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  1. All good suggestions! But I think i narrowed it down to three candidates. At least for beta. And if I really like the save then maybe will continue into the full release as well. Can't really decide between the three. Porto, Ajax (obvious reasons) and Spartak Moscow. All three have the things that I love in my FM clubs. 1) Very good youth intake and facilities to develop homegrown talent. 2) Squads that are somewhat suitable to my tactic from the start (although Spartak might need a bit more development, recruitment) ... AND most importantly 3) B team in a lower league to give my youngsters more experience. Since I don't like loaning them out and don't believe they develop as well unless playing real minutes in a dedicated B team in a competitive league.
  2. Surely hope so. Although can't know how this role will behave until the beta is out. I'm hoping that it take a nice middle ground between a centreback and fullback. A real hybrid role.
  3. Expect a revamp of this thread for FM22 soon. Given the announcement of the new Wide Centreback role, 3-4-3 diamond will probably be my only go to tactic for FM22. Still have to decide on the club though Ajax should already have an interesting squad to recreate Total Football. Or should give a less predictable club a chance?
  4. I am really excited about this role. Probably like no other FM role before. Mostly because I could finally attempt a more realistic recreation of Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond tactic. Eventhough my previous tries in FM21 went pretty well, having a dedicated Wide CB (whom you could set to Attack duty!) would make for an interesting tactical situation.
  5. I found the best way to recreate those kinds of tactics in current FM ME is with a single CB told to hold position with two FB(s) or even IWB(d). All three players have to be very good, technical and fast however. Especially the fullbacks who should be more in the mold of tall box-box midfielders (who can also cross). The AI can't really deal with one CB tactics like that. And with a very good team it could almost become an exploit. But it has to be the kind of tactic where you are looking to outscore the opposition in the first half and then switch to something more defensive. The kind of movement you generate is much better than with 3 CBs which tend to be much too stale for a realistic 3-4-3 recreation.
  6. I think you should probably look at your instructions and cut some down. Your tactic is really much too focused on possesion for the sake of possesion. Combined with the roles it's no wonder you don't have much luck breaking defensive sides down. Even if you are dominating them. Play out of defence, Slow tempo, and work ball all into space (if I'm reading French correctly) are too much of an overkill all together. I would just play out of defense and get rid off the others. Slow tempo especially is giving too much time for your opponent to organize their defences.
  7. Thanks! I think this is exactly what I was looking for! And you just confirmed it for me. Same with Drops Deeper. I don't think I'll need it since I am looking to implement more of a less progressive double pivot in midfield. So I will definitely need my AP(a) to be the creator in the final third. Nice the theoretical conception for this tactic is really coming together. Hopefully I can present my final breakdown and squad analysis soon And again, thanks for your valuable insights and input mate.
  8. You are right about the risk of the tactic becoming too gung-ho. Thats what I am also worried about. And I also agree on the more progressive fullback. Don't think attack duty is the way to go. And what I was actually considering for AMC role was either Treq or AP(A) to ensure that they are willing to take more creative risks. Not sure whether positive individual mentality would work as well. I find it might be a bit too conservative for what I am looking for. So I was thinking maybe recreating Sneijder via Treq or AP(A) role with some special PPMs like "come deeper to the ball" or "prefers to pass rather than shoot". What do you think?
  9. Thank you for this beautiful study of Mourinho's style It gave me even more food for thought. I am actually still torn between using Attacking team mentality with maybe just 1-2 strategically-placed attack duties. And relying on wingers (on support) higher positioning to help with the transition play. Or switch to Positive team mentality and 2-3 attack duties - principally AMC, central striker and one of the fullbacks. Will have to test both I guess 🤔 As I mentioned before I am not trying so much to just recreate any particular Mourinho tactic. But more to create a style that is best suited to achieve the quick transition plays that we saw with a team like Real Madrid. And it also has to be a tactic that can work with a top tier club, like Arsenal or Chelsea.
  10. Part 8: Mourinho's Wingers and Finding The Right Mentality I will probably get crucified for this. But I actually prefer to use higher, Attacking Team Mentality when creating a more defensively solid, pragmatic tactic in the style of Mourinho's Inter or Real Socied. Please bear with me. And let me give a long-winded explanation of why I do this. As always mentality is key to everything in FM tactic creation. And It's always the first thing I set up when creating a tactic. If you are looking to play football that defends in compressed low to mid block and attacks fluidly, quickly and dangerously in its transitions, you simply cannot play too cautiously. Even though "Cautious" mentality's in-game description might seem well-suited to what we are trying to achieve. Once again I am going to give the example of Mourinho's Madrid. While his Galacticos defended low, they also attacked with pace and intent. This is simply not possible under cautious mentality. Rather what you want is to use an aggressive team mentality like "Attacking" and then carefully set up your roles, with special regard towards their individual mentality, to make sure that the ball flows upward fast enough to catch the opponent off guard. But not too fast so as to isolate your front attackers. Hence this is where the careful selection and placement of attack and support duties is important. Because an important thing to remember is that even under "Attacking" mentality roles set to "Defend" will still defend and those set to "Attack", will generally attack. Another benefit of playing on a higher team mentality is actually in what it does to individual mentalities. Especially to my wide winger roles with "support" duties. Mourinho's wingers are an interesting, and at times, puzzling beast. They are also something that is kind of hard to recreate in FM21. Think back to Mourinho's Inter with its dynamic duo of Pandev and Eto'o dropping deep to join the midfield trio. Essentially when out of possession Inter defended like a 4-5-1 and made life very difficult for Barcelona's attack during the Champions League Final. Then once the ball was won, Mourinho's Inter side would transition quickly from its deep defensive 4-5-1 and flow forward at speed into a more familiar 4-2-3-1 (a shape they used for most of their domestic games). At some point in the attack, the 4-2-3-1 even transformed into 4-3-3 as the three front attackers penetrated deep into the opposition defences. While the playmaking orchestrator, the fantasista of the side (at Inter it was the marvelous Sneijder) held back and maintained a more defensive position in case of a Barca counter. Sneijder's creative contribution was important to the fluidity and creativity that it brought to Inter's attack. But it didn't define the tactic as much as the hard work of the two wingers. The two wide players of Pandev and Eto’o were essential to the formation's functioning. Especially because their movements defined the shape of the team both when defending and attacking. Eto’o was given more of an inverted winger role as he cut inside to join upfront with Milito. While Pandev was deployed to stay wider to provide the width in the left. What made them special was the fact that when defending they would drop so deep as to act almost like wide midfielders or wingbacks. That is during the 4-5-1 phase. Then at their most attacking, during 4-3-3 transition, they were closer to wide supporting strikers. So how would you recreate such hybrid behavior in a wide attacker in FM21? My answer is to start with Attacking Team Mentality And combine it with Advanced Wide Attacker roles with Support duties. What this does is modulate the wide players' behavior to make them track back into midfield more often while at the same time still posing a potent threat in attack during transition and in-possession phases. Simply due to their higher starting positioning. Of course the player attributes will play a huge part in recreating "Mourinho-style" wingers. You will definitely need players that are physically capable to get up and down the flank - possessing loads of Stamina, Pace and Acceleration. Mentally, they need to be very strong too - with high attribute numbers in Teamwork, Workrate and Determination. (That's a little peek at my Club DNA but more on that later). Such behavior of support duty wingers is something that is not really possible with the opposite approach. That is when using Cautious Team Mentality and aggressive Attack duty roles who start deeper in midfield strata. Such as in 4-5-1. When the whole team operates under Cautious team mentality, individual players with attack duties become more focused on their defensive duties and tend to stay back behind the ball. But the team mentality has a knock on effect of reducing the verticality and quick one-two passing that we see at higher overall mentalities. Even the most defensive of Mourinho's strategies always had an element of risk and creativity that fueled its attack. But it is not all in the mentality. This is where I set up the next topic of my discussion, The importance of squad building and team DNA. Mourinho has the knack of getting the best even out of his aging players. This was never more apparent than during his very first triumph with Porto. There he took a squad of footballing world's nobodies and created them into super-stars with some of them leaving after Porto's Champions League triumph to join the elite European clubs. Mourinho also has talent of playing each player according to his strengths while still maintaining his role within the disciplined machine of the team. The best, perfectly balanced tactics are build the same way. The attack relies on the physicality, speed and hard work of its forwards who in turn are fed by the creativity and flair of the midfield. And the whole formation is built upon the backbone of solid defending. So keeping these general tenets in mind, how do we approach Team DNA and Squad Building when we first start with a new club?
  11. 2) Second element of "Mourinhoism" that I want to include in my tactics, is his obsessive focus on maintaining a very strong midblock defence inspite of the fast attacking transitions. If anything, even at Real Madrid, his attack was always built on the basis of even stronger defence. But In FM people tend to think in terms of absolutes and "one or other" approach. That is if you want to score a lot of goals, then your tactic has to be more weighed towards the offensive side at the expense of defesive solidity. This misguided approach leads many people to pile on the attack duties and aggressive team instructions and mentality. While some of the time this approach leads to some level of success. Especially once the tactic starts falling into the exploit, "plug-and-play" territory. Most of the time it will lead to more frustration. Especially once your club's reputation starts increasing and you start going up against more defensive sides. This is when I believe it actually becomes, somewhat counterintuitivly, important to put more defensive balance into your tactic in order to increase your attacking edge. Mourinho managed to always do this via maintaing a strong midblock in defence that he could always rely on to win the ball in his own half. Then to use overwhelming creativity in midfield to launch quick and devastating attacks via superior speed on the wings. Hopefully this will set the stage to what I am trying to achieve. So in the next more analytical post, I can show you how I integrate these essential "pragmatic" elements as I try to set up my formation in a new save with a suitable team.
  12. Okay then I think that unfortunate sidetrack (the posts have been deleted for those just reading now and confused) actually inspired me to get back into this discussion and throw some more fuel into the tactical fire. Hopefully it will become more productive this time around. Also it's a good time for a reset. And maybe even a time to start a fresh save to walk you guys through my thought process in creating a tactical system. But first of all what exactly am I trying to achieve with all of my tactical musings in this thread? It was never meant to be a faithful recreation of Mourinho's tactics. Although I admit I drew a lot of inspiration from his great Chelsea and Real Madrid sides. So thinking back to what attracted me so much to those teams, I decided to start with a little summary of what elements of Mourinho's Pragmatic Football I want to see in my own FM21 tactics. 1) In essence I started feeling tired of always playing in the same way since around the time of FM19. That is the possesion-heavy Total Football. I wanted to show with my Swiss Army Knife system that there are other ways to play, and be successful, in FM. Principally using a more "lean and mean" approach of playing through quick transitions and counters. Sometimes, there is nothing better than seeing a goal that resulted from very small number of passes and touches. There's is something very admirable in a more efficient, that is "pragmatic", approach that Mourinho always used.
  13. Wow. Why don't you enlighten us why his is such a perfect tactic that makes my thread redundant and stops further need of Mourinho tactic recreations? Would save us a lot of time rather than posting on here needlessly.
  14. Okay you posted the pictures of some tactics you found. Great. But how does that help us? Or improve the thread? Care to analyze those tactics for us or post explanations for why he chose the specific roles and instructions that he did? Or how it's supposed to be a Mourinho recreation? See that's what I mean by "tactical" discussion. Otherwise it's just a screenshot with little context.
  15. I know very well who BustTheNet is. But it doesn't change the fact that you are discussing YouTube streamer content. And this is not the place for that. You can check with the mods if you want.
  16. I know very well the subject haha. This is the thread i created afterall. If you check the first page . I just don't want to discuss YouTube streamer videos on here. It's for tactical discussion only.
  17. Please don't sidetrack the thread with promotion of FM fan-made youtube content. I believe that goes against a rule on this tactical part of the forum. You could share YouTube content like that in another part of the forum I think.
  18. You will have to show us screenshot of your tactic to get any concrete help.
  19. Another bit of advice for you. Never go with AI coach recommendations for anything. Just as you should never use Preset tactics. If you do that then you usually end up with the tactic like the one you showed. If those instructions are what AI suggested to you then they make no sense to me. There are a lot of contradictions too. In Possession they are completely overkill to the point where you will be getting possession just for the sake of possesion. Also your build-up will probably be so slow as to have no chance penetrating most park the bus sides. Which you will probably face a lot given your club's reputation. Then secondly, in your out of possesion instructions there is a completely different extreme. There your method of defending is completely out of sync with your other instructions. Here your instructions are aggressive to the max. And needlessly so. So you need to make up your mind Do you want to play super patient tiki-taka or uber-aggressive balls to the wall geggenpress? Personally, I dont like either approach and would aim for something In the middle. In other words a more balanced attack-oriented style.
  20. You didn't understand my point. Offside Trap usually goes together with high line. So if you want to play with a high defensive line then you should use offside trap. But you have to make sure that both of your CBs have the same duties in order to stay in line. Also if you want to use an offside trap then you need to implement high defensive line. It makes no sense to have offiside trap without higher defensive line.
  21. I don't like it. You don't play Offside Trap without a Higher Defesive line. But first you have to make sure that your CBs are fast enough to be able to do that. There is still contradiction between your roles (wingers and FB (a)) and instructions (possession-heavy). Also two DLPs in central midfield are unnecessary and by no means going to help you with your central penetration.
  22. I agree with @Experienced Defender your tactic is not really geggenpress or even counter-press. It just looks like a basic direct attack tactic.
  23. Your roles and instructions are not going to help you in exploiting the space like that. Especially the instructions to play short passing game and to play out of defense. The two playmakers further slow down your build-up.
  24. I still don't understand what is your tactical dilemma here? Are you asking us for tactical advise because your tactic is too good?
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