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  1. I've read up on an articles about positional play and am trying to implement that in my tactics. I find that IWB can help me to establish superiority in the midfield and provide variety in my team (where the LB keeps width while RB tucks inside). I am trying this out with Chelsea atm, and looking at the supposed highlighted key attributes their RB options are capable to play as IWB. However, this usually isn't the be all end all. I have heard around the forums that only the really top players (eg. Kimmich) can play the IWB role effectively. So are there any other criteria apart from the highli
  2. I knoe the title is confusing so I'll explain. For example, my tactic might use a role that requires a lot of good attributes like complete forward or trequartista. When some of the players (usually backups) may not be best fit to play in these specialised roles, do I persist with the roles or change them to more generic ones, like deep lying forward or advanced playmaker?
  3. Apparently this year players have to be in the same squad to be put in a mentoring group which is a little problematic if I want to develop the personality of my youngsters early on. What does everyone do in these situations? Mentor the players at a later stage when they are first team ability? Promote them and make them available for reserves? Also, youth players seem to require more well rounded training than that of first team, what specific differences would there be for a youth schedule and a first team schedule?
  4. Man same for me, the transfers going on have made me struggling to commit to a save without starting again after the update
  5. Just gonna chip in here, is using a overlapping full back and holding double pivot midfield the only effective way to do things in such a system?
  6. Thanks for the advice, will definitely try this out. Do you add roaming to the PFat only or are there any other positions which would benefit from this PI?
  7. Like if my team has predominantly left footed right wingers hence encouraging me to play them as IW but at the same time I want to have a level of mobility in midfield in CMsu.
  8. I was also thinking of using a DLFsu and AMat combination in the third setup and in general as well, so that might be better. Does a WBde make more sense than FBsu in the third setup? If I were to play an IW due to personnel reasons, how could I make the formation still work?
  9. I am usually playing in this 4231 formation with Arsenal: DLFat IFat AMsu IWsu DLPsu CMde WBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKsu Instructions are limited as I don't want to overcomplicate things: (Usually positive mentality but will tweak to balanced in big games) Play out of defence Shorter Passing Be more Expressive Counter-press Higher Defensive Line Higher Line of Engagement Use offside trap So from previous posts on this forum I know that the system I am using rn is a decent setup of roles and duties and it
  10. I thought it was conventional wisdom to use 1 playmaker in a team at most but I see a lot of people using a playmaker and a TQ in the same side. Does this lead to the same problems as having AP and DLP in the same team, for example? Also TQ is a role which doesnt get involved defensively, if I want to press would I be better off using a customised AM?
  11. All the time I see people saying "there are no players holding in the midfield" or "an ideal combination should have one holder and one runner" something along the lines of that. So far, what I think is: Holder: DLP(s/d), CM(d), BWM(d) Runner: B2B(s), CAR(s), BWM(s), CM(a/s) Not sure about the other roles like MEZ and AP though. How are these properly classified?
  12. Having played a few more matches, I have spotted some slight problems in my setup. I feel that my players tend to take long shots more often than I like, kind of impatient I guess like taking one dribble and then shooting when they could pass to someone else making a run. Also, although I do have a high line of engagement, I feel that we aren't proactive enough in the transition phase, like when we lose the ball the opposition can play through our midfield more than I like. I feel like for the long shots I might use work ball into box to alleviate this, I did see that it balances out unn
  13. @Experienced Defender thanks for the advice. Not home atm but my instructions iirc are Shorter passing, Play out of defence, Be more expressive Higher defensive line, Higher line of engagement, Offside trap Positive mentality
  14. Hi guys just want a little feedback on my tactics. I am currently lining up like this: DLFat IWa AMsu IFat DLPsu B2B WBsu BPDde CDde FBsu My thinking behind the midfield is that this pairing allows me to inject more dynamism into the middle, while a relatively conservative right back can fill the gap. However, this does bring up the issue of being defensively unstable. Does the creative benefits of using a B2B outweigh the defensive risks? Or would a 4231 strictly require
  15. Ok so another week has gone by and I've had tbe chance to play this tactic for a few months in game. A problem I have seen is the lack of penetration from central areas, leading us to be overly dependent on the FBatt to provide delivery into the box. Since I am looking to play in a possession style, shouldn't the center of the pitch be most involved in the play? Would more mobile roles like BBM change this?
  16. Does anyone find the results of preseason kind of misleading? In a number of saves I have got great preseason results but that doesn't necessarily translate to the same success in actual games. Does the low tactical familiarity as well as low match sharpness make the preseason only about increasing fitness levels and not bout judging the quality of your team? Would it be possible to evaluate the success of tactics based on how the preseason goes?
  17. In your opinion, what attributes could determine if my players are good enough to counter-press? Was thinking positioning and decisions, anything else? BTW, just found out I can up pressing intensity on opposition players using OIs. (eg. increased pressing intensity against CBs, FBs, WBs and CMs). Would a combination of those and a split press work?
  18. Hi guys so another update, I've done more matches this week and results have been good. The DLF and IF get a fair share of goals now. I still have one question though regarding my out of possession TIs. I have found that using a standard LOE and split press allows the opposition defence a lot of time on the ball, and by the time my forwards press at the "standard line of engagement" opposition midfielders can already provide passing options for them to play out of the press. I have thought about changing my instructions to high LOE and high defensive line but given @Experienced Defender's advi
  19. Hi guys, so I made the modifications and tested my new tactic over the weekend and glad to say it is working well so far. This experience has allowed me to pay more attention to how the players are interacting instead of fully focusing on the results. Changing AM to support allows the ball to run through him more often and allows the ST to focus more on scoring. I have noticed something else though. Pushing both full backs up the pitch means that there is little penetration in the center of the pitch when the ball enters the final third. I was thinking as a tweak I could alternate between a co
  20. @Experienced Defender one more question, will the DLFat and IFat get in the way of each other? IFsu has looked good for me recently
  21. I'm not sure if this is going to help but I have made some slight changes to the setup. DLFsu IFsu AMat IWsu CMde DLPsu WBsu BPDde CDde FBsu So basically what I have done is change the duty of the IF and FB from attack to support. What I am aiming for is for the IF to remain engaged defensively (have seen people saying IFat doesn't even make an effort to press) and changed my FB to support so he doesn't try launching shots himself and rather looks to support the forwards. The AM now is prett
  22. Hi guys I have been trying to run a 4-2-3-1 and one of the main problems I am having is that the front 3 are static at times, especially playing against low blocks. My current setup is this: DLFsu IFat AMat IWsu CMde DLPsu WBsu BPDde CDde FBat Mentality: Positive Shorter Passing, Play out of Defence, Fairly Narrow Counter-Press Higher Defensive Line, Higher Line of Engagement, Use Offside Trap I have put a split press on the front 4 and Roam from Position for DLF and AM.
  23. Just curious, I am actually trying to do something similar with my united save with regards to the tactics (building around Bruno like the team does irl). How do you usually line up in a 4231 wide, or have you switched to another formation? Pondering over what roles Bruno and Pogba have to play, still split over 4123 and 4231 currently. By the way Gomes was fire in my save, scored a first half hat trick in my first Europa League game vs Ludogorets, sad we didn't tie him down in real life.
  24. By the way I still can't shake the idea of a 4231 JUST in a situation where I have no specialist defensive midfielders in my team but hopefully be able to achieve similar things to what I'm doing right now. DLFsu IFat AMsu IWsu DLPsu CMde WBsu BPDde CDde WBsu SKsu I have only really changed the midfield three as I want to get a similar result from this setup. I do want to keep DLP as a primary creator. I chose the generic CM role as I can modify it to be more defensive rather than shoehorn a BWM in. As for AM I m
  25. Ok so from the feedback from you guys the updated setup currently looks like this: DLFsu IFat IWsu DLPsu MEZat HB WBsu BPDde CDde WBsu SKsu Positive Mentality In Possession: WBIB, Shorter Passing, Play out of Defense, Low Crosses, Overlap Left In Transition: Counter-press Out of Possession: Higher Defensive Line, Offside Trap, Split Block (Front 3 + MEZ) Does this look better than the initial one?
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