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Transfer Expenditure

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What costs go into the transfer expenditure column on expenditure?

I have just entered a new month and have £22 million that has come out.

I do have transfer debt that I am paying back in 12 month installments but is this the only cost that would come up in this column?

Do things like loyalty fees come out of this expense as I have negotiated a few contracts for players.

Also do 12 month installment fees come out on specific dates or is it exactly 12 months after you complete a transfer to the day?

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As far as I know:

Loyalty bonus is a player contract condition and not part of the transfer deal, so I think should be paid from the wage budget.  It is paid over the period of the full contract, paid in full if the player is sold and forfeited if the player asks for a transfer and is sold.  I think that is is paid monthly for the period of the contract.

Instalment fees are paid monthly during the term of the deal.

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@FrazTI believe that;s how installments used to work but now they are set every 6 or 12 months.

Otherwise I'm completely confused why I have so much in my expenditure on transfers  on day 1.

My club would not be able to afford the amounts that are coming out every month either we would be bankrupt in no time.

Other than what we have discussed is there anything else that can come up under this category of expenditure?

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My comments about when instalments were paid came after finding a post from an SI staff member when asked about this some years ago- maybe it has been changed but I do wonder why it would be called monthly instalments if it is only paid twice a year though.

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