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[YouTube] MustermannFM - Football Manager Done Differently

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A YouTube channel bringing a fresh approach to the way that Football Manager stories are told.

Active Series: Toumba No. 5
An attributeless career playthrough, starting at PAOK, taking a dogmatic approach with the goal of establishing Greece at the upper echelons of European football.  The focus might be on the stories that develop, but we also explore the ideas around tactics, training, scouting and development, all with a healthy smattering of bad jokes.



image.png.7105f59f28186ecfddbf48742f73e970.png Season 1, Episode 1 DOGMA: Taking Full Control at PAOK

image.png.7d995d78453941da4ee4ff659ca7700c.png Season 1, Episode 2 The DIAMOND: A Tactical Overview

 image.png.4ce38e142cd5cc9626f56bd910e70e15.png Season 1, Episode 3 The PRESSING Trap: Opposition Instructions & Out of Possession

image.png.86abea25e31c86516d0e0638017c947e.png Season 1, Episode 4 Nemesis: The Olympiacos Rivalry

image.png.360b3ffba8271c8cfafbc7bda165fb0a.png Season 1, Episode 5 The DATA Episode: Using Stats to Improve Your Team in FM24

image.png.c4e106079632a0e889a0664dcd4b2a57.png Season 1, Episode 6 Collecting Titles: Recognising Your ACHIEVEMENTS

image.png.48752c07de41c11574ff5f7c66107328.png Season 1, Episode 7 RIVALRY: A Championship 6-Pointer

image.png.d5394b741b008487ac868201c05479cc.png Season 1, Episode 8 The TRANSFER Episode: Reinforcements and a Youth Overhaul

image.png.6711bd51aa11914241cc06f05c3ca8f1.png Season 1, Episode 9 HEROES: Greece's Greatest Moment

image.png.12ee187596bd88ff3809c2139c653b33.png Season 1, Episode 10 FINALE: Season 1

image.png.b68942879740cd7be09b1568d68797dd.png Season 1, Episode 11 Appendix: Is This The GREATEST Game Of All Time?

image.png.4ee0ad44f0a8a9a35381acae693564eb.png Season 1 Recap PAOK in 2 Minutes


image.png.d9b81f6d61ce7276601a5acfd0f31259.png Season 2, Episode 1 REVOLUTION: Transfer Overhaul and Tactical Tweaks

image.png.45b85f075925d49b400689e9169693b9.png Season 2, Episode 2 OMNISCIENCE: Preparation & Game Management

image.png.2ba526504153125ffd02a289e8ac98b1.png Season 2, Episode 3 TINKERMAN: Squad Rotation & Set Pieces


Active Series: Moneyball Clinic
A series of team guides using a statistic-led approach to squad assessment, tactic creation, and the transfer market.


image.png.e2e2d20ead16dc63fa43ea73cf2878a5.png Episode 1 Moneyball Clinic: Wolves

image.png.3b6a72d65cb9d476e6f3969cfc804793.png Episode 2 Moneyball Clinic: Sevilla

image.png.e1691fafb17e5ee12a72fcaae031f5b5.png Episode 3 Moneyball Clinic: Eintracht Frankfurt


For other series, and miscellanous videos, head on over to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/@mustermannfm

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New PAOK Episde!


 Season 2, Episode 3 TINKERMAN: Squad Rotation & Set Pieces

Today I take a deep dive into my approach to squad rotation in FM24

🗓️ Identify schedule blocks
👀 Plan-ahead rotations
📉 Minimising performance drops
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Robbie Burns
♟️ BONUS look at set piece routine

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