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  1. Yeah admittedly its hard not to use IWs with City because its possibly the closest you can get to the movement from their widemen IRL. Setting them to Wsu or even worse Wat makes them spam crosses and getting them blocked for corners which definitely doesn't happen in real life. But then again IW can stay narrow all the way while they're meant to hug the touchline first then cut in and drag defenders with them when they receive the ball. Perhaps the best example is Mahrez IRL. Do agree with the PIs for CMsu as well, someone like Pogba definitely has enough aggressive PIs to assert himself offensively. I imagine Gundogan would play the role perfectly or at least provide a more balanced, measured approach than Pogba.
  2. That looks really similar to what I'm using at the moment. I sometimes use DLPde in place of CMde and WBsu and FBat but I think either of those roles fit well into the tactic and don't affect the balance. I really like the CMsu role, prefer it to a B2B with hard coded roaming. I find that it not being told to hold position already gives it enough mobility for a 4231 or even 433. And you could tailor the PIs to the player playing it, for example for Pogba in your tactic then maybe take more risks or direct passing to use his passing and vision, while someone like Kante might have tackle harder instead. For what you mentioned about inverted wingers, I find IWsu with stay wider can borderline do what you want while making diagonal runs closer to the penalty area. I'm not sure whether to go for that or just a plain Wsu (which may cross excessively). Edit: The City tactic wasn't loading for me just now thats why I only used Pogba in my example. BTW is that Zack Steffen playing right wing?
  3. @Johnny Ace have you made any changes to your tactic for these recent posts?
  4. I have been trying to recreate elements of Pep's positional play, where the wingers tend to stay high and wide, only cutting in in the final third. From experimenting, I find that players in AML/AMR tend to cut in too early. This tends to set off a chain reaction where the center of the pitch becomes clogged up and fullbacks overlap when I want them to stay further back. Would putting my wingers in the CM strata as WM and customizing their instructions help them to keep the width better and not go narrow regardless of their role?
  5. Hi guys have been obsessed recently in recreating the popular 3-2-5 build up shape used by many teams recently. I have came up with the setup below. PFa Ws AMs IWs CMs DLPd IWBd CDd CDd FBa Balanced Play out of defence, Shorter passing, Underlap left Counter-press Higher defensive line, Split press on front 4, Offside Trap My idea is Ws, AMs, PFa, IWs, FBa will form the front 5 supported by CMs and DLPd behind them. IWBd helps build up by forming back 3 with CBs. Not sure about my right flank setup. From testing it seems the RB doesn't get forward as much as I would want while the RW may not attack the half space and rather stay out wide. Thinking if I should change IW to IF so he stays narrower, allowing space for the RB to overlap. Have also thought about using IFs and WBs with overlap right to encourage some interplay. Does the overall setup of roles and duties make sense? I am hoping to implement a sort of possession with intent style of football, playing with the ball but not necessarily recycling the ball all the time. I'll think about the TIs later as its more important to get a sensible setup first.
  6. Was watching the game just now as well, few observations of mine: - LB stays high and wide to provide width while RB inverts to form back 3 during buildup with CBs - RW maintaining width providing crosses and allowing RCM to underlap him at times - LCM and DM hanging further back to recycle possession - LW and LB rotating positions, with one always occupying left half space while the other wider They do seem to form a 2-3-5 or 3-2-5 in possession depending on where the RB is (IWBs, IWBd, FBs????) Still unsure how it might translate in game though
  7. Any ideas for a casual save that I could play a few matches every day or 2? I'm doing my work placement during the summer so might not be able to invest loads of time but still want to have something to play with in the limited free time. Was thinking of arsenal given their shambles of a season? Mainly watch premier league so I'm more familiar with those players but other teams are fine
  8. The crossing was a potential result of the excessive dribbling, and I do encounter the 2 problems you have mentioned here. Players might also keep on dribbling and end up without anyone to pass to because they ignore options presented to them on the way.
  9. Hi all, currently playing with this tactic (4231): GK: SKsu RB: FBsu (sit narrower, hold position, cut inside with ball) LB: WBsu (stay wider) LCB: BPDde RCB: CDde RCM: CMsu (take more risks) LCM: CMde RW: IWat (stay wider) AM: APat (roam from position, move into channels) LW: IFsu (roam from position) ST: DLFat (roam from position) Balanced mentality Play out of defence, Shorter passing, Work ball into box, Be more expressive, Focus play through middle Distribute to CBs, Counter-press Higher defensive line, Higher line of engagement, More urgent pressing, Prevent short GK distribution Sorry if I'm being too specific into my tactic but not sure if it contributes to my problems. I am mostly seeing what I want from my tactic, its really resulted in some one touch pass and go football, the build up is orgasmic at times. The one problem I have is my attackers, wide forwards in particular tend to get tunnel vision and dribble excessively despite having multiple options to pass to. They sometimes end up ramming the ball at the defender for a corner rather than pass to an open man like the overlapping full back. I do know that IFsu, APat and IWat have the PI dribble more which could have resulted in this problem. I'm thinking about adding the dribble less TI but would it mitigate the PI so my forwards don't have an increased tendency to dribble, or does it not affect the PI and instead tell all other players to dribble less ie not at all? So tl;dr does dribble less TI override dribble more PI?
  10. Feel like both these roles are so similar, how are they different? Wondering which role would be better to use behind a support duty forward IF/IW in a 4231?
  11. Been lurking on this thread for a while, do you guys find the IWB(s) too aggressive at times? From my experience they sometimes go really high and overlap the forwards in the final stages of play. I have been thinking about dropping it to defend duty but would that make the player devoid of any movement?
  12. Just wanted to ask has anyone on the forums tested their tactics out to see if they actually work before starting a save? I find that sometimes the preseason isn't enough for me to tweak my tactic so that it works how I want it to. I have resorted to sometimes loading in a tactic and holidaying but not sure if that is an accurate representation of the tactic's standard. Has it worked for you guys and what would you do otherwise?
  13. Title says it all really, currently assume that RPM might get less forward than BBM as they as playmakers are attracted to the ball so BBM has more movement in general. Have been using a CM on support in most of my tactics with PIs rather than these 2 roles as I am not clear of their differences. How do these roles vary?
  14. I've read up on an articles about positional play and am trying to implement that in my tactics. I find that IWB can help me to establish superiority in the midfield and provide variety in my team (where the LB keeps width while RB tucks inside). I am trying this out with Chelsea atm, and looking at the supposed highlighted key attributes their RB options are capable to play as IWB. However, this usually isn't the be all end all. I have heard around the forums that only the really top players (eg. Kimmich) can play the IWB role effectively. So are there any other criteria apart from the highlighted attributes in-game that can show whether a player is suited to play IWB?
  15. I knoe the title is confusing so I'll explain. For example, my tactic might use a role that requires a lot of good attributes like complete forward or trequartista. When some of the players (usually backups) may not be best fit to play in these specialised roles, do I persist with the roles or change them to more generic ones, like deep lying forward or advanced playmaker?
  16. Apparently this year players have to be in the same squad to be put in a mentoring group which is a little problematic if I want to develop the personality of my youngsters early on. What does everyone do in these situations? Mentor the players at a later stage when they are first team ability? Promote them and make them available for reserves? Also, youth players seem to require more well rounded training than that of first team, what specific differences would there be for a youth schedule and a first team schedule?
  17. Man same for me, the transfers going on have made me struggling to commit to a save without starting again after the update
  18. Just gonna chip in here, is using a overlapping full back and holding double pivot midfield the only effective way to do things in such a system?
  19. Thanks for the advice, will definitely try this out. Do you add roaming to the PFat only or are there any other positions which would benefit from this PI?
  20. Like if my team has predominantly left footed right wingers hence encouraging me to play them as IW but at the same time I want to have a level of mobility in midfield in CMsu.
  21. I was also thinking of using a DLFsu and AMat combination in the third setup and in general as well, so that might be better. Does a WBde make more sense than FBsu in the third setup? If I were to play an IW due to personnel reasons, how could I make the formation still work?
  22. I am usually playing in this 4231 formation with Arsenal: DLFat IFat AMsu IWsu DLPsu CMde WBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKsu Instructions are limited as I don't want to overcomplicate things: (Usually positive mentality but will tweak to balanced in big games) Play out of defence Shorter Passing Be more Expressive Counter-press Higher Defensive Line Higher Line of Engagement Use offside trap So from previous posts on this forum I know that the system I am using rn is a decent setup of roles and duties and it does work nicely. However, it can be argued that the system is only suitable because I have the right players for the roles. For example if I was using this tactic for Chelsea instead of Arsenal, I might not use a DLF up top as the greatest strength of Werner is not his passing ability, or to a lesser extent compared to Lacazette. Instead Werner might have to be used as a PFat to suit his strengths. Because of this, the roles of the 3 behind the striker will have to be changed as well, as a IFat does not work well with PFat. So I was thinking: PFat IFsu AMsu IWat/Wat DLPsu CMde WBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKsu By doing this, more space is created for the PFat to operate as the IFsu doesn't come that forward and the IWat or Wat stays wider. In my opinion, this is a better method than shoehorning a player into a role that does not play to his strengths. Going back to my Arsenal system, if for example I wanted Partey to play a more mobile role in the midfield (he is playing as the CMde currently), maybe I could go for a setup like this: DLFat IFat AMsu IWsu/Wsu DLPde CMsu WBsu CDde CDde FBsu SKsu Here, the right winger can be converted into a Wsu to stay wide and allow the CMsu space to advance into the right half space occasionally. The full back role is dropped back to FBsu to allow for more defensive solidity. Of course traits may affect the movement of the CMsu so they may have to be removed to retain some solidity. Now these are just my ideas and they could be flawed in many areas, just my thoughts about adapting a base tactic to the strengths of different teams you manage. What do you guys think?
  23. I thought it was conventional wisdom to use 1 playmaker in a team at most but I see a lot of people using a playmaker and a TQ in the same side. Does this lead to the same problems as having AP and DLP in the same team, for example? Also TQ is a role which doesnt get involved defensively, if I want to press would I be better off using a customised AM?
  24. All the time I see people saying "there are no players holding in the midfield" or "an ideal combination should have one holder and one runner" something along the lines of that. So far, what I think is: Holder: DLP(s/d), CM(d), BWM(d) Runner: B2B(s), CAR(s), BWM(s), CM(a/s) Not sure about the other roles like MEZ and AP though. How are these properly classified?
  25. Having played a few more matches, I have spotted some slight problems in my setup. I feel that my players tend to take long shots more often than I like, kind of impatient I guess like taking one dribble and then shooting when they could pass to someone else making a run. Also, although I do have a high line of engagement, I feel that we aren't proactive enough in the transition phase, like when we lose the ball the opposition can play through our midfield more than I like. I feel like for the long shots I might use work ball into box to alleviate this, I did see that it balances out unnecessary risks brought by be more expressive. Then, I am considering using counter-press but not sure if that leaves me more exposed. What do you guys think about this?
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