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Bilbao - Unable to move player from B team to A team.

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Or, more precisely, during the inter-season, each player that i moved from the B team to the A team, keep switching back to B team as soon as i hit continue. Moving player to the B team seems to work. I removed all player registration in the B team, and registered them in the A team, to no effect, they keep switching back... No mods, no skin, vanilla game. This is a game breaking bug, as a Bilbao save is all about using your B team to develop your players.

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在 2021/1/15 在 PM3点31分, Viktor Ilivanov说:

Hello @Lord Rowell, can you upload a savegame for us to check? Here's how you can: 


We haven't received any reports on this since the hotfix, so this is surprising to hear. Can you share some more detail when you upload the save?


Kind regards,


I have the simliar problem that I usually use the filter of first team's squad to call up my B team player, set him not available for B team game many time in FM19, FM20.

But this time FM21 cannot  let me to set him not available.

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