eric García (79').

Triumph Over Man City: Man City 1-2 PSG 
In a crucial fixture, PSG triumphed over Manchester City with a 2-1 scoreline, thanks to goals from Vinícius Júnior (32') and Achraf Hakimi (56').

Crucial Late-Season Win: PSG 1-0 FC Bayern München
In a crucial late-season fixture, Vinícius Júnior (33') secured a 1-0 win over FC Bayern München, solidifying PSG's grip on the title.

Amidst the triumph of PSG, there was also the heart-wrenching tale of last season's champions, Newcastle. Despite their championship success the previous season, Newcastle's fortunes took a sharp turn for the worse. The Magpies found themselves in the perilous 15th position, ultimately succumbing to relegation, a stunning and unforeseen twist that added a layer of drama to the league.

As PSG soared to the title, several players showcased individual brilliance:

Gianluigi Donnarumma, the veteran goalkeeper made 30 appearances, securing 11 clean sheets and boasting an average rating of 7.36. Presnel Kimpembe a defensive stalwart, made 28 appearances, contributing two goals, and showcased his defensive prowess with 113 interceptions and 463 headers. Vinícius Júnior the Brazilian sensation dazzled with 12 goals and 2 assists in 28 appearances, earning an impressive average rating of 7.25 and João Félix played a pivotal role, netting 9 goals and providing 5 assists in 26 appearances.


Managerial Brilliance: Antonio Conte's Tactical Symphony

The orchestrator of this triumph, Antonio Conte's strategic brilliance and Gegenpress-based approach guided PSG to this historic title. Conte's ability to instill a cohesive and attacking style of football left an indelible mark on PSG's journey to glory.

As the footballing world reverberates with the echoes of PSG'svictory and Newcastle's unexpected descent, questions arise about the future of this formidable squad under the leadership of Antonio Conte and the star-studded lineup. With this triumph, PSG has not only secured a place in history but set the stage for what promises to be a thrilling era in football.

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Real Madrid Seizes Glory in Intense 28/29 FIFA World FA Cup Victory

Wembley Stadium, London - In a spellbinding clash at Wembley, Real Madrid clinched the FIFA World FA Cup with a nerve-wracking penalty shootout triumph over arch-rivals Atlético Madrid. This monumental win marks Real Madrid's inaugural triumph in the revamped global football league since its establishment in 21/22.

The journey to this historic moment was a rollercoaster ride for Real Madrid, characterized by spectacular performances and an unwavering resolve to secure the coveted trophy. The final, an intense face-off against Atlético Madrid, added another exhilarating chapter to the historic rivalry, transforming Wembley into a cauldron of anticipation.

The contest witnessed Real Madrid's resilience under the keen tactical guidance of manager Alfred Schreuder. The 1-1 draw in regular time set the stage for a penalty shootout that would reverberate through the ages. Real Madrid's triumph in the shootout not only secured the FIFA World FA Cup but also signaled a new era of dominance in the fiercely competitive global football league.

Real Madrid's journey to the FIFA World FA Cup final was punctuated by memorable victories, including a hard-fought 2-1 triumph against Sheff Utd, a resounding 3-0 win against SSC Napoli, a comprehensive 3-0 victory versus Athletico-PR, and a dramatic golden goal win over Borussia Monchengladbach. The club's reported maximum bonus pot of £3.7M for winning the competition added extra motivation, elevating each match into a stepping stone towards glory.

At the helm of Real Madrid's success was manager Alfred Schreuder, whose strategic brilliance guided the team through the intricacies of the global football league. The significance of this victory was heightened by the fact that Schreuder had previously earned accolades as the FIFA Coca-Cola Premiership Manager of the Year in 2026/27, notably while managing Atlético Madrid.

The standout performance of the final came from 36-year-old Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak, who put on a Player of the Match display. Despite Atlético's defeat in the penalty shootout, Oblak's inspirational goalkeeping performance earned him widespread praise. With 182 saves in 44 appearances during the season, Oblak turned back the years with countless remarkable saves.

Real Madrid's triumph was a collective effort, with players like Brenden Aaronson, Rafael Leão, and Raphinha making significant contributions throughout the tournament. Victor Osimhen's decisive goals, including one in the final, showcased his prowess in front of goal.


Nicolo Barella, a key midfielder for Real Madrid, played a pivotal role in the team's success. With an 87% pass completion ratio, 1 goal and 4 assists in 9 appearances in the tournament, Barella's influence on the team was evident. His career journey, from Cagliari to Inter Milan and eventually to Real Madrid, mirrored the club's ascent to the summit of global football.

As the Real Madrid players jubilantly lifted the FIFA World FA Cup at Wembley, the victory held profound significance in the context of the club's storied history and their intense rivalry with Atlético Madrid. Real Madrid, once again, asserted their dominance on the global stage, leaving an indelible mark on the evolving landscape of world football.


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Arsenal Triumphs in World Champions Cup Final: A Nagelsmann Masterclass

In a spectacular culmination of footballing prowess, Arsenal, under the astute guidance of manager Julian Nagelsmann, secured a historic 2-1 victory over Inter in the World Champions Cup Final, held at the iconic Johan Cruijff ArenA. The triumph not only added another star to Arsenal's illustrious legacy but also solidified Nagelsmann's status as one of the game's premier tacticians.

The road to this glorious moment was paved with memorable victories, and Arsenal's journey through the 28/29 World Champions Cup showcased their dominance and resilience. The group stage saw convincing wins against Krasnodar, Manchester City, and River, setting the stage for a formidable campaign. Tammy Abraham's goal-scoring prowess was evident from the group stage itself, where he netted six goals, setting the tone for the challenges that lay ahead.

The knockout stages witnessed Arsenal's mettle being tested, with standout performances against RB Leipzig, Sheff Utd, Newcastle, and a fierce battle against Paris SG. The aggregate triumphs over Paris SG and Newcastle, along with a 3-1 victory over Paris SG in the semi-final second leg, showcased Arsenal's attacking flair and defensive solidity. The semifinal encounter against Paris SG displayed the team's resilience as they fought to secure their place in the final.

The grand finale against Inter was a spectacle of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. Wilfried Singo, a defensive stalwart, emerged as the linchpin of Arsenal's triumph. With 109 interceptions and 82 tackles in his 39 appearances for Arsenal throughout the season, Singo's dominance at the back has been evident. His commanding presence inspired confidence among his teammates and played a pivotal role in thwarting Inter's attacking threats.

The final itself was a showcase of errors and brilliance. Tammy Abraham, Arsenal's goal-scoring maestro, capitalized on an error from Inter's Weston McKennie to slot home a precise finish in the bottom corner. Veteran center-back Fikayo Tomori added to the lead with a close-range header, capitalizing on Jurrién Timber's lapse in the Inter defense.

Despite Inter pulling one back with a late strike from Lucas Ocampos, Arsenal's victory was never truly in jeopardy. The defense, led by Singo and complemented by the likes of Kieran Tierney and 21 year old Nigerian Michael Moses, stood firm. Aaron Ramsdale, with an 87% pass accuracy and seven clean sheets in 15 appearances, proved to be a reliable presence between the posts.


The statistics reflect the collective effort of Arsenal's key players. Emile Smith Rowe, with a passing accuracy of 84%, showcased his creative prowess in the attacking midfield role. Curtis Jones, Francisco Conceição, and Roony Bardghji added flair and dynamism to the team's attacking options. The defensive duo of Aurélien Tchouameni and Moisés Caicedo provided a formidable shield in front of the backline, contributing goals and maintaining a high pass accuracy.

Tammy Abraham's remarkable season culminated in the final, where his clinical finishing and ability to find the back of the net proved decisive. With 11 goals in the tournament and a shot accuracy of 54%, Abraham solidified his status as Arsenal's talisman.

Manager Julian Nagelsmann's impact on Arsenal's success cannot be overstated. His Vertical Tiki-Taka-based approach enthralled supporters, and the team's performance reflected his tactical acumen. Nagelsmann's track record, which includes previous successes at RB Leipzig and FC Bayern München, further establishes him as a managerial maestro.

Tammy Abraham, the hero of the night, added another accolade to his illustrious career, lifting the World Champions Cup. Having joined Arsenal for £58m from Roma in 2022, Abraham has been a key figure in the team's recent successes, including the FIFA World FA Cup in 2026 along with helping England to lift the World Cup in 2022. Arsenal's triumph in the 28/29 World Champions Cup further cements their status as a footballing powerhouse under the guidance of Julian Nagelsmann.

As Arsenal revels in the glory of their World Champions Cup victory, the supporters and players alike can reflect on a campaign that showcased the club's resilience, skill, and unwavering determination.


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Players and Managers Inducted into Hall of Fame

There is only a minor change in the Hall of Fame this year where Julian Nagelsmann's Champions Cup victory with Arsenal see's him jump up into 3rd place in the table, with Marcelo Gallardo and Andres Villas-Boas slipping down to 4th and 5th place.


There were no changes to the Players Hall of Fame.

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Kaiser Chiefs - Season 6 - 28/29 Season

Greetings, Chiefs fans!

As I sit down to share my thoughts ahead of the upcoming season, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we've had. Five consecutive promotions have brought us to the UEFA KAPPA World Championship Division 15, and the excitement in the air is infectious. It's a moment of pride, a testament to the hard work of everyone involved, and a thrilling challenge that lies ahead.

I am genuinely proud of the team we've built—a team that has risen through the ranks together. The youthful exuberance, combined with footballing prowess, is our strength. We have a unique bond that has been forged on the training ground and tested in the crucible of competition. As we approach Division 15, I am confident in the abilities of our young players. They've grown not just as athletes but as a cohesive unit ready to take on the challenges of this new division.

However, let's be honest about the challenges that lie ahead. Division 15 is a different ball game. Financial power can significantly impact squad strength, and we, with our focus on youth development, are entering a realm where some opponents wield substantial financial resources. Teams like Partizan Belgrade, the bookies' favorites, pose a challenge that goes beyond the pitch.


Building a team for the future means making tough decisions. Players who have contributed significantly might find it challenging to keep up with the rising standards. It's part of the game. We've had to release squad players and younger talents who, despite their potential, need more playing time to develop.

The loan market becomes a crucial aspect of our strategy. Sending our promising talents out to gain senior playing experience is a deliberate move. It's about balancing the present with a keen eye on the future.


It warms my heart to see the recognition our players are receiving. Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a), a product of our youth academy, has rightfully earned a place in the media's dream eleven ahead of the season. It's a testament to his individual brilliance and a positive sign for the collective strength of our squad.

The bookmakers have their say, predicting a 5th-place finish for us with odds of 12-1. Atlas, our Mexican companions from the last two seasons, are expected to be strong contenders with odds of 4-1. Partizan Belgrade, backed by financial might, are the frontrunners.

But you know what? I've never been one to put too much stock in odds. It's about the game, the passion, and the belief we have in ourselves. Our journey to Division 15 is about defying expectations and showcasing the philosophy that has guided us throughout—youth development, hard work, and an unwavering belief in our abilities.

As I pen down these words, I feel the optimism that radiates within our squad. We're not just stepping into Division 15; we're stepping onto a grand stage to redefine our narrative. With a squad of talented youngsters eager to make their mark, and the incredible support of our fans, we are ready. Ready for the challenges, ready for the triumphs, and ready to continue shining the light of our footballing ethos on the global stage.

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Kaiser Chiefs First Half of the Season Summary (29/30)

In a thrilling first half of the season, Kaizer Chiefs embarked on a spectacular journey that set the UEFA KAPPA World Championship Division 15 alight. The season kicked off with an awe-inspiring seven-game winning streak, a testament to the team's prowess and determination.

The triumphs began with a dazzling display against Santos Laguna, where Simon Banza, Ayanda Dlamini, and an own goal orchestrated by Axel Werner propelled Kaizer Chiefs to a 3-1 victory. This set the tone for the remarkable run that followed, dazzling fans and pundits alike.

Notable victories came against formidable opponents, including a hard-fought 2-1 win against Lanús, a convincing 4-2 triumph over CD Tenerife, and a resolute 2-0 victory against Pumas. The team showcased an impressive blend of attacking prowess and defensive solidity, with players like Simon Banza, Dean Lekhooa, and Keletso Sifama delivering stellar performances.

A highlight of the streak was the exhilarating 6-1 win over AJ Auxerre, a match where Simon Banza, Ayanda Dlamini, Xolani Khumalo, Dean Lekhooa, and Elijah Adebayo all etched their names on the scoresheet. This commanding victory underscored the team's offensive prowess and ability to dominate on home turf.

While the streak was a spectacle, it was not without challenges. A 2-1 away defeat at Velez was followed by a hard-fought 1-1 draw against Libertad but service was then resumed with a goal-fest against Molde, where Kaizer Chiefs emerged 5-3 victors.

As the first half of the season drew to a close, the pinnacle was reached with a decisive 3-0 victory against LASK Linz. This monumental win not only secured the top spot in the division but also dethroned LASK Linz, who had held sway over the league until that point.


Kaizer Chiefs' incredible run not only showcased their attacking prowess but also demonstrated resilience and adaptability in facing diverse opponents. The stage is now set for the second half of the season, and the team stands on the precipice of further glory, ready to script another chapter in their remarkable journey. The electrifying momentum generated in the first half promises an enthralling continuation, and fans eagerly await the unfolding drama that the Kaizer Chiefs will undoubtedly bring to the pitch.

In a gripping journey through the World FA Cup, Kaizer Chiefs faced a series of challenging fixtures that added more drama to their already remarkable season. The first encounter saw them host SC Internacional at home in front of a crowd of 28,131. The match concluded with a thrilling 2-2 draw, with Simon Banza netting in the 78th minute and Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) finding the back of the net in the 89th minute as the Chiefs fought back from 2-0 down to take the match into extra time. Internacional then missed a penalty in extra time, before the Brazilian side was finally defeated in the penalty shoot out that followed.

The cup adventure continued, with a visit to Tottenham, a side struggling at the bottom of the World Super League. In a highly-anticipated clash, Kaizer Chiefs emerged victorious with a famous giant killing. Dean Lekhooa (YP4c) was the hero of the day, scoring the only goal of the match in the 32nd minute in front of 46,836 spectators.

The most electrifying chapter unfolded on Wednesday, December 5, 2029, as Kaizer Chiefs faced the formidable Paris Saint-Germain at their home ground, witnessed by a massive crowd of 84,464. The clash ended in a gripping 2-3 defeat, with Simon Banza scoring in the 19th minute and Thabiso Tsichlas (YP3a) finding the net in the 47th minute during the World FA Cup Fourth Round. Vinicius Junior replied on behalf of the French team on both occassions. Kaise Chiefs, down to 9 men after late injuries after all of their substitutions had been made, were finally beaten by a golden goal that secured Vinicius Junior's hat-trick, marking the end of Kaizer Chiefs' World FA Cup journey against a formidable opponent.


In a spirited campaign in the Ooclanoo League Trophy, Kaizer Chiefs showcased their dominance, building on the momentum from the previous season's triumph. The journey commenced with a commanding performance against EC Bahia. Playing away, Kaizer Chiefs secured a convincing 3-0 victory, with Ayanda Dlamini (YP5a) opening the scoring, followed by goals from Jackson Yueill and Glen Nzama during the Ooclanoo League Trophy First Round.

The team continued their winning streak into the next round, facing Kayserispor in a competitive encounter. Kaizer Chiefs emerged triumphant with a 3-2 scoreline. Luvuyo Ngcobo (YP4a) found the net, while Simon Banza contributed with goals, securing their place in the Ooclanoo League Trophy Second Round.

Maintaining their impressive form, Kaizer Chiefs faced Millonarios F.C. in the Ooclanoo League Trophy Third Round. The clash at home drew a sizable crowd, and Kaizer Chiefs secured a 3-2 victory. Elijah Adebayo showcased his scoring prowess with goals, complemented by Keletso Sifama's strike, solidifying their progression in the tournament.


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