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Improve my tactic

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Hi guys,

Currently with Arsenal, playing 4-3-3 DM, having some decent results. I want my team to play a fluid style, quick transitions.

What you guys can tell me about my tactic, what can i improve? I want to win the ball in the middle of the pitch, then my AP trying to do his work. 

Sorry if my english scks



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6 hours ago, Yimp said:

I want my team to play a fluid style, quick transitions

I would try with just a couple of subtle tweaks:


IFat                               IWsu

BWMsu  APat


WBsu   CDde  CDde  WBsu


- Positive

run at defence

- distribute quickly to CBs and FBs, counter-press

- higher D-line, split block (and no get stuck in)

That would be my starting tactic. Potential small tweaks are possible when it comes to instructions, but they would depend on observations while watching games. 

NOTE: Given that Arsenal is a top team, it's quite possible that the opposition style of play/defending will not often allow you to play your intended style effectively. That's something you also need to keep in mind. Anyway, give it a try and see :thup:

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Hi again,

I just finished my first season with Arsenal with this tactic. 4th place. 

A bad start in a second season, winning one game, 1L and 3D. This is my currect lineup, new players arrived: Camavinga, Mahrez, Luis from Benfica, Donnarumma and Grealish. 

This is what i use now and i want to know what is your opinion about that.

EDIT: In transition, i use distribuit to playmaker, because of dlp in dm position.


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Playing a central midfielder on defend duty in a 433 dm wide (as opposed to 4231) looks pretty much strange to me. If you did so because your DLP in DM is on support, why don't you simply move the DLP on support to MCR and play the standard DM on defend duty. That would make a lot more sense IMHO.

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