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  1. Greetings fellow managers, It's fair to say that I've neglected this mod in the past couple of months. More fair to say I've dropped off the face of the earth for a little while. I still want an exciting USA experience on the world stage, but I can't continue supporting this mod for a number of reasons. While I've finally managed to get a computer capable of handling a mod this size, the time off has left me a bit dumbfounded at where to begin in patching this mod back to working order. It's simply too big! Furthermore the new job takes up way too much time and energy. I've loved all the support that this mod has gotten and I hope this mod can be used by others to help design their own leagues. Any detail included in this mod is fair use - it's the least I can do to thank this amazing community for following me on this mad journey. One day I may find the time and inspiration to begin another (simpler!) project, but at this time I'm officially stating that USA World Class MLS won't be continued. Be sure to check out the other great MLS files out there. Thanks everyone, Graaa
  2. Hey all, thanks for your patience. I've been super busy with my job but I'm going to put aside some time to work on a few fixes in a couple weeks once my new computer arrives. At this point, the file has gotten so big that it takes around 5 seconds for any changes I make to process in the editor, even the smallest change >:-O. Hopefully a new I7 processor, more RAM, and a 7200RRM harddrive can fix that. Dallan, I appreciate you looking under the hood and helping with figure out some of the details of the issues. I'm still not 100% sure what's causing some people to experience the promotion issue, but I know for some people it could be a conflict with other mods or any extra/overwritten files (media files etc) that people downloaded. It could also be the new season end date and preseason rules I installed with this version, so I'm going to experiment with rolling it back to June 14th like in previous versions in a couple weeks. Go USA! Graaa
  3. Lots of good reports! Heath - will fix this - should be easy. Joseph - many good ideas and finds, will definetely fix the post-season cup stats and other issues. I don't think I can fix the U23 issue. Also, the San Jose - NY Cosmos matchup is definitely a big issue I need to fix. Hooligan - any way you upload your save game (both if possible) to mediafire.com or somewhere I can download it and have a look?
  4. Lol funny thing about that - the editor has a mind of its own sometimes. When I try to change it (I don't know about you) in the editor, it never sticks with US dollars and always changes back to pounds. Rest assured, I'm pretty sure that they are the at the USD equivalent that I want.
  5. Holy Moley, that assistant has quite a future ahead of him! That would be the best way of doing it but I've had no success in making it work =( I've done everything I could think of in the editor but there's some weird bug or something I can't change that doesn't let it work right. Your guess is as good as mine lol. Good catch Dallan - I will fix that next version! And nice work figuring it out - that's how I do things anyway to. Run into a wall, figure it out somehow lol. Brute stubborn force. Yeah, it's mainly for the news items but if I can see your line of thought - combine the 2 and then the who "end of season" loan issue won't be a problem. I can return the "end of season" loan term to the game and then loans will finally last through the playoffs for the AI teams too dumb to make it happen lol. Sorry I've had a lot of catch up here - been absolutely slammed with work! Happy sports-balling everyone.
  6. Im in 2016/17 it looks like they are picking single nationality canadian regens now. I think Heath is right that it will take a year or 2 to sort out. I've seen this in people using other mods that conflict with mine. I'm finding new conflicting mods every so often and could use help updating my list. First, which file are you using (Original Clubs, CWC, NACL, etc?) and which mods are you using?
  7. Hmm, that is a bit of a problem. I'll have a look at it! Seems like one of those 'how the heck do I fix it' kind of ones lol. What year are you on?
  8. Aye, team of the week is a good idea for L1/L2. I can't remember why I didn't add one lol. As for the news, there's nothing I can do to change that in the editor. It probably is the game's own decision to make it like that for reasons I'm not aware of. I'm glad I put the refs in too - thanks for suggesting it! Yeah, Dim13 is spot on.
  9. Stellar... time for the Sporting Kansas City fans to hop on the bandwagon and learn the team song!
  10. I hear you Podunk - try the 1.4 file if you want, all of that should be fixed because I removed work permits and the 18 year old rule. I know you probably had some good memories saved, but I know you'll find 1.4 much to your liking. I can always do the most minor tweaks to the weather in the USA/Canada - for Indianapolis it's set to have 30% of days below freezing and 35% of the days rain/snow. Seems a bit high to me don't you think? Maybe change it to 20% each category next version. I don't have a clue what these weather settings are based off but I can do some research and see if they are appropriate. ---------------------- On a different note - USL Pro now split into East/West leagues. Real life imitating "art"? lol http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2015/01/21/expanded-usl-pro-announces-new-league-alignment-competition-format-2015-seas?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=News&utm_campaign=Unpaid
  11. Yes, but you must replace an existing team to do so. You can't just add it in as an extra team. There is a guide to replacing teams somewhere buried in the first post. Advanced rules knowledge always helps.
  12. Look at that... I'll add a little stipulation in the compatibility notes - do not add media files if using Susie's name fix. Yeah, I've seen a lot of activity in the first year and a couple questionable loan decisions. Overall, my major gripe with loans has more to do with the AI - they don't seem to realize that it's better to loan players until May in case they make the playoffs rather than until April (when they seem to think the whole season ends). As a human, you know better so this doesn't really affect you much. I personally go unemployed the first year so I have yet to see any potential bugs lol. But ever since I bumped the update back to July there are bound to be a couple of trigger issues with having the game start in June. I'm happy to keep it where it is in June though because I want players to have time to do some scouting and then participate in a full transfer window (starting June 10th) the first year. And it was my pleasure to deliver the best CWC possible - I am very happy with this one too so thanks for the support I agree 100% - I for next version I'll try to figure out some way to seed more by club reputation rather than random.
  13. Original Clubs CWC Canuck Deluxe - http://www.mediafire.com/download/byz17f87a7vlkfy/USA_WCMLS_1.4_OCCWC_Canuck_Duluxe_A1BF4D97-AC10-40B3-B205-C6DE23AFFF53.fmf -- Standard Clubs CWC Canuck Deluxe - https://www.mediafire.com/?jwulfok15qj54ys Alright, here they are for O-Clubs and S-Clubs. It was really just a quick copy and paste to get them into both The only difference here is that the Canadian Cup now has its history appearing properly, is now single-legged every round (except for semi-final), and no games are in the dead of winter. I also added in Rogers Centre. I didn't have time to put the fixes in for NACL. But i'll roll them all in for 1.5 whenever that comes out. I don't know what to say about the Real Names Fix - will it work, will it not, I don't know. I seriously doubt it but hey, the easiest way to see is to load up a game, load only the top league to speed things up, and just simulate a year and see if the premier league updates to the next season after July 2015.
  14. Well, better add that to the incompatibility list. Man, there's nothing worst than a perfect season getting washed away. Maybe it was a little too perfect . A bit of a sigh of relief on my part that it's not anything on my end. As a consolation, if you want to wait a couple hours I can release a special Canadian Deluxe version with a fix for that Canadian Cup trophy not appearing and also a more streamlined Canadian Cup fixture schedule (one leg each round except for semi finals, no games in December/Jan, and final is played at best team's stadium since I can't do a rotating neutral setup in this file).
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