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  1. The pictures speak for themselves. Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/phigo50
  2. @Nahuelzn I did have one corrupted save just after having generated my game (without progressing the calendar). I think I fixed it by cancelling some edits in my Vatican & Monaco mods. Very weird bug btw. Apart that one, I don't think I had ever corrupted saves. Every issues I had are because I run mods from different authors so I fixed them in FM Editor. Unfortunately, the game is too slow to achieve realistic tests. You have to set the game at minimal details to stress the long-term capability. The most important thing in testing is to pass 2022 because of the tricky World Cup in Qatar. This is where the challenge is generally about.
  3. I didn't progress enough in my main save as I was busy over the last months. But all my stress tests have been successful before, even with 100 opened tabs on Google Chrome. I just needed to tweak some mods to get them right together. So I'm very confident it will work long-term. I noticed one limit, the France pyramid. The more you load teams in the database, the more the regionalisation might be buggy when a team is promoted or relegated to a regional league. However, someone has found a design solution to get 100% ratio success but you need to re-write the mod completely. As an interesting note, the mod creator of the France pyramid said he wanted to add the remaining lower divisions but the modern PCs are not enough powerful to load such amount of data.
  4. How the NCAA works? My theory: NCAA Conference qualifies for NCAA Tournament Conference. NCAA Tournament Conference qualifies for NCAA D1 Final Tournament. But in that case, I don't get the purpose of non-conference matches. Spring matches neither. Are they friendlies in disguise?
  5. I create a new game taking over the same club but after retiring all the other custom leagues (fmf files). The background DOES appear this time, in all tested clubs! Looks like it's definitely a RAM issue or design flaw.
  6. graphics > backgrounds > country > pictures of stadium which serves as background for both stadium and team pages (like Stevemc does). So after some experiment, the "club" and "team" code both works. The problem comes with the First Team page of my clubs. ------ Recap: Leicester : everything works added French club A: everything works bur First Team page added French club B: everything works but First Team page ------- Initially, French club B displayed nothing. But for no reason, it now displays the background in all the pages but First Team. I'm short of ideas lol.
  7. So I took Leicester and the background displays normally. I then decided to associate a background with another added club. The background is not displayed at all. My theory so far is that you can't add background for added club in FM Editor. My another theory is that FM is buggy after some amount of RAM since my save is quite big (RAM usage: 4490 mo). But I'm not convinced by anything.
  8. Here's my original config.xml config.xml @Tyburn Still not loaded. I also use Stevemc's pack. I will try to create a new game with another club to see if it's specific. Thank you for your time nonetheless.
  9. I still fail. :/ Here's my code. <list id="maps"> <!-- Generated by FM Graphics Configurator, by Stevemc --> <record from="50054991" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/2000007137/background"/> <record from="50054991" to="graphics/pictures/team/50054991/background"/> <record from="50054991" to="graphics/pictures/club/50054991/background"/> </list> </record> ************ The stadium line works The team line works for club main page, staff page, u19, reserve teams... everything but senior squad, senior player page, etc. The club line doesn't work. My feeling is that's a design flaw from FM20. All the pages relating intimately with the user player seem to use their own background ID (despite the page displaying the team ID)
  10. Still unfortunate with club code.
  11. The background is showing up for my -19 and reserve teams but not my first team and all other related pages.
  12. Hi I managed to add my background to the stadium but not the club page despite referring the same picture file. <list id="maps"> <record from="pam" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/2000007137/background"/> <record from="pam" to="graphics/pictures/team/50054991/background"/> </list> </record> What's wrong with my coding?
  13. So my turnaround is to turn off the sound completely and play a full random amateur match from Youtube in background.
  14. Je n'ai pas le temps d'étudier le fichier pour l'instant mais tu peux voir des astuces sur ce topic en attendant. J'avais aussi pris ces notes pour le mapping : voie 1 stage n, general, team order voie 2 (voie privilégiée) stage n, rounds, round n, cup match mappings + round n , general, cocher "draw rules" en mode "fixed rules". -------- Si tu mets l'éditeur en anglais, tu retrouveras ces références plus facilement.
  15. Désolé je ne peux pas ouvrir le fichier car je ne possède pas FM21. Essaie de l'enregistrer-sous en fichier xml, en faisant Fichier > Exporter dans l'éditeur
  16. Hi, The crowd does not sound realistic for matches with very low attendance between amateur clubs. I would like to turn off the crowd audio without disabling the ball sound.
  17. Hi, I signed in a amateur club where people get no wage so any of my players can sign anywhere, anytime. How to tell him he's an important player to me?
  18. For most of the mods that use extincted nation to play a new nation, there's no player in the national team. Friendlies only use grey players. All the players are loaded and generated in the playable domestic leagues.
  19. I can no longer load my save. Looks like it was corrupted since the very first save generation, it may explain my problem... and this graphical bug after I quit my save: At least it's pretty coherent since my save had three profiles of manager lol lol! (but frankly, these profiles were made by mistake)
  20. Hi, I deleted the second manager in the "add/modify manager" interface, but the second manager is still there in the right top menu of the FM main window.
  21. Found the solution. You have to put 10 in importance to your club vision trait. edit: for some reason, the club vision traits are still randomized if you try to generate a game with many, many fmf files like me.
  22. So I tried to put useless club vision to all clubs like "do not recruit players above 49 year old", but no success
  23. If I set a nation list in "Host Nations", the game will only pick the last of the list. If I set a nation list in "Possible host nations", the competition will not get host at all. The home team play in its home stadium. I use the format "Stadium 0, stadium 1" for my competition. Stadiums are defined by Fixture Dates page. edit : solved issue: I forgot to tick Host Nation box in the very top
  24. Trying to create awards for an international competition I made from scratch but I've exactly the same problem (FM20).
  25. I found the solution. You have to go to Advanced Rules>AFC Supercup>Stage Finished Action Replace Stage 11 by Stage 10.
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