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Players with high work rate and professionalism should decline much slower! Longetivity hidden attribute


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As sport medicine has evolved and nutrinion we are seeing many top players prolonging their careers

For example

Messi is 34 years old and he was unstopable in Copa America. In FM if Messi is 30 by the time he reaches 34 he will have 10 stamina and 8 pace probably and will be benched

Cristian Ronaldo 36 and he is still playing at a top level

Modric 36 and he had on of his better seasons

Benzema he entered Ballon Dor contetion at age 33 and he has improved in my opionion as a player last two seasons

Ibrahimovic not the best example but still apart from injuries he was having a great seasons in Italy and even in MLS

Bonucci/Chiellini played amazing at Euros at 36 and 34 ( Injuries have hit chielini thou)

I mean even Beckham before he ruptured his Achilles was great in Milan when he was 35 or 36 


My point is the best players and the most dedicated to their craft should stay at top level longer.  Especially last two years if someone at 31-32 gets injured and its game over for him.  You can even see in NBA Kevin durant came from ruptured achilles and was even better then before . Curry also broke his hand and came back at MVP level all of them 32+. Lebron is still playing great at 36

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