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  1. I have alana at 31 and I cannot even discuss future staff role yet. If he was not interested I'd imagine that option would be there but he would say no. Previous versions players had to be over 28. Can anyone from SI shed some light?
  2. What age do players have to be to discuss possible future staff roles? And what age do they need to be to send them on coaching courses?
  3. Does anyone else get this issue where the loan manger responsibility keeps getting turned on? As in the one to find loan opportunities for development opportunities. I want to negotiate all these deals as they never get enough money coming in. But over and over again it comes up saying hes rejected a deal. I have the loan manager for reporting back on loan and suggesting ppl for loan in the dev centre I just do not want him negotiating a deal unless I ask him to find one for a player.
  4. The ones who are not interested normally have the option to send on a coaching course then the board would say they do not have enough personal interest in completing a course. If that is the reason I'd prefer there to be some visual marker saying they don't want to do any badges on their profile or something.
  5. This picture shows an u18's Coach who has no badge and I have no option to send him on one. He used to be a fitness coach and I thought I could improve him further by getting him his badges. I have not attempted to send him one before this screen shot was taken BTW. I have one other Fitness coach I cannot send on coaching badges but I am unsure if that is just a thing with Fitness coaches.
  6. Not sure if It's a bug or not but how come some staff cannot take coaching badges. I have fitness coaches with no badges that do not have the option to send them on a course but other fitness coaches can. Why is this?
  7. Incorrect competition name still shown when end of season awards are dished out.
  8. Can this thread be deleted. Created by accident. It is a duplicate.
  9. As stated in the title there is a n error displaying the round of a competition you can pay a transfer bonus on.
  10. As stated in the title there is a n error displaying the round of a competition you can pay a transfer bonus on.
  11. You also normally get 10 payments if you loan them for a year as they return to you and then go away on holiday at the end of the season so the earnings on that loan are £3 million
  12. You are getting paid 300k. I do not know why the board are unhappy. Im ignoring it myself as i make loads of money for my transfer budget by loaning players out.
  13. I get the club vision meeting once a season where i can discuss signing youth winning cups etc etc. I am stating that you cannot discuss adding board requests ie. more transfer budget add an affiliate before you go into contract negotiations like you used to be able to do in previous versions of fm.
  14. Once a player has trained and played in a new position they can become natural at it. Is it possible to lose this natural ability if you train them for another position or do they just lose some of the abilities on the role you were training them for that particular position? Thanks Gary
  15. I have progressed further into my game but i upload it if you would like to look into it
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