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Can not get 433 to work in Premiership - please help

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I had lot of success with 433 in last saves - with PSV, Standard, Marseille... But in Premiership is isn't working (after patch).  First I tried with Leeds (five seasons), now with Everton. Okay, there is some success, but mostly when get to the 424 formation. So I tried many combinations with 433, but always struggling, always 0:0, 1:0, 2:1, without some flow in the game...


It isnt always same roles as posted, but main logic is same - some sort of gegen, some combinations of MC's and wingers, everything to be balanced - but after patch it isnt working. 


Any advices? Thanks.


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Have you looked at why it's not working? What's happening in the matches? What's the Data Hub telling you?

Look at the roles, Wingbacks, the Mezzala, the Inside Forward and Inverted Winger will all go forward. The DM(S) will move up the pitch with the CMs. Are the Mezzala and IW both on Attack an effective combination?

Just try telling a player or two not to go forward

Counter Press is on so players will engage in groups, quickly. Are you sending too many bodies forward and clogging up the final third? Is the Counter Press effective? Does the AF get space behind the opposition DL and channels to attack? 

You've Wingbacks and a striker who's good on his head, so why the Work Ball into Box, why the cross heavy Wingbacks?   

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Counter-press + counter? How does that work to you?


I'd start by asking - in Premiership, what's your possession numbers and how do you concede?

From the tactics it looks like you're trying to win possession (counter-press, high pressing) but at the same time playing for counters, running at defence and higher tempo may all lead to losing possession more often.

What's your status in Premiership (what's your predicted finish)? Perhaps positive mentality + higher line of engagement could be too optimistic against bigger opponents or in away games. I use this combination myself, but I'm managing Ajax who are pretty much giants in Eredivisie.

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