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  1. Yep it's clearly a design flaw. SI should have designed a system where the player's reputation naturally decays after some time of inactivity, problem solved.
  2. Thanks for the answers. Last question, do you know the precise time before an inactive player decides to retire?
  3. Hi, A Malaysian 21 year old player decided to leave his top club in his home country. Not only the problem is he's still free after 7 months now, but absolutely no club is observing him. That's anormal because he has the potential of a world class player with more than 180 in PA. He made solid performances in the Asian Champions League and was the best scorer of his club. Moreover, my save simulates all the 3rd divisions in the world (5th division for a dozen of countries, 8th for two specific countries outside Asia) and manages currently 836 000 players over the globe. Is this player guaranteed to sign elsewhere or will he end to abruptly retire in some months? game version: Football Manager 2020
  4. Hi, 1) Coaches of reserve and academy teams use the same tactics of mine in first squad. How to disable the symmetry and allow coaches to use their own formations? 2) Are Creative Freedom (team setting) and "Don't Take Risks" (individual setting) are the same thing ? 3) Is there a page to read all my ongoing adverts (to recruit a reserve coach, a scout, etc) instead the add staff context menu?
  5. Hi, In the left bottom of my FM20 formation interface, there is an annotation "TEAM FLUIDITY - Fluid". I believe it's fluid because I chose "Fluid counter-attack" in the tactic creator. But I find no way to change "team fluidity" afterwards. Does that mean whatever the changes I make manually, the players will keep in mind the fluidity mentality I originally set (between tiki taka, gegenpressing, catenaccio, etc.)?
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