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  1. Hi as described in the title badges have disappeared from kits in my game. I have installed a logo pack and everything was working correctly. I then manually added the logos from an old pack that were not included in any packs. This is when the logos disappeared from the kits. What could have caused this issue and is there anything I could do to rectify this issue without removing the logos?
  2. I believe that's the last 1 I uploaded yes. Thank you very much would much rather have to replay a few weeks than start again.
  3. @Neil Brockdo you need the save file name I sent to you? I can grab it off my post where I confirmed I uploaded it
  4. Hello I have just bought a new laptop after my last one broke and my game cannot be found on steam cloud somehow. I have sent this off to steam and Sega to be investi9gated. My question is can i download a save file that I sent through to yourselves in relation to a bug? The latest one I sent is about 2 weeks prior to my laptop breaking and I have been building my club up from the lowest tier in Italy since release so I do not want to have to start a new game if it is at all possible.
  5. @Dan Ormsbyjust uploaded the save for you. It is called Gary James - Lei Mia Issue Been playing the game since before it was called Football Manager and it still amazes me how I learn more every year.
  6. So if you are home grown in the EU it superceeds the nationality rule? I was not aware of this if that is the case.
  7. Thinking about how long he has been in Germany is the issue that he is not showing as having German as a 2nd nationality? As far as I am aware it takes 8 years to gain citizenship in Germany which he has accumulated continuously. This would suggest a bug with players not earning a 2nd nationality when they a generated in a foreign nation. Or I could be completely wrong.
  8. Hello I have just signed a Chinese Striker from Dortmund expecting him to be a NEU player but to y surprise he does not have this tag. He has no second nationality and did not start his career in Italy. Is this a bug for Chinese player? He is the first Chinese player that I have signed as far as I am aware.
  9. Haha fair enough mate. Thanks for your help.
  10. @FrazTWhere are you seeing the monthly payment option? Could be me being slow and completely missing it but these are the options I see.
  11. That would make sense why I have had a large chunk come out in 2 separate moths during the transfer window then.
  12. @FrazTI believe that;s how installments used to work but now they are set every 6 or 12 months. Otherwise I'm completely confused why I have so much in my expenditure on transfers on day 1. My club would not be able to afford the amounts that are coming out every month either we would be bankrupt in no time. Other than what we have discussed is there anything else that can come up under this category of expenditure?
  13. What costs go into the transfer expenditure column on expenditure? I have just entered a new month and have £22 million that has come out. I do have transfer debt that I am paying back in 12 month installments but is this the only cost that would come up in this column? Do things like loyalty fees come out of this expense as I have negotiated a few contracts for players. Also do 12 month installment fees come out on specific dates or is it exactly 12 months after you complete a transfer to the day?
  14. Sorry I have only just seen this reply and no longer have the save. Your explanation makes sense and if I see the same issue again I will come back to this thread and tag you in it.
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