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Achieving the shape I want

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Hi guys have been obsessed recently in recreating the popular 3-2-5 build up shape used by many teams recently. I have came up with the setup below.   


Ws              AMs             IWs

         CMs           DLPd

IWBd    CDd     CDd      FBa


Play out of defence, Shorter passing, Underlap left


Higher defensive line, Split press on front 4, Offside Trap

My idea is Ws, AMs, PFa, IWs, FBa will form the front 5 supported by CMs and DLPd behind them. IWBd helps build up by forming back 3 with CBs.

Not sure about my right flank setup. From testing it seems the RB doesn't get forward as much as I would want while the RW may not attack the half space and rather stay out wide. Thinking if I should change IW to IF so he stays narrower, allowing space for the RB to overlap. Have also thought about using IFs and WBs with overlap right to encourage some interplay.

Does the overall setup of roles and duties make sense? I am hoping to implement a sort of possession with intent style of football, playing with the ball but not necessarily recycling the ball all the time. I'll think about the TIs later as its more important to get a sensible setup first.

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I spent a while trying to achieve this setup. From a role perspective, I found that a FB (defend) with sit narrower coupled with the RCB on stay wider works best on creating the back three instead of the IWB (defend). That role tends to sit closer to the DM strata instead of forming a back 3, but can be used to create a hybrid between a 2-3-5 and 3-2-5 if desired. Also, I found that only the WB or CWB on attack achieved the forward movement necessary to get the RB to act as part of the front 5. Overlap right, while upping the mentality of your WB, will also cause players to look wide (something you may or may not want), but may also allow you to use a support duty on the WB or CWB. If you do this, I would encourage teaching Gets Forwards Whenever Possible to your RB in order to encourage further movement during build-up phases.

The midfield duo looks good, but with the front 4 (and balanced mentality), I would suggest using the Winger on attack to create more from wide positions (since your scoring focal point is the PF) and the DLP on support (if the defensive/pace stats are good enough to cover the flank) since it will still hold position, but make more risky passes out to the Winger on the flank, which will attack the space more with the attack duty. 

Lastly, I think the IF for IW change is good, but more importantly, the sit narrower PI and Move into Channels trait could help the IF control the channel. Also, the occupation of the right channel and using the PI move into channels should encourage the AM to move into the left channel when necessary, or stay central if the PF goes wide. To further exaggerate this (though it would cause defensive asymmetry) you could even put the AM in the left AM slot with the PI move into channels

Regarding instructions, I don't think you should use the Underlap Left instruction, as it increases the mentality of the LB, which shouldn't be encouraged to get forward. Also, for possession with intent and only balanced mentality (so no default pressing increase), I think More Urgent pressing should be used in order to win the ball back quicker as well. Finally, work ball into box or dribble less maybe should be used, as this setup has 3 of the front 5 encouraged to dribble more, meaning that wasted possession or dribbles into cul-de-sacs could be frustratingly common.

Outside of that, I think other TIs rely mainly on player ability and some of this desired shape may require players to have specific Traits, but generally, these are my ideas on how to achieve this.

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