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Can't fine players


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I'm seemingly not able to fine players after they've been sent off. The option appears in the post-match inbox item, but when I select a fine and press "Confirm" it then just tells me that "You have decided not to fine xxxxxx for this incident". See video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm1p3wtxuzuysac/FM Fining Bug.mp4?dl=0

Perhaps related, but I've never been given any option to create a Code of Conduct (if I go to the Code of Conduct screen it just tells me "No Code of Conduct has been agreed yet").

Save game is uploading now as "Fining Bug", saved straight after the match before any fines have been given to the 3(!!!!!!) players I had sent off against Bayern!

This bug has always existed in this save, this is the first time I've actually remembered to report it straight after it has happened.

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