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Match Highlights Durability

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Even if you set a competition at high level of detail, you cannot watch highlights of older matches after some progress.

I would like to know which factors are influencing the time between you can watch highlights and you cannot, beside level of detail.

Is it possible to set this time further?

I don't think increasing storage space for match highlights in FM2020 settings have any relation.

PS: I deleted my previous thread because the question was not straight forward enough, sorry.

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Not sure why the issue was never addressed as it's been raised before, a long time ago.  I can only assume its to keep the ever increasing saved game file size under control.  But I agree, we should be given an option to set this 'archiving' time period ourselves.

Pkms are very small, less than 300kbs each, so its not a big issue to save each match after its finished and store them in a folder somewhere, then you can go back and re-watch them in the viewer.  But we should at least have an option to save a seasons worth in one go, and archive them.  And the game should let us know the cut off point for when historical matches will no longer be viewable if we proceed further.

One quick way around this it is to make end of season saves, and archive them away so they don't get over-written.  That way you can load the yearly save of when a particular match was played, and go back and re-watch it.  Its not ideal, but it works.

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I agree, the limitation is likely preventive. I also believe the auto-limitation is scalable.

I'm testing an extreme save with 730 playable leagues. In this save, neither highlights nor match reports are available past two ingame days (for AI v AI matches).

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