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FM23 Console-Complexity and Depth

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Hello there, I am an old player of FM and I have always been a player who likes to spend time on little details, therefore I have never preferred lightweight versions of the game. Console version seems to have so much more detail than other handheld versions, which seems fine. I use my PS5 for gaming except for FM which I play on PC. I would like to play it on my PS5 from now on.

But my question here is "Does the console game have complexity and depth as much as the PC version? Or does it have less detail in tactics, trainings, staff management, scouting etc.? So is it the same in-depth game with different UI or does it have less detail?"

I'd be glad if someone could explain the situation here. I will decide which version to buy based on this.

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Hi Dxtr! 

Essentially tactics, transfers and match engine are the same. For me this is 90% of the game! What is missing is player interactions, significantly reduced press interactions, reduced staff engagement (only 5 members of staff) and team training is simplified. 

I personally prefer the touch style version as the key elements are still there, without the micromanagement, which frankly is easy to "game" to artificially increase morale. My guess is that the "touch" version on apple arcade will be very similar to the console version, so if you have access to an apple device, you can try this for one month to compare it to the full fat game.

Hope this helps!

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Some of the depth is missing, like squad registration for tournaments and players being cup tied.  Game also starts without any attribute masking turned on.  In fact, that's a paid extra.  I've found the touch version and it's many iterations to be too easy as a result.  This year I'm going to try full fat fm with heavy use of staff responsibilities.

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So, as far as I understand, console game is still closer to touch version rather than full PC game. Actually I don't understand why that is so. PS5 is a powerful machine and can run the games with same detail with PC and maybe even more. I wish it was possible to play with same level of detail on ps5. Unfortunately, it makes me think that PC version is the right one for me in this case :(

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33 minutes ago, zakbrown96 said:

Must admit the Apple Arcade launch has been lacklustre to say the least. No real promo about new features etc. more of a dance made for console version 

Until they announced this afternoon that console version is delayed indefinitely…

Been an all-round poop-fest this year’s release.

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