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Giveaway FM21 Sega Europe Twitter

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Hi! I emailed Sega support (support@segaeurope.zendesk.com) and they said this would be the best Forum to ask my question.

Sega Europe's twitter posted a giveaway for FM21 on november 26th that ended on december 1st at 6pm GMT. Until today, they haven't announced the winners (2). In other previous giveaways they would (at least) write a comment saying they DM'd the winner but, in this one, nothing (in fact they posted two more after that - not FM21 related - and the winners haven't been announced as well). I've DM then via twitter 4 times and still no answer...

Is there any way on knowing what is going on? If they already DM'd the winners or if they still haven't chosen? (This is my last chance to win the game)

Thank you!



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Can't imagine that this forum would be able to provide any information as to a giveaway run by Sega. Sega would presumably have their own list of keys to distribute as they see fit via promotions and SI would have very little involvement. I can only assume there has been some misunderstanding and someone believed you were looking for assistance with the game itself rather than a promotion with the game as a prize.

PROMOTION - Twitter Prize Draw | SEGA

As per the T's & C's linked above, questions, comments or complaints must be directed to Sega and not Twitter. 

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3 minutes ago, AJ2021 said:

The thing is I already complained to Sega and they sent me here, so I guess that I'll be left with no answer...

Thank you anyway!

This is an issue that the developers ( SI ) would have no input to and has been run by the distributors ( SEGA )-  WE can only suggest tat you try again with SEGA Europe or try the support site from your country listed here:


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