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  1. Would it be possible in the future to have more team stats where you can see how many penalties and free kicks you’ve scored and conceded. Compared to rest of the league.as on FMM21 this was an area I really wished I had when analysing. And who doesn’t like stats 😂
  2. Probably would have been better had Miles said, “Improved dynamic rivalries” instead of saying new feature when in fact it’s already in the game, But it did need tweaking so that’s a positive to me!
  3. Mods is it possible to have this and the thread in the touch fourm, Merged to make it a lot easier to follow instead of the same thing being said in two different threads? Haha
  4. Will It be touch enabled? Or do I have to have a mouse an keyboard, I didn’t realise but I’ve got Xbox ultimate on my EE Samsung phone, for 24 months. Will save the browser now, quite looking forward to release now
  5. So how would I get the game pass on iPad if apple don’t support Xbox games ? Does this mean I’d have to buy an Android tablet just to play the game?
  6. Do I have to have internet connected to play touch on my iPad if I buy through the Xbox store pass thing? Sorry not sure how it works?
  7. I get that but, on a tablet the flow of Touch was so much more user friendly, than on a console. Or on a small switch screen.
  8. Feel this is going to make a significant amount of people very upset. Touch was designed for people who didn’t want all the boring stuff of full FM, To lose that is very disappointing, on iPad it was a huge release for me personally as I fought depression among other things, genuinely gutted . Could we not have a squad update, even if stats etc are all the same?
  9. Hi would love to see the Tablet versions of Touch, Having some sort of local network game, This would enable Players to play against friends and siblings in a more user friendly handheld experience.
  10. Do you both have Xbox pass, Game versions? As on website it would suggest you can if both purchased was the Xbox Store.
  11. Think your fear isn’t going to come true if anything it will have a delay of 2 to 3 weeks max. Must admit, I don’t get the hype of a in game editor, That said I know it’s a must for a few gamers. I personally really hope, That I can have an option of turning off IGP (In game Purchase) in return for a FFP more realistic financial system. But I doubt we will ever see that as Touch is for fast gaming.
  12. Personally I’d pay less and go with the digital version, better for the environment as well! The planner is basically a FM themed, Note pad, if you go for that, you won’t get a beta code unfortunately. I believe like last year it’s digital purchases only who get the beta, not the disc version. @HUNT3R will I’m sure know for sure.
  13. A trailer isn’t really a feature announcement, it’s basically to get your attention
  14. Must be due some feature announcements tomorrow as it said end of September! Can’t wait!
  15. @Neil Brock if I purchase the game as a physical copy, will I get the beta?
  16. Main question everyone wants to know, will FM touch on PC be available as a beta version?
  17. One thing I do also wish you could do in the interface when you start a career is. Tab that, you can click to disable all unlockables, So zero temptation to click them and cheat, in turn this could be a way of incorporating FFP making the financial side of touch much more realistic, but In a more simplified way.
  18. Touch will stay as it’s a game for people who don’t want all the “boring stuff” like press conferences etc, The market for touch is huge, as it’s a game that is fast, portable and has a 3D match engine. It’s all great for beginners to get into football manager as it’s not so stressful haha
  19. This is an unlockable, if you go into the store via the FM logo top right, then click wallet it will tell you if you’ve unlocked it, if you have You’ll then have to click the tab for international teams, and you should be good to go for international sides.
  20. Hi @walterhill you certainly do get approached by other clubs, Continued success at any level over 2 or 3 seasons and you’ll find the interest in you intensifies.
  21. I think you need live to play online, Not sure how it works on PC mind but would imagine it being the same.
  22. Personally love this the more inclusive the game the better, Will bring more people to play Football manager and also boast popularity of the woman’s game. Win win for me. it’s Revolutionary !
  23. Best case if you think you’ve found a bug, it’s worth posting in the bugs section.
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