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Is touch harder than mobile?

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OK so I got FM21 mobile and I won the CL in my second season with Celtic, without brining in anyone to unrealistic. The mobile version is to easy or I'm the best who ever played it...


Anyway I've ordered a switch to get touch. A few other games I'd like to play but FMT is the main reason I'm getting it.


Is it the same? As in to easy or is it harder like the main game? 



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You’ll probably not find many people that play FMM and FMT so may be hard to answer your question as to how they compare. FMT is basically just as hard as the main game. No real difference in difficulty as they’re basically the same game with one being a bit more streamlined.

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FMT is more difficult, as it has a lot of variables

It's hard to put into words, but you'll notice the difference almost immediately, unless you really are the best to ever play FMM and that transfers over to FMT too 

The thing to keep in mind, is that the match engine on FMT makes players qualities/negatives a lot more prominent, and your team will, inevitably, go through a period of poor form during a season, as happens in reality, but a lot of people on here are convinced that a drop off in form means that the match engine is 'broken' 

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I began my love for FM on mobile, and find it a bit easier as in there are less variables. I’ve definitely won more on FMM. I play Touch on both my iPad and my Switch. It’s awesome using a huge TV as the monitor when I play on Switch. I end up using my iPad more whenever I’m on the go or at work. But the Switch has some nice use of the controller in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy though!

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