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  1. Congratulations! What an awesome performance. I LOVE this kind of slightly niche/random save, fascinating to follow and well written
  2. Since the update, I can no longer scout players for my National Team. It suggests that I have to have a coach for the NT to do the scouting but I already do, and 2 scouts!! Clicking the "Scout Player" button does absolutely nothing. Save game is the same as the one in this thread, named "UEFA Conference League Fixture List".
  3. Apologies if I'm being really stupid here, but the way the results for 2 legged cup games are displayed seems completely the wrong way around to me? I'm not sure if this is a new update thing or not but I've only just noticed it. Looking at the Boca/Hearts game as an example, I couldn't work out how on earth Hearts had gone through on away goals, because the way it's displayed to me indicates the results of the games were as follows: Boca 1-0 Hearts Hearts 2-1 Boca Putting Boca through on away goals - isn't that how they're normally displayed IRL? The actual results of
  4. I'm doing a similar thing to you in Gibraltar - I've only fairly recently taken the NT job but in my experience so far the point at which they can play for the NT seems really variable. You have to live in Gib for 2 years to become elegible if you're otherwise British and 5 years if not - I bought a load of English Youngsters at the end of their contract (i.e. they all joined on the same day), but the days they became elegible for NT selection were all different. One was almost exactly 2 years later, some were months afterwards. I've got a couple more becoming eligble soon so I'll see wha
  5. If you're referencing the fact Rutland is the only county without a McDonalds.... your prayers have been answered! And the stadium is only round the corner! As a born and bred Rutlander, this is fascinating
  6. I've just taken the Gibraltar NT job. Since then, some player's star ratings on the profile page under "Role and Duty" are the ratings they would be for the National Team, not my club. And this is for players who are not and sometimes never will be elegible to play for Gibraltar. If I go to "Reports" then the star rating there is correct for my club. Here Higginbotham obviously isn't elegible for Gibraltar but under Role and Duty he's listed as a 4.5* winger - for Gibraltar he would be but for my club he definitely isn't. Bottom right is the screenshot from his reports tab which lists him
  7. The same thing happened to me and I posted about it here: In the Champions League, you play in the Victoria Stadium but in the Conference League you play in your own stadium, which makes no sense because they have the same stadium rules. I believe IRL the Victoria Stadium has an exemption to capacity requirements which means it maybe kinda makes sense that you would play Group Stage games there, but as I say in my second post there are times when other teams in Gibraltar play in Europe in my stadium which makes no sense at all.
  8. One other thing I just noticed.... Lions FC (another club in Gibraltar) played their UEFA Conference League 3rd Qualifying Round match at our stadium. Now the rules for that round state min stadium capacity of 4,500 which is above what the Victoria Stadium (their ground) holds, but as noted above there's an exemption for the Victoria Stadium. So I think my question is why is the Victoria Stadium not good enough for an ECL 3rd Qual Round match and Lions have to play at our place, whereas our place isn't good enough for an CL Group Stage match we have to play at the Victoria Stadium? Does that m
  9. Our home UEFA Conference League Group matches are being played in a Stadium with below 8,000 capacity: In the previous year, we were in the Champions League Group stage and our home games were played at the Victoria Stadium (which I believe has an exemption to capacity requirements from UEFA) which is I assume where the match against Stromsgodset should have been played: As an associated sort of bug/logic fail, when plans for the stadium were drawn up in 2028 we'd played European Group Stage football in 5 (2x CL, 1x EL, 2xECL) of the previous 6 seasons, so it seems w
  10. I'm seemingly not able to fine players after they've been sent off. The option appears in the post-match inbox item, but when I select a fine and press "Confirm" it then just tells me that "You have decided not to fine xxxxxx for this incident". See video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm1p3wtxuzuysac/FM Fining Bug.mp4?dl=0 Perhaps related, but I've never been given any option to create a Code of Conduct (if I go to the Code of Conduct screen it just tells me "No Code of Conduct has been agreed yet"). Save game is uploading now as "Fining Bug", saved straight after the match before any f
  11. Just had this issue with 2 transfers now. Negotiated the transfer date as "End of Season (Gibraltar)" (offer which I accepted is shown below), but when the player agrees the contract the transfer takes place straight away rather than at the end of the season (see second picture attached) Save game being uploaded now as "Gibraltar Pre/Post Transfer". Al-Wehda make a bid 1 day after the "Pre-transfer" save loads. To reproduce just edit the transfer date to End of Season (Gibraltar), accept offer then he leaves on the 5th April! The "Post" save is my save game after the transfer p
  12. Yeah it's telling you both the results of the "Overall" League and where they finished in their end of season group in the same graph. I can't work out if it's a bug or not! Europa and Lincoln are the two best teams but Lincoln have by a country mile the better youth facilities. I think Europa starts with basic everything.
  13. There's definitely something in the game about Gibraltar and Argentina - I'm (Europa) allowed to scout in Europe and Argentina "where the club has close ties", and Mons Calpe have an Affiliate Club over there too. As to why, no idea!
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