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  1. Hey @Style I've tried to reproduce this with Liverpool and making sure not to keep history, but the trophy cabinet is bare - as it should be with a new created club based on them Can you provide a screenshot of where you are seeing this please? And the save game would also be appreciated! Would also be good to know what club you chose as the base club. Thanks! You can see how to upload files here, just let me know the filenames:
  2. If you use Cloud save make sure you're giving Steam enough time to sync - the "Play" button for FM becomes the Steam gear icon when it is syncing; only after that's done will the cloud save be accessible from the laptop
  3. Hey @Joshmswfc Did you not get this at all on your previous monitor then? hmm Since FM goes off your operating system's display settings it would be worth resetting your cache & preferences folders to get it to pick up any system changes: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-Delete-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder#text If that doesn't do it I think I'd like you to raise a Support Ticket so our tech team can look at this, really sorry for the trouble! With lag in general though @cherryman71; there's an open issue about menus running slow when you are running any custom leagues, that's being worked on. As above, cache & preferences can work wonders for a ton of UI issues, and I think you should give it a try too
  4. Hey, Appreciate the frustration. We are 100% working on this. I am sorry it's still an issue. No, today's hotfix was not for this. Whilst ideally we'd put fixes out immediately, in some instances we need to have additional testing time to make sure there aren't knock-on effects from changes. When we do make changes to this area it'll be clearly stated in any changelist, you will be told It is not forgotten about, still an issue we're looking to address. Again, I'm sorry it's still an issue, but we are working on it.
  5. If you're still not seeing the editor(s) and in Steam try going to Steam settings > Downloads Your Download Region might be what's factored into the propagation. Mine for example is set to UK - Manchester and I have it (yes I am staff, but I am on my own private machine right now). I would recommend restarting Steam if you change this.
  6. (For Steam) The in-game editor is in the game, go to Downloads on the main menu!
  7. Hey there. Yeah this is one we're looking at, thanks for raising, it's being worked on
  8. Hey guys Can I take a look? Saves would be good for this, we have a cloud service you can upload to. If possible I'd like a save before the players come to you, but if not, just upload whatever you have showing this issue please
  9. Hey, we can check into this for you, of course the league standings should be correct... do you have a save from before the press conference please?
  10. hey there Yeah think we should take a look at this! Can you please upload a save where it's like this?
  11. Hey, sorry about the lateness of a reply! Ok so from that, it looks like: - Salah wanted to go to PSG. - The rest of the squad didn't want him to go. - You rejected a bid but accepted the next - You said, in this screenshot, to the rest of the squad he wanted to go - fair point, but you are the manager - They're asking "why you didn't do more to change his mind" - So was there more than just rejecting a bid? Doesn't seem an unfair question to me (well technically it's just Allison's opinion) Did you try anything not mentioned, to get Mo to stay? Stuff like, how did your chats with him go; did he want anything, did you throw a new contract his way? Just wondering what happened up until this point really. Also I think this, it's not really them questioning you in a big way. It's more reflecting Mo's status within the squad. Put it this way: don't you think they'd be unhappy no matter what?
  12. Hey @Coop_Dogg I've heard of this happening; we have an open issue to look into it, but could you upload a save from before a press conference where it happens? (I know that might be difficult but don't worry if you can't! Anyone else reading this is welcome to provide a save )
  13. Thanks - I see it now (I just did it with "Recruitment Analyst") OK, I understand the issue. It will happen in the beta right now unfortunately with any staff if you increase the number. But good news! It's under review, we are changing how this looks - the "New Count / Old Count" issue is being addressed
  14. Doesn't sound right, especially not for Curtis!! Can you upload a save please? Preferably one before you talk to him about it
  15. Hey, I have loaded this save but I can't see the bug happen, I've played on for about a week... can you tell me what I need to do to see it / when I should expect the item? We have an upload service for saves
  16. hey @Humbug_Total Thanks for the save, taking a look. Who are the players? I can see Akanji was promised you would "improve man management" but that has been successful...
  17. Hey, no worries - throw up that save please, and welcome! We have links at the top of every forum page on how to do various things, but I have attached how to upload a save for you below
  18. Hey, do you have a save nearer the match? I can work with this one but if you do have another please upload!
  19. Hey, Yes, we can see an issue there! OK, do you have a save from before the email arrives? We will investigate
  20. Cheers, I have it. When do you find it refers to you as Talkative - after pressers, news items etc.?
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