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Had to make a thread to highlight a player that could really contribute across a few different levels, from the French league to the Championship to the SPL and beyond. His performances vs his cost warrant at least a consideration. If you don't want to pay for him you have the option to wait as, like he did on my Bordeaux save, he will leave on a Bosman and his wages aren't extortionate. 

The above season he could have easily got another 10-15 goals if I hadn't have had a shocking dip after Christmas. A solid wee player who will score goals I feel generally anywhere, while not world class he's got ability.

Josh Maja. 

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Wee update, in my Network game after departing my Bordeaux side he took his sweet time deciding his next adventure. He had too solid offers from the Bundesliga and the Premier League, Hertha Berlin obviously didn't tickle his fancy so he went back home to England and signed for Everton and immediately became worth £17m-£19.5m.


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