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Attacking Throw-Ins: players don't stay back

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This may have been reported many times before but here is my throw in tactic:


As you can see, I have 3 defensive players instructed to 'stay back'.  And this is how we lined up:


My #3 is my DL, who is supposed to stay back but instead is close to the throw in.  Not the first time that I've seen this on different types of set pieces and it sometimes leads to great counter-attacking chances for my opponent.  Most frustrating when I have a 1-goal lead near the end of matches, and I've seen this on my "safe" attacking routines, where I instruct 4-5 men to 'stay back.'

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12 hours ago, Dutchy1983 said:

I just posted a thread with the same issue. It wrecks the game, all I can think is team mentality effects it. I use 'Attacking' and I assume this overides how many players will stay back which is a joke really

Agree.  I can handle the frustration of conceding a late, decisive or tying goal because my players or my tactics just didn't get the job done, or because my opponent just played well.  That frustration is what sports and competition are all about.  

I have the set piece problems even on lower mentalities.  Even late in games, when I switch to even safer team, role/duty and set piece instructions, I've had my players disregard instructions and give up these goals.  One time, on an attacking corner, I instructed my entire 4-man back line to stay back - none of them on attack role or duty - and only had two players instructed to stay in the box, and instead, I had one man back versus two opponents staying forwards.  They missed the goal, but still.

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17 hours ago, Dutchy1983 said:

I've gone and tested with mentality on Positive and Balanced. No instructions for throw ins are remotely followed. It's an absolute farce, I'd say biggest bug on the game 

Yeah, for the first time, I've allowed myself to replay games.  I had a one goal lead, it was after the 80th minute, and for attacking throw-ins, I instructed my entire 4-man back line to 'stay back', only 1 in the penalty box. and everyone else on lurking, come short or stay-back-if-needed.  But only 1 stayed back, he charged the opponent who stole the ball and my opponent had a 2-on-zero (just the goalie) and tied the game.  I replayed it.

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