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  1. It’s weird that answers aren’t as frequent on the Touch board as they are on mobile or full. I’m still waiting to hear if there’s a way to rewatch match highlights. Anyway, I checked real quick if I could have text only during matches and yes, you can have only text.
  2. I know in full FM you can rewatch your match/highlights, and in FM Mobile you can save a match to rewatch those specific highlights, but is there a way to rewatch match highlights or an option to save specific matches to rewatch in FM Touch? I can’t find the option in the menus. I’m currently playing on the Switch, but I’ve also got it for iPad too.
  3. Well, I think there are ways to stream your Steam library onto tablets or mobiles, so you could play your Steam version that way. However, if you’re wanting to be away from your home network and play anywhere, I’d recommend getting the Android app. It can sync to the Steam version too!
  4. Well, I don’t know what generations our iPads are, but my iPad Pro that’s a few years old is running it just fine. And the iPad that is a couple years old seems to run it fine as well.
  5. Thanks for this! I initially looked in main settings, so this was helpful. And yeah, thanks SI. It looks great!
  6. Out of all the versions, I used to play mobile version and full version the most. However, with the Switch version and the iPad version, I am spending more and more time with Touch. I’d love to have time to invest into the full version, but I just don’t right now. Touch has been great. I’ve got 3 saves on 2 iPads and a Switch right now. Everywhere I am, I can pick one up. But I still dive into the mobile version quite a bit too. The life of a parent with a toddler and newborn about to arrive... Hahaha!
  7. I’ve found this problem whenever I try making tactical changes during the match preview screens. When I do that, then start the match, it does not allow me to make any subs/changes. The word Tactical has an asterisks next to it.
  8. Just had a match and this stadium’s roof was much nicer on the eyes! Do some have this and some don’t? Or was this recently added?
  9. I absolutely love the dark UI throughout the menus of the game this year. It’s even slicker than last year! However, when the game goes into the highlights (which I love watching), the stadium roofs are way too bright (even on my phone’s dimmest setting). Would it be possible to add a dark mode option for match highlights that would just make any white stadium roof a nice dark grey or dark purple (like the app icon background)? Thanks for your time!
  10. I’m 39 years old and it is very hard to see the ball due to the size and color. An option to have a bigger ball (almost as big as player dots), and an option to change it to a “winter” color would be very helpful. If these are options in the settings, then it should be able to accommodate us all. Thank you!
  11. I rarely get to play games as much as I did before kids, but last year I bought FM full version on Steam, FM Touch for my iPad AND Switch, and FM Mobile for my iPhone. I love supporting SI Games and seeing this game on all my devices. I just wish I could actually play them all!
  12. I haven’t tried cross saving between my Steam version and Switch version yet. But I can say the controls take a little getting used to on the Switch. Some of the buttons are mapped to certain things, which helps. But sometimes you still need to use the joystick to move a cursor when playing docked. But it’s worth it to see it on a big screen! In handheld mode, the touch controls on the Switch are not as responsive as my iPad Pro. But I imagine that’s a hardware thing, and due to the smaller screen. If I had to pick, I’d stick to the iPad Pro version because I carry that around the most. But the Switch version is my most-played at the moment because of the ease of being docked, watching it on my TV, and then taking it around the house.
  13. Youll have to buy it again. Im pretty sure you have to buy it for every platform separately. I bought it for my iPad, bought the full version on my Mac (but usually just play Touch), and then bought FMT on my new Switch. I’d buy it for mobile too if they’d eventually allow it. I’m hoping they’ll release a physical version on Switch someday. I’d probably buy both the digital and physical to show my support!
  14. Pre-ordered the moment I saw it on the App Store. I was absolutely delighted in with FMM 18 getting MLS. I’m super happy to see leagues are still being added this year, as well as a fresh design. Looking forward to it as always!
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