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  1. Say you have 3 top divisions - Greece, Cyprus, and Switzerland’s top divisions. Each division has the same reputation (132 / 200). Now say you have 3 lists containing 3 teams from each of these divisions which looks like this: List 1 1. Swiss team, position 1 in their division 2. Greek team, position 1 in their division 3. Cypriot team, position 1 in their division List 2 1. Swiss team, position 2 in their division 2. Greek team, position 2 in their division 3. Cypriot team, position 2 in their division List 3 1. Swiss team, position 3 in their di
  2. If this can help anyone.... I managed to solve this for my specific competition by making sure I set a "Level" in the competition rules "General" tab. Any level will do, apparently. This competition rule is blank by default, and if it's blank the awards weren't showing up in my file. It had nothing to do with the specific rules of the awards in my case (though still you make sure you set these correctly I guess...) Don't ask me how I figured this out.
  3. Is this thread still up to date? I'm having this issue too w/ a custom competition + awards and I don't see any solution in here that is relevant for the FM21 editor
  4. I could be wrong but doesn't the "natural fitness" attribute play this role? If not, i think it should
  5. I haven’t done the tests to see this for myself but if what you say is true this seems like a bug in my opinion! 100% agree that all clubs from loaded or unloaded nations should be managed, just like all clubs get some sort of a player roster when loaded for cups. At least a regen manager should exist
  6. I’m just thinking of the Euro 2020 Italy vs England match we witnessed and how can we put all of the drama surrounding this into the game? you had: - players being subbed late in extra time just for the penalty kick - players supposedly not wanting to take penalty kicks (this is probably just media narrative, someone with real world experience might know more) - the whole seemingly connected storyline of Henderson in the Romania game supposedly pulling rank to take a penalty kick and missing, then seeming accepting & professional when subbed out before penalties in the
  7. according to the article linked below, SI changed the way it calculated newgen personalities in 2018 so that the editor’s national newgen template doesn’t apply anymore. paraphrasing here, previously newgens personality was calculated based on the “average of existing player personalities of the same nation for that year” and the editor nation templates were, I assume, that year’s averages. now they say that newgen personalities are “randomly generated” regardless of nation. Edit: pulled the actual quote - "Rather than using a template based on the averages of existing
  8. Hi, I just realized this thread was a thing =) This is more of a bug, but I think it counts for this thread. I love the new "Add Advanced Rules" feature where you can "Match Schedule Against Groups". It absolutely made my life a whole lot easier, especially with the project I was working on. The only issue I had with it was that I seems to have broken any custom TV offset dates you want to set. I wanted to make some Saturday games turn into TV Sunday games, but using this feature, I can no longer do this. The TV offset dates work fine when I'm not using this new feature, so I must conclude
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