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3 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. Hi again, I just finished my first season with Arsenal with this tactic. 4th place. A bad start in a second season, winning one game, 1L and 3D. This is my currect lineup, new players arrived: Camavinga, Mahrez, Luis from Benfica, Donnarumma and Grealish. This is what i use now and i want to know what is your opinion about that. EDIT: In transition, i use distribuit to playmaker, because of dlp in dm position.
  2. Thank you for reply. I will play some games with this tactic and will give a feedback.
  3. Hi guys, Currently with Arsenal, playing 4-3-3 DM, having some decent results. I want my team to play a fluid style, quick transitions. What you guys can tell me about my tactic, what can i improve? I want to win the ball in the middle of the pitch, then my AP trying to do his work. Sorry if my english scks
  4. Asymmetric system is not a must, i can work with a standard 4-3-2-1
  5. Hi guys, First of all, sorry if a make mistakes in english. I'm playing with Barcelona, 4-2-3-1 asymmetric. I would like to improve my tactic because: -when im away, i cannot score goals, winning 1-0 by penalty or from a lucky corner. a lot of shots, good possession % but struggling to score, no matter what opponent -i'm not sure if my setup for using a trequartista role is good. -any other advice will be great -receive most of the goals from crosses In my first season, i played Messi AP in AMC and scored 22 goals/21 assist in the exact same system, nothing else changed
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