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Catennacio Tips

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I'm thinking of applying the catennacio into my save with AFC Wimbledon but other than some articles and some made-up tactics, i don't find a lot information about the catennacio. Does anyone have useful tips or good articles for me to read?


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If you want to play a catenaccio style of football, you need to be aware of a few things:

- catenaccio is a passive defensive style (unlike counter-attacking football, which is a more aggressive type of defensive football)

- the primary goal of catenaccio is not to win a match but rather avoid a defeat (unlike the counter, again)

- catenaccio basically requires the use of a bottom-heavy formation (among other elements of a tactic)

Lat but not least, even if you have a "perfect" catenaccio tactic, it's not advisable to use it as your only (or even primary) tactic. Instead, you should use it only in (very) tough matches, i.e. against much stronger opposition. But other than that, you should have another tactic that will not be so defensive and passive. Because why would you want to play catenaccio against teams of similar strength or weaker than yourself?

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