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"The Future of FM" Debate on YouTube

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DoctorBenjy, Zealand, Loki Doki, and Workthespace met to debate FM23 in a video shared on YouTube on Jan 23, 2023 (Check DoctorBenjy's channel).

They began apologetically and appreciative of SI developers, but didn't hold back in their criticism and frustration with the game for the next 90 minutes. They said they are recording less videos and playing less FM23 due to their disappointment with a flawed game that "feels like beta". They believe the graphics engine is possibly the biggest weakness in the game today, and said they'd stop buying FM every year if they didn't live off the game as content producers (except Loki Doki who was the happy dude in the bunch). They begrudgingly agreed that "they are enjoying FM23 more than FM22 but not as much as they expected". They joked that SI leadership ignores them and a "silent majority" guides their decisions on game development.

Given they are content producers who live off FM, I was taken aback with the level of frustration and criticism. Some thoughts I had...

  • Is the graphics engine worse than the game engine? Does FM23 feel like beta?
  • Do hardcore FM gamers (20%) differ from the silent majority (80%) of casual gamers who buy the game?
  • Does SI leadership ever care about what content producers and forum gamers have to say to improve the game vs the "silent majority"?
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Was not going to comment but actually it doesnt matter what our opinions are . Come to realise that the FM series is fast becoming flat . BUT

The player graphics have improved but needs to be more in sync with what the match engine is doing because im sick of seeing a player walking away from a confrontation to get the ball .

Actually the Beta was better ?

i think 20% would also relect the 80% as does most research done in this world just takes a snapshot of a group of people so 20% is way more than would be used in a poll .

Does SI care ? mmm Depends i guess . They care about making a profit otherwise its bust for them . Personally i think they get overwhelmed by the feedback and have to prioritise what is urgent and what isnt . They use to come on here but got to much abuse  i think so its our fault in some ways . They still get it in the bugs section but its hard to be critical in this forum because you get shut down way to often becuase moderators are to quick to act before knowing what the person was trying to convey . So im sure they care because its their livelyhood too . No game no job ?

So to my opening line and as i have posted before that FM24 is going to be the breaking point for me personally . Having the womens leagues added is great but i wont use them and if this is all what FM24 is about them im gone . The ME and especially the Graphics need a 100% inprovement . Its ok to say our main aim is the interface and the inner workings of the game and our Text version is all we are about is fine i guess but this is 2023 not 1995 . We now live in a world dominated by CGI , CCTV , You-Tube , Facebook and may other 21st century inventions . They need to get with the future . 

Again personally the game has become over micro-managed that its become boring for many .

Let me run SI for a year and i will get them going:)

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