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Improve scout selection from scouting pool


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Hi. One thing that's been bugging me for a while in FM is the way scout selection works when you don't ask a particular scout to scout a player. As far as I understand, when you use the scouting pool to select a scout that'll scout a certain player, the selection is completely random. While that does make it quicker to go through all the players you get in your scouting update, the selection also usually contradicts your scouting assignments/knowledge and asks the scouts to unnecessarily fly all around the globe so what I would like to suggest is making this selection less random by applying a few criteria that would make the scouting process more logical.

The first criterion would be matching scouts with players they've suggested to you from their assignments or previous knowledge. For example, when a scout who's scouting Argentina contacts me and suggest a certain player that he found while on assignment, it would be great if that scout would be automatically assigned to scout that player further when you click that Scout Player button.

The second criterion should be matching players with scouts that are assigned to scout the same type of players. E. g., if an agent or a coach recommends me to take a look at a certain Mexican player playing in Mexico, it would make sense if the game assigned that player to a scout who's already assigned to scout Mexico, North America or the league the player's playing in rather than asking my poor Croatian scout scouting Croatia and having no scouting knowledge of Mexico to fly to Mexico for a month.

And the last criterion would simply be matching scouts with players they have knowledge of. If you don't have active scouting assignments or the player you want to scout doesn't fall within the scope of any of your active assignments, but you do have scouts that have knowledge of the nation the player plays in, the game should ask those scouts to scout that player rather than just randomly select a scout without any knowledge of the player and the nation he's playing in.

Thanks for considering this request. :)

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