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Some teams loose their colours


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hi all, 

I have created around 30 nation rules, with some inter-nation competitions 

So now I have invented Arab Club leagues, Arab Nations Cup, and Mediterranean competitions, all of this is absolutely fine. 


Upon some of the nation rules I created, some of the clubs neglect my instructions on their kit colours and start the game in the generic blue and white kits 

all the nation rule files and the databases have the correct colours, i can only see the problem when I create a new game. 


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Try changing the order of your files by renaming them 1. filename, 2. filename and such.

The problem is likely the one Alian62 describes, but sometimes it is only a matter of ordering the files in the right order.

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how can this be done? I know the clubs that have this staff up?

sorry maybe it's a very basic question


Another question, that may relate to the problem, I made all player/club edits on the Database changes edit file, then I (merged database changes only) into each nations rule file, does this ring any bell? is it wrong altogether?


I was thinking if I just remove all the nation rule files and redo them all over again, I may solve the problem 



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You are doing the database change twice in that case. It shouldn't be an issue as the changes to the files are exactly the same.

Merging stuff is known to cause issues though.

If you end up with three files, data file, nationsrules for each nation, it might solve your issues. But make sure to check your data file if you don't have a lot of errors in your file.

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